King of Gods

Chapter 1522 - The Guidance of a God

Chapter 1522 – The Guidance of a God

After moving Zhao Yufei out of the Dream Divine Kingdom, Zhao Feng explained the reason for the incident. The Heaven Defying Faction had only moved against Zhao Yufei to force Zhao Feng out. It was only right that she knew.

Zhao Feng was also frank with regards to Liu Qinxin. After all, they were both in the secret base of the Sage Faction, so they would eventually run into each other.

“What? Liu Qinxin…?” Zhao Yufei’s face froze, caught off guard by this news.

She naturally recognized this name. This was Zhao Feng’s fiancee. However, Zhao Yufei had never imagined that his name would show up again, and that Liu Qinxin herself would be in this place.

“She’s currently with the Sage Faction, and she played no small part in this mission,” Zhao Feng continued.

If not for the Sage Faction’s Destiny energy, they would have never been able to find Zhao Yufei first, and the Heaven Defying Faction would have ended up capturing her. And if this happened, Zhao Yufei would have definitely been taken to the Heaven Defying Faction’s Divine Kingdom, at which point not even the Divine Punishment God might have been able to rescue her. Besides, the Divine Punishment God had only been returning a favor he owed to Yu Tianwu. He had no need to directly clash with the powerful Heaven Defying Faction even if he could.

“Liu Qinxin, for my sake, she…” Zhao Yufei’s eyes widened in confusion. She hadn’t expected for Liu Qinxin to actually offer assistance in saving her life.

This time, Zhao Feng, the Light Race, the Giant God Race, the Sage Faction, and Liu Qinxin had done everything in their power to save her life. The thought made Zhao Yufei feel rather ashamed.

At this moment, a white-robed woman slowly walked over.

“It’s wonderful that you’re okay!” Liu Qinxin looked at Zhao Yufei and said.

The two of them had met before at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering in the Azure Flower Continent.

“Thank you for helping me!” In the end, this person had assisted in saving her, so Zhao Yufei spoke with sincere gratitude.

Zhao Feng stood to the side, extremely uneasy. In his view, it was already rather surprising that the two hadn’t started to argue. After all, because of Liu Qinxin, Zhao Yufei had once split away from the group for a period of time.

“Sister Yufei, you’ve just arrived, so I’ve come to see if there’s anything you need.” Liu Qinxin gently smiled.

Zhao Yufei was caught by surprise. After glancing at Zhao Feng, she spoke with a very complicated expression on her face, “I don’t need anything right now. Thank you for your concern.” Zhao Yufei could see that Zhao Feng was also struggling over a great dilemma.

Zhao Feng had probably only reconnected with Liu Qinxin recently. In comparison, Zhao Feng had come to know Zhao Yufei much earlier, and they had spent much more time together. She was unwilling to allow another person to share the space in Zhao Feng’s heart.

But Zhao Yufei wanted to fight for this space herself, not throw the problem to Zhao Feng and make him wrack his mind over what choice to make. Thus, Zhao Yufei decided to face everything directly.

On the side, Zhao Feng was shocked. Zhao Yufei and Liu Qinxin were both speaking very calmly, and there was no hint of argument in the air. This completely upset Zhao Feng’s expectations. Zhao Feng even wondered if these two women didn’t like him as much anymore and so no longer cared about their past differences.

Of course, he quickly ruled out that idea.

At this moment, a deep and resounding voice echoed through Zhao Feng’s residence: “Zhao Feng, come to me!”

Yufei, the Divine Punishment God is looking for me. I’ll take my leave now.” Zhao Feng was a little excited. The Divine Punishment God was already looking for him.

Based on the conversation between the Divine Punishment God and Yu Tianwu, Zhao Feng was sure that the Divine Punishment God had remained here for his sake.

Zhao Feng quickly arrived at the Divine Punishment God’s residence.

“Paying respects to Senior Divine Punishment!” Zhao Feng bowed.

“Mm! If you want me to instruct you, you must frankly answer the questions I ask you,” the Divine Punishment God spoke bluntly and firmly.

