It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future

Chapter 1034 - Escape!

Chapter 1034 Escape!

Right as Xiao Yiqiu left the treatment room, he received a notification on his communicator. When Xiao Yiqiu opened it, his expression turned as cold as ice. Then, he replied with three words, “It is done.”

If he wanted to enter the Flying Dragon Special Forces and become its leader, the current leaders of the Flying Dragon Special Forces must die.

In the morning of the day after, Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran were taken to the mecha hold of the tournament by the elder and middle-aged man. Mu Chaoran began to use their own exclusive hand signals to quietly move around. Tang Ningyu looked at him coldly with a look that only Mu Chaoran understood.

That was right. Ever since the elder and middle-aged man appeared before them, the two of them knew that they might not return alive this night. Despite the elder and middle-aged man restraining their killing intent, the two of them still managed to catch a whiff of it because they were specially trained to be able to feel this presence.

Mailer Fa had begun to plot their demise. The two of them must find a way to escape today. Luckily, they had already decided to find a chance to escape today and had already done all the preparations that needed to be done. However, the difficulties that laid before them were more serious than they had previously thought…

“We must immediately move out!” The longer they waited, the situation would turn less favourable to them. They must make a move before those people made a move on them.

Despite knowing how dire the situation was, Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran didn’t show a hint of anxiousness or anxiety on their faces. They just calmly followed behind the elder with the middle-aged man walking behind them.

They entered the venue of the tournament. Right as they entered the corridor to the mecha hold, Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran sent a glance at each other. In the next second, the two of them suddenly pounced towards the middle-aged man…

This attack was too sudden so the elder walking in front of them reacted a bit slower. However, the middle-aged man unexpectedly reacted very quickly to the attack. He had ruthless expression on his face as he looked towards the two of them. He instinctively clenched his two fists and punched towards the two pouncing towards him.

As long as he could hold on, his comrade would be able to react to the situation and surround these two people to take them down.

Right at that moment, Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran suddenly shifted their bodies towards the right. The two of them actually rammed towards the wall on the right side of the corridor. Of course, they weren’t reckless enough to use their own bodies as rams to break through the wall. Instead, they held both of their hands together and a purple flame instantly conjured into a large dragon before it smashed into the wall of the corridor.

Bang! A loud sound of flesh colliding into a concrete wall was heard.

The power of these two energies combined together was not like one plus one. Their domain energies were exponentially stronger when they combined together. The originally sturdy wall suddenly had a large crack in it.

Then, another bang was heard.

The two of them ruthlessly punched into the wall again, and finally created a hole in it. The two of them quickly jumped through the hole and countless surprised voices were heard from the hole.

The elder just reacted a little too slow when he realized they were escaping. The instant Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran jumped through the hole, he had just reached the hole in the wall. He cursed under his breath, but he still jumped down after them without any hesitation.

Right at that moment, a purple colored lightning dragon and a red colored fire dragon suddenly flew up from the hole. Seeing this, the elder didn’t panic and only pushed down with both of his hands.


It was as though the lightning dragon and the fire dragon had smashed into a formless shield, blocking it before they could reach the elder.

As for the elder, Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran’s sneak attack didn’t cause him to be in danger as it was too easy for him to counter. However, blocking the attack caused the elder’s falling speed to slow down because of the counter force.

“Sh*t.” When the elder realized this, his expression changed into a grimace.

This attack by his opponents wasn’t actually a sneak attack. It was to give them more time to escape. After intercepting the attack, not only did he cause himself to slow down by half a second, he also gave his opponents half a second to escape. This attack had indeed slowed him down, but for his opponents, it was the complete opposite. These two energies crashing into each other would increase the speed of his opponents to be twice as fast. Just like that, his opponents gained an extra second to escape.

If they were under domain stage, this extra second perhaps would not be significant. However, with them being in the domain stage, one extra second was enough to change the outcome of the battle.

The elder didn’t want to fail just like that. He continuously move his palms above him, trying to use counter force to increase his falling speed. However, he was not as decisive as Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran, as he was worried that he would destroy the structure above him by attacking it. With his current speed, he would, of course, not be able to catch up to the two of them.

As expected, when the elder landed at the bottom of the hole, his vision was just filled with chaotic scenes. Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran choosing this location to land was clearly planned out. It was because only this place had an audience seating area below it. They only had the chance to escape if they got into a crowd of thousands of people.

