King of Gods

Chapter 1555 - Gathering of the Strong

Chapter 1555 – Gathering of the Strong

The Heaven Lord spread apart his arms, accepting the Destruction God Eye power pouring down from the Fan Universe. The eye in the center of his forehead pulsed with ever-greater power. All of the realm trembled, all things bowing in submission. The principles governing the universe trembled, and for a moment, the Heaven Lord seemed to stand above everything.

Everyone present felt their hearts inexplicably tremble, including the Death God, Spacetime God, and Bright Sun God. All of them felt like they had become tiny specks of dust.

The Spacetime God, who was just about to attack, couldn’t help but stop. The Heavenly Dao God Eye had a powerful suppressive effect against any one of the Eight Great God Eyes, and now, the Heavenly Dao God Eye had become even stronger – so strong that the Spacetime God did not have the courage to strike!

After taking in the Destruction God’s power, the Heaven Lord began to retract that heaven-shaking aura into his body. “Eight Great God Eyes, these will be your last days alive!” The Heaven Lord laughed and went off into the distance.

The Heaven Defying Faction members, protected by the warship, didn’t suffer severe losses.

“Go.” The Heaven Lord left with the members of the Heaven Defying Faction.

A few moments later, the supreme auras of the Life God and Divine Punishment God arrived on the scene. They could tell roughly what happened based on the situation before them.

“The Heaven Lord is too dangerous….” The Spacetime God Eye lowered his head as he reluctantly admitted this fact. “We have to get rid of him as soon as possible!” The Divine Punishment God was grim and solemn.

“We might no longer be a match for him,” the Life God immediately said.

The Death God and Destruction God worked together, but the Heaven Lord was still able to kill one of them. If not for the arrival of the Spacetime God and Bright Sun God, the Death God might have died as well.

And the Heaven Lord now had two God Eye Origins. He was now so strong that not even four God Eye Deities working together would be enough to oppose him.

If they once more fell for one of the Heaven Lord’s schemes and lost another God Eye, they would truly be finished. Thus, they needed to quickly recover, gather up the power of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, and discuss a plan.

At this moment:


Zhao Feng’s left eye was unleashing vast floods of Dream Origin, dying the entire world around him in dreamy hues and causing it to tremble.

“This is…?” The Bright Sun God was startled as he stared at the distant Zhao Feng.

“The Ninth God Eye!” The Life God also looked over.

“His God Eye energy is getting stronger and stronger!” The Divine Punishment God stared at Zhao Feng’s left eye in alarm.

He sensed an immensely powerful energy from Zhao Feng’s body, but given the current situation, this was good news. The energy of a God Eye was a power they could not go without in the battle against the Heaven Lord.

“It might have been the stimulation from the Heavenly Dao God Eye….” the Death God muttered.

The Eight Great God Eyes all had a reaction to the Heavenly Dao God Eye. Zhao Feng was previously unable to use the full extent of the Ninth God Eye’s power, but after being stimulated by the Heavenly Dao God Eye, he was probably able to use more of its power.

At this point, the Death God had lost all interest in Zhao Feng’s Ninth God Eye. Dealing with the Heaven Lord was the first priority now. The opposing factions of God Eyes had already ceased to exist. He just hoped that Zhao Feng could reach the same level as the rest of them so that he could be useful in the battle against the Heaven Lord.

“Let’s withdraw.” The Spacetime God sighed.

“Everyone, let’s go to my Life Sacred Land,” the Life God offered.

Although the Heaven Lord had retreated, no one knew what he was planning. Thus, it was better that the four God Eyes did not split up, or else they might give the Heaven Lord an opening. Moreover, the Life God could treat the injuries of the other God Eyes so that they could recover as quickly possible.

“Life, you don’t mind me, right?” The Death God gave a mocking chuckle.

“We have to remove the Heaven Lord as quickly possible. Let us discuss countermeasures at the Life God’s Sacred Land,” the Bright Sun God proposed.