Zhao Feng was taken aback. The God’s Spiritual Eye was his greatest secret, and keeping it secret had already become a habit. But the Divine Punishment God had a God Eye of his own and also displayed no desire for the Ninth God Eye despite knowing his true identity.

In the end, Zhao Feng nodded. After all, he needed to rely on the Divine Punishment God to increase his strength as quickly as possible. Obtaining the guidance of a God was something that many people could only dream about.

“What is the ability of your Ninth God Eye?” the Divine Punishment God directly asked. Each of the Eight Great God Eyes had their own absolute domain. The Ninth God Eye was probably no different.

“It should be the Soul Dao and Dream Dao…” Upon being suddenly asked this question, not even Zhao Feng was sure of the answer.

The Divine Punishment God was rather astonished. Even though he was the Ninth God Eye, Zhao Feng apparently wasn’t fully aware of his God Eye’s abilities.

But with the Soul Dao and Dream Dao that Zhao Feng mentioned, the Divine Punishment God had a rough understanding of the Ninth God Eye’s abilities.

“I am no expert in these aspects.” The Divine Punishment God slightly shook his head. It was obvious that he was not the right teacher for Zhao Feng. A God King skilled in the Soul Dao or Dream Dao would be better suited.

But Yu Tianwu wouldn’t do anything so foolish. The Divine Punishment God carefully examined Zhao Feng and revealed a hint of surprise. He sensed an energy that he was more intimate with on Zhao Feng’s body.

“Senior’s Divine Punishment energy should have some connection to Tribulation Lightning energy. Besides the Soul Dao, this junior also cultivates the Lightning Dao…” Zhao Feng noticed the Divine Punishment God’s confusion and spoke up.

Crack! Pop!

At the same time, he had his Lightning Soul Body release Tribulation Lightning energy.

“A unique Lightning Soul Body! Not bad.” The Divine Punishment God nodded.

Tribulation Lightning energy could be considered a part of Divine Punishment energy. Although it was not as powerful as Divine Punishment, it was extremely powerful when it came to pure offensive might.

As the Divine Punishment God, he could not only instruct Zhao Feng on how to use his God Eye, but he could also increase Zhao Feng’s proficiency with Tribulation Lightning energy. This truly did make him a suitable te^


“Okay! For the time being, you will cultivate at my place!” the Divine Punishment God firmly said.

Zhao Feng nodded. He was the Ninth God Eye, but he lacked sufficient strength, so he had to worry about others desiring the Ninth God Eye. Thus, Zhao Feng ardently desired to increase his own power.

“I have with me a Paramount Scripture called the Tribulation Lightning Sacred Scripture. I will perform it for you. What you can comprehend depends entirely on your ability.” The Divine Punishment God stood up and took Zhao Feng into his Divine Kingdom with a wave of his hand.

This Divine Kingdom was bathed in sunlight and bursting with life. There were no clouds in the sky, only crackling arcs of white-gold lightning.

“Watch closely!” the Divine Punishment God suddenly called out.

Zhao Feng immediately focused, even activating his Dream God Eye. He hadn’t expected for the Divine Punishment God to start right away by showing skills from a Paramount Scripture. Perhaps he simply didn’t care about such things, but for those experts below the God King level, Paramount Scriptures were priceless treasures.

The Divine Punishment God’s proficiency in Divine Punishment energy was unparalleled in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. As Tribulation Lightning energy was a part of Divine Punishment energy, the Divine Punishment God had an understanding of it that almost no one could match.

Crack! Pop!

The white-gold flashes of lightning in the sky slowly transformed into Tribulation Lightning energy. It was the same Tribulation Lightning energy, but the Tribulation Lightning energy controlled by the Divine Punishment God was much stronger than Zhao Feng’s.

Zhao Feng activated his left eye and observed.

Hisss! Kacrack!

