Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Not Worth My Concern At All

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The customers in the shop could not help but glance sideways. “Is this the rumored Qiao family’s eldest daughter who came back from the countryside? Looking at her, she’s really from the countryside. She’s so petty.”

How shameless.

“That’s right. I just saw her touch those guitars on the wall, and one of them is what I wanted to buy. What bad luck!”

A female customer flung her hands in disgust, as if the guitar Qiao Xi had touched now carried an infectious disease.

Qiao Xi did not withdraw her hand and instead played with the guitar strings a few more times. She slowly said, “Bad luck… It’s really bad luck…”

Qiao Rou said anxiously, “Sister, don’t misunderstand. The customer didn’t mean that…”

Then, she turned to the female customer and said apologetically, “Hello, I heard that you want to buy this guitar? How about I give you a discount and sell this guitar to you at a cheaper price?”

The female customer was delighted. The instruments in this shop were all top-quality goods. A guitar here would cost tens of thousands. The rest were all about this price as well. When she heard Qiao Rou offering her a discount, she no longer minded that the guitar had been touched by Qiao Xi.

“Of course, I’m okay with that. Miss Qiao, you sure know how to do business, unlike that…” The female customer snorted.

Qiao Rou smiled gently and waved her hand to call the sales assistant over to pass the receipt.

Right at this moment, Qiao Xi suddenly stepped forward to stop the sales assistant and confronted Qiao Rou.

“What do you mean by this? You’re selling the guitar that I touched at a discounted price? Do you agree with her words? Do the guitars that I’ve touched bring bad luck?”

Qiao Rou pursed her lips. “Sister, you’ve misunderstood. That’s not what I meant.”

Qiao Xi’s eyelids twitched.

Misunderstanding? Screw this misunderstanding!

Gu Moling protected Qiao Rou behind him and looked at Qiao Xi with dissatisfaction. “Qiao Xi, don’t go too far. Rou Rou is obviously doing this for your sake. You got yourself into trouble and Rou Rou is the one spending so much effort to clean up your mess. What exactly are you dissatisfied about?”

Business owners were most scared of bad luck.

In his opinion, Qiao Xi had better stay in the villa for the rest of her life, lest she embarrassed the Qiao family!

“Brother Moling, don’t say anymore. Sister, she… She just doesn’t understand these things.” Qiao Rou tugged on the corner of Gu Moling’s shirt, looking like she was compromising.

The customers at the side could not stand it anymore and said, “Miss Qiao Rou is so sensible even at such a young age. She’s clearly the younger sister, but she’s more like an elder sister.”

“I can’t figure out why the Qiao family wanted to bring this person back from the countryside. Couldn’t they just let her stay in the countryside and give her some money? No matter how big the Qiao family is, they can’t handle such a scourge.”

“In the future, wherever Eldest Miss Qiao is, I’ll walk away. I’m just going to become stupid if I stay in the same space as such an idiotic woman.”

When she heard the surrounding voices, Qiao Xi shifted her gaze and looked at Qiao Rou.

“Is this your ability? To incite others to attack me?”

“Sister, what are you talking about?”

After a pause, she continued, “I know that you’re anxious and want to learn more to help our family, but there are some things that can’t be rushed. I’ll help you settle this matter. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Qiao Xi chuckled. “This isn’t something worth my concern at all.”

So what if she touched something in her own shop?

If she was in a good mood, she could even play the instruments directly.

The people around her were infuriated by her self-righteousness. Damn, how could this woman say such things?!

Too arrogant! Too overboard!

She was the one who made the mistake. Qiao Rou was kind enough to help her deal with the aftermath, but she could not even say anything nice. Did she think that someone owed her money?


Qiao Rou’s eyes turned red. “How could you say that…”

Gu Moling held Qiao Rou’s shoulder and berated Qiao Xi coldly, “Qiao Xi, what’s wrong with you?! Even though you came back from the countryside, you should at least understand basic gratitude, right? After the Qiao family brought you back, they found countless teachers to teach you etiquette. Is this how you repay the Qiao family’s efforts? Quickly apologize to Rou Rou!”

The surrounding customers looked at each other in dismay. “I’ve long heard that the Qiao family’s eldest daughter is a piece of trash. Now that I’ve met her today, she really lives up to her reputation.”

“Tsk tsk, if Qiao Corporation is handed to such a person, it won’t be long before they file for bankruptcy.”

At this moment, someone suddenly shouted, “Hey, isn’t that Mr. Zhang? He’s here to seek justice for Miss Qiao Rou, right? After all, Miss Qiao Rou is too gentle, so she’ll be at a disadvantage against some shameless people.”

“Definitely. Mr. Zhang doesn’t usually appear. If it weren’t for Miss Qiao Rou, why would he suddenly appear today?”

Mr. Zhang was the manager and had long received the news that the eldest miss was coming to check on the shop today. However, he was caught up in an urgent matter and only managed to come over now.

“Miss, I’m sorry I’m late.”

He pushed through the crowd while panting.

When Qiao Rou heard Mr. Zhang’s voice, her body was shaking. She looked back aggrievedly.. “Mr. Zhang, are you here to deal with my sister? It’s okay, I’ve already appeased the customers…”

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