It’s Lonely to Be Invincible

Chapter 345 - No one in the magnificent flame sect has a big mouth  

Chapter 345: No one in the magnificent flame sect has a big mouth

“I’ve seen a ghost. ” The frog stood on its hind legs and looked at the void in the distance. There was a drop of transparent sweat hanging on its green frog face. It had never seen such a scene before, even though it had seen many things. A Tiangang realm expert fighting a demigod? what was he bragging about? There was no one as fierce as him in the starry sky that he was once active in. The difference between Tian Gang and a demigod wasn’t just a difference in power, but also a difference in their understanding of the world. They couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath. “It’s Green!” Behind the frog, Qin Shan was lying on the ground with his head full of bumps. His body was twitching, and he was still mumbling about the frog. His lungs were almost crushed by this big fool, so he could only hit his head and face, knocking him out on the ground. Old hei, who was hovering around invincible peak, was observing the battle in the air. He didn’t care about demigod realm experts, but he had never seen a situation like this where a heavenly Dipper sovereign fought a demigod. This was the difference in cultivation level. If it was a peak ninth level heavenly Dipper sovereign fighting a demigod, it might be more convincing. But now, he was only at the eighth level of heavenly Dipper, and he was able to fight evenly with demigods. This was terrifying enough. Even if this demigod expert was not used to close combat, he was still extraordinary. He was definitely not someone a Tiangang realm expert could face. “If he becomes a demigod, then …” He didn’t even dare to imagine when this oath would come to an end if he became a demigod and his lifespan increased. “Demigod, what’s wrong? are you really so engrossed in the pit? stand up and let me see how long you can last.” Lin fan floated in the void and lowered his head with a smile. There was the sound of crushed stones rolling down, and there were also people standing up from deep pits. “Impudent!” A rumbling sound spread out from the deep pit, forming a sound wave that enveloped Lin fan. Lin fan stood expressionlessly in the void. He was directly enveloped by the sound waves. His pants were flapping and his long hair was messy. Other than that, he wasn’t affected at all. Half-God Cang floated up from the hole and lowered his head. He wasn’t in a good state and was in a slightly bad shape. Other than some blood on his clothes, he was fine. He knew that it would be a little difficult to kill a demigod with his current strength. He could also tell that demigod Cang wasn’t suited for close combat. This was a bit of a pity. Did people nowadays not know how pleasurable it was to engage in close combat? the collision of flesh and blood, the mixing of sweat and blood, that was the most beautiful art. “You’ve truly infuriated me. ” Demigod Cang immediately raised his hand, and a dazzling light covered his palm like a black hole. Space itself was sucked in and controlled by his palm. “Endless dark abyss!” A vast voice rang out. Was he going to use a big move? Even nomological laws were unable to avoid being absorbed from the void. The sky suddenly turned dark. Without the suppression of the void, the void currents became completely violent. “He’s going to use his ultimate move. ” Lin fan chuckled and raised his hand. He could control the currents of the void as well. The vajra body of the ancient world had been upgraded to level six, and he already had the means to freeze the void. As for the angry Buddha Vajra and whatnot, they were completely incompatible with him. If it wasn’t for the fact that his physical body was strong enough, he wouldn’t even bother to comprehend it. “Condense!” As he gave the order, the void torrents froze as if they were being controlled by his hand. Then, with a thought, the void torrents formed a huge black fist. “Eat a good punch.” In an instant, the black fist slammed down, directly enveloping demigod Cang. BOOM! The earth trembled, and the fist exploded with dazzling light as the void currents covered demigod Cang. However, this punch was completely useless against demigod experts. When the void flood touched demigod Cang, it was also absorbed by the black hole in his palm. “Interesting. This is a long-range attack. Are all demigods like this?” Lin fan was a little curious. He had only seen a few demigods. However, if demigod Cang didn’t show his strength, then he could be sure that demigod Cang was the weakest demigod he had seen in his batch. All of a sudden, a terrifying aura burst forth from demigod Cang’s body. With a flip of his palm, a pitch-black hole appeared. The suction force was so strong that Lin fan found it hard to even stand. This black hole seemed to be constructed from laws and divine power, and it wanted to devour everything. Lin fan looked over. Demigod Cang’s body was wrapped with the law of devouring. However, it was much stronger than any other law. Could this be the change that happened after stepping into the demigod realm? The law of devouring was interesting. However, even if that was the case, he wasn’t afraid at all. He was just a little demigod and his ego was really inflated. It wasn’t scary to lose, but the scariest thing was not losing. And just as Lin fan was about to strike out to suppress it, he did not expect that the black hole would dissipate. Suddenly, Tian Xu appeared in front of Lin fan. He stretched out his palm without any movement, but the black hole shrank gradually. The void inside seemed to have been released and returned to