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Chapter 1279: Lord Sui’s Pearl

Chapter 1279: Lord Sui’s Pearl

When they heard the story, even though Zu An and Qiao Heng were rather moved, they still held it in. However, the women were incredibly moved by the story. They all thought to themselves, Even after losing his mind, his instincts still made him protect her and love her. How great would it be if there were a man who loved us that much…

Yan Xuehen cultivated the Unshakable Daoist Manual, so she normally wouldn’t be affected by emotional matters. After meeting Zu An, however, her unshakable dao had been left in tatters. That was why, at the moment, she felt things even more strongly than a normal person. When she heard the story, she could even feel her eyes moisten slightly.

Even a tough woman like Yun Jianyue had her most vulnerable parts touched. It was just that she wasn’t willing to show it. Instead, she harrumphed and said, “All this love and emotion stuff only makes a person weaker. It’ll only make my blade dull.”

After traveling with her for so long, Yu Yanluo and Yan Xuehen were already used to her ‘tsundere’ attitude. They just ignored her.

Zu An was more interested in a different matter. He asked, “Just where did Lord Sui get that Three Three Flower from?”

After all, Qin Shihuang’s reign wasn’t too far from Lord Sui’s era; and yet, despite having the resources of an entire country at his disposal, he hadn’t been able to find even a trace of an eternal medicine. And yet, a few centuries before him, this Lord Sui had found one even after losing his mind?

The woman shook her head and said, “I do not know how he found it either. Back then, I was already seriously ill, and he lost his ability to speak. He looked extremely excited with that flower in his hands, but I noticed that the black mist around his body had become even stronger… Then, I was sealed in the Prime Souldew shortly after.”

Zu An felt a bit more at ease to know there was no real answer. If the answer was too detailed, he might have suspected that it was something the woman had made up. He wondered, But when she said that the black mist became even denser, does that mean Lord Sui fell further into demonic madness?

Unfortunately, the woman wasn’t willing to speak about what Lord Sui had experienced that made him fall into depravity.

“How many years have you spent here already?” Yu Yanluo asked gently. Because of their related bloodlines, she naturally felt a sense of intimacy and empathy for the woman. She had been sealed in that jade coffin for so long. Just how had she managed to make it through all those years of loneliness?

The woman looked toward Yu Yanluo, her gaze containing a trace of surprise. She could clearly sense the bloodline within Yu Yanluo as well. She replied, “I do not know, but it has been far, far too long. Even so, Lord Sui often came to the jade coffin’s side to keep me company even though he could not speak. However, that was already enough.”

“You could sense your surroundings through the divine ki stone?” Yan Xuehen asked curiously. Even though she was a grandmaster, she had only heard legends regarding deity-grade ki stones. She had never seen something sealed inside one emerge alive.

The woman shook her head slightly and replied, “I could not sense things precisely; it felt a bit like a dream. Mostly, I did not even know whether what I perceived was real or fake. In recent years, however, because the Three Three Flower gradually matured and I received the nourishment of its life essence, my consciousness became somewhat clearer.”

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue nodded. That knowledge was actually quite helpful for them.

Meanwhile, off to the side, Princess Changning was quite unhappy. If this woman had come back to life, didn’t that mean the Three Three Flower had already been used up? All of them had fought to get so far, and so many of their companions had died. In the end, was all of it for nothing?

Yu Yanluo and Princess Suolun felt that it was fine, however. After all, the eternal flower had been prepared by Lord Sui for this woman to begin with. Rather, they were more moved by such love that had lasted thousands of years.

Zu An asked seriously, “You had the divine ki stone to seal your body, and you were revived by the Three Three Flower, but what about him? How was he able to survive for such a long time?”

“He obviously has not lived for all this time,” the woman answered, a hint of grief on her face. “He already died a long time ago.”

“He died?” Zu An repeated.

Even though they already had their suspicions, the experts’ expressions changed greatly when they heard that. What was with that ridiculous strength, then?

Tears began to glisten in the woman’s eyes as she explained, “After he fell into demonic madness, his life force had already become weak. Later, he used up even more of his limited life force to find the Three Three Flower and Prime Souldew. The only reason why he still looks ‘alive’ is the demonic energy around him, and perhaps his desire to last until the Three Three Flower saved me.”

