Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 440

Chapter 440

440 Bear-san, Improves Hugging Bear’s Mood

[Does this man have a name?] Yuna

[Jubei. I call him that because he has a cross-shaped scar on his cheek.] Shinobu

Looking at the sketch, it is true that there is a cross-shaped scar on the right cheek.

But since it’s cross, it’s easy to say Juubei. I thought it was Jubei because of the eye patch.

Well, if they had given him that reason, he would have had trouble with it. For the same reason, even Masamune might have had trouble reacting to it.

[So, is there any way to find this guy? We’re not going to be together for too long, you know.] Yuna

I told Shinobu I’d go with her, but I can’t do it for too long. I have my own reasons.

I want to explore the land of harmony, I want to go to other places, and I have to go back to Crimonia at some point.

[I know where he’s last known location, so I’m going to look for him there. That’s why I want you to stay with me for three days. If you don’t find him, I’ll give up this time.] Shinobu

I would also like to settle this matter within three days if possible. I don’t want to hear that Shinobu is dead the next time I come to the Land of Harmony.

[Oh, and please return the money to me at that time too.] Shinobu

Yeah, I’m going to return the money, but when you say that, you’re making me sound like one of those people who don’t return the money. Well, I don’t want you to follow me around, so I will return the money.

[But I’ll take a three-day escort fee.] Yuna

I should be able to get that much.


While I was talking with Shinobu about money, there was a knock on the door, then Konoha came into the room.

Apparently, she has brought us dinner.

Oh, right, it’s already that time. It seems we’ve been talking for quite a while now.

Shinobu folded the paper with the portrait on the table and put it away in her chest.

Konoha arranged the food on the empty table.

As I watch her do her work, I notice something strange.

[Why do you have enough for both of us?] Yuna

The table was lined with dishes for two people.

[That’s because I’m having dinner with Yuna.] Shinobu

[I haven’t heard anything about that.] Yuna

[I didn’t know when the conversation would end, so I asked her for it.] Shinobu

That’s true, though.

But I think it would be nice if someone told me first.

[Wait, you’re not going to tell me we’re sharing a room, are you?] Yuna

[Would you like to sleep with me, by any chance? Unfortunately, we have separate rooms. But you really wanted to sleep on the same futon, though.] Shinobu

I may accept the request, but I wouldn’t sleep in a room with a suspicious ninja.

[If you had said we were sleeping together, I would have kicked you out.] Yuna

[Oh, that made me feel lonely.] Shinobu


During such a conversation, Konoha finished arranging dishes.

There is something strange with those dishes that are laid out.

Shinobu seemed to have noticed that as well.

[Isn’t there a big discrepancy here?] Shinobu

Yes, there’s a clear difference between the food in front of me and the one in front of Shinobu. The food lined up in front of me is gorgeous. The food in front of me was a lavish seafood course of crab, shrimp, and all kinds of fine food.

But the food in front of Shinobu was a simple grilled fish, boiled vegetables, and so on. They were ordinary dishes.

[The room where Yuna is staying is more expensive than a regular room, so the food is special.] Konoha

Konoha answers Shinobu’s question.

I see. That’s why the food was so gorgeous. I’m glad I stayed in a nice room, even if it was a little expensive. There is a hot spring in the room, it’s a separate room so it’s quiet, and the food is delicious.

When she mentioned the room, it reminded me of something.

[Oh, right. I’d like to stay in this room for a while longer, is that okay?] Yuna

I’ll have to leave tomorrow, otherwise.

I had to go out with Shinobu, so I had to stay in this city for a while.

[Yes, that’s fine. So, how long will you be staying?] Konoha

[Another three days, please.] Yuna

[Yuna, you’re rich, aren’t you? I can’t stay in such a big room.] Shinobu

[I just had some extra cash.] Yuna

[Oi, that’s my money, you know.] Shinobu

Well, I’m going to give it back to her eventually. But I’m keeping it for now.

[Speaking of which, where’s the money for Shinobu’s lodging?] Yuna

[It’s okay. I’ve already paid.] Shinobu

I have Shinobu’s money. I think she gave me all of it, but she paid for her lodgings earlier.


Then, after I paid for my extension, we started eating our own contrasting dishes.

Shinobu wanted to eat my meal, but I wouldn’t share it with her.

[So, how strong is that guy?] Yuna

I asked while eating a crab, ignoring Shinobu’s gaze.

I never knew crab would be this delicious.

This steamed rice is also delicious. Even the tempura is delicious too.

[U~u, that’s right. He’s a top-notch swordsman.] Shinobu

Shinobu began to talk while eating the fish.

