Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1655 - 1655 The Xia Family's Family Treasure

1655 The Xia Family’s Family Treasure

Xia Chunyu entered the bathroom and used her foundation to cover the red marks on her face. After that, she came to the banquet hall again.

“Ah, I lost my bracelet!”

Just as everyone was about to leave, they suddenly heard Xia Chunyu’s scream.

Xia Chunyu was the daughter of the Xia family in the capital, after all. Although she was an adopted daughter, she was extremely favored. It was not that they were afraid of Xia Chunyu but that they had heard of Xia Zishan’s crazy past. They knew that the Xia family was not to be trifled with, so they tried their best not to offend her.

After all, it was the Qin family’s banquet. If someone lost something, the Qin family would naturally have to bear the responsibility. Hence, Madam Qin immediately went forward and asked, “Miss Xia, what’s going on?”

“Madam Qin, I lost my bracelet. What do you think we should do about it?” Xia Chunyu’s posture was arrogant, and she looked bossy.

Madam Qin was disgusted. She suppressed the anger in her heart and asked patiently, “Miss Xia, are you sure you lost it at the banquet?”

Xia Chunyu snorted. “Of course! That bracelet was given to me by my grandmother. It’s the Xia family’s heirloom. I brought it with me to ensure its safety. Many people saw me wearing it. Someone must have gotten greedy and stolen my bracelet!”

Madam Qin also remembered that Xia Chunyu had indeed worn an emerald bracelet when she entered and showed it off in front of everyone. However, as it did not match her gown, she later put it in her bag. In that case, she had indeed lost it at the banquet.

Madam Qin looked troubled. “Miss Xia, think carefully about where you’ve been. I’ll send someone to look for it.”

“I was in the banquet hall just now, but…” Xia Chunyu paused. “I went to the wrong lounge and got into a conflict with the person inside. She even slapped me. I lost my bracelet after that.”

Everyone gasped. “Miss Xia, are you saying that someone hit you and stole your bracelet?”

“I’m not sure either. I think it’s best to search for it. After all, my bracelet is expensive. If I can’t find it, I can only call the police.”

Everyone looked helpless and wanted to leave as soon as possible, so they said anxiously, “Miss Xia, who hit you? Call them out to confront you!”

Madam Qin suddenly had a bad feeling. The next second, everyone saw Xia Chunyu pointing at someone not far away while shouting, “It’s her! I just went to the wrong lounge and she slapped me!”

Everyone looked in the direction she was pointing and was instantly stunned.

Mrs. Gu!

After Qiao Xi left the lounge, she was prepared to leave with Gu Zheng. She had just walked to the banquet hall when she heard Xia Chunyu’s roar.

Madam Qin frowned. She believed that it was impossible for Xi Xi to steal anything. Now that Xia Chunyu had publicly pointed her out, she wanted to frame Xi Xi. Before the banquet began, she had instructed Xi Xi not to provoke Xia Chunyu, but in the end, she still did not manage to avoid her.

“Miss Xia, it’s impossible for her to steal your bracelet. As President Gu’s wife, she can buy anything she wants. Why would she steal your bracelet?” Madam Qin said coldly.

Xia Chunyu’s expression instantly darkened. “She can’t buy this bracelet even if she wants to. It’s the Xia family’s heirloom, a unique treasure. That woman must have gotten greedy and stolen it. Search her body!!”

Madam Qin’s tone was serious. “Miss Xia, you have no right to search her body!”

Xia Chunyu looked at the Qin family’s attitude toward her and knew that they must not want to offend Gu Zheng, so they were unwilling to search that woman’s body.

She suppressed her anger and suddenly thought of something. “Maybe I remembered wrongly. I don’t think Mrs. Gu would steal a bracelet.”

Madam Qin was stunned. Why did Xia Chunyu, who was extremely arrogant just now, suddenly stop?

“I misunderstood. I apologize.” Xia Chunyu slowly walked into Qiao Xi and grabbed her bag before anyone could react.


The things inside the bag scattered, and an exquisite box appeared in front of everyone. Xia Chunyu quickly snatched the box and opened it. Inside was a bracelet carved with lotus flowers.

“Look! This is my bracelet! She stole my bracelet!”

Qiao Xi snatched the box back. After confirming that there were no cracks on it, she said coldly, “Miss Xia, I told you that this bracelet is mine.”

Now that she had been caught red-handed, this woman was still unwilling to admit it?

“You’re so shameless! When did our Xia family’s heirloom belong to you?” Xia Chunyu shouted in exasperation.

Everyone looked at each other, unable to confirm if what the two of them said was true.

Xia Chunyu was furious. “So many people saw me wearing this bracelet today. How did it become yours? Hurry up and return the bracelet to me!”

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