King of Gods

Chapter 1560 - Killing One God King After Another

Chapter 1560 – Killing One God King After Another

Zhao Feng’s instantaneous offensive rendered the blue-haired elder helpless to fight back.

God King Swallow Devour was also alarmed. Even when he was still alive, he would have found it very difficult to block this attack.

“Don’t even think about it!” God King Swallow Devour bellowed as he shot forward.

“Swallow the Heavens, Devour the Earth!” God King Swallow Devour circulated his Divine Power and used one of his secret arts.

A massive vortex akin to a giant maw appeared above the blue-haired elder. It began to absorb all the energy in the vicinity.

God King Swallow Devour knew that Zhao Feng was extremely fast and also possessed Pseudo Ancestral Artifact Heaven Ascendant. Attacking Zhao Feng directly probably wouldn’t have much effect. Thus, he used his secret devouring art to devour the attacks around the blue-haired elder and weaken their power.

The blue-haired elder was a Samsara Immortal Body, so as long as he was not immediately killed, he could recover. This was exactly what made Samsara Immortal Bodies so absurd.

Zhao Feng focused his left eye on the elder. This man had to die, as facing two God Kings at once truly was rather difficult.

After taking the Heaven-Closing Primal Chaos Hand, the Primal Chaos Lightning Eye, and the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact’s Spatial Blade, the blue-haired elder’s body was basically finished. Only a small part was left.

However, the devouring maw above him was exerting a massive pull on all the attacks in the area. This caused the power of Zhao Feng’s attacks to continuously fall. If this continued, there was no guarantee that Zhao Feng’s continuous attacks could kill the blue-haired elder.

“Die!” Zhao Feng summoned his Dream Origin energy, and his dazzling left eye began to spew out dreamy mist.

Those fighting in the surrounding area were instantly entranced by this sight. Those dreamy colors were simply too beautiful.

God Eye Illusory Oblivion!

As Zhao Feng concentrated on a single thought, the scene before him changed. The dreamy colors of the world gathered on the remains of the blue-haired elder’s tattered body. Everything else around him turned black and white, leaving him as the sole and dazzling source of color in the world. Booom!

But suddenly, that dazzling light vanished like a popped bubble, the blue-haired elder vanishing with it.

Within the black-gold warship, the Right Protector’s Eye of Samsara reacted. A God King Samsara Immortal Body was very difficult to create, but just now, Zhao Feng thoroughly killed his.

One had to realize that not even a top-class God King could instantly kill an ordinary God King so that nothing was left, but Zhao Feng had done it.

“Aaah! Zhao Feng…!” God King Swallow Devour’s face went insane as he savagely roared.

On his first meeting with Zhao Feng, he believed himself to be far stronger, but in the end, he was unable to devour Zhao Feng’s God Eye Origin and was forced to concede. And now, after the passing of a few years, he worked together with another God King, but they still weren’t able to do anything to Zhao Feng. Even more laughable was that the bluehaired elder was killed by Zhao Feng and he wasn’t able to stop it at all.

“Die!” God King Swallow Devour roared as he waved his palm, firing off wave after wave of dark energy.

These attacks were made of the energy he had just devoured. Zhao Feng had used this energy in his lethal strike, so these attacks possessed extraordinary power.


Zhao Feng activated Heaven Ascendant and shot away in a silver streak of light.

“With this war going on, God King Swallow Devour can absorb all the energy in the surroundings, greatly boosting his power,” Zhao Feng calmly analyzed.

Although God King Swallow Devour conceded in front of him before, that was because he could not devour Zhao Feng’s Dream Origin, resulting in his strength being restricted. But on this immense battlefield, God King Swallow Devour could devour as much power as he wanted. This endless stream of energy coupled with his Samsara Immortal Body meant that Zhao Feng would find it very difficult to kill him like he did to the blue-haired elder.

But there was still a way.

The Heaven Defying Faction possessed many Samsara Immortal Bodies. This was something the God Eye alliance had known about for some time, and the Sage Faction developed a countermeasure.

Nearby was a white-robed youth holding a folding fan in one hand and a black array plate in the other. This person was someone Zhao Feng had gotten to know in the Burning Heaven Sea – Tang Bai.

At this time, Tang Bai was a peak Second Heaven. His strength was not to be underestimated.

After the Life Sacred Land issued its summons, the God Sealing Sacred Land had rather swiftly answered the call and joined the alliance.

“Seal!” Tang Bai slapped a hand on the black array plate. White symbols instantly rushed out of the plate, forming white chains that shot forward.

Nearby, a Samsara Immortal Body was battling with a member of the God Eye alliance. Suddenly, the white chains coiled around him.

“What… what is this?” The Samsara Immortal Body grimaced and began to struggle, but he found that his strength was greatly limited and continued to weaken.

“Collect!” Tang Bai activated the array, and the white chains began to retract. The Samsara Immortal Body was pulled into the black array plate.

“Many thanks!” The man who had been fighting with the Samsara Immortal Body voiced his thanks before charging back into the fray.

The God Sealing Race were masters of sealing. They could seal the heavens, seal the earth, and seal gods. The fusion of their sealing arts with the Sage Faction’s arrays had produced a powerful sealing technique that was effective against Samsara Immortal Bodies.

