King of Gods

Chapter 16 – Beating Zhao Gan

Chapter 16 – Beating Zhao Gan

“Yes, I am Zhao Feng.”

Zhao Feng neither retreated nor gave way. Instead he faced off Zhao Gan. This sight caused many other disciples to be shocked.

“When did Zhao Feng break through to the third rank?” Zhao Kun and company finally realised Zhao Feng’s change. Even Zhao Xue who was standing next to Zhao Yijian was shocked.

“Hmph! Just a useless piece of trash using outside help to break through. These people are especially vulnerable.” Zhao Yijian said disdainfully.

“Maybe.” Zhao Xue answered.

“Zhao Feng, you are stronger than I imagined. No wonder you could beat up my brother.” Zhao Gan praised Zhao Feng as he stopped two yards away from him.

“Stop praising me, you’re here to take revenge for my brother, I presume?” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

“Yes!” Zhao Gan swiftly continued, “Although my brother is a useless piece of trash……. He is still my brother.” Zhao Kun’s face turned ugly as Zhao Gan spoke. This brother of his never gave any face to anyone.

Zhao Gan continued, “You aree younger than me and have just reached the third rank. So I won’t bully you. If you can live past my first ten moves then I will let this off the hook.”

“Sure.” Zhao Feng was a bit surprised by how Zhao Gan acted. Zhao Kun’s brother was not as arrogant as he had imagined.

The two faced off on a piece of spare land on the martial arts field.

“It is starting now…..”

Zhao Gan’s aura suddenly became cold and his four limbs started to bend, like a poisonous snake.

Thirteen Changes of the Poisonous Snake!

Some of the disciples knew the history of the move. Being Zhao Gan’s opponent, Zhao Feng felt a unknown chill. While both brother’s had learnt Thirteen Changes of the Poisonous Snake, Zhao Gan could give him great pressure.

“Second change of the Poisonous Snake!”

Zhao Gan, like a snake, struck towards Zhao Feng’s head.

Zhao Feng only felt a chill come towards his head. The opponent’s speed and power was double that of Zhao Kun’s. It was good that his left eye could still easily see the route of Zhao Gan’s attack, so he put up a fist to block.


Zhao Feng threw off Zhao Gan with his punch, but he felt that the opponent’s body was like butter. Zhao Gan twisted on the ground and then used explosive speed and power to charge back towards Zhao Feng.

“No wonder he is worthy of being the fifth best outer disciple!” He had a feeling that his opponent wasn’t a person, but a deadly, cunning snake instead.

Pah! Pah! Pah……

Zhao Feng had a solemn look on his face as he faced off against Zhao Gan. In that short amount of time, Zhao Feng had almost lost many times.

“I wonder how far I can go without using my left eye.” Zhao Feng was very calm. Once he used his left eye, his reaction speed and vision increased dramatically, so it would not be any challenge for him.

Of course, without using his left eye, Zhao Feng’s reaction speed had already surpassed martial learners of the same rank.

At the beginning, Zhao Feng was under great pressure. However, as the fight continued, he used his experience and battle prowess to fight against Zhao Gan.

Pah! Pah! Beng……..

The two shadows fought together on the field. The two of them both used close battle skills, and the speed they fought at was extremely fast.

“Zhao Feng’s strength is stronger than I imagined.”

“It has already been five moves.” A few of the other disciples felt that it was unbelievable.

“His improvement is so insanely fast.”

Zhao Xue’s breathing started to increase.

Not far away, Zhao Kun kept wiping the sweat off his forehead. He thought that with his brother’s strength, he would only need two or three moves to take Zhao Feng down, but the latter had unexpectedly improved so much.

Soon it was the sixth move!

Just as Zhao Feng and Zhao Gan were on par with each other.

“Fourth Change of the Poisonous Snake!”

Zhao Gan’s movements became like the sea. It churned, jumped and wrapped around Zhao Feng. As the fourth change began, Zhao Gan’s damage increased dramatically.

