King of Gods

Chapter 10 – Sky Cloud Forest

Chapter 10 - Sky Cloud Forest


Inside a fancy building at the Zhao Sect.

“Elder brother! You’ve got to help me! Zhao Feng made me lose face and he is just a lowly branch disciple!”

Zhao Kun bit his teeth and said with murderous intent.

He had lost twice in a row to a branch disciple, he did not have the face to leave his house.


Inside the room sat a slim, leopard like, short-haired youth.

This was Zhao Kun’s older brother, Zhao Gan.

“Elder brother, I am begging you. You have got to help me.”

Zhao Kun was full of fear and hatred.

He was afraid of his brother.

Ever since he was born, Zhao Gan had bullied him.

He felt useless as Zhao Gan was always better than him at everything.

Zhao Gan had now reached the peak of the 3rd rank of the Martial Path and had already trained the Thirteen Changes of the Poisonous Snake to the 6th change, which allowed for him to rank top 5 out of the outer sect disciples.

Even three or five of Zhao Kun weren’t his brother’s opponent.


The morning of the second day.

Zhao Feng got out of bed early and started to practice Angry Dragon Fists and Air Pushing Breathing Technique.

These two martial art skills were the ones that Zhao Feng mainly trained in.

“I still have some way until I reach the 3rd rank of the Martial Path.”

Zhao Feng practiced for half an hour and acted on yesterday's “plans”, walking towards the money room of the sect.

According to the rules, Zhao Feng could get ten pieces of silver per month.

“I haven’t taken this month’s money yet.”

Zhao Feng soon arrived at the money room.

“Zhao Feng, second rank of the Martial Path, branch disciple, monthly money of twenty silver.”

The accountant said expressionlessly.

Twenty pieces of silver?

Zhao Feng took over the money and exchanged his thanks.

After reaching the second rank, his monthly allowance had doubled.

Although a monthly allowance of twenty silver could let a whole family eat and sleep without worrying, it was nothing for martial artists.

Some expensive cultivation resources that could increase one’s cultivation speed and help breakthrough realms easily exceeded thousands of pieces of silver.

Any of the resources rich disciples ate casually exceeded thirty years of normal disciples’ allowances.

“Twenty pieces of silver…..”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and holding his silver, left the Zhao sects territory and headed towards the market of Sun Feather City.

He used to give the money he got to his parents to help them out.

This time however, he did not do that. Instead he took the silver and left.

Soon after, Zhao Feng stepped into Sun Feather’s City’s largest market.

A weapon’s shop in the city.

“Shopkeeper, how much is this “Heavy Metal Bow”?”

Zhao Feng finally decided after taking a long time.

“This Heavy Metal Bow is extremely powerful. It can shoot up to one hundred and fifty metres. Twenty pieces of silver, no bargaining.”

The shopkeeper said as he smiled.

He had seen the “Zhao sect” symbol on Zhao Feng’s clothes.

At Sun Feather City, the Zhao sect, Qiu sect, and the Xin sect were the three largest families and had total dominance within the city.

“Twenty pieces of silver?”

Zhao Feng crossed his eyebrow and deeply said, “Can it be a little cheaper?”

The shopkeeper smiled faintly: “Fine, I will give you the lowest price, eighteen pieces of silver.”

“Fifteen! I am low on money, but when I get more I will double the money and give it to you.”

Zhao Feng said with honesty.

“Fifteen pieces? That’s probably a bit low, there is almost no profit……”

The shopkeeper seemed to have a little difficulty, but maybe seeing the honesty in Zhao Feng’s eyes, he bit his lips: “Fine, hopefully you keep your promise because this shop is also under the Zhao sect’s territory.”

“Thank you.”

Zhao Feng said gratefully.

He never realised that this shop was under the Zhao sect.

Soon, Zhao Feng bought the bow at a price of fifteen silver and also bought some arrows and food.

Now, Zhao Feng had no money left.

“Hopefully it won’t fail….”

Zhao Feng murmured to himself and soon left Sun Feather City.


As soon as he left Sun Feather City, Zhao Feng used Lightly Floating Ferry to move. His speed was even faster than most normal horses.

Two hours later, Zhao Feng finally arrived at his destination, the Sky Cloud Forest.

“Sky Cloud Forest” was the County of Cloud’s biggest forest. It’s area even spanned across over ten other countries.

Being the largest forest of the surrounding countries, “Sky Cloud Forest” had many dangerous wild beasts, and near the centre of it there were high level “deadly beasts”.

Deadly beasts were far stronger than wild beasts. They had been affected by spiritual energy, and had therefore slowly changed into powerful beings.

A few strong deadly beasts could easily destroy a village. Only true martial artists could fight them.

Zhao Feng came to the Sky Cloud Forest, obviously not to try finding deadly beasts as he still wanted to live.

His goal was simple, hunting to earn money!

Some strong wild beasts inside the Sky Cloud Forest had expensive furs and other materials.

E.g, a fully-grown bear could sell for two to three hundred silver.

However, a fully-grown bear’s strength far exceed normal second rankers. Only third rankers could win against it.

Obviously, Zhao Feng’s target wasn’t a bear or a large sized wild beast.

“Although large sized wild beasts are worth a lot of money, their mass is too big. I cannot carry many back and forth.”

Zhao Feng had already made his plans.


His body was like a feather as he used the branches to propel himself forward.

Soon, Zhao Feng landed on top of a hundred meter tall tree.

This tree was higher than it’s surroundings, giving Zhao Feng dominant vision.

If he hadn’t learnt Lightly Floating Ferry then being at this height would make his heart beat rapidly.

As he stood on the tree, Zhao Feng used his left eye to survey his surroundings.


That moment, his left eye went into super-vision mode. Everything within five or six miles was clearly seen by him.

Zhao Feng first had to confirm whether there were any dangerous wild or deadly beasts around.

Soon Zhao Feng understood the situation within five to six miles.

There were twenty beasts that threatened him, and only one of them were close to him. Luckily, there weren’t any deadly beasts.

“I am starting now.”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath then slowly pulled out his heavy metal bow.


As the bow string trembled, the arrow hit a golden-spotted snake one hundred metres away.


The golden-spotted snake jumped up and spat out snake language in a fearsome manner.

However, Zhao Feng’s arrow skills were perfect, and directly hit its vitalities.

The golden-spotted snake thrashed slightly but soon died.

“Golden Striped Snake, super poisonous beasts that can threaten even third rankers.”

Zhao Feng slightly let out a breath and wiped his sweat.

If they were fighting straight on, the golden striped snake had a high chance of kill him as it was extremely fast and poisonous.”

However, Zhao Feng had also gained a lot.

The golden striped snake’s teeth and liver parts were extremely expensive.

After killing the “golden striped snake”, Zhao Feng used his left eye to find new targets.

Shou ----------

Suddenly, Zhao Feng heard a screech in mid air.

A metal-mouthed eagle, with a wingspan of one meter, easily killed a wolf that was of the second rank.

Zhao Feng had a solemn face. The metal-mouthed eagle was called “Metal Pecking Eagle”, and was extremely famous in the Sky Cloud Forest. Its strength easily exceeded that of normal second rankers and flew freely in the air. It almost had no natural enemies.

“Metal Pecking Eagles are extremely fast. Its feathers and defense are also strong. It is almost a deadly beast. One would be worth seven to eight hundred pieces of silver.”

Zhao Feng thought as he used his left eye to target the metal pecking eagle.

This time, he took out an arrow coated with poison.


The heavy metal bow was soon pulled to the max…...

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