King of Gods

Chapter 29 – Zhao Yufei suggestment

Chapter 29 – Zhao Yufei suggestment

“That’s right.” Zhao Feng answered. He did not know why he felt enmity from Zhao Han.

“Good, good, good!” Zhao Han’s face turned even colder as he said good three times, then proceeded to not look at Zhao Feng anymore.

Zhao Feng felt baffled since this was the first time he ever saw Zhao Han, so when did he offend him?

Zhao Yue walked up to Zhao Feng and warned, “Zhao Han is Zhao Yijian’s cousin and their relationship is quite good.”

Zhao Yijian’s cousin?

No wonder Zhao Han had enmity towards him. Zhao Yijian was still lying in bed right now due to his injury.

Being his cousin, Zhao Han was obviously going to take revenge.

However, right now they were facing enemies from outside. They would have to first settle this and then discuss internal matters.

“Fifth rank of the Martial Path?” Xin Tong’s expression changed, but soon recovered, “So what if you’re the fifth rank?” Being a top fourth ranker, he had experience fighting fifth ranks.

“Little bug!” Zhao Han walked step by step towards Xin Tong. For every step he took, the cold from him would increase. The cold wasn’t just a feeling, it was real cold that came from his Inner Strength.

“You’ve just reached the fifth rank not long ago. I’ll see how strong you are right now.” Xing Tong snorted, but his expression was solemn.

“Metal Arm!” Xin Tong put his immense power and Inner Strength into his arm and his whole body seemed like a bull.

His skill was a high ranked one, which allowed one to compress one’s strength in one attack, allowing for the user to overpower his opponent.

Zhao Feng saw that there were no flaws, it was obvious that Xin Tong had gone easy on him.

“Snowing Cold Palm!” Zhao Han’s body poured out a freezing aura, just like snow. As he used his palm attack, the area around started to freeze.

The cold aura made Zhao Feng’s heart jump because this Inner Strength was way too strong, it was almost as strong as Zhao Tianijian’s.

As soon as Xin Tong rushed forward, he felt an unknown force block him, as if he fell into mud.

“How is this the Inner Strength of a beginner fifth rank?” Xin Tong thought.


The two palms clashed together. Using his strength, Xin Tong forcefully pushed back Zhao Han one step. However, the corner of his mouth started to leak blood. The ice cold Inner Strength had flowed through his defense and entered his body.

“How is this possible, this Inner Strength has reached the peak of the fifth rank!” Xin Tong felt his blood freeze. He couldn’t move.


Zhao Han sent him flying with one kick and then coldly laughed, “Just this amount of strength and you want to challenge Zhao Linlong? Only I have the right to beat him.”

“Brother Tong!” The Xin disciples went to help him.

“I’m all right.” Xin Tong barely managed to get out. It was lucky for him that his body was strong. If it was someone else they would have been bedridden for at least one month.

“Zhao Han, I admit that you’re strong.” Xin Tong bit his teeth as he continued, “But you’ve just recently reached the fifth rank and your Inner Strength is this strong, which means that you have eaten some sort of treasure. But what is the use of outside help? When you met my family’s top genius Xin Wuheng, you will lose!”

When they heard up to here Zhao Feng and the others had expressions of thought. Zhao Han’s circumstance was too abnormal, he had only just reached the fifth rank and had such powerful Inner Strength.

When Zhao Feng used his left eye to inspect Zhao Han, he was certainly shocked because that Inner Strength was way too strong.

Xin Tong analysed correctly, Zhao Han must have used some treasures.

“What if I used outer help? That is my luck, it is the heavens helping me. When I finish refining this energy and beat Zhao Linlong, I will definitely go challenge Xin Wuheng.” Zhao Han coldly said.

Xin Wuheng, the top inner disciple of the Xin family, also one of the four great geniuses of Sun Feather City. Zhao Feng had also heard this name before.

Apparently, Xin Wuheng was the top genius out of the four and had reached the fifth rank one year ago. He was even stronger than Zhao Linlong!

Since Xin Tong lost, the Xin family disciples quickly left with their tails between their legs.

