King of Gods

Chapter 1180 - Three Moves

Chapter 1180: Three Moves

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Chapter 1180 – Three Moves

The groups from the Blue Scaled Race and Golden-Armed Race moved back several dozen miles.

Those from the Golden-Armed Race thought well of Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng had even managed to chase after Hou Qing. Although it might have been due to the azure-robed elder’s help, Zhao Feng’s own strength was definitely not as simple as it seemed.

The Blue Scaled Race members were obviously very confident in themselves. One had to know that Quasi-God Lan Ye had the record of killing a Rank Two True God before. How could a measly peak Mystic Light Realm block three moves from Quasi-God Lan Ye?

However, what the Blue Scaled Race didn’t know was that Zhao Feng had also killed a Rank Two True God before, and it was the extremely power True God Guili who cultivated the Dao of Ghosts.

“There’s still time for you to reconsider. If you kneel on the ground and give the Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower to me, the Blue Scaled Race won’t kill you!” Quasi-God Lan Ye looked down from above with an arrogant expression. To him, fighting against a peak Mystic Light Realm was a humiliation.

“If the Blue Scaled Race could kill me, they would have long ago!” Zhao Feng revealed a faint smile. He was obviously looking down on the Blue Scaled Race. They had met twice, but they hadn’t managed to kill him either time.

“You don’t know what’s good for you, do you!?” Quasi-God Lan Ye’s eyes were cold. Zhao Feng’s attitude made him unhappy. He was going to crush Zhao Feng under his feet in order to release the anger in his heart.

“Green Wave Palm!” A ripple of green water surged around Quasi-God Lan Ye and merged into his right palm.


A wave containing limitless power shot out from this palm. The palm seemed to contain an ancient figure. While this palm seemed casual, it contained a wisp of Quasi-God Lan Ye’s bloodline power because he wanted to utterly crush Zhao Feng as much as possible without using a hidden card.

“Earth Lightning Sacred Armor!” Zhao Feng immediately circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and the Earth of Wind Lightning to form a sparkling dark yellow armor of lightning around himself.

Boom! Weng~~~

Zhao Feng’s Earth Lightning Sacred Armor shattered after a moment, and Quasi-God Lan Ye’s palm landed on Zhao Feng’s chest.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

Zhao Feng retreated three steps and stabilized his figure. His face was pale-white.

“Your luck isn’t bad. You actually managed to take that palm!” Quasi-God Lan Ye’s eyes were calm.

“Looks like Zhao Feng will definitely lose!”

“Quasi-God Lan Ye’s palm was just a test!”

The three elders of the Blue Scaled Race talked to each another as pride and smugness radiated from them.

The Golden-Armed Race trio had grim gazes. From the looks of it, Zhao Feng wasn’t having it easy.

“He’s hiding his strength!” At this moment, the tall male from the Golden-Armed Race sent a message to the other two.

“So that’s how it is!” Yu Hen nodded his head. Based on Zhao Feng’s display before, he should’ve been able to block that palm, but Zhao Feng purposely pretended he couldn’t.

“The second move!” Quasi-God Lan Ye said with a proud expression.


Quasi-God Lan Ye waved his hand, and limitless laws of water were grabbed by him. After understanding Zhao Feng’s strength, Quasi-God Lan Ye was sure that he could defeat Zhao Feng with this move.


Quasi-God Lan Ye instantly activated the bloodline of the Blue Scaled Race. The blue scales on his body became more distinct, and his skin became darker like the color of the ocean.

“Lose!” Quasi-God Lan Ye immediately attacked, unleashing a terrifying palm of water that howled toward Zhao Feng.

“Earth Lightning Sacred Armor, Sacred Lightning Protection!” Zhao Feng instantly revealed an expression as if he was giving it his all. He used two defensive techniques and unleashed more power from his Sacred Lightning Body.

Boom! Peng!

The palm clashed with the defense. After interacting for a while, Zhao Feng’s defense was shattered, and the remaining power slammed into Zhao Feng’s body.

Deng! Deng!

This time, Zhao Feng retreated four steps, and his expression became uglier like he had reached his limit.