Well, from the looks of it, it is what it is.

It feels like he’s a samurai.

[And he can also use magic. The tip of the sword sends out blades of wind. It’s even more dangerous than Kamaitachi.] Shinobu

As soon as magic was mentioned, it all becomes fantasy.

Well, it’s a world with magic, so what can you do? I don’t like the idea of warriors and samurai using magic, though.

But I’m sure the inhabitants of the other world don’t want to be told that I’m wearing a bear suit either.

[Even so, It looks like you’re very familiar with that man, but have you ever fought him before?] Yuna

[I was watching my father fighting him.] Shinobu

[I see……] Yuna

Does that mean you saw your father get killed?

It’s kinda hard for me to listen to you when you say that.

[But it’s not going to be easy if he uses magic.] Yuna

[I won’t let him use it in close combat.] Shinobu

I listened to Shinobu’s information until I finished my meal.

[You ate it all. In the end, Yuna didn’t share any with me.] Shinobu

[Because it’s mine.] Yuna

It was delicious. I’d like to bring Fina along next time. The food and hot springs alone are worth the stay.

[Well then, I’m going back to my room.] Shinobu

I was expecting her to say something like, <Let’s take a hot spring bath>.

[I really wanted to go to the hot springs with Yuna, but I’m taking a break today.] Shinobu


Shinobu obediently left the room.

Then, in place of Shinobu, Konoha came to clean up the dishes and laid out the futon for me, and then she left.


In the empty room, I summoned Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear in cub form.

If I don’t get Hugging Bear in a good mood quickly, he’ll be grumpy.

……However, I was too late.

Hugging Bear’s back is turned from me. A sorrowful feeling is emanating from his back.

This is very bad. Hugging Bear is completely in bad mood.

[Hugging Bear? Hugging Bear-chan?] Yuna


He turned his back and cried.

Wow, he’s really in a completely bad mood.

[I’m sorry, Hugging Bear. I didn’t mean to neglect you.] Yuna

I hugged Hugging Bear from behind.

I summoned mainly Swaying Bear today. I also ate with only Swaying Bear and did not summon Hugging Bear. I did buy some meat for Hugging Bear, though.

[Ah, I have the meat, but can we cook it in the room? It can’t be helped.] Yuna

At my words, Hugging Bear whimpered even more sadly.

It’s an inn. I can’t just grill over charcoal without permission.

What am I going to do? Think, me.

[I’ll take a bath with you and we’ll sleep together, okay?] Yuna

But Hugging Bear still would not look at me.

[Did you want meat that badly?] Yuna

Hugging Bear shakes his head a little.

Then why?

When I was troubled, Swaying Bear came in front of Hugging Bear and started what seemed like a conversation, saying <Ku-n>, <Kun>, <Ku-n>, and <Kun>.

And when the conversation is over, Swaying Bear walks away and curls up in a corner of the room.

Etto, what does that supposed to mean?

I don’t know what to do anymore, but then Hugging Bear would look at me. And then he rubs up against me as if he were spoiling me.

Could it be, Swaying Bear concedes to Hugging Bear?

[Swaying Bear?] Yuna

I called out to Swaying Bear in the corner of the room, but he didn’t respond.

Apparently, there is no doubt about it.

It seems to mean that he doesn’t want to keep me to himself, he wants me to be with Hugging Bear.

I’m going to take advantage of Swaying Bear’s generosity.

[Then, Hugging Bear. Shall we take a bath together?] Yuna

<Ku~u ~ n>

Hugging Bear squealed happily.

I have to thank Swaying Bear for this.

I took Hugging Bear into the bath with me, washed his clean white body, and soaked in the water with him.

Then I set up a bear gate in the room to eat the meat I had for lunch with Swaying Bear. If we can’t eat it here, we can eat it elsewhere.

[Hugging Bear. Shall we both have some meat then?] Yuna

When I opened the door toward the island of Targui, Hugging Bear cried <ku~u ~ n> at Swaying Bear. Then, the curled-up Swaying Bear moves.

Then, as another mysterious conversation begins, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear start walking together and come to the bear gate.

Apparently, this time, he invited Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear to join.

Those two are really close.


Then we moved to the Bear House in Targui, where I cooked and ate wagyu beef with Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, even though I had already eaten dinner.

Because Hugging Bear wanted to eat with me.

However, eating together with Hugging Bear put him in a better mood, but at the cost of my stomach. I rubbed my swollen belly.

I can’t eat anymore.


When I returned to the inn with a full stomach, I collapsed on the futon.

[I can’t move anymore.] Yuna

Then, holding Hugging Bear in my arms, I fell asleep.


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