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Challenge 38 – Zhao Han’s Challenge

Challenge 38 – Zhao Han’s Challenge

It was finally Zhao Feng’s turn. Being the top outer disciple, who would he challenge?

The top six had all reached the fourth rank. Zhao Linlong had reached the peak of the fifth rank, a bit better than Zhao Feng. Under the expectations of the crowd, Zhao Feng slowly said: “Pass.”

What!? Pass?

“Giving up your chance to challenge someone this round means that you only have two chances left to challenge someone.” The judge said, surprised.

However, the rules said that the challenger could give up their chance if they wanted to. Zhao Feng obviously had his plans when he passed his turn.

His goal was the top three. This was only the first of three rounds, he didn’t need everyone to know his true strength.

Secondly, he first wanted to understand the true strength of Zhao Linlong. Zhao Feng didn’t dare to look down on the top three as they had all reached the fifth rank.

“Hmph! You think that because you gave up your chance, I don’t have anyway around that… ” Zhao Han, who was ranked third, looked mockingly towards Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng also felt his enmity.

Before the tournament, Zhao Han had once told him that he would break his arm, just like how Zhao Feng did to Zhao Yijian.

After ten days, Zhao Han’s cultivation was fully stable, and he could keep his Inner Strength under control.

Number fifteenth… fourteenth… thirteenth…

The challengers became stronger. The competition for the top ten was very intense, but it was mainly focused on the seventh to tenth places. This was because the other six had all reached the fourth rank or higher, their places were stable.

Soon, the top ten was decided. Now, the people focused on the top five and even the top three.

“I want to challenge number four, Zhao Qin.” The azure-clothed youth said as he held his halberd. The impression that Zhao Qin gave Zhao Feng was gentle,quiet and calm.

“Zhao Tun, you just reached the fourth rank not long ago and you’re already challenging me?” Zhao Qin faintly smiled. Her style of fighting was similar to her attitude. She used softness to counter hardness and her speciality was speed.

“You’re the only one I can challenge in the top five. Let’s have a good fight!” Zhao Tun danced with his halberd. This was just the beginning of the ranking tournament and two true martial artists were already fighting. After tangling for a long time, Zhao Qin came out victorious. After all, she had the higher cultivation and her skills were trained to a higher level.

Although Zhao Tun lost, his ranking stayed the same. Zhao Qin felt helpless as she scanned the top three. The top three were all too strong. All of them had reached the fifth rank. But to give up so easily wasn’t her style.

Zhao Qin finally made her decision: “I choose to challenge number two, Zhao Chi.”

Zhao Chi had just recently reached the fifth rank as well, but his Inner Strength wasn’t as strong as Zhao Han’s.

“Haha! You know you’ll still lose Zhao Qin, so why bother!” Zhao Chi lazily jumped onstage.

The two face off. Zhao Feng was finally able to see the strength of the top three now.

“Blue Cloud Finger!” Zhao Qin slowly lifted her finger. A faint blue glow came from the finger. It seemed weak and fragile, yet, it still swished through the air. This finger skill of hers was a high ranked martial art. She had trained it to a high level and she understood how to use it very well.

“The damage of her skill is not bad. The energy is focused onto one point. It contains both the softness of water and the hardness of ice.” Zhao Feng analysed as he watched with his left eye.

Although Zhao Yijian’s Ice Flowing Sword and Zhao Qin’s Blue Cloud Finger were both high ranked martial arts that had reached the high level, the damage dealt by them was not comparable.

“Ai… you’ve only improved by this much!” Zhao Chi’s lazy voice sounded.


Zhao Chi’s body turned into an afterimage as he dodged Zhao Qin’s attack.

Not good!

She had still underestimated Zhao Chi’s strength.

“Zhao Chi’s movement skill has reached the high level.” The disciples exclaimed.

“Howling Sky Fist!” Zhao Chi appeared behind Zhao Qin and punched at her.

His fist was covered in a bright red glow. When it moved through the air, it caused a sound similar to lightning. Just the fist moving through the air caused the eardrums of some inner disciples to tremble.

“What a devastating fist skill. This skill’s infinitely close to a peak ranked martial art, it’s no worse than my Metal Wall Technique.” Zhao Feng was slightly surprised.

