Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 281 - Their Temporary Separation

Chapter 281 Their Temporary Separation

Mu Tiannan walks towards Lin’s villa with a huge bouquet of roses in his hand.

It’s hard for anyone to believe that these dewy roses are neither a rare breed nor air-freighted foreign goods. If there is something special, that must be these flowers are planted by Brother Mu, once a total playboy, by himself. Mu Tiannan is just an ordinary person without the Taoist root and now he is already 35. He keeps exercising and practicing ancient martial arts, so he is in great shape and his skin is not loose at all. However, he still has a sense of crisis.

Because the woman he likes, with outstanding personal ability, looks in her early twenties. Time has not left any marks on her face. Whichever way he looks at her, she is much more attractive than they first met.

Thirty-five years old, remarkable family background, and high social status: all these factors make Mu Tiannan a golden bachelor in the eyes of unmarried women. But for the girl he likes, Lin Luoran, she already has enough money. She is also the most mysterious “Uncle Lin” among all unearthly practitioners in Huaxia. Mu Tiannan’s advantages only work for ordinary girls.

Now what he has is probably only his sincerity.

In the past year, he sent a rose to Lin’s house every day, putting it by the door and back home quietly. Mu Tiannan can hardly believe he has been doing such a silly thing. Xuan Yuanchen has mocked him about it many times.

“If one year can’t work, then I will keep doing it for the next ten years!”

That’s what Brother Mu has been thinking about. But the morning before, when he was practicing, he felt meridian blockage for the first time.

Shock struck him. It’s just a few days before his thirty-sixth birthday. He does not achieve the congenital realm so his meridians will be clogged when he grows older. To be straightforward, he can’t stop an age-related decline in his body. If he always can’t achieve the congenital realm, it means that his lifetime achievement can just be this much.

He is getting older, but his power does not increase. Is there really not much time left for him to pursue his happiness?

Mu Tiannan’s mind wanders back and forth on many problems. It is never his style to be just like a frog slowly being boiled while alive. Xuan Yuanchen also says that it can’t show the “Charming Brother Mu” at all. Mu Tiannan decides to give it a shot. Today, instead of just sending the flowers and walking away, he will make it clear and tell her what he thinks. He wants to know whether there is a chance.

Mu Tiannan carefully decides what to wear, and then he shaves, making sure every detail is flawless. He picks all the roses in the garden, even the half-opened ones can’t survive. Anyway, today is the day. If he fails, these roses will just be an eyesore in his garden. But if he succeeds, they all contribute to it.

Mu Tiannan felt that he has enough courage to head-on. His love adviser Xuan Yuanchen even thinks the confident Brother Mu, the master of his own destiny, is finally back.

“Brother Mu, you will definitely succeed!” Xuanyuan Chenxi barks.

The man in the mirror is in the most attractive age of his life, mature and charming. It is who he really is.

He walks slowly to Lin’s villa. It is very quiet today. Usually, there were two children on their winter vacation, Li Xi’er watering the garden, and Mr. Lin fishing. But today they are all gone.

“Okay, it’s a good chance to cheer me up. Take a deep breath. Don’t be nervous. From the stainless-steel doorplate, I can see my smile is still perfect.

Mu Tiannan, you can do it!”

When he is just about to ring the doorbell, the iron door entangled by flowers is suddenly opened and his dream girl’s face suddenly appears in front of him. Mu Tiannan is stunned.

Deep breath… Deep breath! This is probably a gift from God… But before he shows the flowers he hides, he sees Liu Zheng behind Lin Luoran without warning.

Expressing his love in front of his rival in love, this may fire him up. However, here comes the misery part. The lady of the hour only looks at him for just a second.

“Hey, you are here? We have something urgent to do and need to go out for a while. Please wait for me here. ”

The keyword is “We”. What’s worse, what she said is not a question, but an assertive sentence.

Mu Tiannan is stricken to the heart. Liu Zheng even adds: “It’s very urgent.”

So, it’s him who delays their schedule?

Mu Tiannan can’t think of any urgent thing that can make Lin Luoran become so fussy. He doesn’t say anything he has prepared before. He just hides the flowers and gives way to them.

Lin Luoran nods and smiles at him, and then walks out the door directly.

Just a few steps, they have walked to the shores of the lake. Mu Tiannan gathers his courage: “Luoran, I have something to tell you. Just give me one minute… no… thirty seconds! I want to clarify something between us…” He thinks if she suddenly turns around, then he will show the flowers, just like magic. It will make things more formal and romantic.

Lin Luoran turns around, but she does not stop.

She splits out one word gently: “Sorry…”

There are some other words behind “Sorry”, but Mu Tiannan can’t hear them at all. His hand holding the bouquet is completely stiffened, because he realizes Lin Luoran doesn’t even stop and just said sorry. The next scene he sees is she holding Liu Zheng’s hands and flying into the air.

Their clothes are fluttering. Watching them flying away really hurts Mu Tiannan’s eyes.

He suddenly realizes everything with grief. He can plant as many roses as he wants, but it’s impossible for him to fly with her all his life.

Just because he doesn’t have the Taoist root… Mu Tiannan’s confidence drains away all at once. His hand holding the bouquet fells down. The iron door closes right then and destroys the dewy flowers. The sprigs and petals are separated. All Mu Tiannan holds in his hands are sprigs with sparse petals.

As for the fragrant and delicate petals, they scattered all over by the door, fallen on the ground and contaminated with dust.

Those crystal dew sinks into the earth and disappears instantly, just like Mu Tiannan’s unrequited love.

