King of Gods

Chapter 1547 - Battle Against a God King

Chapter 1547 – Battle Against a God King

Outside the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom, the three God Eyes were in a distant standoff with the Heaven Lord.

Your fate is sealed. Die.” The Divine Punishment God Eye’s tone was cold, his face indifferent.

“Haha, even if the fate of the Heaven Defying Faction is sealed, you can’t kill me!” The Heaven Lord savagely laughed. As long as he wasn’t dead, nothing was finished.


The Heaven Lord waved a hand, and a golden saber covered in strange and simple designs appeared. It exuded the aura of a supreme expert and made the entire world tremble. As he activated it, it flashed with a golden light that pierced through the world, obliterating everything in its path.

“A perfect Metal Law!” The Life God was startled.

Usually only God Kings possessed perfect laws, but it was this weapon that possessed such a powerful law this time. Together with its ancient aura and its single strike that was blazing with fighting intent, one could tell at a glance that it was extraordinary.

This was an Ancestral Artifact!

“Ancestral Artifact, Xingtian!” The Divine Punishment God instantly recognized this Ancestral Artifact.

Ancestral Artifact Xingtian was the Ancestral Artifact of the God Martial Race during the Ancient Era.

“I didn’t think you would have a trump card like this!” The Spacetime God was rather alarmed.

An unprecedented war of God-Devils had taken place in the Ancient Era, and countless experts were killed. Even the real Ancestral Artifacts were shattered, with only a scant few remaining whole.

For the Heaven Lord to hold back such a powerful Ancestral Artifact for so long was evidence of his incredible patience and endurance. The moment he revealed an Ancestral Artifact, many other God Kings, and even Gods, would be certain to long for it. Even if they previously had no quarrel with the Heaven Lord, they would still come to seize the Ancestral Artifact for themselves. But now, at this crucial moment, the Heaven Lord could no longer worry about so much and took out Xingtian.

Within the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom, as a beam of Metal Law energy passed through, the members of both sides felt a sharp pain on their divine bodies and souls. And this was within the Divine Kingdom; there was no telling what would have happened to them if they were outside.

“Has the Heaven Lord already taken out that trump card?” The Right Protector’s face darkened.

“It seems that the Heaven Defying Faction has already hit a dead end!” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

You lot, kill him!” The Right Protector threw down an order and left.

He didn’t have the time to deal with Zhao Feng. He needed to move the Divine Kingdom away from the God battlefield. The Heaven Defying Faction was in danger, and other plans were needed. Thus, he had to divide his attention between controlling the Divine Kingdom and controlling his Samsara Immortal Bodies as they attacked Zhao Feng.

“A mere peak Second Heaven requires my intervention?” A blue-haired elder exuding a chilly aura looked in interest at Zhao Feng.

This blue-haired elder was the God King Samsara Immortal Body. At his side were two Third Heavens and many First and Second Heaven Samsara Immortal Bodies.

“Come out!” Zhao Feng opened a path to his Divine Kingdom and released his clones and subordinates.

Against this many foes, Zhao Feng naturally wouldn’t get careless. Besides, this war was the perfect chance to wipe out the Heaven Defying Faction.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

One figure after another flew out of the Divine Kingdom passage, outnumbering the Right Protector’s Samsara Immortal Bodies. Of course, Zhao Feng’s subordinates were weaker cultivation-wise than the Samsara Immortal Bodies.

“Oh? Kid, you have a lot of helpers?” The crystalline white robe’s tone became somewhat gentler.

In the previous situation, Zhao Feng’s death would have been assured against so many opponents, and it would once more fall under the control of the Heaven Defying Faction, but now that Zhao Feng had summoned so many helpers, they had a chance of escaping.

“Junior, die!” the blue-haired elder roared, an ice storm erupting from his body that caused the surrounding world to freeze.

“Kid, run!” the robe immediately called out.

It was merely a weapon. Without someone to control it, it could not contend against a God King. And Zhao Feng was only a peak Second Heaven who had yet to obtain its recognition. Even if it was refined, Zhao Feng wouldn’t be able to use much of this Pseudo Ancestral Artifact’s power.

“Why run? Fight!” Zhao Feng cried out, releasing immense amounts of Primal Chaos energy as he charged forward.

“What?” The robe was flabbergasted. It had believed that Zhao Feng released his subordinates to cover the retreat and buy time for their escape, but it turned out that Zhao Feng was intending to fight himself.

“Primal Chaos Domain!” Zhao Feng used his vast amounts of Primal Chaos energy to construct a Primal Chaos Domain.

As his opponent was a God King, Zhao Feng constricted the size of the Primal Chaos Domain so that it only strengthened himself. Otherwise, a God King had more than enough power to easily shatter the Primal Chaos Domain.

“Die!” The blue-haired elder swung a hand, sending a wave of ice through the air.

Zhao Feng felt like an iceberg was smashing down on him, its momentum shaking the heavens. A powerful Ice Law energy was affecting the entire world, even Zhao Feng’s Primal Chaos energy.

“Die!” Zhao Feng gripped his Primal Chaos Ancestral Artifact fragment, formed a giant Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword around it, and slashed.

In the past, he was powerless against God King Charflame of the Purgatory Sacred Land, but after going through the instruction of the Divine Punishment God, his strength had undergone an immense transformation. In his next encounter against a God King, Zhao Feng wasn’t experiencing that much pressure.

