Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 929 - Make Them Disappear Forever

Chapter 929: Make Them Disappear Forever

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When Xia Mengyan heard the reporters’ words, she pretended to go forward and persuade them. “Stop arguing, Xi Xi…”

“I want to hear who dares to say bad things about Mrs. Gu!” A cold voice interrupted Xia Mengyan. Gu Zheng’s voice was magnetic, but it was filled with killing intent at this moment, making one shudder.

Gu Zheng was dressed in a black high-end suit, looking elegant and noble. His gaze swept coldly across the Xia family. Even someone as experienced as Xia Cheng could not withstand his oppressive gaze.

His gaze landed on Xia Mengyan, and the corners of his mouth curled into a cold smile. “You’re indeed shameless.”


Xia Mengyan’s body trembled, and she instantly swallowed the words in her throat. Her heart seemed to be clenched tightly, and she almost could not breathe. Her face was livid, and she was extremely embarrassed.

Gu Zheng retracted his gaze and questioned coldly, “This is Gu Corporation’s banquet. What right does the Xia family have to criticize Mrs. Gu?”

The reporters were so scared that they did not dare to make a sound. The microphones in their hands trembled.

“Since things have already come to this, I don’t mind spending more time chatting with the Xia family.” As soon as Gu Zheng finished speaking, his gaze landed on the reporters who previously mocked Qiao Xi. His gaze was sharp. “You’re reporters from Tianyun Network, right? You’re very bold! You actually dare to interfere in my family matters? Do I need your permission to marry someone I like?”

The reporters met Gu Zheng’s sharp gaze and were so scared that they broke out in a cold sweat. They could not even control their mouths anymore. “President Gu, we…”

Song Shijing walked forward and smiled coldly. “President, I’ll contact Tianyun Network immediately. I’ll make them disappear from your sight forever.”

Gu Zheng nodded in satisfaction and gently held Qiao Xi’s hand. His voice was icy-cold to the extreme. “What everyone just said has been recorded. I’ll pursue the matter according to the law.”

As soon as he finished speaking, someone said, “President Gu, Chengyue Law Firm is willing to serve you!”

Everyone instantly gasped. Chengyue Law Firm had never lost a case. If they decided to sue someone, that meant they were confident in not losing their reputation.

Gu Zheng held Qiao Xi’s hand and walked to the interview seats. Facing the many reporters, his voice suddenly became dignified. “Everyone, if you have any questions, you can ask me. You don’t have to listen to the rumors spread by outsiders. I’ll answer them directly.”

He looked at Xia Cheng, who instantly panicked. Could it be that Gu Zheng had evidence? Impossible! Back then, Xia Yunqiu and Lu Qingyun’s marriage was only a verbal engagement. Now that the two of them were dead, who knew which daughter of the Xia family he was supposed to be engaged to? It would be difficult to explain if they continued insisting the engagement belonged to Xia Mengyan.

The entire venue was silent. Song Shijing gestured for the reporters to come forward. “Our president will only give you 10 minutes. You can ask now.”

The reporters’ eyes lit up. They squeezed to the front with microphones and asked the questions in their minds.

Qiao Xi turned her head and looked at the man who was standing beside her and replying indifferently. His entire body emitted charm as if a god had descended. No wonder so many women had fallen for him, but Gu Zheng had given all his gentleness and love to her. Qiao Xi did not know what good deeds she had done in her previous life to actually be able to obtain Gu Zheng’s love in this life.

10 minutes later, the reporters had already obtained the answer. However, even though Gu Zheng had publicly explained that Qiao Xi did not snatch someone else’s engagement, the audience in the live broadcast still did not believe him.

[Everyone in Li City knows that President Gu dotes on Mrs. Gu. He’s naturally on her side. Mrs. Gu is very beautiful, but I just hate her for snatching someone else’s engagement. B*tch!]

[Old Madam Xia is a mistress, but Sally isn’t! This is all in the past. What does it have to do with Sally? She’s the victim!]

Xia Mengyan looked at the audience in the live-stream and could not help but heave a sigh of relief. As long as there was no evidence, no matter how Gu Zheng and the Yin family explained, no one would believe them. In everyone’s eyes, Qiao Xi was still the mistress who stole someone else’s engagement.

There were also some people in the live-stream who spoke up for Qiao Xi, but those people were quickly drowned out by the curses of Xia Mengyan’s fans.

At this moment, everyone had already entered the banquet hall, and only the Xia family was standing at the door. Old Madam Xia gritted her teeth, and her eyes were vicious. She let out a vicious roar. “Ah! They actually said that in public!”

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