Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 525 - Graveyard

Chapter 525 Graveyard

The temperature of where Mu Tiannan falls is so high that it seems to be burning his feet. The barren land stretches for thousands of miles, without any grass. There seems to be nothing left here but red rocks under his feet.

There is no grass and no water.

This place is very close to the center of the secret land. If there is a ranking of danger level about places in the secret land, this place must be at the top three.

Since he entered, Mu Tiannan has remained motionless for a long time. Despite the high temperature, he doesn’t feel impatient at all. However, he can’t control his sweat dampening his clothes.

With his personal ability, how can he sweat for no reason?

It’s not that Mu Tiannan doesn’t want to move, but he can’t move.

Through thick red rocks, he can still detect the long and slow breathing deep underground. After he chose that way, he gradually has a feminine appearance, which is visible. What is invisible is that his heartbeat is slowing down day by day—it is so slow that sometimes he almost has an illusion that only his physical body lives while his spirit has long been dead.

This is one of the characteristics of monsters. The slow breath deep under the red rocks represents a powerful monster with unfathomable strength.

Mu Tiannan’s pupils are fascinatingly red. Surprisingly, the bat ring keeps silent. He doesn’t feel scared. Instead, he even wants to laugh—it is so interesting that there are some monsters in secret land that can make the old monster feel troublesome.

Just one thing… Where is she now?

Time has made this uninhibited youth feminine, but his personality has never changed. After waiting for a long time, Brother Mu becomes impatient. He glances at the jade plates in his hand and laughs in a low voice.

“Old monster, you haven’t told me. Lost Land—what the hell is ‘lost’ ?”

Probably the existence in the depths of the red rock feels unhappy about someone disturbing its sleep. It turns over its body with a little dissatisfaction. Cracked lines appear on solid rock. Mountains are shaking as they did in the great earthquake in the center of Chuan province before the New Era.

After a long time, when Mu Tiannan thinks that the ring will answer his question with silence, there comes another strange laughter from the ring.

“Lost Land? This is no Lost Land but a graveyard… of the primitive monsters. ”

Mu Tiannan is unlucky, and so is Lin Luoran.

To be precise, she feels that she has been through a lot today. She was chasing the big tortoise all the way. Suddenly, she met her old friend. Well, then her old friend slapped her into the sea. Before she could figure this thing out, she snatched the jade plates and entered the Bermuda secret land. It is so chaotic that she can’t even explain. What is all this?

Three hundred years ago, she accidentally passed by the territory of the double-headed snake. She felt hateful that she was born with only two legs and fled away with Li Xi’er. At that time, she didn’t feel ashamed at all. There was only one reason—she was just a Training Qi rookie.

However, things have changed a lot after that. Three hundred years later, she enters the Gathering Vitality period. She is still not confident enough to face the double-headed snake… Thanks to God, she still has a way out—the month when people can enter Lost Land with the jade plate is the dormant period of the monsters in the secret land.

The monster tide will be here a month later. “Dormant period” doesn’t mean that all monsters are sleeping. Lin Luoran thinks it only means that powerful monsters like the double-headed snake are most vulnerable during this period.

Just like now, she is looking at the double-headed snake with sweaty hands, and the double-headed snake is looking at her coldly.

When necessary, she can choose to ask the jade plates to send her away. The door to Bermuda secret land only opens once a hundred years. She will probably miss the opportunity to collect the five elements monster this time. However, only a living person has a future. Time has taught Lin Luoran to be cautious and compromised, especially when a temporary compromise can be exchanged for a long-term peace or a fatal blow for her.

There is a stalemate for a long time and Lin Luoran narrows her eyes. The double-headed snake teases her coldly.

“Qi-trainer, why don’t we play a game?”

It is staring at her with four eyes on its two snake heads. The eyes are as deep as a deep well, trying to lure people’s souls into them.

After being stared at for a long time, Lin Luoran feels she has no confidence. She almost can’t help but blurt out the word “OK”. She then feels something cold from the sacred pearl on her wrist, which wakens her dizzy head.

