King of Gods

Chapter 1585 - Reunion

Chapter 1585 – Reunion

In the outside world, the spectators were stunned. None of them had imagined that the initial-level Star Origin Realm Zhao Feng would reach this point.

“Zhao Feng actually defeated Hua Tianfeng!”

“What’s so amazing about that? He relied entirely on automatons, arrays, and special tools!”

“He just got lucky! If he had gotten the Tenth Prince or Young Master, these tricks would have been useless!”

The method Zhao Feng used to get here did not make him much of a fan favorite.

Those people who had already been eliminated made an uproar, but in reality, they were extremely envious. They would have also been able to reach this stage if they had the same tricks available to them.

It was only Huo Qingfeng, Blood Spirit, and the other two servants who continued to indifferently smile. They knew that the moment Zhao Feng decided he wanted to take part in this contest, his victory was certain.

In the trial dimension, after defeating Hua Tianfeng, Zhao Feng looked to the other side.

The Tenth Prince had already defeated his foe, and his platform had linked with Young Master Wei’s. The two were currently engaged in an astonishing battle.

The Tenth Prince and Young Master Wei could be said to be the most talented of all the geniuses present. Unfortunately, the two of them were not fighting in the decisive match.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

Golden dragons and blue light intersected and annihilated each other on the platform.

The Tenth Prince and Young Master Wei were both at the middle level of Divine Transformation, but the power they exhibited neared the peak of Divine Transformation.

The Tenth Prince was of the royal household, so he had many resources at his disposal and had prepared many tricks. He was flanked by two strange monsters that seemed like a cross between a dragon and an alligator. They possessed fierce physical might and were incredibly savage. The Tenth Prince’s dragon-patterned golden saber was also a Heaven-level middle-class divine weapon.

Of course, Young Master Wei didn’t come from some obscure family. Two large dark-golden automatons stood in front of Young Master Wei like two miniature mountains, taking most of the damage for him.

This duel involving pets, automatons, and divine weapons made one feel dazzled and nervous.

Although the battle between the Tenth Prince and Young Master Wei was not the last battle, the spectators believed that the victor of this battle would probably be the last one standing.

You’re the strongest foe I’ve ever faced, but your defeat is inevitable!” the Tenth Prince roared, his long hair flying around him and his golden saber summoning draconic streams of energy.

Young Master Wei backed up so that his automatons could use their bodies to take the majority of the Tenth Prince’s attacks. However, his automatons were badly damaged by now, and one of them was even obliterated by the Tenth Prince’s attack.

“Dragons Howl at the Nine Heavens!” the Tenth Prince roared, his body exploding with power as he slashed his saber.

A savage golden dragon of immense size roared, shooting forward while wrapped in a fierce storm. The Tenth Prince’s pets chose to attack at the same time.

Young Master Wei shattered a jade talisman, which created a barrier of blue scales around him, but in the end, he could not hold out against the Tenth Prince’s offensive. The barrier shattered, and he was swept out of the platform.

In this way, this dazzling clash of the strongest had come to an end.

Only two platforms were left. The Tenth Prince’s platform was much larger than Zhao Feng’s, as he had fought three battles.

“I truly didn’t think that my last foe would be you.” The Tenth Prince had a proud and rather scornful look on his face.

Although Zhao Feng’s passing of the first two trials had left a very deep impression on him, the Tenth Prince was confident that he could crush Zhao Feng in a duel.


The two platforms moved to the center and finally came together. This indicated that the final match had begun!

The Tenth Prince gripped his golden saber and rushed forward, appearing in front of Zhao Feng and unleashing a wave of golden draconic energy.

Boom! Bang!

The golden wave of light struck the blue barrier and caused it to shudder. It seemed on the verge of shattering. Meanwhile, Zhao Feng’s two automatons were suppressed by the Tenth Prince’s pets.

At present, Zhao Feng seemed like a cripple who couldn’t do anything. When the array broke, Zhao Feng would lose.

Many experts in the outside world couldn’t help but emotionally sigh. They had long predicted this outcome. Zhao Feng had many tricks, and while they might have been useful against initial-level Divine Transformation experts, they were useless against the Tenth Prince.

Within the array, Zhao Feng was as motionless as an ancient stone.

“As expected of the Tenth Prince! It seems I’ll have to go all-out!” Zhao Feng suddenly smiled.


He waved his hand. Four red array banners appeared, landing within the blue barrier and creating another array. Zhao Feng also summoned two more automatons, both at the peak Divine Transformation Realm. Moreover, ten-some metal balls appeared in Zhao Feng’s hands.

“What? To think you had so many… you cowardly turtle!” The Tenth Prince was stunned, and then he loudly cursed.

He thought that Zhao Feng had shown his hand, but his opponent was actually holding back. The Tenth Prince couldn’t do anything about this, and he was thoroughly enraged.