The elder used his domain energy to search for any foreign domain energy around him to find Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran. Soon, many domain realm masters’ domain energy were detected. However, some were laced with a warning. This was because this type of powerful searching method was considered a provocation to other domain realm masters. If it wasn’t because they were in Mai’er Fa’s casino, these domain realm masters would already have an outburst of rage and perhaps would have begun fighting the elder.

“Young Master Rong, Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran got away.” After searching for a while, the elder could only contact Young Master Rong.

“Useless trash!” Xiao Yiqiu, who was peacefully sitting in the room, suddenly stomped angrily when he received this information. He kicked away the table in front of him smashing it into a large glass window in the arena, shattering it to pieces.

“They must die!” Xiao Yiqiu’s eyes turned blood red. His lips were actually beginning to crack and his teeth were growing into canines. It was because of his anger that his bloodline innate talent had awakened again.

Xiao Yiqiu seemed to feel that his mood was off and he immediately took a deep breath to calm himself down. The red pupils slowly returned to its former colour and his cracked lips also returned to normal.

When he felt he was calm enough, Xiao Yiqiu contacted the Sword Monarch, “Master Sword Monarch, we’ll have to trouble you again.”

“That’s fine. The Celestial King had already given me the order to work with you,” the Sword Monarch said calmly. He searched through the casino again and then replied, “They’re still standing at the same place and not moving.”

“Thank you, sir,” Xiao Yiqiu replied respectfully. Then, he told what Sword Monarch said to the elder and the middle-aged man, who then sent their people to surround the area.

“Chaoran, something is off. They didn’t split up and chase, but instead surrounded us. They probably have discovered us.” Mailer Fa’s way of dealing with them made Tang Ningyu, who was in the crowd, feel something was amiss.

Mu Chaoran frowned and thought about how were they discovered? It should be known that they had thought about a fool-proof plan.

Suddenly, Mu Chaoran remembered something and his expression darkened, “Not good. We miscalculated.” They originally wanted to make use of a human’s thoughts thinking that they were in a hurry to escape from this place that they would just run off and not stay in their current position. That was why they chose to hide at where they were and used a method that their chief taught them to avoid detection. They would then wait for the tournament to finish and follow the crowd out the venue. It was a pretty good plan but now that they think about it, it was a bad plan.

“What’s wrong?” Tang Ningyu asked.

“The chief once said that our method could get past the eyes of domain realm masters under the imperial stage. However, Mai’er Fa has the Sword Monarch.” Mu Chaoran smiled bitterly.

“So, the Sword Monarch discovered us!” Tang Ningyu finally understood why Mai’er Fa would be able to accurately surround them and not split their forces to chase them.

The two of them looked at each other. Suddenly, Mu Chaoran tossed something to the ground. This thing he took out was very small and it looked like a medicinal vial.

The medicine vial rolled down the stairs.

‘1, 2, 3!’ Mu Chaoran thought in his head and then a huge bang was heard. A large explosion suddenly shook the ground of the casino.

Then, smoke began to rise and covered the entire area not long after. This was a surprise to all the guests which caused the guests of the casino to scream out in fear. These guests were like headless chicken running amok. The security personnel of Mailer Fa were trying their best to shout at everyone for them to remain calm. However, they couldn’t stop those guests and the entire area became wrought with chaos.

Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran used this chaos to run out with the crowd. Right as they were about to get out of the casino, they heard a snort.

The sound was soft, so soft that only they could hear, while the people around them couldn’t hear it. This sound was also incredibly heavy. Heavy enough to freeze their bodies in place, causing them to stop in their tracks and unable to move.

“There!” The two people from Mai’er Fa quickly brought a dozen domain realm masters to surround them. Seeing the two of them standing there oddly, they all rushed towards them.

They all heard the cold snort. It was from the strongest person here, the master, Sword Monarch. However, the Sword Monarch’s snort was targeted towards Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran, thus these other domain realm masters were not affected.

Once they get surrounded, the two of them would be dead for sure.

Faced with the high possibility of death, Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran’s eyes were red with anger even though their bodies couldn’t move. Their hearts were filled with the thought of not giving in.