“Hmm? You blocked it?” Quasi-God Lan Ye was surprised. Zhao Feng only barely managed to block the first move, but the power of his second move was at least double that of before. Zhao Feng still blocked it?

It wasn’t just Quasi-God Lan Ye that was surprised; the three elders and the Hu brothers were also extremely surprised. They could sense the difference between the moves, but Zhao Feng barely managed to block them both.

“He estimated the strength of Quasi-God Lan Ye’s attacks, so he can ‘barely’ manage to block them every time!” The tall male from the Golden-Armed Race messaged the other two.

“Zhao Feng has such a skill?” Yu Hen was shocked.

The only explanation as to why Zhao Feng could perfectly block both attacks of differing power was because he had accurately calculated the attacking power of Quasi-God Lan Ye’s moves both times. If Zhao Feng showed strong battle-power from the start, then Quasi-God Lan Ye would use his full strength and hidden cards as well, making it harder to block.

“What good planning!” The girl in pink smiled.

“You shall lose with the third move!” Quasi-God Lan Ye’s eyebrows furrowed. The brat in front of him was slightly weird. He actually managed to block two moves in a row.


The bloodline power coming from Quasi-God Lan Ye became even stronger as the nearby waves and Intent started to rise. Everyone knew that Quasi-God Lan Ye was going to use a divine technique now.

“Lan Ye, that brat is calculating the power of your attacks. He’s only acting like he’s injured. Don’t be fooled by him. Use an ultimate move right away!” Right at this moment, a Rank Three True God from the Blue Scaled Race sent a message to Quasi-God Lan Ye.

“What?” An explosion sounded in Quasi-God Lan Ye’s mind. Although he couldn’t believe that, when he thought about it, it must’ve been true.

This was what was meant by “Those that are involved can’t see the situation well while those watching could see everything clearly.” Quasi-God Lan Ye was far more talented than the elders, but he couldn’t tell what was happening.

However, Quasi-God Lan Ye didn’t make any rash moves after learning this. He acted as if he was still going to use a regular divine technique.

“Green Ripple Palm!” Quasi-God Lan Ye thrust out his palm, but immediately afterward, a faint blue long sword appeared in his hands and rippled with a cold flow of water.

“Slash!” Quasi-God Lan Ye instantly circulated his bloodline Divine Power when he took out the divine weapon and slashed out. No one could react in time.

“Shameless!” Yu Hen revealed a disdainful expression. The prodigy of the Blue Scaled Race who had the strength of a peak Rank Two True God had to use such a shameless technique against a peak Mystic Light Realm.

“Hehehe!” The three elders from the Blue Scaled Race revealed faint smiles. They didn’t think that Quasi-God Lan Ye would use an ultimate move at the last moment. Zhao Feng might very likely be killed by Quasi-God Lan Ye.

All their attention was drawn to Quasi-God Lan Ye.

Weng~~ Whoosh!

The dark blue sword-light slashed toward Zhao Feng with limitless cold water. However, everyone was surprised to find a long black sword in Zhao Feng’s hand.

Weng~ Weng!

Lightning-Fire Obliteration poured into the long black sword as the green lines on it started to glow.

Whoosh! Shua!

Zhao Feng slashed out a scarlet-golden light after activating his Sacred Lightning Body.


Two terrifying sword moves clashed, unleashing a wave of power in every direction. Two nearby giant trees were instantly cut apart.

Weng~ Boom!

A faint scarlet-golden light sped toward Quasi-God Lan Ye amidst the storm of destruction.

“You… how is this possible!?” Quasi-God Lan Ye was in shock and disbelief as he was pushed back several steps by Zhao Feng’s sword blow. Blood leaked out from his mouth.

Quasi-God Lan Ye touched the injuries on his body in a daze. He had been injured by a peak Mystic Light Realm!

“You dare to injure me!?” Quasi-God Lan Ye’s bloodline power started to burn as a terrifying ancient pressure crushed forward.

