Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 483 - Inheritance of Ao Sword

Chapter 483 Inheritance of Ao Sword

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Yan, it’s really you!”

Yan Shixun looked at Yan Ziye in a small-town inn at the foot of hill of Jindao Cult, with surprise in his eyes.

He had been lurking in the Jindao Cult for thousands of years. In return, the Void Sword Sect also allowed him to enter the Reincarnation Mirror and obtain a considerable opportunity.

But after all, he was not a genius that the Void Sword Sect focused on training. On the day when the Reincarnation Mirror was broken, no one rescue him. His memories in the Reincarnation Mirror have long since disappeared, and all that left in his mind was only some mental method learned in the Reincarnation Mirror.

Naturally, he did not remember the role he played in the Reincarnation Mirror, which Yan Ziye’s father, the satrap of Qinghe Province as well as the commander of border-provinces of Dahan Country.

He only remembered that Yan Ziye was famous and talented in the Void Sword Sect back then. All disciples of Void Sword Sect worshiped Yan Ziye, and they even thought that Yan Ziye would be the next lord of the sect.

But no one expected that Yan Ziye would disappear shortly after returning from the Reincarnation Mirror.

When Yan Ziye saw Yan Shixun’s expression was full of surprise and shock, his own expression was quite weird. Although he knew that many things that happened in the Reincarnation Mirror were illusory, he still couldn’t ignore it.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, where have you been all these years?”

Yan Shixun looked at Yan Ziye as if he had found someone to confide in. As the elder of Jindao Cult, he stood high above the masses at ordinary times, but now, he felt lonely, “I haven’t returned to the Sect for hundreds of years, and I don’t know if my friends back then still remember me.”

Yan Ziye’s eyes flashed, and without answering his question, he slowly said, “The cultivators think you died a thousand years ago.”


Yan Shixun was shocked with his eyes widen, “Why?”

Yan Ziye shook his head with a self-mocking smile, “What are we to the Sect? Even for me, if I can’t become a Junior Emperor in a day, I’m just a tool that can be thrown away. These… you should know as you have cultivated for many years.”

“Well… I don’t expect…”

Yan Shixun looked even more lonely. The brilliance in his eyes that had risen for meeting Yan Ziye disappeared without a trace at this moment.

Yan Ziye silently watched Yan Shixun to recover from shock.

Although there was a suspicion of instigating rebellion, what he said was the truth.

Those who were sent out as spies by the Void Sword Sect would not end well. The various benefits promised by the Sect were nothing more than an illusion, and only rare people could really get that huge reward.

Like Yan Shixun who had been living outside for thousands of years, the senior sect leaders had long distrusted them, and even for the information obtained from them occasionally, they would cooperate with other spies to repeatedly verify the authenticity.


Yan Shixun shook the wine glass in his hand and laughed suddenly, and his voice was extremely sour and hoarse. “Humanity is the most valuable and the least valuable thing in the cultivation circle. The number of people who remember me will be less than five.”

Hearing these words, Yan Ziye knew that it was a time to deicide something. He pretended to hesitate and asked, “Do you…want to go back and have a look?”

Yan Shixun was startled, and he was immediately moved, “Senior Fellow Apprentice! Do you have any idea?”

Yan Ziye smiled and nodded. But then he shook his head, “I have a special identity, so it is not convenient for me to take you back. However, there is a chance right now. If you seize it, you may be able to break through the shackles of the Void Sword Sect and obtain a brighter road of cultivation.”

Yan Shixun’s face changed slightly, “Senior Fellow Apprentice…”

Being a spy in other sects for so many years without being discovered, he was not a fool, and the meaning of Yan Ziye’s words made him shudder.


“You can rest assured.”

Yan Ziye pressed Yan Shixun’s trembling hands, “You and I have the same surname, and I will not harm you. I will not let you take any risks. As long as you do your own duty, I will do the rest for you.”

“What’s my duty?”

Yan Shixun was full of hesitation, and Yan Ziye was not annoyed. He gave Yan Shixun a soft smile and pointed to the Jindao Cult.

“For you, it couldn’t be easier.”

Yan Shixun stared at the gate of Jindao Cult in a daze. He still didn’t understand, but he quickly understood.


A purple streamer fell from the sky and slammed into the Defensive Matrix of Jindao Cult. Until the hall plaque of Jindao Cult was smashed into pieces, it revealed its true shape–a purple dagger.

“What is that?!”

“Our sect hall was smashed!”


“Senior Fellow Apprentice, come on! Something terrible has happened!”


A huge roar resounded across the mountains. The main hall was destroyed, and all disciples of the Jindao Cult violently rioted. Not long after, the master of Jindao Cult Jin Zhentian ran out of the main hall aggressively with all the elders.

“Who are you? How dare you be presumptuous in my Jindao Cult!”

Just then, a sweet female voice with a sneer rang, “It’s me.”

The gust of wind danced in the sky, rustling Su Dieyin’s skirt. Her slanted eyes were as cold as a knife, and she looked stern. Ling Qinglan followed behind her silently. He was very low-key.

“It’s you!”

Seeing Su Dieyin, Jin Zhentian eyes changed a look. The moment he opened his mouth, the sound wave turned into illusory golden knifes and slashed into the sky.

