King of Gods

Chapter 46 – The most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City

Chapter 46 – The most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City

Within moments, Zhao Feng had caught up to the girl in front.

But Zhao Yufei still seemed to be angry since she never replied to any of his questions. All she did was go towards their destination, but her crystal eyes would still secretly glance at the youth behind her.

Zhao Feng finally felt that she had calmed down, so he started to ask about the genius summit again.

“The genius summit is a yearly event and all the talented youths would get an invitation… ” Zhao Yufei explained the situation.

It was an event where the youths sparred one another and choosed the four great geniuses.

Soon, the two arrived at the main gate of the Zhao sect. At the gate stood a few people, including Zhao Linlong, Zhao Chi and Zhao Han.

“Sister Yufei, we’re just waiting for you… ” Zhao Linlong smiled and released his aura.

The aura of the sixth rank made the other disciples nearby tremble in fear. Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei walked towards the others.

Apart from the top five inner disciples, Zhao Qin and Zhao Ling were also present.

“Why are you here?” Seeing Zhao Feng here, Zhao Linlong scrunched his eyebrows.

“Why? Does brother Linlong not welcome me?” Zhao Feng was slightly curious.

Why couldn’t he come?

It should be normal for him to attend the Genius Summit since he was the third strongest.


Zhao Linlong hid the mockery in his eyes and he didn’t pay Zhao Feng anymore attention. Zhao Feng once again had the feeling of being disregarded.

The few disciples that were present such as Zhao Chi and Zhao Qin somewhat knew the reason. There was only a certain number of spots for the Genius Summit and Zhao Linlong had not given one of them to Zhao Feng.

According to the rules, if Zhao Feng doesn’t have an invite, he won’t be able to enter.

“Zhao Linlong is wanting to see him lose face… “ Zhao Chi and Zhao Han had sympathy within their eyes.

Zhao Feng felt the atmosphere was a bit tense and the way they looked at him was weird.

“Ok, let’s go!” Zhao Linlong gave the order.

“The destination is the Yanbo Lake near the Qiu family’s place.” Zhao Yufei spun around and warned Zhao Feng as if he would get lost.

Soon, a small lake appeared.

On one side of the lake, there was a mountain one thousand metres high. The lake also circled around half the mountain. The meeting point was at the point of the mountain.

The small group of them started to use their movement skills and started to run up the mountain.

On the top of the mountain, there were the figures of a few Qiu family disciples. Since the organiser was Qiu Mengyu, this place was obviously also their territory.

“Can you all please show your invitations?” Seven to eight disciples of the Qiu family stood in a line.

These youngsters were not normal youths, they were all talented Qiu family disciples. All of them had reached the fifth rank or higher and they were between the ages of twenty to thirty.

The youths all took out their invites and gave them up.

Zhao Linlong led the Zhao sect disciples into the checkpoint.

First, it was Zhoa Linlong. Then, it was Zhao Chi, Zhao Han…

Finally, only Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei were left. At this moment, Zhao Linlong’s lips curled into a smile as he looked at Zhao Feng.

“This is my invite.” Zhao Feng took out the letter.

“Yep, that’s correct.” The cultivator nodded his head and let Zhao Feng in.

This scene made Zhao Linlong’s smile freeze. Zhao Chi and Zhao Han were both surprised.

What the heck?

How did Zhao Feng get an invitation?

Zhoa Feng saw their reactions. He instinctively turned his eyes to look at Zhao Yufei, where the latter dodged his eyes and hurriedly gave up her invitation.

The group of seven successfully entered the place. Zhao Feng was curious as he felt that his invitation was different from the others.

Zhao Yufei smiled: “If you want to know the answer, you have to become first in the genius summit… ”

Zhao Feng shook his head and he didn’t think about it any more. This scene made Zhao Linlong scan coldly at Zhao Feng as if he was warning him. Zhao Feng felt the warning and enmity, but he didn’t put it in his heart.

He didn’t fear Zhao Linlong at all with his current strength. The Zhao sect disciples soon entered a pavilion where servants would pour tea for them.

The pavilion they were in was closest to the center of the open area.

There was three pavilions equally close to the centre: The Qiu, Xin and Zhao families, representing the largest powers in Sun Feather City.

Zhao Feng looked at the pavilion on his left and he found that Xin Tong and Xin Fei were also there. Xin Fei had already reached the peak fourth rank and Xin Tong had just reached the fifth.

