Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 2737 Ye Chen, Xuan Mei And Jia Li (2)

Chapter 2737 Ye Chen, Xuan Mei And Jia Li (2)

Seeing Jia Li who had stolen the start first, Xuan Mei decided to come too, she decided to come along and started to do the same thing, she used her tongue to tease Ye Chen's little brother.

Ye Chen had a big thing, so the two of them worked together to help Ye Chen by using their tongues and small mouths.

"ummm . .., chuuu . ." they started to become aggressive in helping Ye Chen, they wanted to make Ye Chen comfortable.

Ye Chen enjoyed it, he was served well by Xuan Mei and Jia Li, this was a really very pleasant feeling.

"very good, do more" Ye Chen said to Xuan Mei and Jia Li.

Xuan Mei and Jia Li became even more enthusiastic.

They shared Ye Chen and took turns serving Ye Chen.

Sometimes Jia Li will be on top and sometimes Xuan Mei will be on the bottom.

They made Ye Chen comfortable with their techniques.

Ye Chen enjoyed it well, both of them made Ye Chen feel comfortable, they helped Ye Chen quite well.

Jia Li was already improving, while Xuan Mei was still trying to get better, it could be said that they were all getting better and better.

Both of them got better when they helped Ye Chen.

They helped Ye Chen for a while, after a while Ye Chen couldn't survive the teasing from Jia Li and Xuan Mei.

"oh . ." Ye Chen finally reached the limit, he gave Yang Qi to Jia Li and Xuan Mei.

"Ahhhh . . ." they screamed when they received the Yang Qi from Ye Chen, it made them shocked.

"hot" Jia Li and Xuan Mei said to Ye Chen, they felt hot when they received Ye Chen's Yang Qi.

Jia Li tried this pure Yang Qi, it felt really comfortable.

Xuan Mei did it too, she felt that it was delicious.

"ahhh, how refreshing, I like husband" Jia Li said to Ye Chen, she felt happy with Ye Chen.

Jia Li felt happy with Ye Chen, Ye Chen's essence was so good.

"You two" Jia Li and Xuan Mei are so tempting, a young man like Ye Chen wouldn't be able to survive their teasing.

"You two are too tempting" Ye Chen said to Jia Li and Xuan Mei, they were both too tempting.

Ye Chen took Jia Li and Xuan Mei, he immediately hugged them both and started touching them.

"Ahhh . . "Xuan Mei and Jia Li groaned when Ye Chen did that, they groaned when they received the touch from Ye Chen.

"This is so comfortable" Xuan Mei and Jia Li felt that this was so comfortable, the feeling given by Ye Chen was too comfortable.

"Husband, this is so comfortable" both of them said to Ye Chen, they told him that this felt very comfortable for them.

"How about it, do you guys like it" Ye Chen said to Xuan Mei and Jia Li.

"we like it" they said to Ye Chen, they told that they liked the touch that Ye Chen did.

Ye Chen's touch felt so comfortable for them, they liked it.

Ye Chen touched the double peaks of Xuan Mei and Jia Li, he enjoyed touching the double peaks of Jia Li and Xuan Mei, the feeling of touching this thing was too comfortable and soft.

Jia Li may be bigger in size, but Xuan Mei is not inferior, she has quite a big thing when touched by Ye Chen.

The voices of Xuan Mei and Jia Li became louder and louder compared to before, they used louder voices compared to before.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh . .., No . ." they quickly reached the peak, the touch that Ye Chen gave was so comfortable for both of them.

"sigh. . . ." Both of their breaths became irregular because of pleasure, the pleasure given by Ye Chen made them too comfortable and they forgot about everything that existed.

Xuan Mei and Jia Li had really gotten too excited, they were already quite wet and ready.

"Why are you weak, don't you want to beat me" Ye Chen spoke to Xuan Mei and Jia Li.

Xuan Mei and Jia Li were still tired, they didn't remember their goal of defeating Ye Chen.

"You wait a minute, we will immediately refill our strength to defeat you" Jia Li said to Ye Chen.

she needed rest to recover her strength.

Once her strength recovered, she would fight Ye Chen wholeheartedly.

Xuan Mei also felt the same way, she needed to restore her strength to restore her own energy.

Ye Chen decided to give them a chance, he gave Xuan Mei and Jia Li a chance, he wanted to do it together with them with optimal conditions.

Xuan Mei and Jia Li had finally finished recovering their strength, it was time to retaliate.