She is not calm anymore but vigilant. A game? What a game! This snake monster almost tricked her!

Sacred pearl… it is the sacred pearl that saves her once again.

Maybe it is because the double-headed snake didn’t expect that Lin Luoran could wake up so quickly. When Lin Luoran raises her head, she finds it is still looking at her—her wrist exactly.

Lin Luoran thinks of something. To prove her guess, she deliberately raises her hand to pull a strand of messy hair behind her ear. In this way, the snake can see the sacred pearl half-covered by her sleeves.

Sure enough, the double-headed snake’s eyes look deeper and deeper. She can feel the silent pressure from it.

If this is the downturn of the double-headed snake, it is difficult for Lin Luoran to imagine its strength when it is strong. But unexpectedly, instead of feeling afraid, she laughs easily.

“What game do you want to play?”

Hearing her question, the double-headed snake finally looks away from the sacred pearl. It is now not only interested in swallowing her down in its abdomen.

Stared at by the snake monster, Lin Luoran is unexpectedly calm.

Facing an enemy with unknown strength is terrifying. However, when the enemy comes with a clear purpose, she can always find a way out.

Sacred pearl. It is the sacred pearl again.

If the fake saintess wants the sacred pearl to attract the man in robe, what about this snake monster in the secret land?

The truth is different from what Lin Luoran imagines. The snake monster’s eyes become even deeper not because it is greedy for the sacred pearl. It’s just that the pearl reminds it of something unpleasant memory a long time ago.

The sky of the Lost Land is always blue and flawless.

There are birds, flowers, and magical creatures everywhere. Like the Green Mountains world, it is connected to and also isolated from the earth, looking the same as the original. The difference is that the Green Mountains world is separated from the earth to protect the nine-tailed fox family for its hometown, while the Lost Land serves as a prison for primitive monsters.

This double-headed snake was a different existence of the snake family with extraordinary talents. It was discriminated against by the same race since birth, and even its mother was afraid of its birth. It is said that snakes are related to dragons, like carps. Although the connection is not tight, it does exist. As for the birth of a double-headed snake, according to modern science, it is only the contamination of snakes’ genes or the duplication or pairing of chromosomes mistakes. However, in the primitive world when tigers could grow wings, its snake family was too weak and ordinary to accept this alien.

This alien was expelled, repelled, and about to be kicked out of its own family. When it was weak, it lived on the carrion and bones that its families did not want to eat. Until one day, they were surprised that it had become a fierce snake.

At that time, it had kind of become intellectual while those snakes that once repelled and expelled it were still ordinary snakes in a small place of the primitive world.

After swallowing a provocative relative with one bite, it suddenly felt bored with seeing the instinctive fear of other snakes.

The double-headed snake left the group and began to wander in the primitive world. During this long journey, it had been in danger many times. Sometimes, it was lucky and swallowed all kinds of spirit herbs. In general, although it was not blessed, its life was also not “unlucky”.

It just couldn’t figure out the reason. As its personal ability got higher, it became more and more bloodthirsty.

It transformed into a human and wandered in primitives, killing people and monsters casually. When it was in the worst mood, it even swallowed all people in the village.

Of course, there were also Qi-trainers clamoring to enforce justice on behalf of Heaven. But it had become a primitive monster after so many years. How could ordinary Qi-trainers deal with it?

Until one time, it was in a real bad mood. Therefore, it turned into its original form and destroyed the river embankment, causing a flood. After the flood, there was a plague. The number of people who died at that time was much bigger than that of people who it had swallowed.

Therefore, it attracted a man and a girl from the human race.

… Being trapped in this cemetery for many years, the double-headed snake has tried hard to remember the faces of its enemies. But it was in vain because they looked so ordinary. However, in the sunlight, the pearl on the person’s wrist was shining brightly. The snake has kept that in mind. The pearl is like a seed that takes root and grows into a towering tree. It will never forget it.

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