King of Gods

Chapter 1562 - Unstoppable

Chapter 1562 – Unstoppable

The Sage Faction’s white warships were not fully equipped, as they were short on time. Thus, the Sage Faction focused on defense.

But this was not the case for the black-gold warships of the Heaven Defying Faction, whose offensive capabilities were simply unmatched.

The two warships were equipped with large-scale Destruction weapons. However, the chaos of the current battlefield and the mixing of friend and foe meant that these weapons were not very useful. But the warships were also equipped with numerous small-scale Destruction weapons and offensive arrays, and both were playing a huge role on the battlefield.

The forces of the God Eye alliance could only defend or dodge the attacks from the Heaven Defying Faction warships.

In clashes between experts, a slight lack of attention could be fatal, much less the interference of a warship.

This wasn’t something they could do anything about though. The firepower of the two warships was just too fierce. Normal experts wouldn’t even dare to get close. One God King had tried to get close to warships, but they instantly became the focus of its numerous weapons. A few moments later, they were heavily injured and forced to flee.

But now, Zhao Feng had reached the rear of the battlefield. Everyone nearby couldn’t help but guess at his motives.

“I wonder if he can disrupt the enemy warships.”

“I hope so!”

Many of the members on his side felt a sliver of hope.

“Impossible! Even a top-class God King will find it hard to get close to those black-gold warships!” The Tongtai Zone’s God King Heaven Dragon shook his head.

The upper echelon members of the Heaven Defying Faction on the black-gold warships had sensed Zhao Feng’s movements, and all the arrays and weapon systems began to move, apparently preparing to give Zhao Feng a painful blow.

“Come!” Zhao Feng had a solemn but fearless expression. In fact, he was a little excited, his left eye trembling in seeming excitement as well.

Zhao Feng had only one goal at present: fight!

By fighting the strong, he could squeeze even more power out of the Dream God Eye. Ever since the battle started, he could clearly sense his Dream God Eye getting stronger and stronger.

And Zhao Feng was anxious to get stronger and stronger.

“Once I can use the full power of the Dream God Eye, I can join the God battlefield!” Zhao Feng said to himself.

The battlefield he fought on seemed vast and boundless, but the only battlefield that could truly influence the outcome of this battle was the God battlefield, and even though he was the Ninth God Eye, he could not participate in that battle, a fact which Zhao Feng accepted with great reluctance.


Zhao Feng flew toward the Heaven Defying Faction warship in front of him.

“Fine! Since you’ve delivered yourself to death’s door, this old man will fulfill your wish!” Within the black-gold warship, the Left Protector snarled.

He and the Right Protector were both Protectors of the Heaven Defying Faction, but they were skilled in different aspects.

The Left Protector possessed immense strength and could use the Shaman arts and curses of the Ancient Shaman Race. Even God King Radiant Peak could only hold him down.

The Right Protector was a member of the Heaven’s Legacy Race and didn’t have a powerful combat bloodline. He only had his Eye of Samsara. He remained in the shadows, managing the Heaven Defying Faction and controlling its technology. He could only display the full extent of his abilities in the territory of the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

“Attack!” the Right Protector bellowed.

The other members of the Heaven’s Legacy Race in the warships began to follow the Right Protector’s orders. All the firepower of the two black-gold warships focused on Zhao Feng.

Quite a few of the experts in the God Eye alliance were instantly scared out of their wits by this sight.

The Heaven Defying Faction seemed to regard Zhao Feng very highly. This level of firepower was enough to instantly kill any other God King.

“Dream Dimension Expansion!”

Dream Origin energy poured out of Zhao Feng’s left eye. Using his Thought power, he quickly constructed a powerful Dream Dimension that he fused into the space around him.

Within the Dream Dimension, Zhao Feng’s strength was boosted in all aspects.


Zhao Feng created several Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Swords around himself.

All those countless attacks would have to pass through the Dream Dimension to reach him. And in this dimension,

Zhao Feng’s strength surpassed common sense.

Boom! Plush!

Zhao Feng used his mind to control the Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Swords, and they flew around and obliterated all the attacks before they got close.

Zhao Feng was strong enough to kill a top-class God King, and within the Dream Dimension, his strength neared that of a God.

“Don’t stop!” the Right Protector roared.

Dream Dao energy was extremely taxing on one’s soul. He was confident that Zhao Feng wouldn’t be able to last for long.

Thwish …

The barrage continued.

Zhao Feng turned the swords into a Primal Chaos Domain, the surging torrents of energy within rising up to constantly fend off the salvos. By the time the first wave of Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning energy was broken, a second would be ready.

After a few moments, Zhao Feng wasn’t showing any signs of stress, and he was now extremely close to the warships. “Use the medium-scale Destruction weapons!” the Right Protector ordered.

The large-scale Destruction weapons had the most power, but their area of effect was so great that they would strike the soldiers of their own side.

“They’re ready! Fire!” the Heaven’s Legacy Race members immediately responded.


Several dozen metal holes appeared on the sides of the two warships, terrifying pulses of Divine Power emerging from within.

“Is it coming?” Zhao Feng focused, his Primal Chaos Domain roiling around him, ready to take on the attack. Hwooooom!

