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Chapter 1814: Sisters As One

Chapter 1814: Sisters As One

Wang Youjun was stupefied. He was someone who had basically reached the peak of this world. As the master of the Wang clan, as well as one of the elders of the Divine Firmament Sect, he was one of the people with the greatest authority in the world.

If not for his obsession with becoming the Divine Firmament Sect Master, compelling him to look for the three records, perhaps he would have been lying in his comfortable chair back at the Wang clan, with young maids providing him with lovely massages and feeding him all sorts of fruits while showing off their perky chests…

Countless Wang clan disciples and Divine Firmament Sect members would have kneeled before him to get advice from him. Just a single sentence from him could decide their very fates, as well as their lives. Even just thinking about such a thing was extremely satisfying!

Why did I have to be so greedy and insist on those three sect master records? Not only did I end up killing my son, all of the clan’s elites are dead. Now, I’m dead too.

Damn this pretty boy, he was actually a tiger dressed up as a pig!

You have successfully trolled Wang Youjun for +555 +555 +555…

However, he hated Sun En even more. If not for Sun En pressuring him, how could he possibly have tried to attack Zu An? When he thought of that, his face twisted maliciously, but endless darkness quickly overcame him.

Zu An used ki to prevent the blood that was spraying out of Wang Youjun’s neck from getting on the people around him, while pushing the corpse away. He noticed that there was a strange talisman in the corpse’s hands, exclaiming, “Hm?”

Yun Jianyue said, “That seems to be a Flash Talisman, but it's a one-time use item.”

She had seen Wang Youjun move extremely quickly before on the island. She had been shocked that he could move so fast with his cultivation, but now, she finally realized what had happened back then.

“So that was it,” Zu An said.

He had an instantaneous movement skill himself, so this talisman wasn’t all that useful to him. He thought about giving it to someone else to use. However, he then noticed that all of the women were staring at him fiercely.

Zu An immediately felt a headache coming on. He only had one talisman, so he would offend the others no matter who he gave it to.

This Wang Youjun really is something! Couldn’t you have prepared a few more? Why are you making things so difficult for me?

Even so, he reacted quickly and gave the talisman to Xie Daoyun, saying, “Little sister Ling’er, you specialize in runes, and your cultivation is the lowest. This is the perfect item for you to protect yourself.”

The other women didn’t have many objections to that. After all, Xie Daoyun didn’t have that level of a relationship with Zu An. They were more like a big brother and little sister. Furthermore, her cultivation was the lowest, so it was understandable to give her something to protect herself with.

Hmph, at least he didn’t give it to Chuyan.

At least he didn’t give it to that big-boobed woman.

At least he didn’t give it to that seductive vixen.

At least he didn’t give it to that woman who’s shoving Ah Zu’s arm into her chest.

The women all had varying thoughts, but strangely enough, they all tacitly agreed to the same thing.

Xie Daoyun was shocked and happy, exclaiming, “It’s for me?” She gave the other women a guilty look and saw them all shift their gazes away. Only then did she put the talisman away and say, “Thank you, big brother Zu!”

Jing Teng couldn't help but give her a second look.

There’s someone else who addresses him the same way I do?

Hmph, she looks all timid and gentle. Does big brother Zu like this innocent type?

A red talisman suddenly flew out from Wang Youjun’s corpse. It was about to leave when Xie Daoyun cried out. Zu An reflexively grabbed it and asked, “Do you recognize this thing?”

Xie Daoyun and Yun Jianyue exchanged a look. They both nodded and said, “That’s the red radiance yellow talisman. It can find anyone you’re looking for. The reason we sought out Wang Youjun before was precisely because we wanted to use this talisman to find you and the others.”

“So that was the case. You should hold onto this talisman too then,” Zu An said. He was about to give Xie Daoyun the talisman, but she seemed to avoid it like the plague. She shook her hands back and forth repeatedly, rejecting it.

“I don’t want it… This item needs souls as a sacrifice. I don’t like these kinds of evil things,” Xie Daoyun said, her face pale. She hadn’t even dared to kill the family’s chickens before, so how could she use living creatures as sacrifices?

As expected.

Both Chu Chuyan and Pei Mianman had expressions of disgust.

In that case, it can only be given to…

Zu An’s gaze went back and forth between Yun Jianyue and Qiu Honglei. He was really conflicted. This item was extremely suitable for both of them, but who could he give it to?

As if seeing through his hesitation, Yun Jianyue said, “Just give it to Honglei. Why would a master fight a disciple over something? Furthermore, how am I supposed to act if you give me this thing in front of all your women?”

Even though she was actually secretly willing to play this game with Zu An, she was still the respected Devil Sect Master on the surface. If the others found out about their real relationship, perhaps she would really break down.