“Zhao Han only used half a year to reach the fifth rank!”

“I am so excited for the main tournament in ten days time!”

Zhao Han was the main focus of the people. Obviously, Zhao Feng’s performance wasn’t bad, using the strength of a half-step martial artist to beat a true martial artist.

Before leaving, Zhao Han stared at Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng didn’t avoid him and faced Zhao Han in the eye. He didn’t believe that Zhao Han would attack him right now, in front of all the other Zhao sect disciples. Even if he couldn’t win, Zhao Feng could still use Lightly Floating Ferry to escape.

“I will do what you did. We will meet when I challenge you at the tournament.”

I Will do what you did? Zhao Feng felt cold. He had broken Zhao Yijian’s arm on the outer disciples tournament. Zhao Han’s meaning in ‘doing what you did’ was already very obvious….

On the way back, Zhao Feng asked Zhao Yue next to him, “What is the challenging thing he talked about?”

“Every inner disciple tournament is done by challenging. Every participant can challenge a certain person. Zhao Yue explained.

Even this can happen?

Zhao Feng heart clenched as he understood Zhao Han’s meaning. Zhao Han had already laid out all of his plans clear and sound, he was absolutely confident in himself. Although it was an “open plan”, it would be hard to avoid it.

Want to break my arm? Zhao Feng’s expression turned colder and colder. There was only ten days left till the main tournament.

Zhao Feng cultivated even harder.

Every night he would work on his Inner Strength by training in the Air Crossing Breathing Technique. Zhao Feng knew the distance between him and Zhao Han was in Inner Strength.

In terms of complexity, Air Crossing Breathing Technique was top tier high ranked martial art, almost reaching the peak ranked martial art category. It could be said that it was the best martial art out of all the Zhao sect disciples.

The second day.

Zhao Feng felt that his Angry Dragon Fists was even getting more perfected as he trained in the garden. Zhao Feng’s left eye had recorded many interesting battles between disciples and used them all to perfect his Angry Dragon Fists.

Therefore, after Zhao Feng’s Angry Dragon Fists reached ‘max level’, the power was slowly increasing….

His strength right now was more than double the of that he had at the outer disciples tournament.

“Can I come in?” A crystal clear sound sounded from outside. Zhao Feng felt that the sound was familiar and saw a purple-clothed girl standing outside waiting.

It’s her? Zhao Feng was a bit surprised.

“Am I not welcome?” Zhao Yufei beautiful eyebrows blinked slightly, her smile was like a lotus, pure and innocent.

“Please come in.” Zhao Feng soon recovered from her beauty.

After Zhao Yufei came in, she soon told him the point of her visit, it was to spar with Zhao Feng. Obviously, Zhao Yufei was a bit unwilling after losing to Zhao Feng last time.

“Ok, but let’s notharm each other.” Zhao Feng obviously didn’t reject her as she was the only outer disciple that could spar with him.

Soon the two figures fought throughout the garden. While sparring, Zhao Feng only pushed Angry Dragon Fists to the ‘peak level’. Even then he gained the upper hand.

After half the time it took an incense to burn, Zhao Yufei lost, her breathing was ragged as her eyebrows flashed, “Your Inner Strength forms and attacks very quickly. It also gives me a mysterious and floating feeling, what kind of secret technique is it?”

In the battle, Zhao Feng had controlled his Inner Strength to the same level as Zhao Yufei.

Even so, Zhao Feng’s Inner Strength still created more pressure than hers.

This was because of the Air Crossing Breathing Technique.

I cultivate the Three Breaths Technique, a high ranked martial art that focuses on Inner Strength, yet it is not as strong as his. Zhao Yufei was shocked in her heart.

“Hehe, it is my special skill, it’s not going to be told.” Zhao Feng gently smiled. Zhao Feng’s rejection made Zhao Yufei surprised as not many youths of the same age would reject her propositions.

Her eyes twirled as she smilingly said, “You obviously still have some flaws, if you have some interest, we can do a deal that allows for both of us to gain benefits.”

“Oh? Let’s talk about it…..” Zhao Feng was instantly interested.

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