King of Gods

Chapter 12 – Splitting the money

Chapter 12 – Splitting the money

“Look! That person seems to be one of the Zhao family disciples!”

The other Xin disciples looked at Zhao Feng who was following the tiger. Xin Fei looked at Zhao Feng’s back and murmured, “What a high level of footwork! His speed is not even slower than mine when I go full out! His archery skills are not bad either……”

“Hmph! He’s just a guy who fires cold arrows! He better not let us catch up, or else……”

A youth, who was at the third rank, coldly said. This youth’s strength was placed after Xin Fei’s.

His words were immediately agreed upon by the others, “You are right! That kid let us be the bait and fired his own arrows while hiding!”

“Xin Gang, that person saved our lives.”

Xin Fei shook his head.

Just at this moment, a few miles out, the last roar of the “Green Headed Tigers” sounded…..

The expressions of the Xin family disciples changed. Without even thinking about it, they knew that the tiger must have died.


The youth named Xin Gang charged towards the direction of the sound.

At the same time, three or four miles out in the east direction.


Zhao Feng leaned against a tree and breathed heavily. Downwards, the five metre long tiger had a few arrows stuck in its forehead. Not long ago, the tiger was a ferocious being. Now however, it had no life left…..

Zhao Feng on instinct tried to take out another arrow but then realised that there were none left.


Zhao Feng floated towards the corpse and went into deep thought.


His left eye locked in on the Xin disciples who were two miles out. Zhao Feng stood still and did not move to touch the corpse. It wasn’t that he did not want to, it was just a bit hard for him to do so.

The tiger’s body weighed around three tons and was hard to move. Also, the tiger king’s skin was tough to cut.

Soon the five Xin disciples arrived.

“Kid! Move quickly! This is ours!”

Xin Gang, who was at the front, arrogantly said.

He was wary of Zhao Feng’s strength at first, but when he saw that Zhao Feng was only a second ranker, he obviously didn’t put Zhao Feng in his eyes anymore.

Although they had lost one person, and Xin Fei was exhausted, they still had two people of the second rank and two more of the third.

Zhao Feng stood his ground and mockingly looked at Xin Gang.

He was only wary of Xin Fei.

“Xin Gang! He saved our lives! We can discuss how to split the tiger.”

Xin Fei said slowly as he arrived.

Zhao Feng looked at him praisingly, “Just as I thought. The tigers corpse is this big, and I do not have to tools to cut it, nor the strength to carry it away.”

Xin Fei had put a lot of power into killing this tiger. They had also lost one person. Although Xin Gang was somewhat unwilling, he still agreed. Soon they started discussing how to split the tiger.

“Two-eight. The Xin family will take eight.”

Xin Gang said with an iron tone.

“Hmph! Twenty percent is already too much for this kid!”

The rest of the Xin family all had faces full of disdain.

“Two-eight? Hahaha……”

Zhao Feng laughed immediately.

“Kid! What are you laughing about? I want to hear how much you want to take!”

“Two-eight. I get eight….. You get two!”

Zhao Feng said. At first he wanted to split it five-five, but he did not think that the Xin family would have such an attitude.

“Don’t be arrogant! I’ll see how strong you are!”

Xin Gang laughed and pulled out his sword.


Xin Fei tried to stop him but it was too late.

“Illusion Wind After-Image!”

Xin Fei was like a wind that whirled towards Zhao Feng.

“It is the high rank martial art Broken Wind Sword!”

“That kid is dead now. Xin Gang had already trained the first six moves of Broken Wind Sword to the low level.”

The Xin disciples had sympathetic expressions.

“Small tricks!”

Zhao Feng didn’t retreat but instead moved forward.

What speed!

Everyone, including Xin Fei, only saw Zhao Feng turn into a blur.

Not good!

Xin Gang’s Illusion Wind After-Image missed and Zhao Feng was closing in on him at an insane speed.

“Angry Wind After-Image!”

Xin Gang shouted as he used another attack.

“Angry Dragon Breaking the Sky!”

Zhao Feng put all of his strength into his fists. The moment he merged Angry Dragon Fists and Air Pushing Breathing Technique together, his power increased by more than double.

“What strength!”

Xin Gang felt as if a volcano was erupting. Zhao Feng’s strength almost surpassed the strength of third rankers.


A loud explosion sounded as Xin Gang and Zhao Feng clashed.


Xin Gang spit blood as he was hit by the first punch.

The second punch.


His silver sword was knocked flying.

The third punch.


His whole body flew out and left an imprint of him on a tree.

What power!

So strong!

The other Xin disciples stood there dazed. They never thought that someone who had the power of the peak of the third rank would lose in one move to a second rank Zhao sect disciple.


Xin Fei, who wasn’t far away, asked, “May I know your name?”

“Zhao Feng.”

Zhao Feng casually took back his fists.

“Kid! You were just lucky this time!”

Xin Gang crawled up from the ground, “I’ve been fighting the tiger and am exhausted. Next time you won’t have such luck.”


Zhao Feng gave off a faint smile. Although Xin Gang was injured, Zhao Feng believed that he could still beat him at his peak. The only one he was wary of was Xin Fei.

Xin Fei’s strength had almost reached the fourth rank. When he used all of his strength it could even damage the Green Headed Tiger King, not to mention third rankers.

“Xin Gang! You are not his opponent! Do you not think that you have already lost enough face?”

Xin Fei slowly turned towards Zhao Feng. Suddenly, his body gave off a frightening fighting will. Zhao Feng’s heart jumped, “Did Xin Fei already recover?”

Of course, if Xin Fei did not have sixty-percent of his strength, then Zhao Feng wasn’t afraid of him. After being in such a state, it was obvious that Xin Fei had yet to fully recovered.

“Your fist skill has almost reached the peak level and your footwork is incredible. Next time I would like to spar with you.”

Xin Fei faced Zhao Feng in the eye full of praise.

“Sure, we will spar next time.”

Although Zhao Feng was wary of him, it did not mean that he was scared. Xin Fei’s strength was at least on par with Zhao Yijian, who was ranked third amongst the outer disciples.

If Zhao Feng could beat Zhao Yijian, then he would have the ability to fight Xin Fei.

Soon they finished discussing how to split their rewards.

“Six-four. Me six, you guys four.”

Zhao Feng said.


Xin Fei was the one that answered as the other Xin disciples did not have the courage to respond. They were wary of Zhao Feng’s strength.

Zhao Feng nodded to himself, giving 40% away was like shooting two birds with one arrow. Firstly, he did not have any tool to cut or move the corpse, so he just let the others do the work. Secondly, he did not want to make that many enemies before he had enough strength.

Imagine if he took it all of it for himself. Would that not cause the eyes of the others to go red?

The tiger was dissected one hour later.

Zhao Feng took the most expensive parts and left all of the meat to the Xin disciples. After confirming that he took sixty percent he casually left.

“Hmmm….. The Zhao sect seems to have a new genius. Even Zhao Linlong wasn’t as strong as him at the same level of cultivation.” Xin Fei said as his eyes followed Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Linlong!”

Xin Gang had an expression of awe, “He is one of the four genius’ of Sun Feather City! He already reached the fourth rank two years ago and became a true martial artist! How can this kid be compared to him?”

The four great genius’ were the top youths of Sun Feather City. Any one of them were true martial artists and they were stronger than other martial artists by far.

“Do not even mention Zhao Linlong, even brother Fei could kill that kid in one blow”


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