“Okay!” The Life God agreed.

The Gods returned to the Life Sacred Land, and Zhao Feng went back with them.

The news of the deaths of the Samsara God Eye and Destruction God Eye soon spread throughout the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, stunning everyone. Gods had always been the supreme experts of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, undying and unkillable. Never had one of the Eight Great God Eyes died, much less two in a row.

Once the Gods reached the Life Sacred Land, they issued a call for all the experts of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods to gather and discuss countermeasures.

The Life Sacred Land began to reconsolidate after the war.

The God Eye Deities entered seclusion. The wounds from the Ancestral Artifact detonation and Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom detonation were not that easy to heal. They needed the power of the Life God.

In a secret chamber awash with pure Life energy, the four God Eye Deities were seated cross-legged on the floor.

“I didn’t think that even some of the Eight Great God Eyes would die!” The Death God sighed. Even though he was the Death God, he had nearly died himself at the hands of the Heaven Lord.

“Don’t think about so much. If we can recover before the Heaven Lord, we can catch him offguard,” the Life God gently said.

During the healing process, the Life God realized that there was some sort of connection between the four God Eyes and that her healing techniques were much more effective than anticipated. If this continued, they might be able to recover before the Heaven Lord.

“Mm!” The Divine Punishment God grunted.

In a certain palace within the Life Sacred Land:

“Brother Feng, if the Heaven Lord really does fuse together the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye, do you think this world really will vanish like a dream as the legends say it will?” Zhao Yufei lay on Zhao Feng’s chest, a serene expression on her face.

“It won’t!” Zhao Feng replied after a moment’s hesitation.

But this was not what he actually thought. Zhao Feng understood that the Heaven Defying Faction’s goal was to leave this world, and this was the reason the Heaven Lord wanted the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye. This meant that the legend might be true.

“The Heaven Lord is just one person. The God Eye Deities will eliminate him and bring all this to a stop.” Zhao Feng gently stroked Zhao Yufei’s supple hair.

“Brother Feng!” Zhao Yufei looked up at Zhao Feng, somewhat worried.

She had once been happy that Zhao Feng had the Ninth God Eye, as it meant that Zhao Feng was certain to become a supreme expert. But now, Zhao Feng, as the Ninth God Eye, was one of the Heaven Lord’s targets and would have to participate in the battle against the Heaven Lord.

Zhao Feng clenched his fists. The Heaven Lord had to be eliminated, or else it would be hard to say what would happen to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

Time slowly passed. The Heaven Defying Faction and the Heaven Lord seemed to disappear like a puff of steam, and there was no news of them.

The Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods gradually became peaceful.

Summoned by the four God Eye Deities and the Bright Sun God, many experts of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods began to gather in the Life Sacred Land.

After one year, the neutral member of the Eight Great God Eyes, the Myriad Forms God Eye, arrived at the Life Sacred Land.

Five years quickly passed.

The four God Eye Deities were busy healing their injuries and did not appear once, so the Myriad Forms God Eye and the Bright Sun God handled everything.

Zhao Feng did not rest in this period, rushing around here and there.

Zhao Feng didn’t know if the Heaven Lord was still watching him. Not even God Eye Deities could oppose the Heaven Lord, and if the Heaven Lord was still hunting the Ninth God Eye, Zhao Feng was placing himself in immense danger.

Even though he possessed the Dream God Eye, he was still insignificant to the Heaven Lord – someone who could be easily crushed.

Thus, Zhao Feng was rushing around everywhere in search of Space Ancestral Artifact fragments. Once he obtained all the Space Ancestral Artifact fragments, Heaven Ascendant would absorb them all on its own and become a complete Ancestral Artifact.

If he had a complete defensive Ancestral Artifact, he would have one more powerful trump card at his disposal.

In the battle with the Heaven Defying Faction, Zhao Feng had obtained many spoils, with many Ancestral Artifact fragments among them. He used all his spoils besides the Ancestral Artifact fragments to exchange with the other experts of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods for Space Ancestral Artifact fragments.

