Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 45 - The B*tch Arrives

Chapter 45: The B*tch Arrives

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He stared at Qiao Xi’s red lips for a long time before leaning over slightly. He deliberately lowered his voice with a hint of coaxing. “I can make the soup not bitter. Do you want to test it out?”

Qiao Xi’s brain that was numbed by the alcohol slowly churned. “Are you… saying the truth?”

“Of course, it’s true.” Gu Zheng did not have the slightest intention of deceiving a drunkard. He pointed at his lips and said righteously, “One kiss, and you’ll be able to drink sweet hangover soup.”

Qiao Xi grunted. “Liar.”

After getting drunk, Qiao Xi had lost her sharp edges and become especially cute. Gu Zheng’s Adam’s apple bobbed. He grabbed the hangover soup and gulped it down before pressing his lips against Qiao Xi’s without any warning.

He could taste the lingering alcohol mixed with the sweetness of the hangover soup.

A bowl’s worth of hangover soup was fed to Qiao Xi by Gu Zheng. After he was done, he leaned his forehead against Qiao Xi and asked in a slightly hoarse voice, “Is it bitter?”

Qiao Xi’s eyes were moist, and the corners of her eyes were red. She subconsciously shook her head when she heard Gu Zheng’s words. “It’s not bitter. It’s sweet.” As soon as she finished speaking, the tip of her pink tongue licked the corner of her lips. Gu Zheng’s breathing instantly became heavier.

As if she had sensed danger, Qiao Xi’s hazy eyes gradually became clearer. After Gu Zheng recovered his senses and saw her staring at him with a vigilant expression, he could not help but laugh. “You only know how to be vigilant now? Don’t you think it’s too late for that?”

The next day, Qiao Xi abruptly sat up in bed. Did she drink alcohol last night?!

“It’s still early, let’s sleep a little more.”

A hoarse voice came from the side, followed by a muscular arm that reached out from under the covers to hug Qiao Xi’s slender waist. As the world spun, she lay on his hard chest.

Qiao Xi was stunned.

She turned her neck. It was her master bedroom, but why was Gu Zheng here?! Gulping, Qiao Xi touched her body under the blanket and her face turned pale. “Gu Zheng, where are my clothes?!”

“Why would you wear clothes when you’re sleeping?”

Gu Zheng was in a daze as he tried to pull Qiao Xi into his embrace. The next second, Qiao Xi mercilessly pinched his arm.

“… F*ck!”

Gu Zheng instantly woke up.

He looked at Qiao Xi who was staring fixedly at him, and his handsome face was slightly helpless. “Ungrateful wolf, is this how you repay your benefactor?”


Qiao Xi was puzzled.

Gu Zheng reminded her. “You drank alcohol yesterday. One glass and you collapsed.” To be exact, she collapsed after a mouthful.

“If I hadn’t realized it in time, you would’ve spent the entire night on the floor. The servants would only realize you were unconscious the next day and you would’ve gotten a fever. You wouldn’t be as energetic and active as you are now.”

Listening to Gu Zheng’s words, Qiao Xi’s memories slowly came back to her. Yesterday when she was in a daze, she did see Gu Zheng dashing toward her with a panicked expression… However, this was not a reason for Gu Zheng to take off her clothes!

She raised her leg and kicked Gu Zheng off the bed.

Gu Zheng was flustered and exasperated. “Qiao Xi!”

Qiao Xi stiffened her neck. “What?”

Gu Zheng had to use all his self-control to suppress his urge to strangle this woman. The servant heard the commotion in the room and knocked on the door. “Young Master, Young Madam, are you awake? Miss Meng is here.”

Miss Meng? Who was she?

Qiao Xi subconsciously looked at Gu Zheng, only to see him get up from the floor with a nasty expression. After glaring at her, he turned around and entered the bathroom.

Three minutes later, Gu Zheng came out of the bathroom in a dignified manner. When he saw Qiao Xi still lying motionless on the bed, the anger that had just subsided welled up in his heart once more. This woman always had the ability to provoke him.

“There’s a guest downstairs. Get changed and come with me to meet her.”

At this moment, Qiao Xi came back to her senses as well. She looked at Gu Zheng and asked, “Her surname is Meng. Could it be that she’s your previous marriage partner who ran away?”

Gu Zheng adjusted his sleeves and replied without even raising his head, “Yes.”

It was strange. She ran away from their marriage back then. Now, she still had the cheek to look for Gu Zheng?

Qiao Xi narrowed her eyes.

Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng went downstairs one after another.

“Brother Gu Zheng, why took you so long to come down? And these servants are really too much. All of them stopped me from going up to look for you. How annoying.” Before they arrived downstairs, a delicate female voice sounded. “Where’s Liu Lin? I don’t see her anywhere.”

Hearing Liu Lin’s name, Qiao Xi had to think about it for half a minute before remembering who Liu Lin was. It turned out to be the servant who had provoked her. She was unreasonably possessive and had too many desires. She was fired from the villa not long ago.

She remembered that Liu Lin had always told her that she was not as good as Miss Meng, the rumored eldest daughter of the Meng family who ran away from her marriage to Gu Zheng.

“Qiao Xi didn’t like her, so she was fired.”

Gu Zheng turned around and held Qiao Xi’s hand. They then went downstairs together.

Meng Wan’s eyes flickered. Her innocent and naive face showed surprise and confusion. “Brother Gu Zheng, is this Miss Qiao who married in substitute of me? She’s very good-looking.”

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