As the first leaders of their new generation, they had their own pride. They didn’t want to be killed at such a random place like Mai’er Fa. They still had a lot of questions they didn’t have answers for. Even if the died, they must die knowing everything. Die in fashion and not die in frustration.

Perhaps the unwillingness to give in activated their unawakened potentials. They suddenly regained control of their originally petrified bodies.

The two of them quickly rushed towards a domain realm master, who was blocking the door, without hesitation. Now, they could only fight their way out.

Ever since the mission on Planet Azure, the two of them had always worked together in incredible sync with each other. With the two of them both sen odingut a lightning dragon and fire dragon each, these two dragons with strong offensive elements actually combined during its way towards their opponent and became a giant purple and red dragon.

This was a combination technique that they had created in the past when they worked together. Its combined power was much stronger than the power of one elemental dragon. It could even be four or five times stronger.

Being in a life-or-death situation, the two of them instantly used their strongest combination technique to make a way for them to get out alive.

Of course, this combination technique wasn’t their strongest sure-kill technique. They were only trying to escape. If they were sure they couldn’t escape, then they would choose a sure-kill technique that damaged both themselves and their opponents. Even if they were to die, they would also want to take someone with them. This was the tradition of the soldiers from the Huaxia Federation. They would rather die than be a prisoner and while dying they must take someone with them to the afterlife.

It was also because of this reason that the Huaxia Federation was able to become the strongest nation and be feared by all other nations. The other nations all considered the soldiers from the Huaxia Federation to be crazy individuals… It wasn’t fun fighting with insane people.

The domain realm master blocking the door wasn’t prepared for this attack. He quickly put up his shield. However, how could his not-so-tough shield be able to block an attack that was N times stronger?

“Bang!” The giant red and purple dragon instantly shattered the opponent’s shield. The residual energy instantly hit that individual, sending him flying. A mouthful of blood was seen in mid-air.

Chance! Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran instantly ran towards the door so fast that they looked like lines of light.

“Hmph!” Another cold snort sounded.

This time, Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran were prepared. They bit their tongues fiercely, resolving the dizziness and stiffness coming from the cold snort. The two of them were afraid one of them wouldn’t be able to break free of this attack, so the two of them held each other hands firmly. Whoever was awake would take the other and escape.

“Stay right where you are!” Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran were just about to escape the casino. Once they get out, Mai’er Fa would not be able to find them anymore, even Sword Monarch probably wouldn’t be able to find them. Thus, seeing that his subordinates weren’t doing their job well, Sword Monarch, who had only just made noises, made a move!

A sword flew down from a room within the casino. It cut through everything in its path and was flying towards Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran, who were running for their lives.

Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran ran forwards for their lives. Even if they didn’t turn around, they were still able to feel the terrifying energy that could cut them up into mince meat. The hairs on their back shot up. Mu Chaoran’s expression showed that he had made a difficult decision. He flung his right hand with all his might to toss Tang Ningyu towards the exit.

Tang Ningyu only felt that holding Mu Chaoran’s hand was like holding a fish in water. With Tang Ningyu suddenly slipping and being unprepared, he was easily tossed away by Mu Chaoran. His entire body flew forwards quickly because of Mu Chaoran’s strength.

“I’ll leave the Flying Dragon Special Forces to you,” Mu Chaoran’s voice rang beside Tang Ningyu ears. Tang Ningyu’s eyes became warm instantly. He understood in an instant that Mu Chaoran was preparing to sacrifice himself to give him a chance to escape.

They could not escape from the Sword Monarch’s sword. The only way they could escape was if one of them blocked the attack, while the other lives on. Thus, Mu Chaoran decisively made the decision to stay behind and left him with the hope of living through it all.

Tang Ningyu knew well that Mu Chaoran actually hated him. That was because his existence made Mu Chaoran became a shadow that would never be able to become a leader of the Flying Dragon Special Forces. It was just he didn’t think that in the end, Mu Chaoran actually would sacrifice himself to save him…

Tang Ningyu’s sadness was only for a moment. In the next second, he became as calm as ever because he couldn’t let Mu Chaoran’s sacrifice to be in vain.

Tang Ningyu increased his speed and ran towards the exit with seemingly no regard for the safety of the comrade he left behind. In the eyes of bystanders, Tang Ningyu was a coward who would abandon his comrade to save his own life.

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