Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 39

Chapter 39 To Adopt the Young Lad

Although the trip to Burma has been scheduled on Lin Luoran’s timetable, the most impending thing is to adopt the young lad and to persuade her parents into moving to the city.

Traumas and internal injuries of the young lad are healed so there is no reason for him to live in the hospital. An adoption is in impending need.

Before that, Lin Luoran has paid 20 million yuan to buy the house of Master Jia. The ownership is transferred under her name instantly. Now, as the house-owner, Lin Luoran sometimes feels unreal.

After replenishing the house with more furniture and new bedding sets and doing a thorough clean-up, Lin Luoran can move in anytime.

To Lin Luoran’s regret, Master Jia asked her to transfer the money for the house directly to Sister Wang, and she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Master Jia before he left. It has been less than a month since Lin Luoran and Master Jia knew each other. So it may be a little hypocritical to say that their relationship is deep. Besides, Lin Luoran only has learnt the breathing method and a basic fist technique of Tai Chi. Master Jia didn’t teach her any other aggressive kung fu.

Perhaps she will not see Master Jia in a long time. Though it is ominous to say this, Lin Luoran has a faint feeling that Master Jia seems to be planning for things after his death.

Lin Luoran has a clear understanding of her status. Master Jia owns a house like that and knows breathing method, also, he and Sister Wang are old family friends. If Master Jia actually runs into some trouble, Lin Luoran will not be able to help him out in her current status.

While being helpless, Lin Luoran turns all her regret into motivation for cultivation. She steps up efforts to absorb Reiki and tries to refine it.

One day, she will be no longer like her current self who has no ability to help friends out. One day…

“Kid, do you remember your name?” Officer Li bends down and asks the little boy who is playing with his fingers. Although he knows that the boy may not answer, Officer Li hopes the boy can say his name with a fluke mind.

A terrified and panic look appears on the boy’s face after he hears Officer Li’s question.

“I don’t have a name. No name… Don’t beat me, don’t beat me… Please.”

The boy cries in fright. “Don’t beat me” is what he is always saying after being rescued, and he has never responded to any other question.

Lin Luoran holds the boy in her arms and gently pats him on the back, “Good boy, would you like to go home with me and be my brother? I swear no one will ever beat you again.”

The little boy hugs Lin Luoran back, like he finally finds something warm in this cold winter.

Baojia tries to hide the tears in her eyes with casualness, “It’s time to pick up your parents to R City. After all, the adoption process has to be done by themselves. You have already bought the house. Won’t it be nice to live with your entire family?”

Officer Li agrees, “You also have to give him a name, or else he can’t be registered.”

Lin Luoran thinks for a minute and asks the boy, “We meet in winter, and there is a “Luo” in the name of every family member of my generation. Do you like the name Lin Luodong?”

Lin Luoran didn’t expect a response. However, the boy blinks timidly and nods!

Baojia and Officer Li are glad, too.

The boy, no, Lin Luodong, has made a response to the outside world. There is hope for him to re-embrace the world. How can they not be happy?

Lin Luoran and Baojia head to the mall and buy many new clothes for Luodong. They dress him up before bringing him to Lin Luoran’s hometown.

Lin Luoran has discussed with her parents over the phone about the adoption of Luodong. Mr. and Mrs. Lin are kind people, and they agreed without arguing after knowing that her daughter can afford to support one more person in the family.

However, Mrs. Lin still hesitates about moving the entire family to R City. Lin Luoran brings Luodong back to go through the adoption procedures, and also to persuade her parents to go to R City.

Her family is nonnative in this village, and people in the Li’s Village have always been exclusive. Except for Aunty Li’s family, there are not many people who truly regard them as one of their own. The Lin family does not have close friends in the village. Also, Li Anping’s family lives here. Lin Luoran really doesn’t want her parents to stay in Li’s Village any longer anyway.

Lin Luoran drives her car with loads of gifts in the trunk. All of these high-end cigarette and health care products are for Aunty Li.

It is raining and the road is extremely rough. If it isn’t for the high chassis of her car, the engines may flame off several times. Lin Luoran looks to Luodong, who is sitting on the passenger’s seat. He is wearing new clothes from head to feet and his face has become chubbier these days. With his clear eyes and closed mouth, Luodong looks even cuter than some of the girls at his age.

Mr. and Mrs. Lin will definitely love this cute boy. Lin Luoran thinks herself, then reminds Luodong to greet their parents. Luodong blinks his eyes and nods.

Lin Luoran smiles. Since she gave a new name to the boy, he has become obedient instead of just dependent—However, Luodong only listens to Lin Luoran and he even ignores Baojia and Officer Li who are also his saviors, which makes Baojia jump up and down because of jealousy.

Lin Luoran arrives home, and the rain is still pouring. The yard is covered with muddy water. Walking out with a bowl in her hand, Mrs. Lin sees that her daughter is home and hurries to call out to Mr. Lin, “Hurry, our daughter is back!”

Then Mrs. Lin welcomes Lin Luoran, asking if she has eaten and if she is tired by driving.

Lin Luoran promptly tells her parents not to worry and she has already had lunch. Then she opens the car door and waves to the boy, “Luodong, come on out. We are home.”

Lin Luodong is wearing a pair of mini army boots so it’s ok for him to step in the mud. Seeing the middle-aged woman standing there, he calls “Mom Lin”, and after Mr. Lin comes out of the room, Luodong calls “Dad Lin”. Lin Luodong politely says the greetings with shyness and fear.

Holding the bowl, Mrs. Lin even forgets to eat her meal. Luodong’s timid voice makes her heart grieve. She wants to touch the boy’s head but is afraid that the cracked wounds on her hands may hurt his tender skin. Mrs. Lin smiles, “This is the boy, right? He is so cute.”

Lin Luoran nods, “I have named him Lin Luodong. Mom, do you like it?”

Mr. Lin puts down his bowl and yells, “It’s so cold outside. Come to talk inside!”

Before Lin Luoran can realize, Mr. Lin has picked Luodong up and starts to look at the boy, “I like the name. Now I have got a son. With a son and a daughter, I finally reach the expectation of my ancestors. Ha-ha.”

Mr. Lin has always been a taciturn man. Lin Luoran notices his rare joy and puts away the concern that her parents may not accept Luodong as their family member. However, she looks at Luodong with worry that he may resist this kind of intimate contact.

To Lin Luoran’s surprise, Lin Luodong cocks his head and looks at the mustache on Mr. Lin’s chin, then, perhaps it is because the wind is so cold, he hides closer in Mr. Lin’s arms.

A smile appears on Lin Luoran’s face. It looks like Luodong is destined to be a member of her family.

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