Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

Chapter 510 Second lncarnation

Chapter 510 Second lncarnation

Wang Wei's projection appeared in his manor where he saw his wife still reading these shoddy romance novels.

"Ahem," cough Wang Wei lightly to catch her attention. However, she ignored him and continued reading.

"I know you can sense my existence."

"I just realized something," said Wu Hong.

"And what is that?"

"You don't treat me as well as you should?"

"Excuse me?" asked Wang Wei with bewilderment.

"Sure, you love me very well, but I cannot feel your adoration. Look at these novel protagonists; they all treat their women as if they were the rarest and most fantastic individuals in the world.

"They used grand and romantic gestures to display their love and affection. They treat each day with their partner as if this was the first time they had fallen in love."

"I adore you plenty," replied Wang Wei. "At least, I think I do."

"When was the last time you gave me a gift?"

Wang Wei's lips twitched as he suddenly regretted giving her these romantic books. They are now long-lived species, so how could their partnership be like mortals that only have a few decades together?

After all, in their relationship, it will become common to not see each for millions if not billions of years once one enters seclusion. So, it is not feasible to always be romantic and do lovey-dovey couple things.

Nevertheless, Wang Wei knew it would be stupid to argue with her in this current situation. Furthermore, she has a point; maybe, he should treat her better.

"You're right. From now on, I will make an effort to treat you better. You deserve nothing more than the best."

Wu Hong looked at him and smiled. "That's all I ask for. So, what brings you here?"

"I want to ask if you know what's inside the Swallowing Zone?"

"I do, but I won't tell you."

"Why not?"

"You can find out for yourself."

Wang Wei did not know whether to laugh, cry, or be angry.

"Can't you at least give me a hint?"

"Hmm, it is incomplete, hence the reason the Heaven Devour Emperor wanted to swallow the World's Source. Second, this thing is even rare in the upper dimensions, and once one shows up, even Paragons will fight for them if the quality is high enough."

"So, it's another thing I need to get my hands on."


"So, why didn't you get it in your time?"

"As I said, it was incomplete. So, I planned to get after dealing with the Devil race. Even some of the other Forbidden Lands I planned to deal with. Unfortunately, well, you know what happened to me."

Wang Wei nodded his head before dismissing his projection. In his seclusion room–which was surrounded by formations–his actual body was in the process of refining a golden orb the size of an egg.

The power of time emanated from the orb for a moment before Wang Wei added the power of Space, which is the Law he recently understood and fused with the Laws of Time.

In a world of science and technology, space and time are essentially the same. But in the cultivation world, they are two different Daos–albeit with some connection.

With the Time Innate Treasure he had, it only took him ten years to comprehend the Laws of Space after analyzing his fleshly body's Divine Ability to break the space and use his understanding of the correlation between space and time from Earth. And only a month passed on the outside.

After walking out, he saw his wife drinking tea and looking at the sky.

"No more novels?"

"I've read all the ones you gave me."

"Why don't you try the ones from this world?"

"I did. They are terrible; they all mostly portray women as damsel in distress, and the romance is sub-par and lacks imagination."

She looked at him, "Don't you have more?"

"Those were all the ones I read or heard about."

"With your comprehension, I bet you could create more."

Wang Wei stood, flabbergasted, wondering where his powerful and domineering wife went. After sighing, he finally closed his eyes to access his [Future Buddha Self] and all the calculating powers of his Spirit Particles.

Then, he created numerous novels by copying the style, voice, tone, and diction of all the authors he had read; it was as if those authors themselves wrote these novels. Of course, Wang Wei also created a few originals.

Subsequently, although they were all romance novels, he also wrote in different genres like fantasy, Sci-fi, thriller, Xianxia, Wuxia, etc.

Then, he waved his hand to manifest piles of romance novels. Immediately, Wu Hong picked one and quickly flipped through it. Her eyes lit up before giving a kiss on the cheek and returning to her reading.

'Did I just turn my wife into an Otaku? A Webnovel Addict?'

He shook his head before going to see his mother. Then, he left the sect and the entire Myriad Emperor World. In his short seclusion, he used the Soul Network and Divination to search for a Great Thousand World where no Immortal Powerhouses are hiding and the optimal place for his Time Incarnation.

Then, he hopped on his Golden Chariot before heading to his destination, which only took a few hours.

Upon his arrival, he spent a few days in a cave deep in the mountains to adapt to the laws of this world. Then, Wang Wei took out a jade talisman from Ancestor Wucheng that allowed him to detect whether Immortal Tier Powerhouses were in this world.

Although his divination gave him a positive answer, he wanted to be extra careful when dealing with cultivators of that level. So, after being reassured, Wang Wei spread his Divine Sense to secretly cover the entire world.

In just a few minutes, he learned most of this entire world's secrets.

'Hmm, there is something wrong with this world's branch of the River of Time,' thought Wang Wei as he closed his eyes to sense the situation better.

"There seem to be some small flaws in how the River of Time operates," he muttered. This flaw may not mean anything to the world as a whole or 99.999% of cultivators, but it means a lot for him. He can exploit these flaws to deepen his understanding of Space-Time Dao.

Wang Wei smiled as he understood his divination led him to this world because of this flaw. Finally, he began to take action.

Using the map he created, he lay two formations. He secretly moved many of the spiritual mountains in this universe as the formation flag for the first formation. He saved a lot of resources with this method, but it took him some effort to move these things without alerting Heavenly Dao.

The first formation was a Heaven Sealing Array he learned from Wu Hong to prevent this world's Heavenly Dao from creating a Dao Ancestor once his incarnations start causing trouble. He even used a talisman with her power as the array's core.

The second formation was the Time Acceleration Formation he needed so his incarnations could have plenty of time to reach the Quasi-Emperor World. For this array, he had to refine Array Flags imbued with time energy and used a very rare Time Crystal as the formation's core.

Furthermore, he had to place it in specific and connected positions worldwide to create complex divine runes. And given the fact some of these flags were billions of light-years away from each other, it was not an easy task.

During the process, Wang Wei could feel his understanding of Array elevate, and he understood that real-life applications and practice were an excellent way for Array Master to practice.

Finally, he activated these two arrays simultaneously but ensured that no one noticed the anomalies. He also left his power in these mountains to prevent people from destroying them and ruining his array.

After finishing the preparations, he proceeded to the last step. He teleported to a small village next to a mountain range. While invisible, he looked at a teenager between 14 and 16.

'It's you,' he thought before sending the golden orb into his body. Suddenly, the child's face change to that of Wang Wei with black hair. Oddly though, the people did not notice this change as if this child's face had always been as such.

Furthermore, if someone could observe this person's Fate Line, they would notice an abnormal change.

In the process of absorbing the golden orb, the child passes out, making the villagers bring him back home and contact the only doctor in this village.

A few minutes later, the child opened his eyes.

"W-Where am I?"

"Xiao Wei, are you okay?" asked the older doctor.

"I'm fine, just feeling light-headed."

"You passed out because of the heat. Take a break and drink a lot of water."

The child nodded while trying to hide his confusion. So, after reassuring the doctor, he watched the latter leave. Then, the child focused on the memories in his mind.

"I was reincarnated? And it seems my name is also Wang Wei in this life."

He reviewed all the memories of this body. He was nothing but a peasant, and his family died early because of famine, leaving only him.

"Wait, this world has cultivation?" He suddenly remembered a particular memory where some people dressed in nice and clean clothes came to the village to test for people with talent.

"Leakless Body? So, I don't have any talent for cultivation?"

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