Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 514

Chapter 514

Bear-san, Takes A Bath

The three of us took a bath together.

“Yuna’s body is thin, white, and beautiful.” (Cereille)


Cereille looks at my body without my uniform. I quickly hid my body. It was embarrassing to be looked at so closely, even by someone of the same sex. Unlike me, Cereille’s body was beautifully toned, making me even more embarrassed.

“Cereille,-sama, you’re also beautiful.” (Yuna)

I am not sure what to call Cereille. Come to think of it, I had been calling her “Cereille” in my mind, but this might be the first time I called her by her name. Because of that, I was lost on how to call her Cereille.

“Fufu, Cereille is fine. You call Noire by her nickname, and you don’t add “sama” for Shia.” (Cereille)

“Are you sure? Won’t other people stare at me or raise a complain?” (Yuna)

“It’s okay. Even at the school, people who are close to me call me Cereille normally. Also, don’t worry about the words. Just talk to me as you have been so far.” (Cereille)

“I get it. Cereille.” (Yuna)

“Then, Cereille-sama, please call me Noa.” (Noa)

“Is that okay?” (Cereille)

“Yes, I would be happier with that.” (Noa)

“Then I’ll call you Noa.” (Cereille)

“Yes.” (Noa)

Cereille looked happy.

“But you are beautiful, Yuna-san, and so is Cereille-sama.” (Noa)

“Thank you. However, you may not be able to tell from a distance, but I do have scars.” (Cereille)

Cereille shows me and Noa her arm. There was indeed a tiny scar on her beautiful arm. Perhaps it was from sword practice. Noa was checking Cereille’s arm seriously.

“Well, it’s small, so it doesn’t bother me that much. I’m fine with it.” (Cereille)

Cereille saw Noa’s expression and smiled gently.

After our little conversation, we headed for the bathroom.

I knew it would be a big bathroom for an aristocrat. The bathroom in my bear house was quite large, but this one was even bigger than that.

“Noa, come over here and sit down.” (Cereille)

Cereille looks at the small chair in front of her and calls out to Noa. Noa seemed to know what she was going to do, yet, she still sat down in the chair in front of Cereille.

“I envy Shia. She has a younger sister, who comes from far away, to support her.” (Cereille)

“But I was able to come because Yuna-san was with me. If it weren’t for Yuna-san, I don’t think I would have been allowed to come.” (Noa)

“Noa, your parents, really trust her, don’t they?” (Cereille)

Cereille glanced at me as I was washing my body next to her.

“Yes, we all trust her. Yuna-san is a kind person who helps not only me but anyone who is in need.” (Noa)

“I see.” (Cereille)

You won’t get anything even if you praise me.

And I am not as kind as Noa claims I am. If I were indeed a kind person, I would use the power of my bear equipment and my knowledge of my former world to help more people.

I only help those I can see, and those who I want to help.

But, I’m glad that Noa thinks of me that way.

“Okay, I’m going to wash your hair now.” (Cereille)

“Thank you very much.” (Noa)

Cereille washes Noa’s long hair. I usually wash Noa’s hair for her, which makes me feel a little sad. Cereille happily lathers soap on Noa’s hair.

“Then, I’m gonna rinse it now.” (Cereille)

Cereille poured hot water over Noa’s head.

“Next is your back.” (Cereille)

“I can’t make you do that much for me.” (Noa)

“I like doing it, so don’t worry about it. I’m just glad to feel like I have a sister at the end of my life.” (Cereille)

“At the end?” (Noa)

“It’s nothing. Forget about it.” (Cereille)

Cereille continued with Noa by washing her body, finally pouring hot water over her body to rinse off the bubbles.

“Yes, now your hair and body are clean. Go relax and warm up in the tub.” (Cereille)

“Thank you very much.” (Noa)

Noa and I excused ourselves first and got into the bathtub.

It feels good, but a hot spring bath was much better when you get to know the onsen of the Land of Harmony. Of course, that doesn’t mean that regular baths were no good.

“It feels good.” (Noa)

Noa, sitting next to me, looking comfortable. Someday, when the time comes when I can talk to Noa about the bear gate, I hope to take her to the hot springs in the Land of Harmony.

Then Cereille, who had finished washing up, came over as well, and the three of us relaxed after a hard day’s work.

A lot happened today. We strolled around town, met with Cereille, I had a sword match with Cereille, and then we continued to stroll around town and came to Cereille’s house.

