Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 471 - Don’t you even know that?

Chapter 471 Don’t you even know that?

Su Li sat cross-legged and waited patiently. Just at this speed of shrinking, it wouldn’t stop within six hours.

Before that, when Su Li devoured ghosts, she could see the evil ghost behind her but couldn’t sense it. But as the shadow gradually shrank, a special feeling gradually emerged in Su Li’s heart.

It was the sense of control.

Su Li made a fist. Black Lotus instantly saw the evil ghost make the same action but just did with a small range.

“After the evil ghost is awaken, you can completely control it. This is the most original talent of your body of evil ghost.”

Black Lotus looked solemn without the usual laughter, “Because you have a special origin and your body is just a body of weak human, the evil ghost has only been able to awake until now. You can’t control the shadow until the talent of the evil ghost is awakened. The stature of the evil ghost will finally decide the potential of the body of evil ghost. You obviously have omitted this step of accumulation.”

After Su Li heard that, a look of expectation appeared in her eyes.

“I would like to see what kind of talent can be awakened. The taboo alien that makes the Ghost Clan frightened won’t be a dead dog that only can use blood to poison people, right?”

Black Lotus suddenly rolled his eyes. If you were a trash, what would talents of Qingshui Circle be?

Time went by slowly…

The speed at which the evil ghost shrank was slower than Su Li had imagined. After half a day, the evil ghost’s height was only twice the height of a normal person, and the black liquid-like body also began to squirm quickly. Then it revealed an appearance of a human.

Another two hours later, the height of the shadow was reduced to that of Su Li, and its outline became clearer.

The black faded and the flesh color appeared.

In a while, a naked girl appeared in front of Su Li. She looked at Su Li with her bright eyes.

“This… Su Li?”

Black Lotus was dumbfounded and couldn’t help but wipe his eyes. Then he looked up again.

It was not an illusion!

“This evil ghost turned into the looks of your previous life! This, this…”

Black Lotus became excited, “What’s the matter? I have never encountered an evil ghost that can transform the looks of somebody in previous life. Let alone it was a human appearance! Oh, Su Li, what kind of monster exactly are you…”

While being frowning, Su Li touched the universe ring and dressed the evil ghost.

In a thought, the evil ghost actually became active on her own. Apart from being unable to speak, she was full of spirituality.

“The person with this face has been dead. I don’t like it.”

Su Li’s look was terrible. After she began to practice All Spirits Tactics, she could turn into any faces without being noticed. But even so, she didn’t have the mind to regain her face of her previous life.

Those unbearable pasts had been buried along with the death of the holy girl of Yuxu Sect.

Only hatred was left!

As soon as Su Li finished her words, Black Lotus saw that the evil ghost’s face twisted and then turned into Su Li’s current appearance, just like a clone of Su Li.

“Su Li, what is your talent? Sense it quickly!”

Without tangling the evil ghost’s face, Black Lotus asked expectantly.

Su Li closed her eyes slightly and sensed carefully. After only a moment, she suddenly opened her eyes, and an expression of shock flashed over her eyes.

After experiencing more than two lives, there were very few things that could make Su Li’s mood fluctuate. When Black Lotus saw such a look on her, he was even more curious.

But before he had time to ask questions, a sound of explosion suddenly came from the sky!


Su Li looked up, and immediately saw a gap appeared in the gloomy sky. A sense of cold came in through the gap.

“Junior, how many ghosts have you devoured!”

A sound of surprise and anger came into Su Li’s ears from far away. It was the dragon shadow.

Su Li was slightly stunned but didn’t panic. She replied, “About one hundred thousand. I didn’t remember the specific number.”

“What?! After eating so much, you weren’t actually stuffed to death!”

“I awakened my talent just now.”


The dragon shadow suddenly felt heartbroken. Resisting the jealousy in his heart, he gritted his teeth and said, “The foundation of this small world has been eaten too much by you, and it is about to be destroyed. You’d better leave this place quickly and so would I. Otherwise, if the nature law finds you and me, it will get the Destroy Thunder down!”

“Ghosts are the foundation of the ancestral land?”

Su Li’s face darkened, “Senior, why haven’t you said it earlier?”

“You wretch! I thought you could eat just thousands of ghosts at most. Who ever thought…”

The dragon shadow said angrily, and his inscrutable appearance just now disappeared completely.

Su Li was amazed. Suddenly, she heard a faint sound of thunder. And then she saw that the dragon shadow trembled with fright and immediately employed his strength to open a whirlpool. He got in it and disappeared in a blink of an eye with the huge skeleton.

“Where else can he go?”

“How could I know!” Black Lotus said grimly, “You’d better think about yourself. I sensed many human practitioners are staring fiercely outside, and one of them is extremely terrifying.”

Su Li’s eyes flickered, but there was no panic. She threw herself an All Spirits Tactics, and her appearance suddenly became blurred.

“It’s okay. I inherited a lot of things from the dragon shadow. And the ancestral land of the Ghost Clan is very close to me. The destruction of the small world will produce great power, and the nature law will also avoid it. But I can control a part of it.”

After Black Lotus, who was in a panic, heard that, his eyes brightened suddenly, “Can you help me get hundreds of ghost practitioners to taste?”

