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Chapter 558 - Bear-san, Participates In The Two’s Birthday Party (Part 1)

Bear-san, Participates In The Two’s Birthday Party (Part 1)

The other day, I met Mylene-san. She narrated to me what happened to the merchant who stole my cotton.

She said that none of the bandits who fled were ever caught. In the end, the only one person who got caught was the one on the lookout. I was responsible for the bandit’s escape, though.

And Miguel, who was working under Reedent, was told that he had to work as a merchant apprentice at the behest of Sheleen’s Guildmaster.

It seems that Mylene-san and Sheleen’s Guildmaster kept their word.

However, they said he would be supervised and must leave his guild card with his employer. Still, I think it’s better for him than being put in jail.

And the bandit watchman I caught was going to be an apprentice guard in the city to protect the city’s security. He left his guild card (citizen’s card) with the guard captain.

Both of them will get their cards back in the future after assessing their performance.

Well, it’s good to give them a chance at rehabilitation. But a second time would not be acceptable. So I hope they will do their jobs seriously.

After all that happened, Noa and Fina’s birthday party will be at Noa’s house today.

“I don’t know if it’s really right for us to be there.” (Tirumina)

“I know, right. We’re out of place.” (Gentz)

Tirumina-san and Gentz-san were walking anxiously.

Tirumina-san asked us to go with them because she was nervous about going to Noa’s house, which was the lord’s house, by themselves.

“We have invitations, so we’ll be fine.” (Yuna)

Tirumina-san and Gentz-san received invitations each. Incidentally, I also received one.

According to Fina, she made them together with Noa.

“Fina, are you going to be okay?” (Tirumina)

“I attended Misa-sama’s birthday party, and I’ve met Noa-sama many times.” (Fina)

Fina made an enlightened expression.

For Fina, Noa was a friend and a kindred noble. She had been to Noa’s house many times. She stayed at Eleanora-san’s house for Misa’s birthday party. She even had a meal and talked with the king, queen, and princess.

If you think about it, she might be the only one in this family who isn’t nervous.

“Will they have delicious food?” (Shuri)

No, there was another girl who wasn’t nervous. Shuri was so familiar with Noa that she even addresses her as ‘Noa-neechan’. She also played with Misa in the capital and at the sea, and Shuri feels more used to them now than when she first started.

Shuri was shy with new people she met but had the ability to befriend them quickly. However, getting too close was also a problem in itself.

“But I don’t really want to wear dresses because I don’t look good in them, and I don’t want to get them dirty.” (Fina)

Fina doesn’t seem to like wearing dresses, just like me.

“Fina, you’ll be fine because you look good. I don’t look as good as you, though.” (Yuna)

Fina looks cute in her dress. But when I changed into a dress, people were surprised and just laughed at me.

I can even tell that i’m not suited to wearing a dress.

“I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter in a dress, but I’m also looking forward to seeing Yuna-chan in a dress.” (Tirumina)

And here’s another person who seemed to be laughing at me.

Like Fina, I was happy to attend the birthday party, but I was uncomfortable changing into a dress. As we were having this conversation, A large mansion came into view.

“We’re here.” (Yuna)

We arrived at Cliff’s house. We’ve come this far, and we’re hungry. There should be no danger. I’ll just get laughed at.

When we arrived at the house, Lara-san greeted us and showed us to the room.

I am supposed to change my clothes at Cliff’s mansion. I can’t walk around town in a quirky dress outfit. For a moment, I wondered which would be less conspicuous, the bear outfit or the dress outfit, but it might be either of those.

“Gentz-sama, please get change in this room.” (Lara)

Of course, the changing room was separated into men and women’s. As Gentz-san was the only man in our group. Gentz-san entered the room with an expression like that of an abandoned dog, looking all lonely.

Even if they ask for help, they cannot change clothes with you.

“Tirumina-sama, Shuri-sama, and Yuna-sama, please change inside the next room.” (Lara)

“What about me?” (Fina)

Fina, the only person whose name wasn’t called, asked Lara-san.

“Fina-sama, please change into a dress in Noa-sama’s room.” (Lara)

“But why?” (Fina)

“I understand that Fina-sama has not shown her dress to her family. If that’s the case, the young lady told me it would be better to have you appear in it as a surprise.” (Lara)

Yes, it would be impressive to show up in a dress rather than changing clothes together. It would definitely be a surprise.

I think it’s amazing that sometimes Noa’s head turns like this.

“I think Noa’s idea is a good one, too, Fina. I think Tirumina-san and Gentz-san will be more impressed if you show them after you change your clothes.” (Yuna)

“But……” (Fina)

“I see. Fina, we’ll save the fun for later, so let’s get dressed separately.” (Tirumina)

When Tirumina-san said that, Fina nodded obediently.

“U~u, I want to surprise Mom with Oneechan too.” (Shuri)

Shuri made a point.

After hearing talks about trying it on, Shuri was supposed to borrow Noa’s childhood dress.

