Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 50 - One Goodness A Day of Mu Tiannan

Chapter 50 One Goodness A Day of Mu Tiannan

Just before Li Anping’s heart jumps out of his throat, Lin Luoran finally opens her mouth and makes an offer of 100 million yuan.

Not to mention the gasps and screams of everyone else, Elly can’t accept this.

“Do you even have 100 million? You are being so innocent by making this offer!” Lin Luoran has stayed still when Elly and others compete. When the price reaches 90 million and Fortune House almost have the trump card in hand. She suddenly makes an offer of 100 million yuan, which clearly shows that she is setting herself against Fortune House.

Liu Zheng is about to speak up but Mu Tiannan who has been watching the fun says first, “Lady, you are being hilarious. Since she dares to offer 100 million, she definitely has the money in her pocket. Even though she doesn’t, I can lend it to her right now.”

“You? Since you know poor Lin Luoran, you can’t be too rich. Why shall we believe you when there is no evidence?”

Let alone Elly, all people here including Fatty Cui don’t know about Mu Tiannan’s origin— But Fatty Cui does know that Mu Tiannan is powerful and rich.

Mu Tiannan is not even bothered by Elly’s words. He takes out an ordinary bank card and asks the Burmese man to check the balance. Thank god he doesn’t act like a character in novels who shouts that this is the gold card of certain bank with a credit of many yuan.

Elly snorts with her arms folded, “Are we going to wait forever for the balance of his bank account?”

Mu Tiannan pats on Fatty Cui’s shoulder, “Mr. Cui can lend me 100 million yuan. Is that right, Mr. Cui?”

Mu Tiannan stresses on the word “Mr. Cui”, which leaves Fatty Cui no choice. Thinking that the steel-bending hands are on his shoulder and not far from Wang Miao’e, Fatty Cui says with a bitter face, “Certainly. Master Mu here has at least 1000 million. I can pledge for him.”

Mu Tiannan smiles complacently and looks to Lin Luoran. He discovers that she is whispering with Liu Zheng and paying no attention to him.

Good. She is ungrateful to his good intentions!

Mu Tiannan actually takes Lin Luoran wrong. Based on their several unpleasant encounters, Lin Luoran will not believe that Mu Tiannan is trying to help her no matter how clear she cultivates her soul… She just assumes that Foppish Mu is crazy and she doesn’t know what he is plotting.

Liu Zheng raises his head and says calmly, “Miss. Elly, you are being impatient. Lin Luoran is now the purchasing consultant of my company, and the price she offers is on the behalf of Liu’s.”

“Ha-ha, everything is fine then. Let’s continue. Miss. Elly, are you going to make another offer?” Hearing that Lin Luoran’s offer counts, the host comes forward to mediate the dispute. He doesn’t care whether Lin Luoran is on the behalf of Liu’s or not as long as someone can pay the bill.

Elly says sarcastically, “Let them compete. I want to see how many of them can afford the 100-million-yuan stone!”

Hearing that Elly stops bidding for now, Lin Luoran doesn’t panic at all. She stands calmly beside Liu Zheng, and the two of them are so matched… By contrast, Elly feels that Li Anping who comes from the countryside actually disgraces her. For the first time, she is unsatisfied with Li Anping, who clearly looks unconfident.

Mu Tiannan sneers, “Have you checked my card? Am I qualified to participate in the bidding?”

Seeing that Mu Tiannan’s attitude is arrogant, the Burmese man asks everybody to hold on since he can’t figure out Mu’s origin—

Lin Luoran has no interest in buying the stone, especially when the price is 100 million yuan. Hence, she just waits calmly for other biddings.

Moments later, the man of the host returns from checking Mu Tiannan’s card and whispers to him. The host laughs, “Mr. Mu here is certainly qualified to participate in the bidding. You shall make an offer please.”

The Burmese man doesn’t talk about Mu Tiannan’s mysterious bank card, which later becomes the unsolved question in everybody’s heart.

“How about I offer 100 million…and 1 yuan?” Mu Tiannan raises the price by 1 yuan like he is playing a game. All the people are stirred up. Mu Tiannan is deliberately setting himself against Liu’s.

Even Elly can’t help laughing out. She thought that things might go wrong for her because of Mu Tiannan. However, his target was clearly on someone else!

Wang Miao’e sneers, “What are you doing to bully a girl? I’ll add 10 million.”

110 million and 1 yuan… Even an open stone may not be this expensive. Is the huge stone really worthy of so much money?

“Hey, has your wife lost her mind? Why is she doing this?” The guy from Guangzhou pokes Fatty Cui and asks in a low voice.

Except for large companies like Fortune House and Treasure House, jade traders with a medium-size business now can’t afford such high bidding price. 100 million may not be so expensive when it comes to jade, but for jade traders, their working capital will all be lost if the stone is a waste.

Fatty Cui glances at Mu Tiannan and says while grounding his teeth, “She wants to act crazy and I have to be there for her. At the worst, I will just make it up for her. What else can I do?”

The guy from Guangzhou is filled with deep esteem. He pats Fatty Cui on the shoulder, “Awesome, man. No wonder I lost to you in those days!”

Looking at his rival in love for 20 years, Fatty Cui says, “What do you mean? Don’t flatter yourself… You never have the chance of winning!”

The guy from Guangzhou scurries away. Before Fatty Cui has time to be proud, Mu Tiannan’s grim voice comes, “Good for you, Fatty. I didn’t know that you were a great lover.”

Seeing that nobody is around, Fatty Cui lowers his voice and says, “Master Mu, it’s about time for you to stop messing around. I really don’t know anything about the Reiki you keep talking about… If you dare to do something to my wife, I will go after you even after I am dead.”

Mu Tiannan is indifferent, then he tells Fatty Cui seriously, “Fatty, I have good news for you.”

Fatty Cui stares at Mu Tiannan with suspicion. He can’t figure out what Master Mu is thinking about.

“What do you want this time?”

Mu Tiannan shrugs, “I just want to inform you that you are free from now on! I will not follow you around anymore.”

“Really?” Fatty Cui blinks and rubs his hands. He is having a hard time believing this.

“Yeah! Of course!” Mu Tiannan nods. I let you go because I have a new target.

Hearing that the bidding price has risen to 120 million, Mu Tiannan touches his nose and adds another 1 yuan. He notices Elly’s disdain and Lin Luoran’s selective ignorance.

Seeing that Lin Luoran is standing calmly beside that fake-gentle Four Eyes, Mu Tiannan refuses to admit that he is somehow jealous.

I must get something from the goodness I show you. Thief, just wait and see!

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