“Kill!” The Tenth Prince attacked one of the peak Divine Transformation automatons first. This automaton was stronger than his pets. If he didn’t intervene, his pets would probably be killed.

“You said I’m a cowardly turtle?” Zhao Feng wickedly smiled.


A metal ball shot out of his hand.

“Curses!” The Tenth Prince hastily dodged.

“Explode!” Zhao Feng called out, and the metal ball approaching the Tenth Prince erupted into a wave of fire.

“A trifling trick!” the Tenth Prince coldly said.

Boom! Bang!

Golden light shot through the ball of fire, causing it to fall apart.

The metal balls could at most wound an initial-level Divine Transformation expert. They would have little effect on middle-level Divine Transformation experts, particularly ones like the Tenth Prince who had defensive armor.

Zhao Feng smiled and threw out three metal balls.

Boom! Bang!

The Tenth Prince, seething with energy, had just cleaved apart the first wave of flames with his saber. Before he could speak again though, three more metal balls were flying at him.

Boom! Bang!

The explosions rang out endlessly, sending waves of flame rolling across the platform. The explosions of the three metal balls overlapped to a certain extent.

“You…! Is there an end to your tricks!?” The Tenth Prince was feeling suffocated.

This fellow was hiding within his array and using those balls to attack him, but there was nothing he could do. Although he wasn’t afraid of the metal balls, it wasn’t like he could take on Zhao Feng’s endless attacks forever.

“Not yet,” Zhao Feng seriously replied.

He was far too lazy to fight himself, which was why he made so many tools before the contest.


Three more metal balls flew at the Tenth Prince.

This time, the Tenth Prince chose to dodge.

But what came next left him wide-eyed and slack-jawed. Zhao Feng waved his hand, instantly throwing out nearly twenty metal balls that sealed off every path of escape.


The balls all exploded, completely covering the platform in flames.

Once the flames were gone, the Tenth Prince was revealed. His clothes were in tatters, revealing the flexible suit of armor he wore underneath. His handsome face was blackened so that it seemed like a beggar, and his hair was so messy that it seemed like a chicken nest.

The Tenth Prince didn’t seem like a prince at all. Not even his bodyguards would be able to recognize him.

“Zhao Feng…!” the Tenth Prince angrily roared as he viciously glared at Zhao Feng, wanting to tear him to pieces.

“Want more? Don’t be polite. I still have many more here! I’ll give them all to you!” Zhao Feng generously waved a hand, sending ten-some more metal balls flying out.

The Tenth Prince’s furious face instantly paled. He truly was afraid of this move.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

Explosions rang out endlessly across the platform, and the Tenth Prince was forced to run here and there like a dog, completely devoid of the demeanor of a king.

“Curses! You’ve forced me to do this!” The Tenth Prince’s face turned vicious.

He didn’t know how many metal balls Zhao Feng had left, and he could not break through the dual arrays in the time available to him. He could only use his last trump card. He was confident that this trump card could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Cling! Crack!

A dragon talisman appeared in the Tenth Prince’s hand, and he shattered it.

The moment the talisman shattered, a gigantic ethereal dragon appeared, its energy suppressing all living beings. “Die, Zhao Feng!” the Tenth Prince roared.

The jade dragon talisman was a gift from his royal father meant to protect his life. It was a soul attack that could instantly kill even a middle-level Imperishable Realm expert.


The golden dragon pierced through the two arrays and charged into Zhao Feng’s body. The Tenth Prince watched and smiled.

Zhao Feng also smiled.

In the soul world, the golden dragon exuded boundless strength in an attempt to destroy Zhao Feng’s soul, but at this moment, Zhao Feng’s seemingly weak soul erupted, morphing into a vast dreamy eye.

The moment this eye gazed at the golden dragon, its domineering energy vanished, and it dropped to the ground and begged for its life.

The dreamy eye flashed, unleashing an indescribably terrifying pressure.

Boom! Bang!

Less than half a second later, the golden dragon was crushed.

“Why is there no reaction? He should be dead….” The Tenth Prince stared at Zhao Feng.

Suddenly, Zhao Feng looked at the Tenth Prince and gave him a frightening smile.


With a wave of his hand, ten-some metal balls flew out.

“How could this be?” The Tenth Prince’s mind was in turmoil, but he had no time to think, only flee.

“Where are you going!?” Zhao Feng continued to cast out metal balls.

“Zhao Feng, you and I will forever be enemies!

“Ah, you cowardly turtle!

“Zhao Feng, if you’ve got the guts, come out and fight me!”

Gradually, the Tenth Prince didn’t even have the strength to shout.

Boom! Bang!

Exhausted and covered in wounds, the Tenth Prince was blasted off the stage.

