Law of the Devil

Chapter 19

Chapter 019 – Beginning! The Devil’s Road!


This fellow was absolutely a genius in magic research!

Duwei had already made his assessment of his captive magician! If this fellow could continue his research, then one day he might become the great scholar of a generation!

But right now Duwei was most interested in how he had used alchemy to use magic.

As the magician talked about how he had expended immeasurable effort to reach results, he couldn’t help but get a bit excited. Even if was surreptitious and shameful about these results by necessity, he really somewhat regretted not being able to share his life’s greatest discovery with others. Now that he could finally speak without worry, the magician’s eyes were shining, pride plastered across his whole face, he couldn’t even help gesticulating wildly with excitement:

“Someone like me, with sufficient spirit power, that is magic power. But sensitivity a bit lacking. Unable to sense the magic elements in the surrounding nature. Then, I thought, like someone with bad hearing, if the voices are too low, he won’t hear anything…… But, if the voices are louder, very noisy! He might be able to hear!”

Duwei interposed with shining eyes: “Therefore…… You thought of a way to extract something that increased the magic element content in the surroundings?”

“Yes! The most basic of basics in fire magic is ‘fireball’, but not even the highest level magician actually knows what the so-called ‘fire element’ actually is, since everyone just knows how to use it, they’ve never thought about how it works. But those incendiary preparations, that they can ignite proves they contain ‘fire element’! I posited a hypothesis: In an equal environment where someone with strong sensitivity could feel the surrounding magic element, and I couldn’t. Then…… If I could increase the surrounding magical element, increase it by some amount, then even with my dull sensitivity I should still be able to feel it! In this case, wouldn’t I be able to use magic?”

“Afterwards…… Did you succeed?” Duwei gasped.

“Yes!” The magician solemnly said: “I did many, many experiments, mainly researching fire magic. I hypothesized that those incendiary materials contained fire element. But finding a way to extract them cost me a lot of time. I left my master and headed south alone, I built a tiny magic laboratory, I filled it with refining tools, and after years of research I finally found it.”

Duwei couldn’t help be excited: “You found the fire element…… Then what is the fire element really?”

“…… I still don’t know.” The magician looked a little helpless: “I experimented with more than a hundred formulas and more than three hundred methods, until at last…… After I finished an experiment extracting a kind of powder from more than ten different kinds of plants, a kind of black dust. Afterwards…… Afterwards I suddenly felt it!”

“Felt it?” Duwei’s eyebrows rose.

“Yes! I felt it! With my dull sensitivity that would usually be unable to sense the magic elements around me! Just when I worked with this powder, using a ventilator of my own construction, when this powder rose into the air…… I finally felt it! As I tried a fire spell, I discovered I could clearly feel the pulse of fire element around me! I…… I had actually succeeded!”

The magician was moved as he spoke: “I started on the path of magic when I was thirteen, and had spent twenty years! I finally used magic…… Even if it was only the most insignificant, the very lowest level fireball spell! But, when I saw I had used magic to launch that only fist sized fireball, I was so happy I could die.”

Looking at this fellow’s face, Duwei couldn’t help sighing: “In other words, when you fought with my people in that tavern, the fireballs were also……”

“Yes.” The magician nodded: “I carried some sealed bottles containing the powder I extracted, and when I needed to use magic I would open one in my sleeve, releasing the powder…… Afterwards I could feel the existence of the fire elements, I could use magic.”

It was a strange method…… But this fellow really was a genius!

However…… Duwei suddenly recalled something, his face a little odd: “Then you used this kind of method to get magician’s qualifications?”

The magician blushed: “I know, this method is the same as fraud. But I really couldn’t control my desire to be called a magician.”

“This I can understand.” Duwei said: “But what baffles me is why you are only the very lowest first level magician? Since you have the talent for magic, and now also solved the problem of magic sensitivity, shouldn’t you be able to pass even higher level exams?”

“No, it’s impossible for me.” The captive shook his head: “My methods may have settled the issue of sensitivity, but…… I was immediately confronted with a new problem. And that problem, even after long and careful consideration, I was unable to settle.”

“What problem?” Duwei was very concerned…… After all, whether he could learn and use magic all depended on this fellow.

“After my experiments I managed to extract that yellow powder with fire element, but my sensitivity really is too lacking, so even when there is plenty of fire element I’m still unable to use more than the lowest level fireball spell.” The magician smiled wryly: “Do you think I wouldn’t want to take higher level exams? I even imagined that since I could use my own methods to raise the fire element density…… Then I should be able to increase the fire element density even higher! I might even be able to use the highest level forbidden spell ‘city conflagration’! Becoming a forbidden spell mage, wouldn’t that be glorious, wouldn’t that be an achievement? Like that I could instantly leap to the summit of magicians on the continent!”

Unfortunately his excited mood suddenly dimmed: “But, the problem is…… My sensitivity is lacking. Therefore, if I want to use higher level fire magic I have to use some way to increase the fire element content in my surroundings even more! The higher the concentration, the higher the level of spells I can use. But in fact, that powder I made already contains a very high amount of fire element! I really wanted to increase the fire element content even higher…… Moreover, I did some rough calculations…… If I can cast the lowest level fireball spell with such a high fire element concentration…… Then in order to cast a mid level fire system spell, the fire element density in my surroundings would have to increase by several tenfold! Several tenfold! How could I do that? Only if I threw myself directly into a fire! Only flames would have such a high content of fire element! But if I did that I would burn to death before I could use it.”