That black demonic energy could actually sustain someone for this long?

The others all got worked up. There were too many strong individuals who sought out any method to achieve immortality. If those old monsters with one foot already in the grave learned of such a thing, wouldn’t they all go mad?

Shortly after, however, they all calmed down. Even though the demonic energy could prolong one’s life, the user would lose their mind and only retain their instincts and remaining attachments to the world. Could something like that even be called immortality?

Zu An said somewhat apologetically, “Then that means I actually killed him just now...”

The black mist around the monster was already so thin that it was hard to make out. Without the protection of the demonic energy, he had clearly become much weaker.

Before the woman could reply, a dry and rough voice said, “No, you have set me free.” It sounded rough, as if it had been too long since it was last used.

All of the survivors were shocked. The monster spoke?

The woman was shocked and overjoyed. She cried, “Sui Lang, you… Have you recovered your mind?” Her voice was shaking, as if everything that was happening were just a dream.

The man smiled gently at her. In the end, with her help, he struggled into a sitting position. He explained, “After I fell into demonic madness, I was forced into an existence worse than death. I could not even end my own life. There was only endless suffering in my mind. It is only due to that miraculous light that I have successfully eliminated the evil spirit.” As he spoke, his body began to wither up at a visible rate. It almost looked as if he were being eroded away.

“Sui Lang!” The exceptional beauty clearly knew that these were merely her lover’s final moments. She was immediately overwhelmed with grief.

Zu An looked at the flashlight in his hands. He hadn’t expected the thing to be of such great use.

Sui Lang tossed an ancient beastskin scroll to Zu An, saying, “I do not have anything else to my name, as the Three Three Flower has been used to save Yu’er. So I will use this treasure map I found back then to repay you for saving me.”

Zu An caught it. He immediately sensed that the scroll’s material was exceptional, but his head hurt when he heard that it was a treasure map. The ‘daoist’ Wu Liang had been peddling a so-called treasure map, but it had only dragged all of the survivors here and put them through so much danger.

Lord Sui then looked at the woman, saying, “It has already been several millennia since I last saw the night. Could you accompany me on one final trip?”

The woman was already weeping bitter tears, unable to even speak. She could only nod silently.

No one present was weak. However, they could sense that Lord Sui really was about to die, so they obviously didn’t stop him.

Before leaving, the woman thought of something and came back. She pulled Yu Yanluo over and said, “I can sense that your bloodline is similar to mine, but it seems to lack the same hint of divinity. This pearl is now useless to me, so I will just give it to you. I hope you can pass it down generation after generation.”

She took out a smooth, round pearl. It was much larger than an ordinary pearl, and there was a wisp of energy surrounding it. The others could all sense its surging power even from far away.

“This is…” Yu Yanluo murmured, a bit stunned. She could never have expected to be given such a tremendous gift.

The other women also saw what was happening. They all began to wonder, Is that pearl…

The woman explained, “We descendants of Nuwa’s clan were always doomed to be weak in number, almost always leaving just a single descendant. Thus, successive descendants would seal their souls and cultivations into the pearl for their successor to inherit. Our clan called it the Holy Pearl, while the outside world called it the Soul Snake Pearl or Bright Moon Pearl. Later, it was more often referred to by the people of the world as Lord Sui’s Pearl.”

“Lord Sui’s Pearl!” Princess Changning exclaimed. She was about to go crazy from jealousy when she remembered the murals outside. She had worked so hard the entire time, and yet she hadn’t gotten the eternal medicines, nor was there a portion of Lord Sui’s Pearl to split with her. Why had all of the benefits been taken by everyone else?

Yu Yanluo quickly refused, protesting, “This item is too precious; I can’t accept it!”

The beauty sighed and said, “I cannot let the end of my clan fall on my shoulders, and I have no descendants. Your bloodline is the most suitable one.”

Because she was worried about her husband’s condition, she wasn’t in the mood to say anything more. She pushed the pearl into Yu Yanluo’s hands. Then, she picked up Lord Sui, who was already fading away. With a light kick, she disappeared into the distance.

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