Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

797 Awakening

The Heaven-Devouring Emperor had an unwilling look as more injuries piled upon his body. So, he contacted someone:

‘Chen Chen, where are you?’

‘What do you want?’ asked a cold and emotionless voice.

‘Let’s team up to kill one of Wang Wei’s most powerful pawns.’

‘I’m doing something important.’

‘You don’t have to test Di Tian anymore.’

‘I’m doing something more important,’ replied Chen Chen, his tone was plain and never fluctuated. Immediately, the Heaven-Devouring Emperor seemed to have figured out something.

‘So, you’ve betrayed our alliance?’ asked the proud Emperor.

‘Didn’t you expect this outcome already?’

‘Yes, but I thought you could wait until the last moment.’

‘It is the last moment,’ replied Chen Chen. ‘At least for you.’

‘Do you think I will die here?’


‘And why is that?’ he asked, not hiding the sneer in his tone.

‘I will give you one last piece of information,’ added Chen Chen. ‘There is a mysterious power hiding your battle. And from my analysis, it is unlike anything I have seen–even from the best Dao Ancestors.

‘If I guess correctly, our communication was allowed on purpose.’

The Heaven-Devouring Emperor’s face changed; the trembling of his body opened his many wounds, thus increasing the blood all over his body. And during this conversation, Wang Ju never stopped talking.

‘Chen Chen, what about what I promised? How are you going to deal with your situation?’ asked the Heaven-Devouring Emperor after swiftly calming down.

‘My problem will be solved after proving the Dao and becoming an Eternal,’ replied Chen Chen.

‘Do you think it’s that simple?’ countered the Heaven-Devouring Emperor. Unfortunately, he received no reply.

“Damn it,” he cursed out loud.

‘The target has reached a critical state,’ analyzed Wang Ju. ‘Now, we can proceed to the next step.’

She waved her wrist to flicker her dagger. Then, countless gray strings appeared around him.

[Fate String Cutting]

The Heaven-Devouring Emperor saw something flash before his eyes before an intense pain emanated from his right side. As he glanced, he saw a fountain of blood gushing out of his body: his right hand was missing.

[Phoenix Flame]

He hurriedly used Huo Fenghuang’s power, which he had previously absorbed. Although he did not get enough of her blood to acquire her bloodline, he could use some of her powers that he absorbed.

However, as soon as he grew the right arm, he lost the left one. 

‘This attack is unblockable by the current me,’ he thought as he detected how this technique was extremely fast as it ignored space-time. Furthermore, it locked on his karma, luck, and fate, making it virtually impossible to dodge or escape.

The Heaven-Devouring Emperor secretly sighed, calming himself down in the process. He predicted this possible outcome when planning for this battle. He knew there was a difference between Wang Wei with 5-Root Dao Ancestor prowess, and someone like him who used items or artifacts to acquire such strength.

As such, he never thought he would win easily.


A shock bounced Wang Ju’s attack, forcing her to fly back hundreds of meters. Although she was unharmed, she was surprised the latter blocked her attack. Of course, the emotions a well-trained assassin displays cannot be trusted.

She gazed in the distance and saw a dark gold armor around the Heaven-Devouring Emperor’s armor.

“Another Dao Artifact,” she muttered with concentrated eyes. Then, she detected something else as she looked at his boots and felt the unique Dao Rhymes emanating from them.

“An Artifact set based on attack, defense, and speed.”

However, this was not the end. The Heaven-Devouring Emperor activated his Pseudo Dao Body and turned into a giant trillion kilometers tall. A red flag floated above his head, releasing a lot of blood energy.

‘An Emperor Artifact used for healing by absorbing and storing blood energy,’ analyzed Wang Ju. ‘His body and soul cannot sustain using such a powerful Dao Artifact, so he used the Emperor Artifact to provide him with enough energy.’

She concentrated her senses. She sensed that her opponent’s activation of the Emperor Artifact had almost reached the same level as her young master. That’s a scary thing, given the young master’s current strength.

‘That’s understandable since he was an Eternal Emperor. If not for the limit of Mo Xingyun’s flesh and soul, he would have been an even scarier opponent.’

Before the battle, the Fate Shadow, Wang Wei, and the team had many meetings analyzing the power of every Heaven Chosens. They stimulated the possible development of these geniuses based on the data displayed.

They also stimulated possible trump cards they would use. 