After everything that happened today, Cereille was not a bad girl. At first, I thought she was a pain in the ass, or at least I still think so, but. She’s a serious girl who likes to take care of things properly, the exact opposite of me, who was untruthful. Cereille was the type of girl who lives a normal life. I’m the type that lives life as it comes.

If we ever live together, I bet it will be suffocating.

“Noa, I have a question, is that okay? If you can’t answer, you don’t have to.” (Cereille)

“Yes, what is it?” (Noa)

“It’s about the story of how Shia was saved from Lord Rutum.” (Cereille)

Lord Rutum? A name I didn’t know came out.

“I have heard that Lord Rutum tried to marry Shia to his own son.” (Cereille)

“You know about it, Cereille-sama?” (Noa)

“I think some of the nobility know about this. Count Rutum Roland has been stripped of his position as the Knight Commander and has become a teacher at the school. However, it seems that His Majesty the King has placed a gag order about the incident, so even my father doesn’t know the full details. But from the way you talk, Noa, you seem to know something.” (Cereille)

“Etto, yeah.” (Noa)

Noa nodded and then glanced at me.


“That Rutum person? Did something happen with Shia?” (Yuna)

“Yuna-san…” (Noa)

Noa looks at me with a stunned expression.

I don’t know why she’s looking at me like that. Did I say something strange? I just asked because I was curious.

“Yuna, you know Shia, but you don’t know Lord Rutum? I heard that when the school festival was taking place, Lord Rutum tried to get Shia engaged to his own son in front of His Majesty the King. It’s a terrible story, isn’t it? But then, I heard a man dashingly and quickly appeared. And he told His Majesty that if he won the match against Lord Rutum, the leader of the knighthood, the engagement would never have happened. And that person won the match.” (Cereille)

School festival? Shia’s marriage proposal? His Majesty the King there? Knight Commander?

The pieces were coming together.

Could that possibly be me?

I point to myself while looking at Noa.

Noa gave a small nod. So that’s why when I asked her, she had a dumbfounded look on her face.

I don’t remember the name Rutum to begin with. I barely even fought with that uncle, the Knight Commander.

But wait a minute. Didn’t she just say “a man” at the end?

“Did you say a man?” (Yuna)

“No, I didn’t know the gender, but I think it’s usually a male.” (Cereille)

It’s a girl. But I cannot raise my voice and simply swallow my words.

If the gender was not revealed, one might normally assume that it was a man who fought the Knight Commander. And moreover, a person who won against him.

“Etto, that was…” (Noa)

Noa’s eyes were swimming, and she began to think hard. It’s like she’s trying to hide me from me.

“You can’t tell me after all? I asked my father, but His Majesty the King seemed to have issued a gag order, so he didn’t tell me.” (Cereille)

“Is that so?” (Yuna)

“Yes, my father also tried to find out how Lord Rutum was stripped of the knight captain and became a teacher at the school, but he said he stopped because he found out that the Gag Order was in place.” (Cereille)

“But if you really wanted to find out, wouldn’t it be easy for an aristocrat to do so?” (Yuna)

“Of course, we can look into it. But if we know that His Majesty the King issued a gag order, and you still ignore His Majesty’s words, you will be in trouble if His Majesty heard that you are looking into the matter. His Majesty the King has implicitly said that he will not allow anyone to investigate. There is no value in breaking that rule and investigating Lord Rutum. However, what I am interested in is the man who defeated Lord Lutum. As a fellow woman, I envy Shia for having a man who is willing to go that far. Is Shia in a relationship with that man?” (Cereille)

You’re a dreaming maiden, aren’t you?

But that person was not a man.

It’s me, you know?

Even so, I wonder if the story at that time got twisted and jumbled?

Or was it just a lack of information?

“Oneesama is not dating that person. I just can’t tell you who that person is.” (Noa)

Noa apologized.

“No, it’s fine. But I envy Shia for having such a romantic story. I just thought that if such a strong person was by my side too, he might help me when I am in trouble.” (Cereille)

Her expression was not the kind of face a maiden longing for something, but a very serious one.

“Cereille-sama?” (Noa)

Noa also noticed Cereille’s expression and called out to her.

“It’s nothing. I’m sorry for asking you to do something you couldn’t. Well then, let’s get out of here.” (Cereille)

With that said, Cereille got out of the bathtub.

Noa and I followed suit.

After drying our hair and getting dressed, we returned to our room.

By the way, I can’t wear my bear costume, so I’m still in my uniform.


Author’s Note:

Rutum’s name came up once again.

Cereille doesn’t seem to know the details.

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