Obviously, their cultivating speed was still slower than Zhao Feng’s and Zhao Yufei’s.

Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei’s cultivation levels had both reached the fifth rank. At least, thats what it looked like and they were the youngest present.

“The top genius of the Xin family is called Xin Wuheng and he is the head of the four great geniuses. At last year’s summit, the other three great geniuses weren’t even able to block ten of his moves.” Zhao Qin said quietly.

Following her eyesight, Zhao Feng’s eyes locked onto a normal azure clothed youth who had his eyes closed. The azure clothed youth was around sixteen to seventeen years of age and he had a normal face.

He was Xin Wuheng and his cultivation level seemed to be at the peak fifth rank. Facing Xin Wuheng, even the arrogant Zhao Linlong’s expression turned solemn.

When Zhao Feng’s left eye locked onto Xin Wuheng, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath. This person wasn’t simple at all…

Facing Zhao Linlong, Zhao Feng didn’t feel any pressure at all. But facing this person, he could feel the pressure radiating off him. Zhao Feng’s left eye could see what other’s couldn’t…..

As if he felt something, Xin Wuheng’s eyes suddenly opened. The second he opened his eyes, Zhao Feng could see the clear pupils, instantly turning the normal face into a handsome one.

“Xin Wuheng!” Zhao Linlong spat out as he looked towards Xin Wuheng.

However, Xin Wuheng didn’t look at this so-called number one disciple of the Zhao sect. Instead, his eyes landed on Zhao Feng.

“Not bad. There’s finally someone that interests me.” Xin Wuheng nodded his head.

As soon as he finished, he closed his eyes once more, not even bothering to look at Zhao Linlong.


Zhao Linlong forcefully pushed down his anger. No one from the younger generation had the courage to look down on him. But he just couldn’t get angry at Xin Wuheng. After all, Xin Wuheng had beaten him in ten moves last year.

“Who’s this guy? To be so important to Xin Wuheng?” Many looked towards Zhao Feng.

Xin Fei and Xin Tong were also included.

Xin Fei’s will to battle was raging and Xin Tong seemed to be expectant as well: “That kid’s cultivation speed is legendary, he’s reached the fifth rank as well.”

Zhao Linlong felt cheated at how importantly Xin Wuheng looked at Zhao Feng. Xin Wuheng was obviously not putting him in his eyes!

“Xin Wuheng… you’ll soon see who’ll be your true opponent.” Zhao Linlong laughed coldly to himself.

At night fell, more and more people arrived. Inside the pavilions, there were the talented youths and guests of high status.

There was around forty to fifty youths invited and the spectators reached around one hundred.

Just at this moment, a disruption was caused.

“Look! Qiu Mengyu is here!”

“The most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City!”

The crowd exclaimed and then fell into dead silence.

On the red carpet, there was a girl clothed in azure. Her hair seemed to flow with the air and with her majestic face, she seemed to be made of jade.

Qiu Mengyu was seventeen to eighteen years old and every move she made was elegant. Every smile she gave was full of flavour, not like Zhao Yufei and Zhao Qin who were both shy.

“No wonder she’s rated the most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City.”

“Don’t forget that Qiu Mengyu is also one of the four great geniuses.”

Many of the talented youths were dazed.

There was only Zhao Yufei who could be compared to her. But Zhao Yufei was younger, only fourteen to fifteen, and her pureness seemed so natural. Therefore, she wasn’t as attractive as Qiu Mengyu.

Under the crowd’s attention, Qiu Mengyu stepped inside the Qiu family’s pavilion.

“Today, I have the honour to host this year’s summit where all the talented youths within a one thousand radius were invited…. ” Qiu Mengyu’s voice was like a gentle creek flowing, attracting even more attention.

She was indeed pretty!

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but look at Qiu Mengyu a few more times and Zhao Yufei at his side snorted.

There was also a youth clothed in white within the Qiu families pavilion who had reached the peak of the fifth rank.

“That person is called Qiu Changyi and he is also one of the four great geniuses.” Zhao Qin introduced him.

“This means that two of the four great geniuses are from the Qiu family?” Zhao Feng was slightly stunned.

“Yes, the Qiu family’s power in Sun Feather City is strong and they are enemies of our Zhao family, so we usually have a few fights break out.” Zhao Chi added.

At this moment, the four great geniuses of Sun Feather City stood up: Zhao Linlong, Xin Wuheng, Qiu Mengyu, and Qiu Changyi.

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