At that point, wouldn’t that stone cold woman laugh at me for the rest of my life?

Absolutely not!

When he heard her say that, Zu An gave the talisman to Qiu Honglei, saying, “Honglei, this item matches your path, so I’ll give it to you.”

Qiu Honglei harrumphed. “You’re giving me something she doesn’t want? Whatever, they’re all righteous goddesses and don’t have any blood on their hands. Only a Devil Sect witch like me would do despicable things like that.”

Chu Chuyan and Pei Mianman raised their brows when they heard that. What is this witch acting up for? She really needs a good beating.

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Yun Jianyue watched the two women’s reactions with a smile.

As expected of Honglei, my carefully fostered disciple. A witch should act like a witch, and it’s even better if you anger those other vixens to death. That might be able to chase away a few competitors then.

Zu An was really confused.

What are you getting angry at me for? What does this have to do with me?

He could only explain to Qiu Honglei, “There are some people who truly do deserve to die, so sacrificing souls isn’t too difficult. But the paths they cultivated since they were young don’t agree with those actions. However, you’re different. You have more enemies, so it’s easier for you to find treacherous villains to kill. Actually, it would be more like carrying out heavenly punishment… If you don’t want it, should I give it to your master then?”

“I do! I want it! Why would I not want it?!” Qiu Honglei exclaimed, snatching that red radiance yellow talisman out of his hands and cherishing it as if it were some incredible treasure. The red radiance yellow talisman seemed to have sensed the vicious aura coming from her and seemed to appreciate it. It no longer struggled and accepted its new owner.

If Wang Youjun were still in this world, perhaps he would have vomited blood on the spot and thought, This old one treated you so well over the years, and yet you immediately defected to the enemy? Do you really have not a shred of integrity?!

Yun Jianyue started to grind her teeth.

This rascal!

A second before, she had been praising Qiu Honglei for being shrewd in romance, and yet a moment later, she had ended up being embarrassed by this little lady.

So what if you give it up to your master? At the very least, you have to modestly decline, right? Do you really think your master would fight with you over these things?

It’s all that brat Zu An’s fault! He ended up ruining my obedient disciple!

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for +111 +111 +111…

Sun En had already wanted to say something earlier, yet these people kept going on and on as if they didn’t care about him, so he couldn't even find a good chance to interrupt. After listening for so long, he finally couldn't take it anymore and erupted. “Are you all done with your jealous rivalry yet?! Are you treating this one as invisible or something?!”

You have successfully trolled Sun En for +666 +666 +666…

Only now did the others seem to snap out of their daze. They looked at him in embarrassment, replying, “What does the sect master wish to say?”

“I…” Sun En was stunned.

What the f*ck did I want to say?

He gave the dead Wang Youjun a look, and only then did he collect himself. He looked at Zu An and said, “Kid, you clearly don’t have a single ripple of cultivation coming out of you, so why were you able to display such brilliant sword skills? There is even a hint of unrivaled might within that sword skill. It really is absurd!”

Of course it was absurd in his eyes. Even though this youngster possessed some distinctive traits, Sun En had still been able to gauge his power in that instant. Zu An’s true power was still considerably weaker than his own.

However, even he himself didn’t dare believe that he was without equal, so how could this kid have such a level of confidence? Most importantly, that pure intent of the undefeated couldn’t be faked!

Are you messing with me right now?

He felt as if all the ways of understanding the world he had acquired over his life were being thrown into chaos. Even so, he still quickly calmed down and said,“I do not know what method you used to achieve this result, but true strength cannot be faked.”

As soon as he spoke, he used the Record of Emperor’s Suppression. Several dozen celestial troops appeared from the void, rushing at the opposing group. He didn’t fear their numbers advantage at all, because his skill never lacked numbers. He was the only one who ever outnumbered his enemies.

Jing Teng’s expression changed when she saw the ferocious celestial army. She quickly formed a hand imprint and said, “The valiant should join the ranks of war. The army is to the west; the white tiger awaits its summons!”

It was the White Tiger’s Expedition!

A giant white tiger roared as it charged at the incoming soldiers, and the troops were quickly wiped out.

Sun En released a cold snort when he saw that, then used the Record of Emperor’s Suppression again. This time, several hundred soldiers rushed out. No matter how fierce that white tiger was, it couldn't hold on anymore.

Just then, it was Yun Jianyue who took action. The Crescent Ring instantly took the head of a golden-armored divine general like a reaper’s scythe, turning it into specks of light. The instant they saw her take action, the other women all attacked as well.

When he saw them all bring out unique and outstanding skills, Sun En was a bit stunned.

Just what kind of superpower does that pretty boy have? How was he able to obtain so many ridiculously beautiful and ridiculously strong tigresses?!

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