“What? The geniuses of the Blue Scaled Race don’t keep their word?” Yu Hen activated his Golden-Armed Race bloodline and stood next to Zhao Feng. Even he hadn’t thought that Zhao Feng had hidden himself so deeply. Yu Hen finally realized that, when Quasi-God Lan Ye was preparing for the third move, Zhao Feng had already taken out his full strength as well, so he wasn’t scared by Quasi-God Lan Ye’s sudden change of attack.

What surprised him even more was that both parties had used a divine weapon to unleash their attacks, but Zhao Feng’s attack had the advantage. Although Quasi-God Lan Ye hadn’t made enough preparations, Quasi-God Lan Ye’s Divine Power was obviously stronger than Zhao Feng’s. This meant that the quality of Zhao Feng’s divine weapon was better than Quasi-God Lan Ye’s.

“Lan Ye, stop!” At this moment, the three elders from the Blue Scaled Race called out. They were all enraged and unwilling as well, but they weren’t confident that they could kill all five in front of them. Once the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods learned that the Blue Scaled Race had attacked the opposing party after losing a bet, even if they managed to kill Zhao Feng in the end, the Blue Scaled Race would lose a lot of reputation and trust.

If they could kill the five in front of them, the three elders wouldn’t stop Quasi-God Lan Ye. However, the fight between Quasi-God Lan Ye and Zhao Feng seemed to attract other experts in Phoenix Forest.

“Zhao Feng, I – Quasi-God Lan Ye – will remember you!” Quasi-God Lan Ye suppressed the anger in his heart as his expression calmed down, but the cold killing intent in his eyes became stronger.


A golden crystal pearl flew toward Zhao Feng as the Blue Scaled Race’s group departed.

“It is indeed a Metal God Crystal!” Zhao Feng looked at the sparkling golden crystal pearl in his hand and put it into his interspatial dimension.

Clap! Clap!

Clapping sounded right after the Blue Scaled Race’s group left.

“Brother Yu Hen, what force is this genius from? Quickly introduce him to me!” A figure in black descended.

“Quasi-God Jian Feng!” Yu Hen’s gaze focused as he looked at this casual figure.

“I met Brother Zhao along the way. He was chasing after Hou Qing, and we decided to join forces….” Yu Hen started to introduce Zhao Feng, but he realized that he didn’t actually know that much about Zhao Feng, so he could only say a few sentences.

Seeing that Yu Hen treated this person so solemnly, Zhao Feng knew that the opposing party’s strength must be extremely great, so Zhao Feng inspected him closely.

“Chasing after Hou Qing?” Quasi-God Jian Feng paused for a moment as he looked at Zhao Feng.

Quasi-God Jian Feng was from the Sky Haze Race, which was a peak four-star power like the Sky Water Yao Race. Hou Qing’s name wasn’t simple. It wasn’t much if Zhao Feng managed to defeat Quasi-God Lan Ye, but it was completely different if he dared to chase after Hou Qing.

Yu Hen also didn’t say what race Zhao Feng was from. Could it be that Zhao Feng’s force was extremely strong even by their standards?

That must be the case, or else why would he dare to come to Phoenix Forest? Phoenix Forest is one of the main targets of the Sky Water Yao Race, and they have many members here! Quasi-God Jian Feng paid more attention to Zhao Feng.

“Brother Yu Hen, you only have five people. It’ll be hard for you to find great fortune in Phoenix Forest. Come help the Sky Haze Race!” Quasi-God Jian Feng spoke.

Quasi-God Jian Feng had originally been discussing how to attack the phoenix nest in the center regions when he sensed the bloodline of the Golden-Armed Race by accident, so he came over to have a look. The battle-power of everyone from the Golden-Armed Race was high. If they were willing to help the Sky Haze Race, their chances of successfully attacking the center phoenix nest would be higher.

“Brother Zhao, the Sky Haze Race that Quasi-God Jian Feng is from is preparing to attack the center of Phoenix Forest. Let’s go have a look!” Yu Hen looked at Zhao Feng, as if asking for his thoughts.

“The center of Phoenix Forest!” Zhao Feng’s heart moved. Only a peak four-star power would dare to attack the central phoenix nest, and the whole reason Zhao Feng had come to Phoenix Forest was to obtain some benefits.

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