King of Gods

Chapter 36 – Beginning of the main tournament (2)

Chapter 36 – Beginning of the main tournament (2)

“Where are those people from?” Zhao Feng thought that everything was surreal.

Unexpectedly, his left eye had opened a new ability: It could memorise any scene he saw and replay it perfectly.

If Zhao Feng was willing, he could open the scene and try to gain some insights. He knew that his knowledge of the outside world was limited. The Azure Flower continent had a countless number of countries. Just Sky Cloud Forest alone passed through more than ten countries. Sun Feather City was just a small city within a country.

Regaining his composure Zhao Feng soon turned happy. Now that the Hyena was dead, nothing could stop him from leaving.

I need to leave fast. Zhao Feng felt anxious as he thought about the main tournament.

The cave entrance was blocked by rocks. All he needed to do was open up a path.


The smaller rocks were only about one-hundred and fifty kg’s heavy. Just with his body alone, he could crush the rocks. If he added Inner Strength to it, the rocks would be shattered.

When Zhao Feng met larger rocks, he started to push them aside. Normal fifth rankers had seven hundred and fifty kg’s of strength by using their body alone. Because Zhao Feng had trained the Metal Wall Technique to the fourth level, he had at least one thousand two-hundred and fifty kg’s of power, five hundred more than what normal cultivators of the fifth rank had. Obviously, the main use of Metal Wall Technique was to help increase one’s defense and not increase one’s power.

Zhao Feng finally opened the path up in half an hour. However, he didn’t leave immediately. There were still some precious resources left on the red rock wall.

Raaah! Roar!

At this moment, some deadly beasts and wild beasts began to scream.

“The body of the high tier deadly beast will attract more beasts.” Having been through this for the first time, Zhao Feng immediately increased his speed. Like a rocket, he flew to the rock wall and took some of the plants. There was only one aim for him: to take the three one thousand year old plants. The thousand year blood plant, thousand year blood spirit grass, and the thousand year blood bamboo rock.

He had many reasons in why he did this: Firstly, he could save time. There were many beasts gathering. Secondly, although the three hundred and five hundred year old plants were precious, Zhao Feng had already eaten many of them, so their effects weren’t that obvious for him.


He didn’t dare stop after he took the plants.

Entering the canyon, there were already seven or eight deadly beasts fighting each other. There were also thirty strong wild beasts here, all of them had the strength of a fourth rank. Zhao Feng tried his best to dodge the beasts and headed straight towards the creek.

Although he tried to dodge the beasts, there were still some wild and deadly beasts that came for him.

“You’re courting death!” Zhao Feng shouted as his palm hit a low tier deadly beast.


The bones of the low tier deadly beast was instantly shattered. This attack of his was pure muscle, not a bit of Inner Strength used. The low tier deadly beast was slightly stronger than the Green Headed Tiger King he’d first met when he came to the Sky Cloud Forest.

Killing the beast in one hit caused the other wild beasts to scatter in fear and according to his memory, Zhao Feng made his way back the way he came.

On the way, he again met many deadly beasts. This was because the high tier deadly beast’s corpse just attracted way too many other animals.

“Flaming Metal Fist!” Zhao Feng shouted as a faint green glow poured out from his fist. The fist hit a low tier deadly beast whose strength was equal to a cultivator of the fifth rank. Under this one punch, the low tier deadly beast had its organs shattered.

With the use of the blood spirit grass, blood-red pond, his Inner Strength was much stronger than the Inner Strength of others. When he fully circulated Air Crossing Breathing Technique, he could instantly kill a cultivator of the same rank.

One hour later.

Zhao Feng finally reached the outer edges of the Sky Cloud Forest and rushed back towards Sun Feather City.

“I heard that the Zhao sect main tournament is ending soon.”

“The main tournament is divided into “Ranking challenge” and the “Spot challenge (Out of the one hundred people only fifty will be Inner disciples)”. The latter should be finished now. I’m so sad I couldn’t get to watch.”

On the way he heard some information about what was going on. After he returned to the sect, he didn’t immediately go towards the place where the main tournament was held, instead he first returned home and put the three one thousand year old plants away.