“So…… Despite overcoming the difficulty of sensitivity, you could only use the lowest level spells.” Duwei concluded.


“Then, your instant casting?” Duwei was still interested in how he could continuously throw fireballs without chanting.

“That is a quirk of alchemy.” The magician seemed somewhat embarrassed: “My magic doesn’t use the natural magic elements, but rather my own…… When ordinary magicians cast spells they have to use incantations to summon and find the magic elements in the air…… But I don’t need to summon anything, I don’t need to find anything, because my fire element is right there in my sleeve……”

This time Duwei’s expression changed!

If it was like this…… Then…… If…… Suppose that!

Suppose that he could overcome the present problem, letting him use high level magic…… He could do it with instant casting!

Imagine a magician that could use high level fire magic…… And at the same time do it without even chanting…… How formidable that would be!

Duwei patiently talked with this magician for a long time, he deliberately shifted the subject to magic alchemy. What astonished the magician was how this half-sized youngster, this respected little noble (Even if at the start the magician didn’t know of Duwei’s status, nobody other than the Rawling clan possessed such a large castle in the Rawling Plain, so this youngster had to be an outstanding scion of the famous Rawling clan!)

Such a venerable noble had such proficiency in such a disdained field as magic alchemy…… this was truly rare.

But this little noble had actually done careful research into magic alchemy! His learning made even the magician feel admiring. After their discussion had become a bit amicable, Duwei finally revealed his own story: How he had wanted to become a magician, but had been defeated by the lack of ability……

Such an experience immediately made the captive sympathetic! Giving birth to a feeling of fellow victims.

This little noble actually had a similar experience as him! They had both been brimming with a longing for magic, both discovered their lack of talent, both of them even had outstanding magic power, but lacked sensitivity!

Under such circumstances, even if their relationship had been hostile before, and with one of them even a captive, the magician’s dislike for the little noble decreased significantly.

The other side also had a heart that thirsted for magic.

At least, they resembled each other in their desire to become magicians.

“Thorskei.” Duwei softly spoke the magician’s name (Duwei had learned the magician’s name in their conversation), he looked at the magician: “I want to ask you something…… Why is it you want to become a magician? After learning magic, what do you want to accomplish?”

“…… This.” Thorskei pondered it: “A magician’s calling should be to investigate the ultimate mysteries of magic, researching magic, being engrossed in the secrets of magic for a lifetime. But fate made me unable to become a high level magician, so what’s the point of magical mysteries, it’s unrelated to me…… So I just want to obtain the things I want.”

“You’re talking about the position and treatment of a magician?” Duwei smiled: “It’s an honest answer. And you’re right. A magician is treated very well. No matter where it is, a great magician will never want for lords trying to recruit him and can obtain the highest degree of respect and pay…… But don’t forget that you’re just a first level magician! There are no lords that would pay greatly to recruit a mere low level magician.”

Thorskei was silent…… He knew what Duwei said was true. Wherever he went, even if he had the recognition of magician’s qualifications, as a lowest ranked first level magician he would discover he wasn’t as popular as he had imagined.

At first when people found out he was a magician, they would be filled with astonishment and respect! But afterwards, as they found out he was just a first level magician, the enthusiasm would immediately drop tenfold.

This was also a final wronging for Thorskei, and the reason he had joined Rolynn’s little adventuring party! Originally he had wanted to join a large mercenary company, but they wouldn’t even look at him.

Seeing Thorskei’s helpless expression, Duwei knew the moment had come and said with a smile: “Thorskei, since your dream is to obtain the salary and respect of a magician, it would be better to swear loyalty to me! You can become my private magic consultant. I’ll pay you quite well! Respect, status, and anything you want, I can satisfy. I believe you already know I come from the Rawling clan. Surely the Rawling clan’s name shouldn’t dishonor you?”

Thorskei’s heart thumped!

Relying on this little lord…… It seemed a good option. Even if they had some conflict before, it was just because the other party was interested in magic. And their conversation just now was pleasant, and most importantly, this little noble was like himself, researching magic alchemy after being unable to walk the path of magic…… This encounter really engendered a kind of feeling of intimacy in Thorskei!

Moreover, being able to become a magic consultant under the banner of the Rawling clan, obtaining generous treatment…… What was there to hesitate about?

“I……” Thorskei thought a moment: “I would like to accept your offer, but I have to return to the south first. My laboratory is there, and I still have all my tools and a lot of precious materials there, as well as a lot of powders I’ve extracted. They would all have to be moved back here. I’ll have to go myself…… You should know that a magician’s laboratory can’t be transported by ordinary people. It’s dangerous.”

Duwei thought about it for a moment: Releasing him to go back south wasn’t a problem…… But this fellow wouldn’t be trying to escape?

This fellow who had managed to cheat himself to the title of magician was worth more than ten thousand gold to Duwei! He absolutely couldn’t get away!

Duwei made a decision on the spot: “Then, since I’m quite interested in your laboratory, I’ll come with you to the south!”

On this day, the future Roland devil’s road, had begun.

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