It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future

Chapter 1154 - Answer?

Chapter 1154 Answer?

“I’ve always wanted to ask if you met an innocent and beautiful young man while you were doing your mission?” Mu Chaoran hesitated for a moment but still decided to ask this question.

Ling Lan looked at Mu Chaoran and frowned. After so long, Mu Chaoran still hadn’t let go.

“No,” Ling Lan replied calmly. This was something he had to overcome himself. Ling Lan didn’t feel that she needed to help him.

Mu Chaoran’s gaze turned dim. He shouldn’t have given himself any hope.

Tang Ningyu was sad too. However, he must accept the truth in front of him. Hence, he wasn’t as disheartened as Mu Chaoran.

“Since you asked me a question, I hope that you can answer my question too.” Ling Lan thought for a moment before opening her mouth.

Tang Ningyu became serious immediately. He turned vigilant. He didn’t know what Major General Ling wanted to ask them.

“I want to know when the reporting conference will be held.” Lingtian saw the vigilance in Tang Ningyu’s eyes.

“Although we’re from the Flying Dragon Special Forces, we don’t know the decisions made by the higher authorities.” Tang Ningyu narrowed his eyes.

Ling Lan smiled slightly. She glanced at Tang Ningyu coldly. Then, she turned to Mu Chaoran and said indifferently, “Colonel Mu, I don’t want to hear another lie.”

The conversation had startled Mu Chaoran. He gave his signature naughty smile and replied, “Major General Ling, you are overestimating me.”


“I have to suspect that the Flying Dragon Special Forces has pushed you out to be the scapegoat if you don’t even know such a small matter. After all, you’re the leader of the new generation.” Ling Lan smiled at Mu Chaoran.

“I remember that the time of the conference is written clearly on the summon.” Tang Ningyu tried his best to give a reply.

“I think that a new summon will be coming soon,” Ling Lan suddenly said something entirely unrelated.

Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran’s expressions changed. They realised that they chose the wrong time to visit Ling Lan.

There was silence in the living room. The atmosphere turned awkward. Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran looked at each other. They decided to leave.

At that moment, Ling Lan’s communicator vibrated. Ling Lan smiled as she looked at the two restless people. She accepted the call.

The virtual screen lit up. A beautiful virtual female soldier smiled elegantly as she told Ling Lan the new summon that just came. The conference which was supposed to be held in two hours would be postponed. The postponed time was not determined yet so a further notification would be sent to confirm the time. She ended with a happy goodbye.

Ling Lan looked up. “Did you hear it clearly?”

Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran felt awkward. They didn’t know that Major General Ling had noticed the cheap tricks of the military headquarters.

“We really don’t know.” Tang Ningyu didn’t want to disobey the rules.

“Three days later!” Mu Chaoran suddenly opened his mouth.

“Chaoran!” Tang Ningyu shouted in surprise.

Mu Chaoran signalled for Tang Ningyu to remain calm. He stared at Ling Lan intently as he said, “It will be held three days later. Many factions will do something within these three days. Major General Ling, please be careful.”

Ling Lan nodded. “Thank you.” She took her teacup and had a sip of tea.

Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran heaved a sigh of relief. They stood up in unplanned unison and saluted to Ling Lan. Then, they left.

When they reached the main atrium, Tang Ningyu grabbed Mu Chaoran and asked, “Chaoran, why did you leak the information?”

“Major General Ling is not our enemy,” Mu Chaoran replied calmly.

“You’ll be dead if our superiors knew what you did.” Tang Ningyu was worried.

As one of the leaders of the new generation, Tang Ningyu knew how strict their instructors were to them. They wouldn’t allow them to make any mistakes. Once they discovered what Mu Chaoran did, he would lose everything.

This was a huge burden on their shoulders. There was no time for them to relax.

Both he and Mu Chaoran had different ways of relieving this stress. He became expressionless while Mu Chaoran’s smile became slightly evil. There was no right or wrong.

This might be why the innocent and pure smile of Pei Shaoyun meant so much to them. They felt that his smile was something precious.

They just wanted to be able to feel the warmth that they had never felt before. They hoped that they could have someone they could dote on without being on their guards. Yet, this opportunity was taken away from them mercilessly.

“It’s alright.” Mu Chaoran remained indifferent. “Major General Ling saved us on Panet Azure. I’ll take it as repaying him.”

“There’re many ways of repaying debt. You might be sent on a suicide mission if you get caught.” Tang Ningyu frowned. If he knew this was going to happen, he wouldn’t have come. He could already feel the unhappiness his superiors had for Mu Chaoran.

“If that happens, you’ll have to prepare a banquet to send me off.” Mu Chaoran gave a naughty smile. He seemed unconcerned.

“Chaoran!” Tang Ningyu said angrily when he saw how nonchalant Mu Chaoran was.

Mu Chaoran’s smile disappeared slowly. After three seconds, he replied in a soft voice, “Brother Shaoyun disappeared on Planet Azure. I’ll take it that I’m telling him this information.” For some reason, Mu Chaoran felt that his Little Brother Shaoyun would be happy with what he did. He would give him that pure and bright smile.

“You…” Tang Ningyu sighed helplessly.

“Let’s go. We might be scolded again when we return to our base.” Mu Chaoran noticed the change in his superiors’ attitude too. However, he couldn’t go against his heart. Maybe, just like what Tang Ningyu said, he would anger his superiors one day and they would send him on a suicide mission.

“Tell them that it’s my idea,” Tang Ningyu reminded him earnestly.

Their superiors were more lenient towards him. There wouldn’t be many consequences if he took the blame.

Mu Chaoran was grateful. However, he just smiled and replied, “Of course. Why would I want to be punished?”

The two people sat in their hover car and quickly went back to the base of the Flying Dragon Special Forces.

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