Soon, he changed his clothes then rushed out the door. Zhao Feng used his Hiding Air Technique to show that his cultivation was only at the peak fourth rank. As for his Inner Strength, it was shown to be at the fifth rank.

“This is the best I can do.” Zhao Feng soon arrived at the place by using Lightly Floating Ferry.

At this moment, the tournament seemed to be in the second stage.

“After one day of intense fighting, the “Spot challenge” has ended and the fifty inner disciples have been decided. The “Ranking challenge” will be next. The fifty of you left will challenge one another to find out the overall ranking and according to your ranks, the prizes will be given.” A powerful and old voice reverberated.

In the middle of the site, there was an arena. Opposite the arena, there was a stage.

There were fifty seats on the stage and on each seat sat one person, representing an inner disciple.

The first round “Spot challenge” was when the fifty outer disciples challenged the fifty inner disciples, to try and get an inner disciple spot. Zhao Feng scanned and found that from the outer disciples, Zhao Yufei, Zhao Yue and Zhao Guang had all reached the top fifty.

However, their ranks were all in the last ten. Only Zhao Yufei reached the top twenty. Obviously, this was the “Spot challenge” rankings, and not the real rankings.

“I still came late.” Zhao Feng used his identity card and passed through the checkpoint.

“It’s Zhao Feng!”

“It’s him, the top outer disciple!” Zhao Feng immediately attracted the crowd’s attention.

“Judge, can I still participate?” Zhao Feng said as he puffed.

“No matter who you are, you cannot join since the first round of the tournament is over.” The judge said. He didn’t think that Zhao Feng needed special attention.

“Hm? It’s him!” The white-bearded main judge’s eyes lit up.

He was the main judge of the outer disciples contest and had seen Zhao Feng dominate it.

Hearing the judge’s words, Zhao Feng shook his head helplessly. He wasn’t very interested since there were only two to three people who were his match. But Zhao Feng was still interested by the rewards. If one reached the top three, they could could go to the Martial Arts Library and choose a peak ranked skill.

“Wait.” The voice came from the main judge.

“Main judge? What do you mean… ?” The judge that was organising felt doubtful.

“This kid easily dominated the outer disciples contest and got first. His understanding and potential is immeasurable. I think we can give him a chance.” The white-bearded old man said.

Zhao Feng looked gratefully towards him. He had helped him more than once.

“I oppose!” A cold voice sounded from opposite corner. The person was Zhao Tianjian.

“Every country has their own rules! How can rules be changed for one person? If they arrive late for the main tournament, then it is obvious that he is disregarding the rules!” Zhao Tianjian said righteously.

Zhao Feng felt sick. He was late because Zhao Tianjian had sent assassins after him.

Now, Zhao Tianjian was stopping him from entering the tournament.

“You’re right! Zhao Tianjian is correct! We can’t let people like him through the back door.”

“Heh, this kid can wait for the next tournament three years later.” Many people looked gloatingly at Zhao Feng.

The high ups of the Zhao sect started to discuss among themselves. This year’s contest was very important. Not only some of the elders arrived even the head of the sect “Zhao Tiancang” was here. Their point of view was different compared to others. They would rather raise more geniuses than care about rules.

“What do the two main judges think?” The head of the sect Zhao Tiancang said expressionlessly. There were three people who had the most power in the main tournament: the head of the sect and the two main judges.

“I support Zhao Feng. It’s better for the sect if we have more geniuses.” The white-bearded main judge said. Immediately, all the people turned to look at the other main judge. The other judge was a white-robed old man.

Zhao Feng saw that this person was familiar. He then immediately realised that this person was the one guarding the Martial Arts Library last time.

The white-robed old man also saw Zhao Feng and said deeply: “I also support Zhao Feng.”

The crowd stirred. Both the main judges had decided to support Zhao Feng!

Two of the three people who had the most power here had decided to help Zhao Feng. Even the head of the sect couldn’t do anything about it now.

“How could this happen… ?” Zhao Tianijan’s face turned green.

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