Shuri would also be unveiled for the first time. It won’t be on Shuri’s next birthday, though. It’s her first time in a dress. And it would be even more impressive if the sisters showed up together.

“Lara-san, can Shuri change clothes in another room from Tirumina-san?” (Yuna)

It’s not Shuri’s birthday party, but that’s about as good as it gets.

Lara-san pondered over my words.

“I understand. Please wait a moment.” (Lara)

Lara-san said that, then went into the room and came out of it in less than a minute.

“I brought Shuri-sama’s dress.” (Lara)

Lara-san showed us the inside of the item bag.

Apparently, she retrieved Shuri’s dress that was prepared in the room.

“Then, Fina-sama and Shuri-sama, please go to Noa-sama’s room.” (Lara)

“Is that okay?” (Shuri)

Shuri felt like she was being selfish and asked in a small voice.

“Yes, no problem. It’s not your birthday party, Shuri-sama, but let’s surprise your mother.” (Lara)

Lara-san smiled gently at Shuri.

Shuri happily replied “Yes!”.

“I hope we’re not bothering you.” (Tirumina)

Tirumina-san asked anxiously.

“I am sure it’s fine. The young lady considers Shuri-sama an important friend as well.” (Lara)

When Lara-san said that much, Tirumina-san couldn’t say much more.

“Then take good care of my daughters please.” (Tirumina)

When Tirumina-san bowed her head, Lara-san said, “Yes, I’ll take care of it,” and walked away with Fina and Shuri.

Tirumina-san and I, who were the only ones left, entered the room.

“Ha~a, that was nerve-wracking.” (Tirumina)

After entering the room, Tirumina-san lets out a small sigh.

“It hasn’t even started yet.” (Yuna)

“Unlike Yuna-chan, I get nervous just entering the lord’s mansion. And when I think that I am about to meet Cliff-sama, I am so anxious and nervous that I feel like I am going to be crushed.” (Tirumina)

“You’ve already met Cliff, right?” (Yuna)

“Yeah, just to say hello to Cliff-sama when he comes to the shop. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous.” (Tirumina)

“Well, it’s okay because he’s not royalty. Fina already talked to the king.” (Yuna)

“Hearing that story, I still can’t believe it. Conversing with the king. Besides, when we met Eleanora-sama, she didn’t look nervous, and now I’m wondering to whom she got it from. Roy maybe?” (Tirumina)

Roy was her late husband, right?

“Fina was nervous and timid in the beginning. I think the experience is helping her.” (Yuna)

Fina had been to Noa’s mansion many times and met Cliff. She attended Misa’s birthday party. She met and even conversed with the entire royal family. Tirumina-san and Fina have different experiences.

Normally, it would be unthinkable for Fina, who does not live in the capital, to have the opportunity to see or even converse with royalty.

But the king, queen, and princess remembered Fina’s face and name. When you think about it, Fina might have done something amazing.

“I guess my daughter grew up without her mother’s knowledge.” (Tirumina)

Ah, no, she’s not off to marry someone, so please don’t look at me like you’re looking into the distance.

I urged the nervous Tirumina-san to change clothes.

Honestly, it’s like me being reluctant to change, and someone was trying to force me to put it on, but if I were to be unreasonable here, even Tirumina-san might not change too, so for today, I will change on my initiative.

I took the black and white dress out of the bear box. I never thought I would wear it again after Misa’s birthday party, even more so to wear it three times.

As I took off my bear gear and began preparing to change into my dress, Tirumina-san took off her formal wear borrowed from Naru-san and began to change.

After all, dresses are embarrassing.

I won’t ever get used to it even after three times.

But it’s Fina and Noa’s birthday party. So I have to put up with it at least for today. I put on my bear shoes, wore my white bear puppet in my left hand, and put away my bear suit and black bear puppet in the bear box.

Now then, I’m done changing clothes.

“Tirumina-san, have you finished getting dressed?” (Yuna)

I asked Tirumina-san, who was wearing clothes different from other dresses, like those worn by aristocrats.

“Yeah, I’m done.” (Tirumina)

When Tirumina-san looked back, her eyes were dazzled.

“…Yuna-chan?” (Tirumina)

“Yeah, go ahead and laugh.” (Yuna)

“I won’t laugh, but if I ran into you on the street, I wouldn’t recognize you.” (Tirumina)

As I imagined earlier, I don’t walk around town in a dress, so it’s fine.

“Fina would also make quite an impression.” (Yuna))

Fina also made a different impression, as if she were a young lady somewhere. I’ve never seen Shuri in a dress, but I can imagine how pretty she would be.

“I’m looking forward to that.” (Tirumina)

Tirumina-san smiled as she said this.

Indeed, it was probably a good thing we didn’t change clothes together. If we changed together, it would have been less emotional. It would be a memorable birthday party for both Fina and Tirumina-san.


Author’s Note:

I was able to get to the birthday party venue without a hitch.

This will be the first time for Tirumina-san to see Fina and Shuri in their dresses.

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