“Blue Clouds Flying!” Zhao Qin shouted as she took the punch straight on. Immediately, she was sent flying and she coughed up blood as she landed on the ground.

Just one punch injured Zhao Qin. It was lucky that she used softness to counter hardness, any other cultivator would’ve been instantly defeated.

“That was just warm up.” Zhao Chi said indifferently and attacked again. His performance made all the disciples wary of him!

“High ranked footwork skill, high ranked inner strength skill, high ranked body skill… ”

Zhao Chi’s skills were displayed. Although he had learnt many different skills, most of them had reached the high level. Even his body skill had reached the fourth level, meaning that he was able to counter swords and blades with his body alone.

“There’s no obvious flaws. His Howling Sky Fist is deadly.” Zhao Feng thought. He was a tough opponent.

No wonder he looked so disdainfully at him at the outer disciples contest. Zhao Feng wouldn’t have been able to last through three moves of his back then.


Zhao Chi was just toying with Zhao Qin. After exchanging around twenty blows, Zhao Qin was puffing already and so surrendered. Zhao Qin knew that she could only last twenty moves since Zhao Chi was going easy on her. If Zhao Chi tried his best, he could win in under three moves.

“None of you have the right to challenge the top three.” Zhao Chi said as he casually glanced towards Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng immediately had a feeling that he thoughts were read.

How did he know that Zhao Feng was going to challenge the top three?

From the situation right now, fourth place Zhao Qin, fifth place Zhao Tun, and sixth place Zhao Yufei didn’t seem to have any intentions to try to challenge the top three.

After Zhao Qin’s turn, it was Zhao Han’s turn.

“Zhao Han! Zhan Han!” Many people cheered on Zhao Han as he was a contender for becoming first.


The tournament had now reached a climax. Even Zhao Chi had a solemn expression when looking at Zhao Han. Only first place Zhao Linlong had an expressionless face on.

Zhao Han’s eyes passed between Zhao Chi and Zhao Linlong. He was ranked third place, and there were only two people in front of him.

Zhao Linlong, or Zhao Chi?

The disciples were expectant. It would be an intense match if Zhao Han chose Zhao Linlong or Zhao Chi.

However, reality was different. After Zhao Han’s eyes passed Zhao Linlong and Zhao Chi, he started to look at the second row instead.


The disciples of the second row trembled in fear. The first row were the top ten disciples. The second row were the eleventh to twentieth disciples.

“I want to challenge… the sixth seat of the second row!” Zhao Han’s cold voice echoed.

The sixth seat of the second row.

Zhao Han didn’t challenge the top two, not even the top ten, but the top twenty!

The sixth seat of the second row? Who was that unlucky bastard?

The crowds attention turned towards that spot.


Zhao Feng was stunned.

Yep, Zhao Han was challenging him!

“Zhao Han, are you sure you want to do this?” The judge scrunched up his eyebrows: “The ones that are ranked higher will lose their spots if they lose to a person with lower ranking. And even if you win, there’s no benefit gained.”

According to the rules, those of higher rank could challenge those of lower ranks. But nobody would do so as there wasn’t any benefits. Instead, one would lose one of their challenging chances.

“Yes.” Zhao Han’s murderous eyes locked onto Zhao Feng.

Some of the disciples had understanding looks. Many of them knew that Zhao Han was Zhao Yijian’s cousin and their relationship was pretty good. At the twelfth spot, Zhao Yijian immediately looked gratefully at Zhao Han.

“Zhao Feng? Do you not have the courage to fight me?” Zhao Han mocked.

“What’s there to fear?” Zhao Feng remained expressionless as he jumped onstage.

Although he knew he would have to fight Zhao Han, he didn’t think that it would be this early.

“I’ll first break his arm, then I’ll challenge Zhao Linlong.” Zhao Han planned.

“Zhao Han’s challenging Zhao Feng?”

“It’s obvious, he’s taking revenge for his cousin.”

“Although Zhao Feng’s strong, he’s still not Zhao Han’s match.”

Many disciples were either sympathetic or gloating.

Although Zhao Feng was the top outer disciple and he was a true martial artist, there was still a huge gap between him and Zhao Han.

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