It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future

Chapter 1241 - The Trap Is Here

Chapter 1241 The Trap Is Here

Li Lanfeng knew that his suggestion wouldn’t work. Since their opponent planned so carefully, they wouldn’t give them any chances to stay in Base Nebula.

He sighed. “It looks like we can only wait and see what happens. We’ll deal with whatever comes our way.”

Ling Lan said with regret, “We lack information. Our intelligence network is still lacking. Our opponents didn’t give us enough time to solve this weakness.”

“In general, we lack time.” Li Lanfeng knew what was truly limiting them. He suddenly had the urge to fight for the position of the family head of the Li family unlike in the past when he didn’t have any desire for it.

If he became the family head of the Li family, he would be able to use the intelligence network the Li family had built over the years to help Lingtian. This would solve the problem.

After a series of handover, the logistic supplies on the transport ships were all unloaded. The transport ships prepared to leave.

Soon after, Ling Lan received an order to scout the Qingri wormhole. This was to ensure that the transport fleet would have a safe journey back.

The Qingri wormhole was within the planetary sector of the Federation. However, a part of it was close to the planetary sector of Twilight. The Federation had already encountered one ambush there so they wouldn’t allow another ambush to happen.

This seemingly safe order caused Ling Lan and Li Lanfeng’s expression to turn grave. Both of them detected the impending danger in this mission.

“Do you think they will attack us there?” Ling Lan inspected the route to the Qingri wormhole while Li Lanfeng inspected the order they received carefully.

“I feel that they’ll attack us on the route to the Qingri wormhole. An ambush had already happened in the Qingri wormhole so patrols in the wormhole are much denser than before. Hence, if they want to attack us in the Qingri wormhole, they must be prepared to sacrifice an army to do so.” Li Lanfeng expressed his opinion.

“Our enemy is an ambitious person. He might have hid in our nation for more than ten years. His rank is probably very high now. To him, sacrificing an army is nothing. He might even be happy to see that.” Ling Lan held a different opinion.

“Hence, it’s possible that a second ambush might happen in the Qingri wormhole.” Li Lanfeng immediately understood what Ling Lan meant.

“Yes. We might meet an ambush at any moment now.” Ling Lan sneered. “However, I feel that they will choose to ambush us in the Qingri wormhole. They might think we will feel safe there.”

Most would never expect a second ambush would occur, at the same location nonetheless. Thus, it was possible that their opponent used this mindset against them.

“That makes sense. However, there is another possibility. Our opponent might predict our mindset and ambush us before we enter the Qingri wormhole. That way, they can catch us while we’re still preparing for battle.” Li Lanfeng proposed another idea.

“Well, we can look at it that way too.” Ling Lan closed her eyes. Her thoughts became clearer after discussing Li Lanfeng. “They might have already expected the first ambush to fail. Once we escape from the first ambush successfully, we will be complacent in our victory. During this time, they will lay a second ambush to destroy us completely.”

“The best place for the second ambush is… here.” Li Lanfeng and Ling Lan pointed at a certain spot on the map simultaneously.

Their fingers touched. Ling Lan smiled at Li Lanfeng when she noticed that he had the same thoughts as her.

Li Lanfeng blushed when Ling Lan smiled at him. He took his finger back and lowered his right hand slowly. While Ling Lan was looking away, he rubbed his forefinger with his thumb and felt the spot where he and Ling Lan touched. He smiled secretly as he recalled the feeling

Right after Base Nebula departed, Ling Lan ordered all the soldiers to be combat-ready. All the mecha operators would board their mechas and wait in the mecha hold.

The atmosphere in Base Nebula was tense. No one knew why they needed to be prepared when they were in such a safe location. They hadn’t even left the planetary sector of Base Feiyu. However, Ling Lan was the highest-ranked officer of the base. Their commanding officer, Commander Ye, also chose to listen to him. Hence, everyone still obeyed Ling Lan’s order and arrived in their positions.

The fastest team to be prepared was unsurprisingly the Lingtian Independent Army. All the team leaders quickly gathered their team members and waited outside their personal ejection tunnels.

Han Xuya was dispatched to the transport fleet so Lady Mei was currently in charge of the JMC department. During the expansion of the Lingtian Independent Army, Lady Mei performed exceptionally well and was recommended by Han Xuya to be one of the candidates for vice-head. After a series of tests, Lady Mei defeated the other candidates and became the vice-head of the JMC department. She didn’t miss the opportunity Han Xuya gave her.

Lady Mei had already brought all the JMCs to their positions. Once Ling Lan gave the order, they would activate the launching ports and eject the mechas out.

This was Lady Mei’s first time handling such an important mission. She looked calm but her tight fist revealed her excitement and uneasiness.

“Mei Mei, you mustn’t be anxious. You can’t embarrass your head. You mustn’t do that.” Lady Mei cheered herself on. She respected her head, who was as capable as a man. She hoped that she could complete this mission perfectly to prove that her head’s recommendation was correct.

When you respect a person, you won’t want the said person to be disappointed or questioned. This was how Lady Mei felt towards Han Xuya. Anyone could be disappointed in her but Han Xuya. Other people could question her but they couldn’t question Han Xuya.

Although the atmosphere of Base Nebula was tense, nothing amiss could be detected from its appearance. It continued to move forward slowly and lazily.

Meng Lan controlled the radars in Base Nebula and diligently searched the areas around them. Since this mission was taken by Meng Lan, Little Four started capturing all the signals around them, hoping to find some useful information.

Base Nebula proceeded safely for ten minutes. Their surroundings were quiet. It seemed as though there wasn’t any ambush.

Li Lanfeng frowned. Were they wrong?

“Don’t be anxious. This is just the start.” Ling Lan was calmer.

“I’m afraid that problems might occur if we wait for too long.” Li Lanfeng knew that the soldiers below them were just normal people. They would be tired when they maintained a state of high alert for a long period of time. If their enemy attacked them while their pilots were fatigued, it would be disastrous.

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