Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1427 - The Battle Of Chi Shui And The Centipede Of A Thousand Faces

"It's like it's endless" Ye Chen feels that it's like it's endless, he feels that the monsters in this place are endless.

Ye Chen didn't know where these monsters came from, their numbers were so numerous that they didn't run out even after being killed by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen stepped forward, he decided to find out the origin of this monster.

Ye Chen broke through, himself destroying and attacking every monster in front of him.

With Ye Chen's strength, Ye Chen easily broke through to the front, when Ye Chen broke through to the front, Ye Chen found a portal Array that took out the monster.

"It's an Array, was this monster summoned by someone" Seeing this, Ye Chen guessed that the monsters here had been summoned using the Array.

Ye Chen wanted to see if he could get into the Array, himself advancing towards the direction where the teleportation Array was.

Just as Ye Chen was about to enter, a very strong barrier blocked Ye Chen, this sent Ye Chen flying backwards.

"Looks like I can't go inside." Ye Chen saw that he couldn't go inside, there was a strong barrier that prevented humans from entering this teleportation array.

"Since I can't enter, I'd better destroy the Array." Since Ye Chen couldn't go inside, Ye Chen decided to destroy the Array so Ye Chen could stop the waves of monsters that kept appearing.

"Boom" Ye Chen used the Heavenly Silver Flame to destroy the teleportation Array, using the Heavenly Silver Flame, Ye Chen managed to destroy the teleportation Array.

Now that the monster horde had no longer appeared, it was time for Ye Chen and Li Jingyi to clean up the mess around this place.

With the good cooperation between Ye Chen and Li Jingyi, the two were finally able to eradicate all the monsters.

The dead monsters turned into mud puddles, they seemed to be made of mud.

"Jingyi, do you think someone is controlling this?" Ye Chen asked Li Jingyi, he wanted Li Jingyi's opinion.

"Perhaps, what we just fought seems to have been made by someone using earth." Li Jingyi said that what they had just fought was made of earth.

"Let's find out about this, we can definitely find out where the monsters came from earlier." Ye Chen took Li Jingyi to find out where the monsters around this place came from.

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi searched for information around this place, both looking for information they could use.

The two of them didn't dare to go too far, they both didn't want to be apart like before, so the two of them decided to jointly search for information.

After searching in all directions, Ye Chen and Li Jingyi still didn't find any clues, they didn't find any useful clues for them.

Receiving nothing, Ye Chen and Li Jingyi decided to advance, they both went to the deeper parts of the valley of memories,

The interior of the valley of memories grew darker, Ye Chen used a light to help himself guide the dark path.

"Look there is a person" in front, Ye Chen saw a human figure, Ye Chen took Li Jingyi to see the figure in front.

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi stepped forward, they approached the figure, when Ye Chen touched the figure, the human figure in front of Ye Chen immediately collapsed.

This person turned out to be dead, several organs on his body seemed to have been taken by someone and then left standing like this.

His face was not even recognizable anymore, his skin and all organs had been removed.

"He died." Ye Chen saw that the person they met had died, from his current state, this person must have been dead for a few days standing still.

"This person's vital organs have been removed, there must be a reason why this person's organs were taken" Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen.

Li Jingyi could see that vital organs had been removed, it seemed that someone had taken this person's organs.

"From what I can see, this was not done by humans, it must have been done by monsters" Ye Chen said that this was most likely done by monsters.

Li Jingyi nodded, she completely agreed with what Ye Chen said, this must be the work of a monster.

"Roar" From a distance Ye Chen and Li Jingyi heard the roar again.

"Looks like it's the monster, let's go and see." Ye Chen immediately moved, most likely a battle was going on up ahead.

"wife, stay together, I don't want the previous thing to happen" Ye Chen took Li Jingyi hand, Ye Chen didn't want the previous incident to repeat itself.

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi stepped forward, in front of them saw a battle between a man and a centipede monster that had the upper body of a human.

"that woman" Ye Chen saw the woman who was fighting, this woman was beautiful, Sexy and very Glamorous, Ye Chen could tell from afar that this was Chi Shui.

"Isn't that the Mistress of Heaven Dream Sect" Li Jingyi saw that it was Chi Shui, this woman was indeed very very seductive, Li Jingyi who was a woman had to admit the charm of Chi Shui.

"wife, it seems that it is a monster that stole people's organs just now" Ye Chen saw a centipede monster that had a human body, this monster could change its face and appearance into a human form, it seemed that he had stolen a human's organ that was met by Ye Chen.

"It seems that the monster wants to steal Chi Shui's organs." Li Jingyi saw that this centipede monster wanted to steal Chi Shui's organs.

Chi Shui is strong, the centipede monster is looking for the wrong opponent." Ye Chen said that the centipede monster was looking for the wrong opponent.

"That woman is indeed strong, she is comparable to me" Li Jingyi admitted that Chi Shui was strong, this woman was comparable to her.

"Master, don't you want to help her?" Chu Yuechan asked if Ye Chen didn't want to help her.

"Why do you want me to help her?" Ye Chen asked why Chu Yuechan insisted on helping Chi Shui.

"This woman has a special body, I myself have a little trouble finding this from afar, so I want you to come closer" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan felt that Chi Shui had a special body, only that Chi Shui used an artifact to hide this.

"Let her finish the battle first" Ye Chen would let Chi Shui finish the battle, that way Ye Chen could approach more easily.

"So you want to steal this face, don't dream of getting this" Chi Shui said to the centipede monster.

"Human, you just give up, leave yours to me, that way you won't feel any pain" said the centipede monster.

This monster turned out to be able to talk, from his voice Ye Chen and Li Jingyi didn't know whether it was a girl or a boy, the tone of the centipede monster's voice seemed to be able to change into a man or a girl .

"it is indeed worthy of being a thousand-faced centipede, you can actually imitate everything your victim has" Chi Shui said to the monster in front of her.

"I don't need praise from a human like you, what I need is an organ." The thousand face centipede didn't like hearing Chi Shui's words, what he wanted now was to kill Chi Shui and get Chi Shui's beautiful face.

"Really so rude, you don't know how to talk to a beautiful woman like me" Chi Shui said to the thousand-faced centipede.

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