Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Fashion Design Competition

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Footsteps came from the corridor. Song Shiyu and the driver quickly put out their cigarettes and stood at attention.

“Young Master.”

“President Gu.”

Song Shiyu looked behind the man but did not see Qiao Xi. He could not help but ask, “Where’s Madam?”

Gu Zheng said coldly, “Why do you care?”

Song Shiyu: “…”

‘You ignored her and came all the way here to look for her!’

When Qiao Xi came down with her bag, the car she drove here was already being driven away by the driver, Old Wang. Song Shiyu was waiting for her in the corridor. “Madam, President Gu is waiting for you in the car.”

Qiao Xi was puzzled. “What are you guys here? Discussing business?”

Song Shiyu looked around the dilapidated neighborhood and then at the man sitting in the back seat of the Maybach. He smiled and said, “Yes.”

As a special assistant, adapting to changes was the most basic requirement.

Just based on Qiao Xi’s words, he knew that President Gu had not told Madam anything. Since the person involved did not say anything, he would not say anything either.

Gu Zheng was working on his laptop in the back seat of the car. Qiao Xi glanced at him and did not want to disturb him. She put her backpack on her lap and asked Song Shiyu, who was driving, “Where’s the car I drove over here?”

“It’s being driven by Old Wang.”

Song Shiyu glanced at Gu Zheng’s gloomy-looking face through the rearview mirror and tried to talk to Qiao Xi. “Madam, do you know how to drive? President Gu got someone to modify that car. Normal people won’t be able to drive it.”

“A little.”

Qiao Xi’s fingers that were resting on her backpack moved slightly as she added, “The car was modified quite well.”

Gu Zheng snorted sarcastically.

Qiao Xi looked at him in confusion.

Song Shiyu immediately tried to smooth things over. “Madam, why were you in the old district? Young people rarely come here nowadays.”

“I came here to see a teacher.”


Did Qiao Xi not come from the countryside? Could it be that her teacher moved from the countryside to Li City?

“A teacher from Li City University?”

Looking at the results of the investigation on the computer screen, Gu Zheng suddenly said, “I forgot that you’re a student of Li City University.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

‘I’ll be honest with you. If you hadn’t reminded me, I would’ve forgotten about it too.’

“Li City University?!”

Song Shiyu was shocked. “Madam, you’re a student of Li City University?! President Gu has an event at Li City University in a few days. I think he’s going to be a judge. You can show us around the university. I heard that Li City University is very scenic.”

Gu Zheng sneered. “Do I need her to give me a tour?”

There were so many university leaders, so why did she have to bring them around?

Song Shiyu: “…”

‘President Gu, you can’t keep your wife if you behave like this.’

Qiao Xi was used to Gu Zheng’s eccentric behavior. She nudged Gu Zheng’s arm. “What event are you going to attend in Li City University? I have an event at a few days too. Let’s see if the timing works out. Otherwise, I won’t be able to bring you around.”

Song Shiyu spoke first, “I think it’s a fashion design competition. The school invited President Gu to be the judge.”

Gu Corporation recruited talents from Li City University every year, so the university would send Gu Zheng an invitation no matter what kind of event it was. However, Gu Zheng had never attended.

The situation was different this time. Mrs. Gu was a student of Li City University, so the president must go!

Gu Zheng subconsciously wanted to retort and say he would not be going, but he only opened his mouth without saying anything.

Right at this moment, Qiao Xi hesitantly said, “The fashion design competition? I think this is also the event that I’m going for…”

However, she was not too sure. The university had sent her an email to invite her, but she thought it was too boring so she ignored it.

“Madam, you’re also a fashion designer?”

Song Shiyu was surprised. “Maybe we can see your designs in the competition?”

Qiao Xi: “…”

His hopes would have to be dashed because she was not joining as a participant.

After returning to Longwan Residential, Qiao Xi went straight to the third floor and found an email from a long time ago. The sender was Li City University’s official account.

[Miss Gu Shan, our university is about to hold a competition for fashion designers. We sincerely invite you to attend as a judge, and we hope that you’ll seriously consider it. Our university’s students all admire your designs and concepts very much. If we could get your guidance, it’d be our university’s honor.]

Gu Shan was a fashion designer who appeared out of nowhere three years ago. She won the top honors in the International Fashion Design Competition as soon as she appeared.

The style of her work was magnificent and eye-catching. Once her designs were released, they would be gone in three seconds. Countless fashion brands fought to collaborate with her, but Gu Shan’s whereabouts were mysterious, making countless brands sigh in regret.

She produced very few designs every year, and when she chose a partner, she would do it very straightforwardly. It caused the major corporations to have a love-hate relationship with her.

Qiao Xi unconsciously moved the mouse. She was in a dilemma whether to go or not…

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