King of Gods

Chapter 8 – Overpowered Archery Skills

Chapter 8 – Overpowered Archery Skills

Zhao Feng had caused a crowd outrage, so he did not even bother to explain what happened.

“Good! At least you have some guts.”

Zhao Yui was so happy since his plan succeeded this easily.

He first thought that Zhao Feng would fight back and need some encouragement, he didn’t know that he would accepted so easily.

And when Zhao Feng lost, all he needed to do was apologise, that left some space for him to back down.

“Little sister Yufei, how about you be the judge?”

Zhao Yui said as he smiled at Zhao Yufei.

In terms of talent and cultivation, Zhao Yufei was one of the top in the crowd, so she had the right to judge.


Zhao Yufei nodded her head, but did not show much interest.

In her opinion, Zhao Yui was ranked 3rd for archery so Zhao Feng could not beat him.

Soon, the field had an open space.

The people who wanted to watch had increased to 30 people.

“We have little sister Yufei here today, so Zhao Yui is obviously going to use all of his skills.”

All the archers were full of anticipation.

Everyone had no doubt that Zhao Yui was going to win.

Instead of a contest, this would rather be a performance by Zhao Yui.


Zhao Yui called some youths over and they carried 4 targets over.

Soon, the 4 targets were arranged in a straight line, place in front of him.

Every target had a distance of 10 metres between them.

“Since there are so many people here today, I will show off my special move “Continuous Eagle Arrows”.

Zhao Yui had a face full of smiles.

Continuous Eagle Arrows?

The disciples around all had excited faces on.

Even Zhao Yufei showed a little interest.

In front of the crowd, Zhao Yui walked in front of the 4 targets.

Since there were 4 targets arranged in a straight line, using normal archery skills they could only hit the one at the front.

Zhao Yui took a deep breath and took out 4 arrows at once.

Is he going to….

Everyone was in shock.

At this time, Zhao Yui’s bow was pulled to the max, which formed a full moon that faced upwards.

4 arrows were all placed on the string.


Everyone took a cold breath.

At that moment.

Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh! —–

4 arrows rode through the air, formed 4 perfect arcs, and like eagles, pounced towards their targets.

Pah! Pah! Pah! …..

Almost at the same time, the 4 arrows hit the dead centre on the 4 targets.

Oh my god!

Everyone screamed at the sight.

“So arrows can be shot this way! They do not have to fly straight, they can curve! And due to gravity, they will fall on their targets…..”

Zhao Feng’s left eye recorded the routes perfectly.

The end result made his heart shook.

Continuous Eagle Arrows!

It took a long time before everyone finally calmed down.

“What high level of archery skill!”

Zhao Yufei’s eyes showed some shock.

“Thanks for watching.”

Zhao Yui saw Zhao Yufei’s reaction and laughed to himself.

“Kid! It is your turn!”

After Zhao Yui finished, all of their gazes turned towards Zhao Feng with eyes full of mockery.

No one believed that Zhao Feng’s archery skill would compare to Zhao Yui’s.

“Hmmm…. Let me think a bit….”

Zhao Feng picked up a bow and in his mind, Continuous Meteorite Arrows once again merged with his heart.

He analysed that for him to beat Zhao Yui was impossible, unless he had an extra few days of time.

So he couldn’t use normal ways to beat Zhao Yui.

Zhao Feng’s eyes scanned across the skies and then over the archery field as he decided on what he was going to do.

“Ok, I am going to start now.”

Zhao Feng slowly took out an arrow.

“The first arrow.”

He pulled back an arrow and shot carelessly into the sky.

What is this guy doing……

Everyone paused.

However, just at this time, a sound came from the sky.


A black shadow dropped from the sky.

Everyone’s eyes turned wide because it was an eagle.

“This kid’s archery skills aren’t bad since he can shoot down the birds from the sky so easily.”

“Hmph…. Just little tricks.”

Zhao Yui had a face of disdain.

Indeed, although Zhao Feng did good, it was nothing compared to his “Continuous Eagle Arrows”.

Peng! Peng!

Zhao Feng shot out 2 more arrows…..

Every arrow he shot killed a bird.

“Kid! Do not show off your crappy skills, just hurry up and admit defeat.”

One archer said impatiently.

“Hmmm…. My hand feels it is good now.”

Zhao Feng did not bother with him, because he found the feeling just then.

Right after, he took a deep breath, and used all of his power on his left eye.