“Maybe Rong City is not a good place for me.” Mu Tiannan mutters and runs down the hill.

“Book a flight back to New York for me … Yes, tonight, I want the latest one.”

“Just now, did Brother Mu want to tell you something?” Liu Zheng is just trying to fill silences. He doesn’t want to admit that without enough personal ability, he can only fly with Lin Luoran’s help. It’s a little shameful.

Lin Luoran smiles, “I have told him to wait for me at home. When I go back, I will ask him. Now I can’t wait to see the soul wood! Here we are. Let’s go! ”

The villa is close to Qingcheng Taoist Temple and it’s airline distance, so they arrive here very soon. Lin Luoran pulls Liu Zheng down. The crazy Taoist has been already waiting in the yard.

“Follow me!”

The entrance is a wall in the main room of the Qingcheng Taoist Temple. This place was probably the bedroom of Huizhu before. Now the mountainside is almost hollowed out by the crazy Taoist and his apprentices. Down the rotating stone steps, views are more open. Lin Luoran’s face is illuminated by a dim cyan light. It’s her first time to come to the place where the soul wood grows. She is so shocked.

She guesses that she might see a tree, and she does see a tree. But… what in front of her is just… too big…

Viewed from above, the rotating stone steps lead them to its bottom and this big tree has a diameter of more than ten meters. It is as tall as a building of dozens of floors in Rong City. Its one leaf can already wrap people, just like clothes. The trace of the vein is clearly visible and glowing greenly. It reminds Lin Luoran of the soul wood she has grown for a long time in space. In reality, it is two years. But in fact, it’s hundreds of years old. For the first time, Lin Luoran feels inferior for space.

“This is mature soul wood. If it is grown naturally, it takes at least ten thousand years.” The crazy Taoist leads the two of them down.

Lin Luoran and Liu Zheng follow him closely. Lin Luoran wonders, “I remember it’s planted less than two years ago. How can it be so huge?”

They have been to the bottom, and realizes the dim cyan light is from here. Lin Luoran sees many egg-sized crystals around the bottom of the tree root. She can feel the Wood Reiki without even touching it.

“These spirit stones are from the small Wood Reiki mine under the Qingcheng Taoist Temple. The master has been digging them to breed the soul wood.” Liu Zheng explains in a whisper.

Lighter than jadeite in color, looked like polished diamonds, and surrounded by Wood Reiki: these are the famous wood spirit stones?

They are like “diamonds of fire” which are born with Strange Fire. Maybe she has seen the so-called spirit stones before, but they are fire ones.

Lin Luoran picks one up and holds it for a while. Compared with the diamond of fire, these wooden spirit stones are used to cultivate the soul wood so they almost run out of Wood Reiki.

“Master, now can we use the soul wood?” Liu Zheng has told her long ago about it can work, but without a message from the crazy Taoist, Lin Luoran still can’t believe it.

The crazy Taoist hesitates for a while, and Lin Luoran becomes more nervous.

“If it’s only Baojia who uses it, then it can work… In fact, the ripening trick has destroyed the lineage of the soul wood. You can’t find such wood on earth in the future.”

As long as she can save Baojia, she doesn’t mind its lineage is essentially gone. Besides, there is actually another one in space, but she definitely dare not to say it out. Instead, she asks the crazy Taoist the reason why he said so.

“If the soul wood is used to nourish Bao’s soul, then it will naturally wither. There is no way to save it. What you are looking at is mature soul wood. However, its potential is totally given away… Like what people say, it is just a paper tiger.” The crazy Taoist turns around the tree, kind of depressed.

Lin Luoran and Liu Zheng look at each other, and the latter changes the subject immediately, “Master, what are we going to do now?”

“Lin goes back to bring Bao Jia, and you stay here to help me prepare for it!”

Lin Luoran signifies her content with a nod. The crazy Taoist calls her again, “If everything goes well, Baojia will stay here for a long time. You can bring the junior one of Qin together.”

Well, the junior one of Qin, namely, Commander Qin. The crazy Taoist is really a kind man hallmarked with cold aspect. It’s so obvious that he still cares about Commander Qin. Why does he never show it?

Lin Luoran climbs out of the mountain and calls Commander Qin. As soon as the old man knows it is the crazy Taoist’s call, he smilingly promises to be Mount Qingcheng within half an hour.

Before Lin Luoran returns home, her parents have returned earlier than her and cleaned the petals on the ground. She doesn’t notice anything strange and then she gathers the whole family together.

“Sister Baojia is going to other places for treatment? When will she wake up?” Lin Luodong asks. Her parents and Li Xi’er also look at her anxiously.

Lin Luoran meditates in silence because she can’t answer this question. Baojia, lying in bed and long hair scattered, wears the ancient costume. The crazy Taoist says that costume is a dust-proof treasure, so there is no need to change her clothes. She is so peaceful, like a delicate porcelain doll.

She is in a dilemma. Fortunately, Commander Qin arrives here before long. Lin Luoran takes Baojia out of the house and does not let her family follow.

It’s better that fewer people know about where Baojia is going to be. If Lin Luodong or Li Xier accidentally lets out the secret, it will be dangerous for Baojia.

When Lin Luoran and Commander Qin leave, Mrs. Lin can’t help crying, “Bao Jia, what a good girl. Why does she suffer so much?”

Mr. Lin pats her hand, “You don’t need to be sad. Now Bao Jia can be cured and we should be happy about it. The separation is just temporary.”

Li Xi’er and Lin Luodong both nod. Mrs. Lin smiles through tears, “Yes, it won’t be long before Bao Jia comes back. We should be happy.”

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