Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 527 - Worrisome

Chapter 527 Worrisome


The chains were tightened abruptly. Wen Yuanqing with a pale face stood up again. He couldn’t see anyone through the stone wall, but he still watched outside coldly. If his eyes could kill people, He Jiu would have been killed thousands of times.

He Jiu was not affected at all. He walked in front of Wen Hun and patted on his shoulder with his mild face as usual.

“I believe you. You will not get lost only because of a ghost’s words.”

As he said, he turned his eyes on Su Li, and a gleam flashed in his eyes. But on the surface, he held the fist in the other hand and said respectfully, “Lord Immortal of Ghost has transmitted sound to me. The Ni Sect should possess such a mighty person like you. Senior, you disguise yourself and come to my Sect…What do you want to do here?”

Upon hearing it, Wen Hun trembled suddenly. The waver appeared in his eyes when he looked at Su Li.

Yes, he was possessed.

Perhaps all these were the inner demons brought by the “new ghosts”. As long as he didn’t listen or watch, everything would go back to the way it was.

Junior… Su Yue was the Grand Elder of the Ni Sect. So, she must have ulterior motives, and he could not believe her.

Was Master…the only one he could believe?

He tried to convince himself. But at this moment, his heart shook, and he couldn’t believe anyone present.

With a keen sense of perception, Su Li saw the changes in Wen Hun’s eyes.

This silly boy was still too young.

The thought flashed in her mind, and her eyes became cold. She twitched her lips slightly, and showed a significant smile, “I don’t deserve to be called as senior. I heard Lord He manages so well that your disciples have infiltrated twelve sects, such as Wanli Sect and Liyang Sect. Half of the Jiuzhou Region is under the control of you. Is it true?”


He Jiu chuckled lightly and shook his head. He said, “Senior, you think highly of me. In order to support the Sect, I have to make a deal with the ghosts. It’s hard for me. How can I have energies to pay attention to other sects?”

“Really? Well, I am wrong about the Sect.”

Su Li seemed to apologize, but her tone didn’t convey a bit of regret. On the contrary, she asked with an intense interest, “However, it really blows my mind to come here this time. I heard that Yinsi was in the Mountain, who supported the whole Sect with his blood and flesh. I admire him so much. Would you like to introduce him to me, Lord He?”

With a glimmer of light in his eyes, He Jiu nodded without hesitation, “You are a mighty person in Human Clan. Lord Yinsi will be very happy to see you. Please follow me.”

As he said, he glanced at Wen Hun who still leaned against the wall behind Su Li. He was about to speak, but then Su Li said with a smile, “Your disciple is pure. It is a good experience for him. I think he has learned lessons from it, so you don’t have to blame him.”

“Ha-ha, Senior, you misunderstand me.”

He Jiu smiled causally, but something sober melted into his eyes. Wen Hun was still useful, and it would be a waste to take him.

Moreover, with Wen Hun’s cultivation, let alone breaking the stone wall, it was difficult to live for him. He Jiu thought that everything was under the control of him.

He changed his mind and snorted, “I’ll give you another chance. Stay here and reflect on yourself! If you were not hard-hearted, you would not be able to cultivate!”

Finishing speaking, he showed a smile again, and leaded Su Li, “Senior, this way, please.”

Su Li glanced at Wen Hun with his head against the stone wall, and nodded to him with a smile. Then she disappeared in the cavity with He Jiu.

Until the two disappeared without trace, Wen Hun raised his head, with his eyes full of pain and self-deprecation. His lips were bitten by him to bleed somehow, and the smell of blood filled his mouth.

“Master and the sister are all…liars!”

“The sister you admitted is indeed a liar.”

Wen Yuanqing, who kept silent all the time, said suddenly and interrupted Wen Hun’s self-pity, “However, she doesn’t deceive you, but He Jiu.”

Wen Hun turned his head in amazement, and met Wen Yuanqing’s calm but non-focused eyes. Suddenly, his heart tightened.

“My son should distinguish right from wrong.”

Wen Yuanqing seemed know what sort of person Su Li was, and his tone was calmer, “Although the thing happened hundreds of years ago, the hatred in my heart not only didn’t faded, but also intensified. There are some things… Believe it or not, you deserve to know that.”

As he said, he looked at “Senior Sister Apprentice Yue” in white beside him.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Yue” in white nodded and flew out of the stone wall. She looked at Wen Hun with a smile and stretched out a transparent finger. She was about to point the ophryon of Wen Hun.

Wen Hun resisted her and tilted his head back. But when he saw the loss on the face of “Senior Sister Apprentice Yue” in white, he stopped his movement and let her cold finger touch him.

Since he couldn’t see anything clearly, he listened to his instincts.

The cold touch rushed into his awareness sea through the ophryon, and images flashed back quickly before his eyes.

He saw the young practitioner, who looked very similar to him, and a woman looking like “Senior Sister Apprentice Yue”, came to the Mountain of Immortal Cultivation Sect to visit their old friend He Jiu, laughing and chattering together.