At that moment, his left eye glowed faint green.

Shoosh ——

Another arrow shot through the skies, fast as lightning.


From the sky dropped another black shadow.

Zhao Yui laughed coldly but did not speak.

“Oh my god! This arrow shot down 2 birds.”

An archer exclaimed.

Zhao Yui heard that and looked over. Indeed there were 2 birds there.

One arrow, two birds!

Zhao Yui’s heart leapt; he never thought that Zhao Feng had such high archery skills.

Even Zhao Yui did not have much confidence in this, it depended on luck for him.

“The sparrows body is small and flies super fast. To shoot one arrow and kill both sparrows is on par with Zhao Yui’s “Continuous Eagle Arrows”.”

One archer said.

“This is just an appetiser.”

Zhao Feng gave a faint smile.

The crowd’s heart lept.

Could Zhao Feng still have higher skills?

Zhao Feng did not explain, but slowly lifted his bow and shot at a target 50 metres away.

What does this mean?

No one understood what that meant.

50 metres was 100 steps.

To shoot a target 100 steps away, even the centre, was nowhere near able to be compared with Continuous Eagle Arrows or One arrow, two birds.


Zhao Feng’s arrows sliced through the air and landed on the target 50 metres out.


The arrow didn’t even hit the centre; it only hit the outer edges.

Zhao Feng wiped his sweat and let out a long breath.

“Hahaha…. This arrow almost missed the target…”

The disciples all started laughing.

Zhao Yui also laughed.

Did Zhao Feng accidentally miss?

However, when they looked at Zhao Feng, he had a face full of confidence.

Being the judge, Zhao Yufei also had a questioning face.

She felt that Zhao Feng’s arrow wasn’t as easy as it looked.

“You go over and look.”

Zhao Feng said full of confidence.

The crowd walked over to see the arrow.

On the outer edges of a target lay an arrow; it still trembled.

Zhao Feng made an archer to pull the arrow.

Everyone stared at the arrow.

Soon, the arrow head was pulled out.

At the arrowhead was a pea-sized dead body with traces of blood…..

What is this!

“Oh my god…. This is a fly! A fly!”

One of the disciples screamed, shocked.


Many archers eyeballs almost popped out from shock.

“Oh my god! To have a hundred step difference and kill a fly, how did he do this?”

“To see a fly 100 steps away is already so hard. The fly also flies randomly….”

“How…. how is this possible!?”

Zhao Yui’s face turned white and stared at the fly’s body, as if his soul was lost.

If he was lucky he would be able to shoot 2 birds with 1 arrow, but to kill a fly from a hundred steps away was impossible for him.

The fly was too small. Normal people could not even see the fly from a hundred steps away.

The archery contest ended here.

The winner was decided.

“The winner of this archery contest is Zhao Feng.”

Zhao Yufei quickly recovered from the shock and looked complexly at Zhao Feng.

This was her first time seriously sizing up Zhao Feng. The youth she saw was confident and had an appeal that surpassed many people of the same age.

“I can leave now, no?”

Zhao Feng walked towards the outside.

The crowd automatically opened a path for him.

Most people in the archery field learned how to shoot arrows. Zhao Feng’s archery skills subdued them, even Zhao Yui could not say anything.

After he walked out of the archery field, Zhao Feng let out a long breath. Today’s archery session benefitted him a lot.

As soon as Zhao Feng walked out of the archery field.

“Hahaha…. Zhao Feng, I finally found you!”

A cruel laughter sounded in front of him.

As soon as the words finished, three youths blocked Zhao Feng’s way.

The youth at the front had thick eyebrows and had a face of success.

It was Zhao Kun!

“Little bastard, last time I lost to you. This time however I am going to make you lose and beg for forgiveness.”

Zhao Kun licked his lips and his eyes had a certain amount of deadliness in them.

This time he was going to beat Zhao Feng fair and square, and also humiliate him.

Only because he lost to Zhao Feng in one move last time and felt humiliated…..

Zhao Feng found that the 2 helpers Zhao Kun brought were both at the 2nd rank of the Martial Path and were there to stop him from escaping.

“Sister Yufei, that Zhao Feng seems to have some trouble.”

One of the girls at Zhao Yufei’s side said.

At this time, most of the people from the archery field found the change that occurred here.

Zhao Yui had a gloating expression on his face…..

However, in front of these matters, Zhao Feng felt no fear and swiftly said: “Make your move.”

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