Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Sow and Harvest

In the following days, Lin Luoran doesn’t go out. She keeps trying to sow the seeds at home. A few days later, she manages to figure out some rules of that space.

The “medicine field” is enlarged by a meter. The fleece flower is in the center of the field with seven ginseng seedlings growing around it. On the border of the field and the grass, two cherry tomato plants are thriving. Both of them are luxuriant, bearing a lot of fruits which are bigger than those in the market. The fruits also give off a pleasant smell.

Two cabbages grow beside the cherry tomatoes. Their stems are crystal clear and the leaves are fresh and strong. It can be seen from their appearance that they are of high quality.

Spinach is planted at the corner on the left of the cherry tomatoes. Red pepper is competing with the cherry tomatoes, and a single cucumber stem crawls on the bamboo pole. The yellow flower of the cucumber looks even prettier than the fleece flower, which has not yet bloomed. Lin Luoran plants every kind of seeds she bought from the store. She indeed plants a cluster of shallots, which are almost mixed with grass.

This land looks more like a vegetable field than a medicine field!

It is not Lin Luoran’s fault. After tasting the vegetables grown in the space, she can’t swallow any vegetables bought from the market because they are surrounded by thick gray smoke…

The space and the spring are magical.

Based on the growth circle of vegetables, Lin Luoran believes that one day in the space equals to a year in the mortal world because whatever seeds she plants at night will ripen in the next morning. It makes sense. All vegetables shall ripen in “half a year”.

The most important thing is these vegetables will stay ripe rather than go bad as long as Lin Luoran doesn’t pick them up. The cherry tomatoes will not fall and the cabbages will not rot… Everything is perfect. It’s like these vegetables are frozen at the best moment in their lives by magic.

Even if Lin Luoran picks up the ripe fruit, they will stay fresh as long as they are in that space.

The grass Lin Luoran pulled up is long, thin, soft and stretchy. Lin Luoran can’t think of what to do with them, so she weaves them into a mat. She puts the mat on the ground and piles the vegetables on it. During a few days of test, the mat now is nearly full.

There is also a way to obtain more seeds of vegetables. Lin Luoran just pours some spring water on the ripe vegetables, then they will burn out their life essence and bear seeds. Lin Luoran plants new seeds, and repeatedly, the vegetables grow in the field are of higher quality than before.

Lin Luoran assumes that she may be able to grow some “magical vegetables” if she keeps doing this.

Vegetables growing now are clean and fresh. If they do evolve into magical vegetables, they may be not only edible but also medicative… This is awesome.

Nevertheless, the ginseng has given the biggest surprise to Lin Luoran.

These seeds with Reiki are out of the ordinary. Since the ginseng seedlings break through the soil, Lin Luoran discovers surprisingly that the green smoke circling them seems to feed the spring back… Lin Luoran can see clearly that the green smoke of the ginseng seedlings tends to flow toward the spring and the blue smoke over the spring is pleased by this. Even if Lin Luoran does not water the ginseng, the blue smoke will flow this way and entangle with the green smoke. Both of the two smoke will get thicker.

There must be immortal energy in the ginseng seeds. The situation never happens to the fleece flower although they are both medicines. Lin Luoran is aware that she has accidentally got something valuable!

Only watering them with the spring water is not enough for medicines like this to bear fruit. Lin Luoran has to wait. Luckily, five days in the space equals five years outside…

Lin Luoran is satisfied. It’s almost time when Baojia should arrive so she transports herself out.

Hardly has she finished changing clothes when a car honks downstairs. It is Baojia.

Lin Luoran bags some cherry tomatoes and vegetables from the space to give to Baojia before going out.


Baojia drives a maroon Toyota and she mortgages a 100m2 house in R City. She is quite successful as a white-collar worker.

Through the half-down car window, Lin Luoran sees that Baojia is refining her makeup.

“Baojia!” Carrying two bags of vegetables, Lin Luoran says in a cheerful voice. She doesn’t look like that lovelorn girl two weeks ago.

Baojia squints at Lin Luoran and says, “I have asked you so many times to go out and have a walk, but you rejected me every time I called… What! Lin Luoran! What have you done to your face?!”

Holding her eyeliner, Baojia’s hand slips and draws a long black line on the corner of her eye. Baojia just stares at Lin Luoran and even forgets to wipe the black line off.

“God! Did you have a plastic surgery after your breakup? No wonder you never say yes to my invitation. You were hiding in your room to go through the recovery phase, weren’t you?” Baojia loses all of her capableness and starts talking nonsense. She is really in shock.

Lin Luojia rolls her eyes at Baojia, opens the trunk and puts the vegetables in. She replies after sitting on the passenger seat, “Do I look like the person who has enough money to do plastic surgery?!”

Baojia is speechless. She checks on Lin Luoran suspiciously. With a closer look, Lin Luoran’s appearance is really unchanged. However, her skin is so much tender and smoother, which highlights her comely face, making her stunning…

“You had a photorejuvenation? No way. The effect can’t be this good…” Baojia racks her brain but still can’t figure out the reason.

Lin Luoran laughs, “I did encounter something mysterious lately. I can give you a renewal after I understand it more. I left some vegetables and fruits in your trunk. If you eat them for a long term, you will surely look better!”

A person like Baojia who gives up questioning after receiving an explanation can be considered as a good friend. Baojia will never harm Lin Luoran, and she believes that Lin Luoran will not do her any harm, either.

They look at each other and smile. Baojia pretends to be mad, “I can’t wait. I can’t wait for opportunities that can make me prettier.” She runs down the car and fetches the cherry tomatoes and begins eating them one after another without washing them.

The cherry tomatoes are juicy, sweet and slightly sour. They definitely are rare delicacies.

Baojia starts the car with a tomato in her mouth. Only then Lin Luoran remembers, “Where did you say we were going?”

With things in her mouth, Baojia’s domineering temperament is reduced. She answers ambiguously while driving, “Where can we go… Of course we are going to find you a new job… Wow, these tomatoes are so delicious!”

Baojia drives through the busy traffic with one hand only. Lin Luoran is nervous, but she withholds her questions in case Baojia gets distracted. However, Lin Luoran can’t kill her curiosity.

Baojia has found a new job for her? Lin Luoran wonders what kind of job it will be…

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