Although the Divine Punishment God was standing still, the Tribulation Lightning energy around him was madly surging, shifting into various shapes as if they were trying to reveal to Zhao Feng the mysterious principles governing the universe. Zhao Feng felt like even the rhythm of the thunder and lightning contained countless pieces of information, so much that there was no time to take it all in.

Once he comprehended some of the contents, they would imprint on his soul, transforming into a principle that he could comprehend but not transmit to others through words.

Gradually, the Tribulation Lightning energy calmed down.

“Cultivate here. After two months, I will come to see how you have done.” After saying this, the Divine Punishment God left the Divine Kingdom.

But for Zhao Feng, this was an extremely generous instruction session from the Divine Punishment God.

The vast amounts of pure Tribulation Lightning energy that still filled the world had been left here by the Divine Punishment God for Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng seated himself cross-legged on the ground. The partial contents of the Tribulation Lightning Sacred Scripture emerged in his mind, and he began to cultivate.

Cultivating Tribulation Lightning energy was of enormous benefit to his Lightning Soul Body. Moreover, Zhao Feng’s Soul eye-bloodline techniques were connected to his Tribulation Lightning energy, and his Tribulation Lightning energy could also be fused with Primal Chaos energy. Strengthening his Tribulation Lightning energy would be an enormous boost to Zhao Feng’s overall strength.

As he had to show his progress in two months, Zhao Feng entirely focused on the Tribulation Lightning Sacred Scripture.

Two months later, the quality of Zhao Feng’s Tribulation Lightning energy had received a significant boost, and he had also reached a new level in his proficiency. Swish!

The Divine Punishment God suddenly appeared. “Begin,” the Divine Punishment God calmly said. Swish!

Zhao Feng immediately circulated his Tribulation Lightning energy and Primal Chaos energy, and a moment later, he had created a Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword.

At the beginning, Zhao Feng would have to create the Primal Chaos Divine Sword first before infusing it with Tribulation Lightning energy, but now, Zhao Feng could instantly create one.


A moment later, the Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword divided into a Primal Chaos Sword and a Tribulation Lightning Sword.

“Not bad! You even cultivate Primal Chaos energy?” The Divine Punishment God had a somewhat higher opinion of Zhao Feng now. It seemed like he had truly underestimated the Ninth God Eye. Zhao Feng not only had the power of the God Eye, but also other formidable energies.

Now that the Divine Punishment God had approved of Zhao Feng, he began to instruct Zhao Feng with even greater focus and attention. The Divine Punishment God not only instructed him in Tribulation Lightning energy, but also in how to improve one’s cultivation and about God Eyes.

Three years passed in the blink of an eye. Other than cultivating with the Divine Punishment God, Zhao Feng would occasionally make some time to go and visit Xin Wuheng, Zhao Yufei, and Liu Qinxin.

While Zhao Feng spent this time primarily focused on cultivation, the unexpected occurred. He realized that Zhao Yufei and Liu Qinxin seemed to be getting closer and their relationship was not as frosty as he had imagined. Perhaps it was because the two of them were from the Azure Flower Continent. Zhao Yufei did not have many acquaintances here, and they were both girls, so maybe it was natural that they became closer.

In the central six-sided tower, an extremely senior sage stood in the center of the floor. Yu Tianwu was seated high above.

“Lord Tianwu, the Heaven Defying Faction has made a major move!” the black-robed sage reported.

“Oh? What have they done?” Yu Tianwu’s eyes gleamed.

“They conquered the Chixing Zone’s Illusion God Sacred Land!” the black-robed sage immediately replied.

In conquering a Sacred Land, the Heaven Defying Faction had truly made a great show of its power.

This matter had naturally attracted the attention of the other Sacred Lands, but the Heaven Defying Faction’s stated reason for fighting was that the God Lords of the Illusion God Sacred Land had previously killed a God Lord of the Heaven Defying Faction. Since negotiations had come to nothing, it chose to start a war.

The reason was ample and the evidence was firm. The other factions found it difficult to object to the actions of the Heaven Defying Faction.

“It seems that they’re about to start their plan.” Yu Tianwu closed his eyes in thought for some time before finally sighing.

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