In these last five years, Zhao Feng had traded for two pieces and found one on his own.

“I’ve come back to this place….” Zhao Feng had returned to the Gulong Zone.

He had learned from intelligence reports that the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land’s God King Swallow Devour possessed a Space Ancestral Artifact fragment.

The Heaven Devouring Sacred Land floated above a holy land of the Gulong Zone.

Zhao Feng’s arrival alarmed the experts of the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land.

“Who goes there?” An elderly and dignified voice came out from the barrier of the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land.

“Zhao Feng,” Zhao Feng flatly replied.

A few moments later, a gap appeared in the barrier, and a white-haired elder stepped out. Strange black symbols covered his cheeks.

“I did not think that Ninth God Eye Zhao Feng would pay a visit. We were rude in not coming out to greet you! Please forgive our lack of courtesy!” The elder immediately welcomed Zhao Feng inside.

Zhao Feng’s deeds had spread far and wide, and normally would have shaken the entire realm. It was just that the trouble created by the Heaven Lord had drowned them out.

Even so, no one in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods dared to look down on Zhao Feng. At the very least, everyone who once desired the Ninth God Eye had dispelled any such thoughts.

This elder guided Zhao Feng to the main hall of the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land.

Even before he entered, a loud voice rang out; “For what reason has the Ninth God Eye paid a personal visit?”

An imposing man with a rough and crude face was seated in the upper reaches of the hall.

“The four God Eye Deities in the Life Sacred Land have issued a decree for all experts to gather and discuss countermeasures against the Heaven Lord. God King Swallow Devour, why have you not gone?” Zhao Feng appeared rather surprised.

“This problem was created by the Eight Great God Eyes. I am confident that the God Eye Deities are capable of dealing with it!” God King Swallow Devour heartily laughed.

In his view, the Heaven Lord was only targeting the God Eyes, and the matter had little to do with him. And weren’t there still six God Eye Deities left? That should be enough to deal with the Heaven Lord.

God King Swallow Devour was not the only one with this thought. Zhao Feng had met several other God Kings with the same idea in his search for Ancestral Artifact fragments.

“But you didn’t come here to convince me to join the faction against the Heaven Lord, right?” God King Swallow Devour questioned.

Seeing that God King Swallow Devour was being so blunt, Zhao Feng dropped the pleasantries and went straight to the point. “I hear that God King Swallow Devour has a Space Ancestral Artifact fragment. Is this rumor true?”

“Oh? You are interested in my Space Ancestral Artifact fragment?” God King Swallow Devour squinted.

In truth, he had long ago heard that Zhao Feng was searching for Space Ancestral Artifact fragment, apparently hoping to fuse them into a complete Ancestral Artifact. Thus, God King Swallow Devour had intentionally spread the rumor.

“What conditions does God King Swallow Devour have?” Zhao Feng faintly smiled. He was sure that God King Swallow Devour knew his goal.

“Zhao Feng, you must be gathering Space Ancestral Artifact fragments in order to fight back against the Heaven Lord. In exchange for your Space Pseudo Ancestral Artifact, I, God King Swallow Devour, am willing to join the anti-Heaven Lord faction!” God King Swallow Devour put on an urgent expression as he righteously declared.

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed. It turned out that God King Swallow Devour was after his Pseudo Ancestral Artifact.

You still cannot fully use your God Eye’s power. I will prove to be of greater use if I take your place in the battle against the Heaven Lord,” God King Swallow Devour added, beginning to exude a frightening pressure.

The Heaven Devouring Sacred Land was ranked in the middle of the eighteen Sacred Lands of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, but God King Swallow Devour was ranked among the very best God Kings.

If God King Swallow Devour possessed a complete Ancestral Artifact, he could exhibit the fighting power of a God. Even if it was just a Space Pseudo Ancestral Artifact, God King Swallow Devour was strong enough that his strength would be infinitesimally close to a God’s.

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