Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Working and Buying a Car

That night, Lin Luoran resists the urge of observing the changes of the space and stays at Baojia’s home.

They cook many dishes, tomato salad, boiled cabbage, sautéed spinach, fish filets in hot chili oil, and double fried pork with garlic sprout. The vegetables are all plated in the space. Baojia feels over-fed and whines,

“I am overeating! Ran, your cooking skill has been once again improved. You should just open a restaurant and be the chef, instead of selling jewelry.” Strangely, the vegetables today are even delicious than the meat. Is there anything special in the vegetables Lin Luoran gives?

The next day, they go to the Liu’s Jewelry Company for a job interview.

Lin Luoran interviews for the job of shopping guide. Since Baojia has resigned from the Happy House, she goes there to interview for the job of designer.

The so-called interview is just for going through the processes. Liu Zheng has told his employees to hire Lin Luoran a long time ago, so they do not embarrass her. But she doesn’t have any working experience in the industry. In that case, she can only get trainee’s salary. That is to say, she only has a basic salary.

Lin Luoran knows herself well and does not complain about that at all. Although she knows how to explore the immortal breath, she knows nothing about customers’ psychology and marketing. It is normal to train her first.

As for Baojia, she is already a little famous in R city and can be called the local talent in the field of jewelry designing. Setting her friendship with Liu Zheng aside, Liu’s welcome her to their company as well.

Both of them pass the interviews easily. Today is Friday, so the company tells them to officially join them next Monday.

As long as there is no wind, the weather is quite good in the deep autumn of the R city.

Showering in the warm sunshine, they walk along the street where there are many cheap street snacks. R city is famous for beautiful girls. But it is true that these girls are kind of short. If girls like Lin Luoran and Baojia, one is 168cm, the other is 170cm, wear heels too, they will be very tall among those girls

The scene of two different types of beautiful girls walking on the street, eating “spike potatoes” and getting spicy tongue attracts the attention of numerous passers-by.

“Baojia, you really want to change your car?” Lin Luoran fans her tongue, asking Baojia not very elegantly.

Baojia also drinks a big sip of juice to get over the spice and say, “Thanks to you, I get a big amount of windfall. If I don’t spend it, I will not feel at ease. And not I am going to buy a car, but both of us are going to buy cars. Get it?”

Lin Luoran is still hesitating. She just got a small windfall. If she buys a car, won’t it be too obtrusive?

Baojia can tell that Lin Luoran is actually a little bit tempted, so she says something more to encourage her, “Think about it. If you have a car, you can drive back home to see your parents on weekends without worrying about transferring buses. You also have enough time to drive back to work. Isn’t it convenient?”

Lin Luoran does not say anything. She used to save money so hard in order to provide tuition fees for Li Anping. Plus, although her hometown is not very far from R city, she needs to take a detour to take the bus and has to transfer buses on her way home. Thus, it takes her three or four hours to go back. In the past, she went home in a hurry every time. Later in order to save money, she goes back home for fewer and fewer times.

Now she thinks about the whole thing and finds out that she is a fool for contributing so much for such a man. Not a fool, but a super fool. It was Li Anping who couldn’t afford to go to school. How could his mother cry in front of her and beg her to give him the chance to go to school?

Fortunately, everything’s been turned around. Lin Luoran tries to forget what happened in the past. Now she thinks everything that Baojia has said is right for her.

Buying a car is not a big deal. After all, there is one stone left. If she runs out of money, she can cut it after the gossip stops. What’s more, she has her space. She can work hard to sell vegetables for a living!

“Go, let’s go buying a car!”

Baojia starts to laugh, and a man with a beer belly almost runs into a telegraph pole for being kind of amazed.

They make a decision that one buys a car and the other changes a car. Baojia said that she wanted to change for a BMW yesterday. They decide to go to the BMW 4S store in R city.

There is a new store opened near the glass flyover in the east 3rd ring road, where Baojia has come and seen before. This is the closest store, so they just take a taxi and arrive there for just ten minutes.

The sales ladies of the store do not act like a snob which is written in novels. Although Lin Luoran and Baojia arrive there by taxi, they start to introduce different cars professionally after hearing that they want to buy cars.

It is easy to satisfy Baojia’s requirement that she wants a roadster.

“Miss Qin, according to your requirement, you can take into consideration the hard-roofed roadster of BMW 3-series. If you choose an imported one, it will be over 7 hundred thousand yuan with full set. Its appearance befits young people. Taking into account car insurance and inner decoration, it will still be just over 7 hundred thousand yuan.”

Lin Luoran is shocked by the light sentence “just over 7 hundred thousand yuan” from the sales lady. Just one day ago, all she has is just over one thousand yuan, not to mention over seven hundred thousand.

The sales lady takes them to see the cars in stock. Because it is a new store which is in a period of accumulating customers, this 4S store doesn’t have some hidden rules, like “taking cars with a higher price”. And the lady soon says that cars can be taken immediately.

The price is not beyond Baojia’s acceptance and the type is her favorite. She has no reason to hesitate and decides to buy it immediately.

The sales lady is dizzy. When she is about to take Baojia to pay for the bills and then, take the car, Baojia stops her and says, “My friend also wants one. Just wait until she makes up her mind and we can do the payments together later. It is more convenient!”

The sales lady can’t help looking at Lin Luoran. Baojia has a strong personality. But Lin Luoran does not look like someone can afford a BMW car for she wears ordinary clothes, though she is beautiful. The sales lady just takes her as a companion of Baojia.

But Lin Luoran is very elegant, which makes people feel comfortable. The sales lady felicitates that her attitude was quite good from the beginning. No wonder people often say that you cannot judge a book by its cover. If she is not careful, she might lose a high commission, even two.

“Miss Lin, what type of car do you like?” Hearing that they want to buy one more, the sales lady smiles with more sincerity.

Car type? Lin Luoran knows very little about that. That’s not her fault. She can never imagine owning a house just a short time ago, and how can she expect a car? It is normal that she knows little about cars.

“Bigger space and stout enough to drive on the rough roads, these are all I require. Can you recommend some for me?” A bigger space is convenient for her parents to sit in. She can’t buy a sports car with only two seats. The chassis is better to be higher. There are still some miles of rough roads near her hometown. These are the factors she must consider.

Hearing that there is no price limitation, the sales lady feels very exciting. But at the thought that she recommended a car with the price of over 7 hundred thousand yuan to Baojia and they are friends, she recommends the BMW X5 to Lin Luoran, for their prices are similar.

The price of this X5 ordinary off-road car reaches 8 hundred thousand yuan. Taking into consideration other equipment, Lin Luoran needs to pay over 8 hundred thousand yuan.

Lin Luoran has 6 million in her card. Although she won’t use it randomly, she can pay over 8 hundred thousand yuan without much hesitation. After all, she does not plan to change her car in a short period. She can settle a matter at one go.

Lin Luoran only thinks about it for a while before she decides to buy this car.

Baojia smiles, “Is your license expired?”

Now C1 license needs to be audited every six years. Lin Luoran got her license two years ago. She just nods at Baojia to tell her there is no problem.

“Great! We can drive our new car home soon!” Baojia chooses that blue one and Lin Luoran chooses the gray one for it is stain-resistant.

The store finishes their work even quicker as long as the payment arrives quickly. It takes less than an hour from Lin Luoran choosing a car to driving it in the traffic flow carefully.

Baojia is snaking through the traffic flow. And she laughs at Lin Luoran and calls her the snail driving a BMW.

When they are making fun of each other happily, the tall man once met Lin Luoran in the seed company is trying to find a rope to hang from the southeast branch…

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