And because Yan Liling created an Immortal Pill and Tong Ruobing refined an Immortal Talisman, they even stimulated the possibility of the Heaven-Devouring Emperor creating a Dao Artifact.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

However, the team believed the latter’s greatest trump card should involve using an Emperor Artifact to borrow some power from when he was alive. Although they knew Heavenly Dao would not allow such a thing, they had to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

‘Should I finish the job or continue tempting?’ Wang Ju analyzed. She worried the enemy had another trump card.

‘If he uses his control over Emperor Artifact for a last-minute attack, this will be devastating. I need to watch out for this.’

[Fate String Cutting]

A gray string tried cutting the Heaven Devouring Emperor’s head. However, his armor easily blocked the attack this time.

[Singularity Devouring]

A black down only a few centimeters appeared before the Heaven-Devouring Emperor, releasing a terrifying swallowing power. With this dot at the center, all matter, space, time, and energy were devoured.

Even more, this singularity even swallowed all concepts, like life, death, shadow, and even fate.

‘This technique has reached the pinnacle of Devouring Dao,’ commented Wang Ju as she felt an irresistible power attracting her. ‘His Devouring achieved the ultimate purpose of Destruction Dao–destroy all things and concepts.’

With her knowledge, she could tell the Heaven-Devouring Emperor used Destruction Dao as a template for this technique. The ancient sages said all Dao leads to the same destination, and this technique perfectly represents this.

Wang Ju’s body flew closer to the singularity. Unfortunately, no matter what technique or law she used, it was futile–the thing swallowed it. But she never gave up, as there was still hope.

“I know what you’re thinking, but I won’t let you,” groaned the Heaven-Devouring Emperor. He could tell his opponent wanted to buy enough time until his power dried up.

His current situation was not ideal. Activating all these Artifacts was draining all his stored absorbed power at an alarming rate. Furthermore, he did not dare use the power he absorbed from Wang Ju; after all, who knew what Wang Wei did with these things.

So, he went all out to kill Wang Ju since he knew his situation would only worsen after success.

‘After dealing with Wang Ju, I will have to face Wang Wei and his pawns’ thunderous attacks. So, I need to reserve enough strength to run away and hide.’

His best option is to retreat and refill his power. Although it’s impossible to reach the same level before coming to the battlefield, he can still store a significant amount of energy by using the battlefield.

Then, he can use his current state a second time to deal with Wang Wei.

‘Even then, my situation will not be ideal since there is still Di Tian. I won’t have a chance if he sees me as a threat and decides to eliminate me as swiftly as possible. So, the best choice is to hide until the two finish fighting.’

The Heaven-Devouring Emperor was confident in his hiding method. After all, he was hunted down for years by countless Emperors. However, he needed to deal with this situation first.


An energy shock wave emanated from the singularity after absorbing Wang Ju. Then, the Heaven-Devouring Emperor did not hesitate to punch through the protective film surrounding their battle.


‘No wonder Chen Chen said this power was odd.’

He could tell the power was on par with a Dao Ancestor who controlled 4.9999% of the Grand Dao Source.

‘This Wang Wei is truly a talent; he cultivated to the limit of the Dao Ancestor Realm.’

The Heaven-Devouring Emperor did not hesitate and summoned an offensive Emperor Artifact and broke through the protective film.

‘Damn it. My situation is even worse.’

As soon as he broke through, he teleported away.

In an unknown star field, he appeared. However, his body was as thin as a mummy with long white hair and age spots–he had turned into an elderly woman.

The red flag floated above him, supplying him with blood energy. Otherwise, he would have died long ago.

‘The situation is more complicated but still manageable.’ 

He gazed in the distance, where he saw Li Jun and his group searching the battle’s location.

‘Let’s heal first.’

He sat cross-legged in a secret room he had prepared. Then, countless tattoos appeared on his body. The Heaven-Devouring Emperor looked horrified at his body since these tattoos were not his. Furthermore, he discovered he was incapable of moving.


A perfectly intact Wang Ju appeared before him.


Wang Ju ignored him as she began casting a spell. The Heaven-Devouring Emperor tried to resist, but he was at his weakest in every sense of the word.

So, a few seconds later, his eyes suddenly changed from the usually cold, indifferent, and intense desire to swallow all living things to one of confusion and fear.

“Young Lady Mo, are you awakened?” asked Wang Ju.

“You are…”

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