Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1678 - 1678 We're Surrounded

1678 We’re Surrounded

Huo Yuzhou was a little surprised. That was the powerful Brook family. It was not easy for him to sit in the position of heir. The head of the Brook family thought highly of Gu Zheng and even cleared the obstacles for him. How could Gu Zheng not be interested?

Gu Zheng could tell that he was shocked, and a trace of coldness burst out of his eyes. “You should know that the people who chased after Xi Xi were sent by the Brook family. Do you think it’s possible for me to work with the people who hurt Xi Xi?”

Huo Yuzhou narrowed his eyes and stared fixedly at Gu Zheng. He was willing to give up the monstrous power of the Brook family just because of Qiao Xi?

After a long silence, Huo Yuzhou suddenly smiled. “No wonder Xi Xi likes you. You’re indeed more qualified to be with her than me.”

Right on the heels of that, the assistant walked up to Gu Zheng with a document. “Mr. Gu, sign this document. From now on, you’ll have nothing to do with the Brook family.”

Gu Zheng took the pen without hesitation and signed his name on it. Then, he looked up. “Where’s Xi Xi?”

Ten minutes ago.

The young doctor walked to Qiao Xi’s side. “Miss Qiao, your body isn’t suitable for the cold wind. You should go to the cabin and wait.”

Qiao Xi glanced at the people on the deck. Their negotiation seemed to be going very smoothly. Coupled with the fact that she was indeed very cold, she agreed to return to the cabin and wait.

After they entered the cabin, the doctor suddenly laughed. “Miss Qiao, I’m afraid you won’t be able to leave today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the servants and bodyguards beside her fell to the floor. Qiao Xi took a few steps back, tensed her body, and looked at the doctor warily. “What’s wrong with them?”

The doctor smiled sinisterly. “They’re just unconscious. Don’t worry. I know you’re immune to poison and it’s useless to drug you, but if you run away, I’ll kill them to vent my anger. You can’t bear to see so many innocent lives die because of you, right?!”

Qiao Xi’s gaze was cold. “You’re not one of Huo Yuzhou’s men?”

“I didn’t say I was one of his.”

“The patriarch of the Brook family, then?” Qiao Xi probed.

“You’re right!” The doctor’s voice was cold. “You seduced the heirs chosen by the head of the family and ruined his plan. He’s already being lenient by not killing you. As long as you obediently follow me to see the head of the family, I won’t kill you. However, if you’re disobedient, I’ll kill you directly!”

Qiao Xi sneered. “Kill me? That depends on whether you have the ability. Moreover, their lives can’t threaten me. They’re unrelated to me, so I can’t give up my chance to escape for them.”

“You can choose not to care about them, but you probably don’t know this yet, right? Gu Zheng’s poison has acted up!”

Qiao Xi’s eyes instantly widened, and her voice trembled. “What did you say?”

“The head of the family has always thought highly of Gu Zheng, the heir, but he’s not the only choice. Now that he has given up the chance to inherit the Brooke family for you, there’s no need to keep him. The poison in Gu Zheng’s body has already acted up, and he shouldn’t be able to see anymore. However, in order to save you, he chose to take a powerful medicine to suppress the poison. As a result, the backlash he’s suffering from is also huge. Before long, he’ll become blind and might even lose his life.

“If it weren’t for you, Gu Zheng would have led the Brook family to the peak. You ruined all of this!” The doctor’s voice gradually became crazy. “Qiao Xi! You can’t cure the poison in Gu Zheng’s body; only the head of the family can!

“As long as you leave with me now, Gu Zheng will have to work for the Brook family, and he’ll be able to live. He loves you so much. Can you bear to see him die?”

Qiao Xi’s heart instantly turned cold. She did not expect that Gu Zheng would forcefully suppress the poison in order to save her.

Her heart seemed to have been cut open, and she felt a dull pain. This man clearly loved her to the bone, but she still suspected him!

“This is bad! We’re surrounded!”

“Gu Zheng!”

The shouts from outside caused Qiao Xi’s entire body to tremble. The doctor smiled proudly. “They’re here.”

Qiao Xi guessed that the head of the Brook family wanted to bring her away probably because of her blood. Once she fell into the tiger’s den, it would be difficult for her to escape.

When Huo Yuzhou and Gu Zheng realized that the situation was not right, four boats had already surrounded them. The people on the boats were all armed with guns.

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