His face was twisted in agony and humiliation. It would have been fine if he had lost in a proper battle, but he truly wasn’t willing to lose in such a fashion!

In the outside world, the crowd had already gone numb. From start to finish, Zhao Feng didn’t even move, but the Tenth Prince was forced to dodge here and there until he could dodge no more and was blasted off the stage. Many people felt that the Tenth Prince was just too pitiful, that he had been dealt a great injustice.

After a long while, the Lu Clan patriarch stood up and announced, “The number one this time is Zhao Feng!”

After saying this, he paused. Apparently, not even he had imagined this result. It was just too unexpected. So many geniuses had come forward, but an initial-level Star Origin Realm had beaten them all.


Two white pillars of light appeared on the plaza, and two figures slowly emerged in them.

One of them was still seated cross-legged on the ground while the other was completely scorched black, his body devoid of that pride and heroism, bereft of any draconic might.

The other youths couldn’t help but back away from Zhao Feng while Hua Tianfeng was scared out of his wits. Even the Tenth Prince was beaten so badly, so Hua Tianfeng could only count his previous treatment as being lucky.

Zhao Feng stood up and smiled as he walked up.

“Hmph!” The black-robed elder next to the Lu Clan patriarch coldly harrumphed.

He was a member of the royal household and had come with the Tenth Prince. Zhao Feng’s conduct had damaged the image of the royal household, making him extremely unhappy.

At this moment, Zhao Feng stared at the elder.

The elder’s soul instantly began to tremble. He felt like some supreme expert was looking down at him, seeing through all his secrets.

After frightening the elder, Zhao Feng looked at Lu Fei’er and Lu Qin’er.

The two of them were also looking at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was the victor, so he could make a marriage proposal that could not be refused.

Strangely, although Zhao Feng had a weaker cultivation level, they felt that he was extremely familiar and felt an inexplicable affection. It was like they had met somewhere before.

“Boy, which one of my daughters do you plan to propose to?” The Lu Clan patriarch smiled.

Zhao Feng was now destined to be his son-in-law. Rather than being disgusted, he was actually extremely interested in Zhao Feng.

Lu Fei’er and Lu Qin’er looked at Zhao Feng. Not even they realized that they had been entranced by this youth, anxious to learn what his answer would be.

“I want… both of them!” Zhao Feng smiled and awkwardly said.

The crowd fell silent, everyone’s eyes flying open. The rules said that only one person could be proposed to!

Those geniuses were all enraged by Zhao Feng. How could he be so greedy and shameless?

Lu Fei’er and Lu Qin’er were also shocked, and they both blushed.

“Are the two of you willing?” Zhao Feng ignored the reactions of the crowd and asked the two women.

His eyes suddenly began to flow with dreamy light that was reflected in the eyes of the two maidens and entered their souls. Ordinary martial artists were incapable of sensing this.

At this moment, the surroundings exploded into an uproar.

“The rules are that the winner can only propose to one person, and the target cannot refuse! How could he propose to two people at once?”

“Heh, if he only proposed to one, she wouldn’t be able to refuse, but since he proposed to two, they can refuse!”

“That’s right! How could the two fairies take a liking to this kid? They’ll definitely reject him!”

The defeated geniuses began to laugh and waited for Zhao Feng to be humiliated.

After a long while, the crowd fell quiet.

The two fairies finally spoke as one; “I am willing!”

The entire world became so quiet that one could hear the sounds of the crowd breathing.

Lu Fei’er and Lu Qin’er stood up and rushed into Zhao Feng’s bosom.

The crowd felt like they had been struck by a lightning bolt, and they wanted to ram their heads against a wall. Even the Lu Clan patriarch, the father of these two daughters, was seemingly petrified.

“Father, we’re willing!” the two women turned and said. By now, they had already recovered the memories of their last lives. As both parties were willing, it didn’t matter that everyone around them objected!

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s four servants flew forward, each of them carrying a betrothal gift.

Just like that, the marriage was decided.

The news was soon sent back to Southcloud City. The upper echelon members of the Zhao Clan never would’ve imagined that Zhao Feng had gone out to make a marriage proposal, and that his partners would be the two prodigies of the Lu Clan.

Southcloud City was festooned with bright lanterns and streamers, a festive mood on the streets. Everyone knew that today was the day that Zhao Feng would marry the two genius daughters of the Lu Clan.

Within the bridal chamber, Zhao Feng looked at his two gorgeous wives and smiled.

“In our last life, I wasn’t able to give the two of you a wedding. In this life, once we get married, we’ll travel the world!” Zhao Feng was admittedly a little nervous, but he was also incredibly happy.

Liu Qinxin and Zhao Yufei were also very nervous, and their blushing faces made Zhao Feng love them even more. After drinking the ceremonial cups of wine and lifting the veils, Zhao Feng moved up for a kiss…

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