Zhao Feng felt the pressure increase and remembered that Zhao Kun had only learnt the first three changes of Thirteen Changes of the Poisonous Snake.

Zhao Gan however had learnt the first seven changes! Every change after was harder to learn but the damage would likewise increased dramatically. Zhao Feng felt as if his opponent had no bones and that he was coming closer and closer……..


Zhao Feng, on instinct, used Lightly Floating Ferry to pull away from Zhao Gan. Close combat was the forte of Thirteen Changes of the Poisonous Snake, even Angry Dragon Fists was difficult against it.

Teng! Teng!

Zhao Feng, in terms of speed, was always faster than Zhao Gan.

The eight move, the ninth move….. The tenth move!

The two shadows split apart as the disciples who were watching held their breath.

“You have won.” Zhao Gan deeply looked at Zhao Feng, and seemed helpless. He then turned around and left, leaving a crowd of shocked disciples behind.

“Thank you for going easy.” Zhao Feng gave a faint smile. He did not use all his strength in this fight. For example, Zhao Feng did not use his left eye to its extreme. He also did not use Lightly Floating Ferry or the Air Pushing Breathing Technique to their highest potentials.

He had two reasons for this.

Firstly, he wanted to see how strong he was without the use of his left eye.

Secondly, he wanted to leave some hidden cards for the family sparring contest.

The result was very obvious. When he restrained himself from using these things he was on par with Zhao Gan. Obviously, Zhao Feng could not confirm if Zhao Gan had left some hidden moves either as the two of them had only exchanged ten blows.

“When did he get so strong……?” A few of those who were familiar with Zhao Feng now stared at him with their eyes open. Zhao Kun was even more exaggerated, he opened his mouth like a wooden chicken.

“Big brother, if you cannot beat him in ten moves you can still beat him up for me.” Zhao Kun said as he caught up to Zhao Gan.

“You better give up. Even if there were no restrictions I cannot beat him either. His speed is too fast for me.” Zhao Gan shook his head.

“How is this possible!” Zhao Kun knew that his brother did not lie. It wasn’t his attitude.

“He won…..” Zhao Xue’s body turned rigid as she looked complexly at the youth not far away. That youth seemed especially handsome, tall, than it was ever was at this point……

“This kid actually has a few tricks.” Zhao Yijian had a cold expression on his face, “But he only fought against Zhao Gan for ten moves…… while Zhao Gan has already lost to me long ago!” Zhao Xue let out a breath as she heard Zhao Yijian’s words.

She did not understand why she was so afraid of Zhao Feng becoming strong. The stronger he became, the more she felt conflicted.


After the sparring match the field resumed to its original state.This was because it was nearing noon and the powerful martial artist would be giving the lecture soon.

“Coach Chen is here!”

The crowd suddenly became excited.

Zhao Feng followed everyone’s eyesights and saw a tall, muscular man slowly walk onto the martial arts field.

“This is Coach Chen.” Zhao Feng secretly opened his left eye and saw that there was a faint yellow glow being emitting from his blood.

The inner strength was pushed every time he let out a breath, this created an unseen pressure.

Why did powerful people have a different aura and create unseen pressure? Zhao Feng understood a bit through looking at him.

At this moment, every step Coach Chen took and every glance he made created pressure. This aura belonged to Martial Artists. Any martial learner under the fourth rank might not even have the courage to attack.

“So strong!” The disciples had faces of awe and fear. How many martial learners on Green Flower Continent wanted to have the title of Martial artist? Even Zhao Feng was similar.

However, his goal was not limited to this. His goal was “Martial Master”, those that had the seventh rank or higher…. And even the rumoured Holy Martial Path…..

“Today I am going to talk about how the skills for martial learners of the third rank or lower should be used. I will also be talking about my experience of Inner strength……” Coach Chen’s voice was deep but not loud. However, even those that were a few hundred metres away could hear him clearly.

After hearing “experiences of Inner strength”, Zhao Yijian, Zhao Yufei and Zhao Yue had their eyes brighten.

“Inner Strength of the martial path? What a coincidence!” Zhao Feng became full of expectations.

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