White beams of light several dozen feet thick shot out from the warships, the Divine Power within them so pure that it was apparent that they were fired using supreme-quality God Crystals. These white beams of light had also been infused with the Destruction Laws.

Each beam of light had a strength close to that of an ordinary God King. Under the control of the Heaven Defying Faction’ each beam was timed so that they would strike Zhao Feng simultaneously.

Without his Dream Dimension, Zhao Feng would have never dared to take this attack directly.

“Dreamification!” Zhao Feng’s left eye once more sent vast amounts of Dream Origin energy into the surrounding world.

The Dream Dimension strengthened Zhao Feng while Dreamification weakened the enemy. These two produced a wondrous result when combined. The overlapping of Dreamification and the Dream Dimension Expansion turned the world around Zhao Feng into a dazzling paradise. It was hard to believe that this was the scene from a battlefield.

“Defend!” After using Dreamification to weaken the Destruction weapon attacks, Zhao Feng focused completely on defense.

First, he condensed the Primal Chaos Domain into a dark sphere around himself.

“Spatial energy!” Zhao Feng activated his Pseudo Ancestral Artifact, fusing its perfected Space Law into the Primal Chaos Domain to further strengthen its defenses.

Finally, Zhao Feng created a Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex.

This was the strongest defense Zhao Feng could create at present.

Booom! Bzzzzz!

Within his layers of defense, Zhao Feng could feel everything shaking.

With his left eye, he could see what was going on outside. The immense Destruction weapon attack tore through his Dream Dimension. If it wasn’t supported by a vast quantity of Dream Origin energy, it might have already crumbled away.

Boom! Hissss!

The defensive layer of the Primal Chaos Domain was slowly worn away, and the attack finally reached the Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex.

The Heaven Defying Faction’s attack had already been weakened after punching through the first layers of defense, but it was still beginning to break through.

“Spatial Spirit Cloak!” Zhao Feng used another defensive ability of Heaven Ascendant.

Translucent silver spatial energy condensed into a barrier of light that engulfed Zhao Feng.

Within the warship, the Heaven Defying Faction members were all nervous. None of them knew if Zhao Feng could hold out against the attack or not. The spatial barrier around Zhao Feng was slowly being worn away, but their own attack was on the verge of being exhausted.

In the end, Zhao Feng emerged unscathed.

“How risky!” Zhao Feng sighed in relief.

He was able to block this attack primarily because of his seemingly endless amount of Dream Origin energy and the outstanding defensive capabilities of the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact.

“Blocked it?”

Many experts on the battlefield stared at Zhao Feng like he was a monster. There was no other person on the battlefield who could have blocked such a powerful attack!

“This brat… is there really nothing I can do to him?” The Right Protector scowled.

Zhao Feng possessed a God Eye, and the many battles and the stimulation from the other God Eyes only made him stronger and stronger. It probably wouldn’t be long until another God Eye Deity emerged.

“Hmph, the Heaven Lord will handle him.” The Right Protector’s expression suddenly calmed down as he coldly grunted.

At this moment, Zhao Feng suddenly spoke; “I should give you a present in return! Eye of Heaven!”

Zhao Feng’s Eye Intent coupled with his bloodline energy broke off from his body. A massive dreamy silver eye appeared, exuding an indescribable pressure.

“God Eye Duplication!” a soul voice cried out.

A vast cloud of dreamy mist gushed out of the silver eye.

Suddenly, a white light flashed within the rainbow mist. A white beam of light exploded out of the cloud. Its target was the black-gold warship holding the Right Protector.

Zhao Feng would have found it very difficult to duplicate such a powerful attack in the past, but he had a nigh endless supply of Dream Origin energy right now. Though it had taken a little longer to duplicate, he succeeded.

Within the warship:

“How could this be!?”

“This is bad!”

“What do we do?!”

Everyone trembled in panic at this sight, not knowing what to do.

None of them had expected for Zhao Feng to use this kind of attack. Their own offensive was being turned against them.

Although the black-gold warship possessed formidable defenses, it was still in an offensive state and could not shift so quickly.

Boom! Bang!

The white beam of light pierced through the heart of the warship. Various areas of the warships immediately exploded in fire and smoke.

“Wonderful!” The members of the God Eye alliance hadn’t expected this sort of reversal.

Zhao Feng didn’t just damage a small part of the warship. Rather, he had destroyed its core, essentially crippling the warship.

Back in the rear, upon one of the white warships, Yu Tianwu showed a sliver of surprise.


Once the Eye of Heaven vanished and his soul returned to his body, Zhao Feng charged toward the damaged black- gold warship.

Devastating losses had been inflicted on the crew of this warship.

“Run!” The surviving members could guess that Zhao Feng would not let this chance go, so they immediately began to flee.


The Right Protector turned into a black stream of smoke and fled.

Although the Right Protector was also a top-class God King, battle was not his strong suit, nor would he ever battle with the current Zhao Feng.

“You can’t escape,” Zhao Feng’s cold and indifferent voice rang out. He could ignore the small fry, but he could never let someone as important as the Right Protector go.

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