Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1447 - 1447 Achilles Heel

1447 Achilles Heel

Qiao Xi suddenly recalled. “Right. Is that necklace, ‘Scorching Heart,’ still in the He family?”

“It’s still there.” Gu Zheng suddenly smirked. “What if the necklace the He family takes out is fake? What should the He family do then?”

Qiao Xi instantly understood what Gu Zheng meant.

That was right! He Wenxian relied on donations to salvage the He family’s image. The He family’s good reputation was also achieved through donations. Once the donations were proven to be fake, the He family would definitely face a crisis in their reputation.

At this moment, Kang Ru and the other two had already returned to their villa in Li City. Kang Ru was rich and would buy real estate wherever they went. Now that they were in Li City, they naturally would not treat themselves badly. The Kang family’s villa was in a very famous villa area in Li City. There was a garden and a pavilion in the courtyard. Moreover, every villa was very far away from each other to ensure enough privacy. It was very suitable for recuperation.

Kang Ru smiled and nodded. “Qingzhi, the environment here is not bad. Rest here and don’t go to crowded places. There’ll be doctors coming to check on you every day.”

Kang Qingzhi nodded and followed the Kang father and son into the villa. The two of them went straight upstairs. When they turned around, they realized that Kang Qingzhi was still standing there with a troubled expression.

Kang Ru and Kang Jichuan turned around slightly and asked in confusion, “Qingzhi, why are you standing there? Hurry up and go back to your room to rest.”

Kang Qingzhi lowered her eyes and bit her lip. She said uneasily, “Dad, Brother, I know that there are only three rooms on the second floor. If I go to the second floor, then… I’ll stay on the first floor. That way, I won’t have to go up and down.”

Kang Ru frowned. “That won’t do! The first floor is for the servants. As the daughter of the Kang family, how can you stay there?! Moreover, the rooms on the first floor are too small. You won’t be used to staying there!”

“But…” Kang Qingzhi hesitated, and her voice trembled slightly. “But Sister Xi Xi also said that she’ll stay at home. If I stay on the second floor, then Sister will have to stay on the first floor. She’s your biological daughter, and I’m just an adopted daughter. How can I occupy Sister’s room?”

Kang Ru instantly choked, and his eyes were filled with complicated emotions. Qingzhi had been obedient and sensible since she was young. She was clearly weak and sick, but she always thought of others. There were indeed only three rooms on the second floor. Qingzhi was worried that Xi Xi would be unhappy if she stayed there, and she was also worried that he and Jichuan would be stuck in the middle.

Kang Ru looked at Kang Qingzhi’s pale cheeks and weak body, and his heart instantly ached. He had long forgotten what he had promised Gu Zheng and blurted out, “Qingzhi, don’t worry and stay on the second floor. After all, your health isn’t good. The room on the second floor is big and airy, so it’s suitable for you to recuperate there. Xi Xi is your sister and is understanding. She won’t mind.”

“Jichuan, quickly help Qingzhi up!”

Kang Qingzhi knew that she had gotten her wish and moved into the largest and most brightly lit room in the villa. The decorations in the room were also the most luxurious. Now that her luggage had already been moved in, could Qiao Xi still chase her out?

Agreeing to clear Qiao Xi’s name and clarify her identity as the eldest miss were nothing but empty words! Even if her identity was restored, Kang Qingzhi would still be the most favored person in the entire Kang family!

The corners of Kang Qingzhi’s mouth curled up proudly. Five years ago, she drove a wedge between Kang Jichuan and Qiao Xi. In order to save her, Kang Jichuan almost caused Qiao Xi’s death. Five years later, she could still make Kang Ru hate his biological daughter and completely give up on Qiao Xi.

Moreover, she had Old Madam Kang backing her. No matter how well Qiao Xi did, she would not be able to win Old Madam Kang’s favor. She could guarantee that as long as Old Madam Kang saw Qiao Xi’s face, she would be extremely disgusted.

In the past, the person Old Madam Kang hated the most was Xia Yunqiu. It was because of this b*tch that Kang Ru never married. Many noble families wanted to marry into the Kang family, but Kang Ru rejected them all. He disobeyed his entire family for Xia Yunqiu, but Xia Yunqiu was unwilling to return to his side even until her death.

Old Madam Kang treated Xia Yunqiu as a thorn in her side. How could she like a granddaughter who was so similar to Xia Yunqiu?

Kang Qingzhi lay comfortably on the rocking chair at the side of the balcony and suddenly frowned. The Kang family would naturally stand on her side, but Qiao Xi had Gu Zheng protecting her. That man was clearly not simple. With him by Qiao Xi’s side, it would be extremely difficult to obtain Qiao Xi’s blood.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Qingzhi, can I come in?”

Hearing this voice, Kang Qingzhi’s vicious expression suddenly vanished. She covered her lips and coughed a few times. She said weakly, “Brother, come in.”

Kang Jichuan pushed the door open and entered with a registration form in his hand. “Qingzhi, I remember that you’ve always liked perfumes. You even came up with a few recipes. Coincidentally, the International Fragrance Competition is being held in Li City this year. Do you want to participate?”

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