"who will go first" Jia Li and Xuan Mei decided to confer, they both conferred to determine who would fight Ye Chen.

"I will go first" after a brief discussion, Jia Li decided to be the first, she wanted to teach Xuan Mei.

Xuan Mei will study what Jia Li does, she can't wait to see the performance Jia Li will show.

"Husband, it's me, please treat me well" Jia Li said to Ye Chen, she asked Ye Chen to treat her well.

"Of course, I will treat you well" Ye Chen told him that he would treat Jia Li well.

They started, Ye Chen hugged Jia Li, meanwhile Jia Li sat on Ye Chen's lap, they started to come together, Ye Chen's entered.

"umm. . ." Jia Li groaned, even though she had done it with Ye Chen, this feeling was still too strong for Jia Li.

"big, this fills me" Jia Li felt that this filled her, a feeling that was very full from Ye Chen.

"this is not yet this will be even bigger" Ye Chen said to Jia Li.

With that Ye Chen started to move and make Jia Li feel comfortable.

Jia Li felt comfortable, the feeling given by Ye Chen was too strong for her.

"Ahhhh . . ."Jia Li started to become uncontrollable, she felt satisfied with Ye Chen's abilities.

Ye Chen was able to make Jia Li feel comfortable and feel very good.

Xuan Mei looked at Jia Li and Ye Chen, she could clearly see that the two of them were like hard and Ye Chen was going at it hard.

"Will she be okay?" Jia Li was worried that Xuan Mei wouldn't be able to survive.

Jia Li felt comfortable with what Ye Chen was doing, she was so comfortable with Ye Chen.

"More, husband please" Jia Li said to Ye Chen, she wanted more from Ye Chen.

"Of course, I will give more to you" Ye Chen told that he would give more to Jia Li.

They became more enthusiastic and Ye Chen no longer held back, he no longer held back and performed with all his might and made Jia Li happy.

Jia Li could last 30 minutes, which was already extraordinary.

Jia Li felt Ye Chen was heavier, it seemed like he wouldn't be able to anymore.

"I give up" Jia Li finally gave up, Ye Chen was stronger than usual.

"What's wrong, have given up" said Ye Chen.

"You are stronger than usual, what happened ?" Jia Li said to Ye Chen, she told him that Ye Chen was much stronger than before.

she had problems when fighting Ye Chen because Ye Chen was so strong and aggressive.

"Now you know the power I have" Ye Chen told Jia Li.

Jia Li should already know Ye Chen's true strength.

"You are so strong now, why did you suddenly become so strong" said Jia Li.

"To be honest, I wasn't serious when facing you, Wu Ziyi and Shi Lin," Ye Chen told Jia Li.

"What?" Jia Li finally knew, she finally knew why she lost to Ye Chen.

"you, you are still holding back, how strong are you ?" Jia Li asked Ye Chen.

"Strong enough, you will soon feel the power I have" Ye Chen said to Jia Li.

Ye Chen said that Jia Li would soon know Ye Chen's true strength.

Ye Chen moved again, which surprised Jia Li.

"no, I won't stand it, noooooooooooo" Jia Li said to Ye Chen, she won't stand it if Ye Chen is rude enough.

Jia Li had reached her limit, she would not be able to continue the battle against Ye Chen.

30 minutes later Jia Li fell, now there was Xuan Mei alone watching.

"You must be waiting" Ye Chen was still quite excited, meanwhile Jia Li had collapsed and looked helpless.

"no, I'm not waiting" Xuan Mei said to Ye Chen, she told that she wasn't waiting,

Xuan Mei felt a little anxious when she saw Jia Li become like that, if Jia Li could be like that, then she might experience the same problems as Jia Li experienced.

Ye Chen could see that Xuan Mei was a little afraid, most likely she wasn't ready to do it.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine" Ye Chen said to Xuan Mei.

"You were quite aggressive before, so this should be fine" Ye Chen whispered, he teased Xuan Mei and reminded her that Xuan Mei was quite aggressive when they did it.

Xuan Mei's face turned red as she listened to what Ye Chen said.

It made her embarrassed to show such a shameful side to Ye Chen.

"don't discuss that again, it's embarrassing" Xuan Mei said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that it was really embarrassing.

Ye Chen smiled, it was fun to make Xuan Mei feel embarrassed.

He continued to tease Xuan Mei using all kinds of cunning tricks.

With a cunning trick, he made Xuan Mei blush like an apple.

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