It’s Lonely to Be Invincible

Chapter 1163-END

Chapter 1163: The end

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“””So it’s goddess Luo Yun.”” Lin fan smiled,””I’m here to look for your old ancestor. I have something to discuss with him.”” ”

He felt a little guilty when he said this.

“If the forefather of nine colors knew about this, he would definitely wail like a ghost and howl like a Wolf: “”Talk my ass, I have nothing to talk to you about. Get lost and don’t appear in front of me. You’re a bad person.”” ”

“Goddess Luo Yun was stunned. In the eyes of nine color Grandmaster, Peak Master Lin had already been classified as one of the most dangerous people. ”

“As long as they were here, nothing good would happen. ”

He pondered for a moment.

“””Peak Master Lin,”” goddess Luo Yun asked.””You’re going to find the patriarch to get some pills, right?”” ”

He had been seen through.

“””This … Yes, yes, it’s like this. I need some pills.”” An embarrassed expression appeared on Lin fan’s face. To other people, this was really weird. ”

“To goddess Luo Yun, there must be a reason why peak Master Lin was acting this way. ”

“But with the current situation, it was really very dangerous. ”

The old ancestor would not take out a single pill.

“Even if he went, it would be a wasted trip. ”

“””Peak Master Lin, the old master won’t take out a single elixir. My old master’s condition hasn’t been very good recently. He can’t be provoked.”” She didn’t want Peak Master Lin to know that he couldn’t get it, but she didn’t want the old master to be provoked. ”

“Lin fan sighed out,””HAIs, there’s no other way. Goddess, you might not know this, but right now, there’s an enemy who’s watching us out in the open. He could destroy this entire world at any moment.”” ”

“””Don’t doubt me, I’m talking about this sky. I need medicinal pills to increase my strength so that I can fight against this Sky One day. “” ”

Goddess Luo Yun was surprised.

“To her, it was as if she was listening to something that was impossible. ”

“However, from Peak Master Lin’s mouth, she knew that it was definitely not false. ”

“””Peak Master Lin, can I ask you a question?”” Goddess Luo Yun asked. ”

“””Go ahead, what’s the matter?”” Lin fan smiled. ”

“Goddess Luo Yun was silent for a long time before she gathered her courage and asked,””””I’ve heard many people say that you have no feelings for women, right?”” ”

“Lin fan thought that he would be asked something, but when he heard that, he almost suffocated. ”

Who the F * ck did he hear that from?

“Am I, Lin fan, someone like that? ”

Wait a minute.

There was something interesting in his words.

He needed to think about it carefully.

Not long after.

“Lin fan smiled,””how is that possible? I just didn’t reach the peak and didn’t want to think about those things. Now that I am about to reach the peak, I am still far from it.”” ”

Goddess Luo Yun heaved a sigh of relief.

“At first, she did not believe it. Later, she asked around, but she had never heard of Peak Master Lin having close contact with a woman. She really thought that Peak Master Lin was not interested in women. ”

But now it seemed …

It was to pursue the path to the peak.

“If it was in the past, she would have regretted it. The road to the peak was difficult to walk, and who could reach the peak? ”

“But now, he heard that he was almost at the peak. ”

“Her heart, which should have been calm, began to be active again. ”

It was good that there was hope.

The most terrifying thing was that there was no hope at all.

“””Goddess, you’re a little weird today. Forget it, I have something to discuss with your ancestor. Let’s talk again next time.”” Lin fan said. Goddess Luo Yun’s smell was very good. If he licked her, his experience points would definitely increase. ”

But he never wanted to be a Lackey.

Just smell it.

He didn’t want to think about anything else.

“””Peak Master Lin, you really can’t go to the old master. Actually, I can make the decision. How many medicinal pills do you need?”” Goddess Luo Yun asked. ”

“Her position in the alchemy realm was rather special. Other than the old ancestor, she was the only one who could mobilize the resources of the alchemy realm. ”

“””This …”” ”

Lin fan had not expected goddess Luo Yun to ask him how many pills he needed.

He pondered for a moment.

“If he went to the forefather of nine colors, he would definitely have to say a lot more, and he might not even be able to get it. ”

“Now that goddess Luo Yun was willing to help, Lin fan felt that he had a plan. ”

“””The more the better.”” ”

Lin fan said.

That was indeed the case.

“He had too many points now, which was beyond his imagination. Even the points he had accumulated since the beginning were not as many as the points he had now. ”

To what extent could he increase his Foundation?

This was not something that could be understood just by thinking about it.

“Perhaps if one didn’t experience it personally, they would never understand. ”

“Goddess Luo Yun was silent for a long time.””Wait for me to come back.”” ”

His voice fell.

“Then, he left the place and walked towards the pill realm. ”

After an unknown amount of time.

“Just as Lin fan felt that hope was slim, goddess Luo Yun walked over from afar. ”

“””These are all the pills I can get.”” Goddess Luo Yun handed over a bottle. There was a universe inside the bottle, and it contained many pills. ”

“Taking it over, Lin fan nodded his head,””thank you, goddess. I’ll thank you in the future.”” ”

“Goddess Luo Yun shook her head.””If Peak Master Lin needs elixirs, he will naturally have them. The elixir world is under Peak Master Lin’s protection, and this is all the elixir world can do. There’s no need to thank me.”” ”

“””This is a great help.”” After saying this, he left the place. ”

Within the pill realm.