“Go away!”

“I am wrong, Master. I just want to repair my spirit…”

Over the Nanli City, the wind was piercingly cold. At that moment, only the top four holy sects’ teams of the twenty teams were left. Of course, some people of other seventeen teams mixed in them, but…

“The people who died of freezing occupies 30 percent.”

Fang Mu occupied the east side of Nanli City. He looked solemn and took a breath, “This muddy water trip is really not a good trip.”

He looked up at the other three sects that occupied other three directions of Nanli City. And then he focused again on the only ancient well that was not frozen in the center of the city.

In the vast expanse of white, there was only one point of black and it was too conspicuous. At the moment when the four teams arrived, everyone discovered that the ancient well was strange.

“The ice demon is probably in that ancient well!”

Everyone was discussing it. Many casual practitioners who had lived to the present were also excited. Finally, they could see the true face of the ice demon!

“Something is wrong.”

In the temporary palace of Huangxing Hall, the gray-haired old woman frowned. The skin on her old face instantly wrinkled like a piece of bark, “Your Highness, I smelled an extremely ominous aura…”

Yin Xuetong frowned tightly. The deduction method of Fourth Elder was only inferior to that of First Elder among all the elders in the Huangxing Hall. So, Yin Xuetong naturally believed her.

But since they had already been here, there was absolutely no reason to turn around.

Even if she wanted to preserve her sect’s team, she would definitely be punished when she returned.

“Wait some more time! We will go as long as we get the ice demon!”

The old woman nodded worriedly. She also knew that it was unrealistic to retreat, but the anxiety in her heart became more intense…

“Hahaha, we finally found the ice demon’s hiding place. If you three aren’t going to move, I will take an action!”

In the western of the temporary palace, the pale-faced Qu Qingning walked out with a smile on his face. He glanced evilly at Yin Xuetong and said that with an arrogant tone.

Yin Xuetong’s beautiful face looked uncomfortable, but she recovered in an instant. She smiled and said, “Since Young Lord of Ankui Valley is so impatient, why don’t you take a step forward to explore the way? I thank you here.”

“Ho-ho, Sister Xuetong, thousands of years have passed, but you haven’t changed at all.”

Qu Qingning grinned, but his eyes were cold like a poisonous snake, “I haven’t settled with you about the things back then.”

“If you have any resentment, go back and talk about it. I don’t have the patience to listen to your abuse.”

Fang Mu appeared with a cold face. He looked at Qu Qingning and Yin Xuetong with deep disgust, and he made no secret of it.

“Ha-ha… What a pity. I really want to know what the three of you have experienced in that broken mirror. It’s a pity that Master is not allowed you to talk.”

In front of the temporary palace of Shengtian Shrine, the veiled woman walked slowly and leisurely. The other three snorted coldly and stopped making a sound.

Shengtian Shrine, the most prestigious one in the top four holy sects, was established with countless flesh and blood. No matter which one of the other three sects faced Shengtian Shrine, they would be unconsciously diffident, especially when they knew the woman who led the team this time.

She was as ruthless as the Lord of Evil!

In terms of the number of the people she killed, she might not compete with the Lord of Evil. But in terms of means, all the disciples in the top four holy sects could not catch up with her.

This had nothing to do with identity, talent or bloodline.

It was just because she was a personal disciple of Fate Ancestor!

The infamy of the Lord of Evil was known by all people. Although he had Shengtian Shrine as his backer, if he was secretly killed by the people of the other three sects, Shengtian Shrine would not investigate in a big way.

But this woman was different. The name of the Fate Ancestor could be traced back to a long time ago. Even there was a legend that he had become a part of the nature law. If someone dared to harm his personal disciple, he or she absolutely would have no way to survive unless he or she was the Grand Elder of the top four holy sects.

“In this trip of finding the ice demon, since I have been here, there is absolutely no reason to let all of you take risks. Zhuquan, bring some people to investigate first.”

The woman stretched her hand and handed out a crystal-clear jade pendant.

Without saying anything, Zhuquan jumped down from the temporary palace with the jade pendant. At this moment, everyone recognized that the jade pendant was clearly a magic weapon for collecting demons.

“Hahaha, Sister, let me help you!”

Qu Qingning licked his lips. The hostility in his eyes flashed away, and he jumped straight down. The old man behind him sighed helplessly, but he didn’t slow down his pace and also jumped into the well.

“Let’s go, too!”

Yin Xuetong and Fang Mu looked at each other, and they jumped into the well almost at the same time.

At this moment, Su Li was still tirelessly devouring ghosts and souls in the ancestral land. Before this small world was destroyed, she wanted to minimize the loss.

“Master, what are you doing? Your talent has been awakened, and these ghosts are useless.”

Black Lotus laid on the ring surface. In order to get ghost practitioners, he immediately changed the address for Su Li shamelessly, and called extremely happily along the way.

“They are still useful.”

Su Li was so annoyed and replied. Black Lotus was refreshed, “Are they useful for your talent?”

“No. But I want to refine the external incarnation.”

Su Li glanced at Black Lotus disgustingly, and said contemptuously, “Don’t you even know that? What’s the use that you have lived ten thousand years?”

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