Boom! Bang!

The Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword collided with the icy slash, the impact causing violent waves of energy to explode toward both sides. Zhao Feng’s hands trembled as a bone-chilling cold assailed him.

“As expected, you’re not simple.” The blue-haired elder gave a mocking smile, seemingly unruffled.

Zhao Feng’s attack just now was extremely powerful, able to match his own, but the gap in cultivation was just too great. His perfect Ice Law had the supreme advantage.

“Is the gap in Laws too much?” Zhao Feng had also realized this. He had a Spacetime Law and a Lightning Law, but when facing a perfect Ice Law, he was still at a disadvantage.

At this moment:

“Kid, I’ll lend you a hand!” The crystalline robe drifted up to Zhao Feng’s size and wrapped around him.

It had been preparing to flee alone, but Zhao Feng’s strength made it reconsider. It also had a deep grudge against the Heaven Defying Faction, so if it could use this chance to give it a savage blow, it would be more than willing to do so. Thus, it decided to help Zhao Feng.

A perfect Space Law energy shrouded the area. Although it was not very stable, it was truly a perfect Space Law.

As Zhao Feng had not refined this Pseudo Ancestral Artifact, he could only use an extremely small part of its Space Law energy, but for Zhao Feng, this was enough.

“Okay!” Delighted, Zhao Feng once more stared at the God King Samsara Immortal Body.

“Pseudo Ancestral Artifact!” A cold light gleamed in the blue-haired old man’s eyes.

In his previous life, he had never owned a Pseudo Ancestral Artifact, but now, a peak Second Heaven God Lord had actually earned the favor of one?

Through the Samsara Immortal Bodies, the Right Protector had a complete understanding of the battlefield. He had a Third Heaven God Lord join the blue-haired elder in dealing with Zhao Feng.

“Go!” Zhao Feng called out, and the Black Destruction Dragon, his clones, the little thieving cat, and the many powerful ancient beasts from his Dream Divine Kingdom entered the battle.

“God-Killing Ice Slash!” The blue-haired elder unleashed a bone-freezing chill that hurtled straight at Zhao Feng. With a wave of his hand, his Ice energy gathered into a crystalline wave that slashed downward at Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng extracted a sliver of perfect Space Law energy from the robe and then swung his Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword. The massive lightning sword instantly slammed into the energy slash made of ice crystals.

Boom! Bang!

The two energies obliterated each other. The Ice Law energy was also blocked by Zhao Feng’s own Laws. This time, Zhao Feng and the blue-haired elder had tied.

At this moment, the Third Heaven Samsara Immortal Body attacked Zhao Feng from behind.


A massive axe made of lightning hurtled toward him.

“Heh, relax! I happen to be a defensive Pseudo Ancestral Artifact.” The crystalline robe around Zhao Feng chuckled.

Although Zhao Feng couldn’t use most of its power, the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact was also outstanding when it came to defense.

Zhao Feng nodded and had his Primal Chaos Domain impede and restrain this Lightning energy. In the end, the crystalline robe managed to easily block what was left of the Lightning energy, leaving Zhao Feng completely unscathed.

“Primal Chaos Lightning Eye!” As he was blocking this attack, Zhao Feng made his own attack, a Tribulation Lightning sword taking form in his left eye.


Tribulation Lightning energy exploded on the blue-haired elder, leaving a large hole.

Although the elder was a Samsara Immortal Body, his body immortal and undying, his soul still suffered excruciating pain.

“Seeking death!” The blue-haired elder was enraged and swung his hands again and again, sending one iceberg after another flying at Zhao Feng.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

With several swings of the Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword, he easily shattered the icebergs, but massive slabs of ice surrounded by ice and snow were still hurtling toward him.

“Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex!” Zhao Feng used the energy of his Primal Chaos Domain to create a Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The frenzied storm of ice arrived, battering against the Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex, needing only a few moments to damage it_ However, within the Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex was the defensive layer of the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact.

“Kid, not bad! I recognize your strength.” Laughter came from the robe.


Zhao Feng charged out and fiercely swung his Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword at the blue-haired elder.

The sliver of perfect Space Law energy from the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact boosted Zhao Feng’s speed, allowing him to dodge some of the more powerful attacks, and this was in addition to the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact itself and his own defensive skills.

As for the Third Heaven Samsara Immortal Body, Zhao Feng was basically ignoring it. Samsara Immortal Bodies were unquestionably more difficult to deal with than the actual person because they were unkillable, but because they had lost their original bloodline, they were weaker overall than they were when they were alive.

“Aaaaah!” the blue-haired elder bellowed. He was actually unable to deal with a single Second Heaven brat? This was partially due to the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact, but he also had to admit that Zhao Feng himself was very powerful.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

Zhao Feng and the blue-haired elder exchanged several hundred blows, neither coming out with the upper hand. But if one looked carefully, the blue-haired elder had sustained more injuries, as it was impossible to dodge Zhao Feng’s Primal Chaos Lightning Eye.

However, as the elder was a Samsara Immortal Body, his body was unkillable. Zhao Feng also had no plans to kill a God King. If he didn’t have the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact, he would have to use all his trump cards to even have the possibility of fighting back against a God King.

But although he couldn’t do much to the blue-haired elder, the fact that he, a mere peak Second Heaven, was able to wound a God King was an extreme humiliation for this God King.

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