the world. “Alright, stop fighting.” “How do you feel, disciple?” Tian Xu asked indifferently. He then turned to Lin fan. “I don’t feel anything. I just feel that this demigod Cang is only so-so; I’ve overestimated him.” Lin fan shook his head, not satisfied with this battle. Tian Xu smiled.”You’re quite strong, my disciple. I’m very satisfied with you.” “Tian Xu, the matter between your disciple and I isn’t over yet.” Demigod Cang was gathering his terrifying aura and was just about to suppress this kid, but he was stopped by Tian Xu. This made him furious, especially when he heard this kid say that he was only so-so. How could he take this? “Cang wudao, although my disciple has suppressed you twice and hammered you into the ground twice, you are still only at the eighth level of heavenly Dipper. I know that you are still unwilling to accept this, and you still have many powerful techniques that you have yet to display. However, there’s no need for us to compete anymore. You’re weaker today, but in the future, when my disciple breaks through to the demigod realm, let’s have a fair fight.” Tian Xu suppressed his urge to laugh.”What do you think, my disciple?” “Teacher, I don’t care. I’m just afraid that when I enter the demigod realm, I might accidentally kill this Cang demigod. At that time, wouldn’t I be bullying the old and be despised by others?” Lin fan shook his head and felt that this wasn’t a good thing. “Shut up,” Demigod Cang’s eyes were burning with anger. He was unwilling,”this old man isn’t serious yet. Let’s compete again.” “Enough, Cang wudao. I know that you don’t want to admit that you’re no match for my disciple, but don’t worry. No one in the magnificent flame sect is a Blabbermouth. I will never tell anyone about this and it will definitely not affect your reputation. You don’t have to prove yourself. I still believe in your strength.” Tian Xu consoled him with a straight face. Suddenly! The magnificent flame sect erupted in cheers. “Senior brother Lin is unrivaled! To think that even a demigod would be suppressed by him! If word of this were to get out, it would definitely shock the entire world!” “That’s right. We have to tell others about this and spread the name of senior brother Lin.” The magnificent flame sect disciples were overjoyed. They didn’t expect their senior brother Lin to be so strong. With just the strength of an eighth level heavenly Dipper sovereign, he had actually defeated a demigod expert and even suppressed them twice. If one didn’t see it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe it. “You guys …” Demigod Cang wanted to vomit blood but he held it in. He didn’t expect that he would be suppressed by Tian Xu’s disciple twice. This matter couldn’t be hidden. He had to admit that this person’s strength was shocking. Although he didn’t have the divine aura of a demigod, he felt helpless just by relying on his strength. However, he was a demigod. How could he admit to this? he could only continue to fight and prove himself. “Alright, let’s get down to business. You want to bring me back to the heavenly sect Palace for interrogation?” Lin fan took a step forward and looked at the three great trials. Finally, his gaze landed on demigod Cang. The three judges ‘faces were ashen. Although demigod Cang was fine, they still felt that he had lost. After all, his opponent was only at the eighth level of heavenly Dipper. If he were to break through to the demigod realm, wouldn’t that mean that no one in the world would be able to stop him? Now that they’ve heard the other party’s question, if it was before, they would naturally be certain that he must return to the heavenly sect Hall with them. However, no one from the three great trials dared to speak up. The death of two judges made their hearts turn cold. Demigod Cang being suppressed terrified them. How could he dare to say anything? Lin fan wasn’t strong enough. He didn’t want to continue on like this. He had to find someone to suppress him. He had never been to the heaven sect Palace, but he wanted to take a look. Take a look at how powerful and overbearing this so-called heaven sect Palace is. Demigod Cang stared at Lin fan with an indescribable rage. “What’s wrong? The magnificent flame sect is an indomitable sect and we never run away from anything. Since the heaven sect Palace has invited me to your place for interrogation, I’ll go with you. ” “However, you have to remember that this is because I don’t want to bully you. Otherwise, with your strength, you’d be dreaming if you wanted to invite me.” Lin fan stood in mid-air, exuding a serious aura. A vast aura shot up into the sky. Although the magnificent flame sect was weak for now, its aura was not weak. “Disciple, since you want to prove your innocence, then master won’t stop you. Cang wudao, we haven’t seen each other for decades, let’s have a good chat at my mountain peak.” Although it was an invitation, Tian Xu’s words were unquestionable. Cang wudao could feel Tian Xu’s aura locking onto him. He was furious. Tian Xu wanted to take him as a hostage. He even shamelessly said,”let’s chat. Who the hell wants to chat with you?” Lin fan walked in front of the three judges and smiled,”let’s go.” “Ah!” The three judges didn’t know what to do at this moment. Their faces were pale. They had rushed here in high spirits, wanting to capture this young man and bring him back to the heaven sect Palace. However, they had never thought that this young man’s strength would be so amazing. Although he wasn’t a demigod, he was like one. The magnificent flame sect would have two demigods? Such news could not be underestimated. 

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