It seemed that he wanted to kill Su Dieyin immediately, so that she had no chance to speak.

Instead of being panic, Su Dieyin smiled, “Uncle, are you in such a hurry to kill your niece?”

While she was speaking, Ling Qinglan raised his head to reveal a plain face. He only took a step forward, waving his sleeves.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Those sharp golden knives collapsed like pebbles hitting rocks.

Jin Zhentian and other elders of the Jindao Cult were all aghast at the sight of this scene.

This person’s cultivation…was higher than Huashen Realm definitely!

Jin Zhentian said that after Su Zhuonian, Su Family had no backing.

But why was there another mighty practitioner in nature’s test to protect Su Dieyin?!

For a while, the elders panicked, but only one elder in a dark gray robe frowned. He stared at Jin Zhentian and questioned, “She calls you uncle. Is she Jin Cheng’ao daughter?!”

Jin Zhentian looked at indifferent Ling Qinglan with cold sweat on his forehead. Hearing the elder questioning him, he looked even more awkward, trying to quibble, “Uncle, you can’t believe this demon’s nonsense. If I have a daughter, how could I abandon her?”


Hearing Jin Zhentian’s sophistry, Su Dieyin suddenly chuckled and said sarcastically, “The elder, my uncle was right. After he learned that I had been abandoned, he couldn’t wait to send someone over to kill me.”

“You are the owner of the Second Branch of Su Family, Su Dieyin!”

An elder didn’t know the truth and recognized Su Dieyin’s identity, so he suddenly shouted out, “Su Dieyin, have you forgotten that the twenty-five sects of the Jiuzhou Region must not kill each other? Otherwise, all other sects will attack the one started the war!”

Jin Zhentian suddenly refreshed when he heard the words. He bowed to Ling Qinglan and said vigorously, “Your Excellency, I don’t know what Su Dieyin promised you to let you help her in this way, but the law of the Jiuzhou Region is inexorable. If you insist on harming my sect, it will be more awful even you have such a high cultivation, so you have to think twice!”

While talking, Jin Zhentian observed Ling Qinglan’s reaction, hoping to see some information on his face, but he was disappointed.

Ling Qinglan seemed to have never heard him, keeping his face expressionless all the time.

Seeing Jin Zhentian still struggling, Su Dieyin couldn’t help but chortle, “I have been wandering outside since I was a child, fighting for food with stray dogs and for clothes with beggars. If I hadn’t been nursed by my foster mother, I would not have been here today.

In recent days, there have been some changes in Su Family, which have nothing to do with we Second Branch, but I did not expect that someone would take the opportunity to assassinate. Thanks to it, I understand that I can revenge for my father. Jin Zhentian, don’t you want to get my father’s practice method? Let me teach you a lesson.”

After finished speaking, Su Dieyin put on a serious face. She pinched out a cultivation formula that shocked Ling Qinglan.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three flying swords shot out from her universe ring, dashing at Jin Zhentian in a triangle.

Jin Zhentian immediately took a bell-shaped magic weapon to block the flying swords, but he looked so annoyed.

The Ao Sword Skills he was looking for was actually in Su Dieyin’s hands, and… he exposed at this moment!

“Jin Cheng’ao’s Ao Sword Skills. This kid…”

The elder in gray robes looked at the murderous Su Dieyin with his lips trembled fiercely, and his old eyes instantly moistened, “My granddaughter, you are still alive!”

“This is Ao Sword Skills of the former Lord of our sect!”

“She is really the daughter of the Lord!”

Many unwitting elders were also shocked. Ao Sword Skills was the former lord’s trump card. The sword moves were strange and unpredictable, and they would definitely kill someone bloodily every time they were taken.

But since the inexplicable death of the former lord, this sword art of Ao Sword Skills had also been lost. Although Jin Zhentian was Jin Cheng’ao’s brother, he didn’t inherit this sword art. No one knew where the sword art had gone.

But today, there was finally an answer.

And this answer was…very unusual.

For a while, many people looked at Jin Zhentian with weird expressions, and many of them even distanced themselves from him.

The other ones who didn’t know how to disown him had their eyes rolling around, as if they were looking for a way to escape.

Jin Zhentian also wanted to escape, but the middle-aged man in sackcloth with an ordinary face put too much pressure on him. Apart from barely resisting the sword light from Su Dieyin, he couldn’t take a step.

But he defended the front, but not defended a cold sword beside him.


The gray-robed old man fiercely inserted the flying sword into Jin Zhentian’s heart, and his muddy old eyes were full of crimson, as if they were about to bleed, “You killed my daughter and your brother! Beast, go to hell!”

Jin Zhentian’s eyes widened. Blood splattered firmly against the flying sword in his chest, but the gray-robed elder pushed the sword even harder.

Su Dieyin took the chance to point to the sky. Then a golden glow broke through the gap in the round clock and inserted Jin Zhentian’s throat.


The blood gushed out like a fountain.

“Ho-ho… I’m not reconciled!”

Jin Zhentian covered his neck and collapsed. He did not expect that his momentary greed in the past would cause him bear such suffering.

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