Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 933 - Don’t Make A Fool Of Yourself

Chapter 933: Don’t Make A Fool Of Yourself

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“Look at how nervous she is. Could it be that she instructed the waiter to poison Mrs. Gu? After all, she has been speaking up for the waiter since she entered. The waiter even ran to her and begged her when he saw her. They must’ve come up with this plan together.”

“I heard that Xia Mengyan was President Gu’s fiancee. She must hate Mrs. Gu for snatching her engagement, so she’s using this method to punish Mrs. Gu.”

“Xia Mengyan didn’t seem to care about the engagement anymore, but she secretly poisoned Mrs. Gu. Even if Mrs. Gu stole her engagement, she shouldn’t try to poison her!”

Hearing everyone’s discussion, Xia Mengyan’s face was as pale as paper. She bit her lip and did not say anything. She knew very well that this waiter was Sun Chuan’s subordinate, but she did not know if anyone had seen them meet. It would be bad if they were discovered.

Not long after, Song Shijing rushed back and said something in Qiao Xi’s ear. She asked coldly, “Who’s Sun Chuan?”

Coincidentally, Sun Chuan was standing not far away from his father. When he heard someone calling him, he immediately frowned and said angrily, “I didn’t do anything! You’re framing me!”

Song Shiyu sneered. “My young madam is just asking who Sun Chuan is. She hasn’t said why she’s looking for you, yet you’re saying that she’s framing you? Are you confessing without even being questioned?”

Sun Chuan’s face was livid as he gritted his teeth. “You just said that you wanted to investigate this waiter, then you said my name. Who wouldn’t know what you mean? Let me tell you, I didn’t do anything. Don’t slander me!”

The waiter quickly explained, “Mrs. Gu, I poisoned you of my own accord. I hate you! I want you to die! It has nothing to do with anyone else!”

Qiao Xi grunted coldly. “What a good dog! You’re quite loyal.”

At the side, Sun Chuan instantly gained confidence and retorted loudly, “What does this have to do with me? I don’t know Mrs. Gu at all. I think it’s because you didn’t find out anything, so you casually found someone to be your scapegoat!”

Xia Mengyan pretended to be dizzy and looked weak and pitiful. She said weakly, “Xi Xi, I know that you were almost poisoned. Of course, my heart aches, but you can’t implicate innocent people just because you were hurt!

“No matter the reason the waiter poisoned you, it won’t be good if news of this gets out. They’ll say that you’re too unruly and treat others badly, so that’s why people hate you so much that they’ll go as far as to poison you! Today is Gu Corporation’s big day. You can’t bear to ruin this banquet, right? Your reputation has already plummeted. What will everyone think of you in the future if this goes on?”

Qiao Xi had an indifferent expression. She thought that Xia Mengyan was quite smart, but she was anxious to speak up for Sun Chuan at this moment. Was she not afraid of being implicated?

Qiao Xi slowly raised her eyes, and her sharp gaze seemed to be able to pierce through Xia Mengyan’s heart. She said in a mocking tone, “Cousin, the person who was almost poisoned and murdered wasn’t you. But you’re telling me to not investigate things and let this incident go? You’ve been speaking up for that waiter since you entered, yet you still think that I, the victim, am guilty? There’s something wrong with your morals!

“I suspect that someone instructed this waiter to harm me. Can’t I investigate it? Why are you stopping me?”

Xia Mengyan’s face was livid as she hurriedly explained, “Cousin, you’ve misunderstood me. I just think that we should consider the overall situation. Why don’t we wait until the banquet is over? Isn’t everyone gathered here for the banquet? It’s not appropriate for the guests to fool around with you!”

“Even if this banquet is canceled, so what?” Gu Zheng, who was standing beside Qiao Xi, suddenly spoke. His voice was filled with dignity. “I don’t even care if the banquet is held or not, but you, an outsider, do.”

Xia Mengyan was at a loss and panicked.

Qiao Xi said with a blissful expression, “Ah Zheng dotes on me and knows that someone poisoned me. Of course, he has to find out the truth immediately. How can a banquet be more important than a person’s life? But Miss Xia, you’re insisting on stopping me. Are you guilty?”

“No!” Xia Mengyan blurted out.

Qiao Xi’s gaze suddenly turned sharp. “The person who poisoned me is this waiter, and the victim is me. Since it has nothing to do with you, Miss Xia, please shut up!”

Xia Mengyan’s entire body trembled. Qiao Xi actually dared to embarrass her in public? She gritted her teeth tightly and felt a trace of uneasiness in her heart. When Sun Chuan instigated the waiter to poison Qiao Xi, he should have avoided the surveillance cameras, right?

Gu Zheng waved his hand. “Song Shiyu, call the police.” With that, he held Qiao Xi’s hand and walked toward the lounge.

The waiter was subdued by the bodyguards. He fell to the floor, his face filled with horror.

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