Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 50 - Throw Them All Away

Chapter 50: Throw Them All Away

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Gu Zheng yelled, “Butler! Are you dead? Can’t you hear me?!”

The butler quickly came back to his senses and said, “Mr. Meng, Madam Meng, and Miss Meng, please come this way.”

The three of them did not move.

The butler’s expression did not change as he bent down slightly. “Mr. Meng, you should know our young master’s character. If he tells us to lay a finger on someone, we won’t dare to disobey. I’m afraid that when the time comes, your reputation will be ruined.”

If Meng Xingzhou and the others did not listen, the butler would not mind pulling out a few tricks.

Meng Xingzhou’s expression was even uglier now. However, he was too angry and could not back down. Not only had he not achieved his goal with this trip here, but he had also provoked Gu Zheng. He had simply suffered a huge loss!

In the end, he left with Meng Wan and Madam Meng in a sorry state.

From afar, Meng Wan’s protesting voice could be heard. “I’m not leaving. Why should I? You clearly said that I could marry Brother Gu Zheng, so why can’t I marry him now? Liar, you big liar!”

“Shut up!” Meng Xingzhou was exasperated at his daughter’s failure to live up to expectations. “If you hadn’t tested Gu Zheng by pretending to run away from the marriage, would Qiao Xi have had the chance to appear in front of him? It’s all because you were stupid!”

If Meng Wan had not caused trouble and obediently appeared at the Civil Affairs Bureau on the day of their marriage, things would not have ended up this way. Meng Wan would be Gu Zheng’s wife now, the young madam of the Gu family. The status of the Meng family would have risen as a result. However, everything had been ruined by Meng Wan!

Meng Xingzhou said softly in Meng Wan’s ear, “The Gu family won’t accept Qiao Xi as the young madam of the household. Wan Wan, you still have a chance. As long as Qiao Xi disappears or something happens to her, the position of Mrs. Gu will naturally go to you.”


Meng Wan’s sobbing expression froze. She looked at Madam Meng, who nodded at her. “Wan Wan, your father is right. We still have a chance.”

Qiao Xi was just a country bumpkin who came from the countryside. It was a little difficult to kill her, but it was easy to destroy her.

Meng Wan’s eyes flickered. She lowered her head and said, “Alright, I’ll listen to you, Dad.”

‘Qiao Xi, since you dare to snatch my man, you should be prepared for my revenge!’

In the villa.

Gu Zheng waved his hand, and all the servants in the villa started moving. Some opened the windows while others moved the things.

Qiao Xi looked at the sofa that was just used earlier being carried away by the servants with a dumbfounded expression. “What’s going on?”

Gu Zheng did not answer and instead hurried up to the third floor.

The butler explained, “Madam, Young Master is a neat freak. The sofa that the Meng family sat on and the cups that they used need to be tossed. Even the entire living room needs to be disinfected.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

What a waste!

Although it felt good to chase the family out, the sofa, the cups, and the carpet on the stairs were all exquisite goods. They were all priceless. Now, Qiao Xi was a little regretful to have let the Meng family leave so easily. She had to get back at them the next time she saw them!

After sorting out her mood, Qiao Xi was about to go upstairs to get some sleep when she suddenly received a message from her father, Qiao Zhenguo.

[Black Tide, the transfer of shares is in progress. As there are too many problems involved, it still needs some time to be settled. If you have time, can you help us deal with Qiao Xi’s problem first? She’s becoming more and more unreasonable now. Rou Rou can’t eat or sleep well. My heart aches just looking at her.]

Only then did Qiao Xi remember that she still had a job to attend to.

Qiao Zhenguo had sent this message just in time. She was just feeling bad about letting the sofa and cups go to waste when someone wanted to give her money.

She slightly raised her elegant eyebrows as she replied meaningfully: [That’ll depend on your sincerity.]

At the same time, in the Qiao family’s home.

The news that Qiao Rou had pretended to be Gu Shan’s disciple and was slapped in the face by Gu Shan spread like wildfire. How envious those people were of Qiao Rou in the beginning now looked down on her just as much! Because of this, Qiao Rou had not been to university for a long time. She could not accept the way her classmates looked at her with disdain, much less listen to them praise Qiao Xi for being awesome!

“Zhenguo, what’s Qiao Xi trying to do? Why didn’t she tell us that she’s Gu Shan? Did she deliberately want to make a fool of Rou Rou? Was she waiting for that day? She’ll end up making our Rou Rou lose all her dignity!” Xu Mei speculated maliciously.

Gu Moling stood beside Qiao Rou and asked with a frown, “Rou Rou, Qiao Xi never told you about her being Gu Shan before?”

Qiao Rou shook her head with tears in her eyes. “No, Brother Moling. My sister has never told me that she’s Gu Shan. In fact… I always thought that my sister didn’t know much about fashion design and I wanted to take care of her more in university. But who knew…”

One was gentle and caring, while the other was full of schemes.

After Qiao Rou said that, Gu Moling and Qiao Zhenguo’s impression of Qiao Xi grew even worse.


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