“Brother Zhao?” Tang Bai tilted his head and looked at Zhao Feng. Just now, he received a message from Zhao Feng.

“God King Swallow Devour…! That isn’t someone I can deal with.” Tang Bai glanced at God King Swallow Devour, who was doggedly chasing Zhao Feng, and grimaced, but he still rushed over.

Several other nearby God Sealing Sacred Land experts also began to converge. Tang Bai alone was naturally not enough to deal with a God King.

“Get out of my sight!” God King Swallow Devour sensed that something was wrong, and with a roar, a massive wave of black energy spread out from his body. As a top-class God King, he could easily kill these First Heaven and Second Heaven God Lords.

“Don’t even think about it!” Zhao Feng’s face immediately chilled.

Although these people were not strong fighters, they had the means of countering Samsara Immortal Bodies.

“Dreamification!” Zhao Feng’s left eye spun, spewing dreamy mist into his surroundings. A dreamy haze gradually shrouded everything around Zhao Feng, painting it into a dazzling paradise of colors.

The effects of Dreamification immediately weakened God King Swallow Devour, and Zhao Feng also neutralized his mighty attack.

“This move again?” God King Swallow Devour grimaced. Zhao Feng had used this move once to force him to concede.

However, in the current situation, this move was not very effective against him.

“Swallow!” God King Swallow Devour roared, and several dozen devouring black holes appeared over a radius of several hundred thousand li.

He could not devour Zhao Feng’s Dream Origin, but he could devour the Divine Power of the other experts on the battlefield.

“Strike!” Zhao Feng called out, not at all shaken by this move.

“Extinguish!” Zhao Feng focused his Thought power on God King Swallow Devour’s body. Gradually, the energy in God King Swallow Devour’s body began to disappear.

At the same time, the God Sealing Sacred Land experts activated their array plates.


Several dozen chains formed from white symbols began to coil around God King Swallow Devour. A part of God King Swallow Devour’s strength was immediately sealed.

“Dregs like you think you can handle me!?” God King Swallow Devour continued to growl and roar.


Suddenly, God King Swallow Devour erupted with supreme strength. This was the energy he just devoured from the surrounding battlefield.

A pitch-black tornado of energy appeared around him, snapping the chains that bound his body. Their sealing effect gradually began to fade.

“Quietly die for me!” Zhao Feng focused, his left eye gleaming with lightning.


A Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning sword brand slammed into the God King’s body. The immense energy within began to tear at his body and soul, causing him to momentarily freeze.

The God Sealing Sacred Land experts once more acted, the white chains snaking forward and binding God King Swallow Devour.

“Don’t even think about holding me!” God King Swallow Devour strenuously struggled.

Pitch-black vortices once more appeared around the battlefield, devouring the surrounding energy.

“This God King Swallow Devour is too hard to deal with. He can even devour our Sealing energy while also devouring energy from other parts of the battlefield!” Tang Bai had become rather pale.

In addition, other experts from the Heaven Defying Faction were gathering to come and save God King Swallow Devour.

“In this region, I am the master!” Zhao Feng’s expression chilled as he activated his Thought power.

God King Swallow Devour’s devouring range happened to be exactly the range of Zhao Feng’s Dreamification.

“Extinguish!” As he circulated his Thought power, a profound, unfathomable, and unstoppable energy descended on the region. The black devouring vortices began to fade away.

“How could this be?” God King Swallow Devour was stunned.

Weakened by Dreamification and the seals of the God Sealing Race, his strength plunged, which he was able to alleviate by devouring other energy to create an explosive attack that would free him. But now, he could no longer devour anything.

“Okay!” Delighted, Tang Bai burned his Divine Power and used a secret sealing art as he activated his array plate.

“Hurry and destroy the seals!” God King Swallow Devour anxiously called out.

Those people who had come to assist God King Swallow Devour began to move, targeting the members of the God Sealing Sacred Land.

“I said before, I am the master of this region!” Zhao Feng once more declared in his cold and icy voice.

Once more activating his Thought power, he had all the enemies in his Dreamification region gradually disappear. They were incapable of resisting this, and they could only die in fear.

“No…!” A Third Heaven God Lord did his best to resist, but all he managed to do was experience even greater fear.

Zhao Feng’s God Eye was getting stronger and stronger. Experts of the same level were powerless to resist it.

In the end, the Third Heaven God Lord scattered into nothingness.

“Too powerful!”


The God Sealing Race members were all startled and shocked.

God King Swallow Devour began to slowly lose the ability to fight back.

In the region of Dreamification, Zhao Feng’s strength reigned supreme, and there was also the sealing method of the God Sealing Race. God King Swallow Devour could only accept his fate.

Once God King Swallow Devour was weak enough, Zhao Feng gathered up a large amount of Primal Chaos energy and used the Heaven-Closing Primal Chaos Hand to obliterate him.

With this, two God Kings had died to Zhao Feng.

At this moment, Zhao Feng activated his left eye and peered into the distance. Over there, the Gods were fighting with the Heaven Lord, causing all of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods to quake!

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