After knowing that “Senior Sister Apprentice Yue” was pregnant, the young man was overjoyed. He trusted what He Jiu said and went to the Yin Mountain to see Yinsi, so that the fetus could have a higher starting point on the path of cultivation.

And then, under the gloomy and blood-red sky, a terrifying huge monster opened its big mouth. Countless masses of rotten flesh squirmed and howled in its mouth.

The young man goggled in anger, and watched the “Senior Sister Apprentice Yue” being dismembered and thrown into the horrible mouth. He exploded with captive skill of the Ghost Clan indignantly and sacrificed everything he had. But he only cut off a mass of rotten flesh, and died with regret.

Then, in the long dark, the soul permeated by unwillingness and hatred seemed to have an incredible change in Yin Mountain. He turned into a ghost, and devoured the ghosts frantically in the Mountain for revenge!

This time, Yinsi was caught off guard and was hit so hard, but Yinsi was powerful after all. Even if he became a different ghost, he was also defeated. Due to the immortality of ghosts, Yinsi did not kill him, but only sealed him in the wall.

For a long time, he struggled to free himself of the chains frantically again and again, and tortured himself again and again. His obsession became stronger and stronger. Finally, the soul floating in the Yin Mountain was attracted and turned into his wife’s appearance.

At that moment, he was quiet.

His wife was not a ghost, but an unexplainable special existence attached to him. She was very weak. She could be seen and could penetrate anything at will. Also, she could not be attacked by anyone and could not speak. But he…could understand what she expressed.

“Don’t be sad. I will be with you forever.”

The story was long, but in fact, it raced through Wen Hun’s mind in an instant.

He opened his eyes abruptly, and breathed heavily leaning on the wall like a drowning fish, with his chest rising and falling rapidly. The sweat on his forehead wetted his hair. He looked a real mess.

The impact of reality…was so large that he was not able to bear it!

“I thought you were eaten by Yinsi before you were born. After all, it took me a lot of time to become a ghost.”

Wen Yuanqing showed a significant expression, a kind of love that was long-lost, while the typical voice of the ghost made the love very strange.

“I don’t know what method He Jiu used to save you. However, you can practice the Ghost Chapter of the Immortal Cultivation Sect. Except for the Ghost Clan, only ghosts can practice it and are not affected by it. The red corner of your cloth is a sign of becoming a ghost.

You can’t continue to practice the Ghost Chapter, otherwise the consequences will be unpredictable… Not all ghosts can maintain their minds during their lifetimes. I am an exception.”


Wen Hun took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and calmed down completely.

Wen Yuanqing stopped talking and left him alone. Regardless of whether Wen Hun believed it or not, that memory would take Wen Hun’s temper and heart to a higher level. After that, no one could predict what Wen Hun would be like.

Wen Yuanqing thought that Wen Hun would spend at least two hours to digest all the information, but in fact, he opened his eyes after only a short time, and his eyes were full of anxiety.

“Yinsi and He Jiu are on the same side. Isn’t the sister in danger?!”

Wen Yuanqing froze with an inexplicable jealousy in his heart, and then he couldn’t help laughing.

It seemed that he had no right to be jealous of the woman who drew He Jiu away.

“The sister you admitted is very smart.”

Wen Yuanqing said with a look of self-deprecation, “At least, she is much smarter than me. She saw at a glance that there was something wrong with He Jiu. Just now, she saw He Jiu was arrogance, so she drew him away on purpose to leave us alone.”

“However, you even can’t beat Yinsi. The sister…”

Wen Hun gritted his teeth. In his memories, there was no existence that was as terrifying as Yinsi. He was the most powerful one he had ever seen. Although Su Li once destroyed the hall of lord with a punch, she was still no match for the huge monster.

Before Wen Hen finished his words, a clapping sound came beside Wen Hun suddenly and was mixed with a chuckle.

“Silly boy, you don’t ruin my kindness.”

Su Li’s graceful shadow appeared out of nowhere. She looked at Wen Hun with a smile.

Wen Hun became dumbfounded. He pointed at Su Li, and then turned his head to look at the place where Su Li and He Jiu disappeared before, “Sister, why are you… Don’t you leave with…”

“Oh, you mean that one.”

Su Li tucked her hair behind her ear, and said with a smile, “It’s me.”

He Jiu and “Su Li” came to an old huge pavilion in the Yin Mountain, laughing and chattering.

“Senior, Lord Yinsi is waiting in the attic. I won’t go in with you.”

He Jiu held the fist in the other hand and waited in place.

Su Li raised her head and looked at the huge pavilion up to the sky calmly. In her eyes, it was not a pavilion in front of her, but a big mouth opened, which waited to eat.

“What are you waiting for, Senior?”

Seeing Su Li hadn’t gone in, He Jiu asked with a smile, without any urgency.

Su Li smiled sweetly.

“I just think about the flesh that I placed in the house several days ago. It was given by Senior Yinsi. If I didn’t eat it, it should be moldy. If Senior Yinsi gives me more, how should I keep it? It’s really worrisome.”

He Jiu’s smile froze on his face immediately.

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