“The forefather of nine colors clutched his chest. His face was flushed, and he almost couldn’t catch his breath. ”

“””Luo Yun, you … I …”” ”

“Luo Yun knelt there, her head buried deep, not saying a word. ”

There was no way he could hide the fact that he had taken away the acquired spirit pills of the pill realm.

The forefather of nine colors had never thought that Luo Yun would do such a thing behind his back.

He had never even thought about it.

“””Luo Yun, don’t you have anything to say to the forefather?”” The forefather took a deep breath. Calm down. He had to calm down. He couldn’t die suddenly. Now that Luo Yun didn’t say a word, he was also angry. ”

No one would feel good about this.

“””Old ancestor, please calm down. Luo Yun knows that she has committed a great crime by stealing the spiritual pills from the pill realm. She has nothing to say.”” Luo Yun said in a low voice. ”

“””You …”” The forefather ninescolor said,””was he the one who seduced you?”” ”

“””No, Luo Yun was willing.”” Luo Yun said. ”

“These words infuriated the forefather of nine colors.””Luo Yun, I do want to match the two of you, but you can’t help an outsider and secretly give away the things of the alchemy world. Do you know that you’re destroying the fate of the alchemy world?”” ”

“””Luo Yun is guilty, please punish her severely, ancestor.”” Luo Yun didn’t say much. ”

She believed in one thing.

The elixirs of the alchemy world must be very important to Peak Master Lin.

“However, nothing had happened yet. ”

“Even if he told them, no one would believe him. ”

“Although the forefather was angry, he still wanted to protect Luo Yun. However, the pill world did not belong to him alone. There were a huge number of acquired spirit pills, and it concerned everyone. Even if he wanted to protect her, he could not. ”

Many people in the pill realm were watching.

“This was a serious matter and should be executed. However, goddess Luo Yun was loved by patriarch nine colors, so it was impossible for her to die. ”

“””Strip her of her position as the goddess and close the pill Pagoda.”” The forefather of nine colors shook his head and waved his hand, signaling for Luo Yun to leave. ”

“Luo Yun kowtowed in thanks.””Thank you for not killing me, patriarch.”” ”


The hall was empty.

The divine senses that had been paying attention to the situation had also dissipated.

“The forefather of nine colors was so angry that his eyes turned red,””Lin fan, you’ve really caused quite a bit of harm to others. Luo Yun is such a good child, and she’s been harmed by you.”” ”

He knew that Lin fan had always been thinking about the pills of the pill world.

“However, he really didn’t expect that he would open a path for Luo Yun and directly let her get the pill. ”

“If it were dozens or hundreds of pills, he could still cover it up as the ancestor of the alchemy world. ”

“But this time, it was too much. ”

The thousands of spiritual pills were almost all the pills in the pill realm.

This was emptying out all the resources of the pill realm.

In the secret room.

Lin fan immediately closed the stone door.

“If the enemy did not move, he would not move. ”

“Now, it was confirmed that the last enemy should be heaven. ”

There was a connection between the sect master and the heavens.

He believed that.

“But up until now, he didn’t find anything wrong with the sect leader. ”

“Every day, he would feel the tranquility without any changes. ”

“In total, goddess Luo Yun had given him 4300 acquired spirit pills. ”

All of them were converted to 860 billion experience points.

“””Alright, I’ll go into seclusion now. Heavens, I’ll wait for you to come out.”” ”

Lin fan was confident that he could push his cultivation to an unprecedented level.

It had even reached a realm that no one had ever been able to cultivate to.

He grabbed the pill and stuffed it into his mouth.

Experience points +200000000.


His experience points kept increasing.

“The secret chamber was silent. There were no other noises, only the sound of Lin fan swallowing pills. ”



After an unknown amount of time.

The last one was swallowed and turned into experience points.

He took out all the cultivation techniques of the holy mountain.

The secret room lit up.

“Countless cultivation technique texts floated around him, emitting a faint glow. ”

“””Upgrade!”” ”

“””1.5 million points consumed.”” ”


Invincible peak.

Lu Qiming stood in front of the secret room and looked at the closed stone door. His senior brother had been in the secret room for days and had not come out.

Nothing happened in the sect.

Everything returned to normal.

The people who were waiting outside the sect had left.

“””What is Shixiong fighting for?”” ”

Lu Qiming was deep in thought.

“He really wanted to know what his senior brother was fighting for. By chance, he learned about heaven from Bone King. ”

His senior brother had gone into seclusion to fight against the heavens.

When he found out about this.

Lu Qiming was shocked.

The heaven is the enemy?

Could they really resist it?


A vibration spread out from the secret room. Energy ripples spread out like waves and covered his feet. It spread out and covered the entire sect.

Although it was not lethal.

But he could sense the terrifying power contained within the waves.

“””Senior brother has broken through and reached a higher level.”” ”

“””It seems like senior brother is about to come out of seclusion.”” ”

“According to the previous situation, Shixiong would come out of seclusion every time he broke through. ”

After a long time.

“Lu Qiming stood outside the door for a long time, but he did not see the stone door shake. No one came out. ”

“””What’s going on? Why hasn’t senior brother come out yet?”” ”

He was puzzled.

Could it be that something happened?

Tian Xu mountain.

“””Your disciple has become stronger again.”” Tian Xu raised his head and looked into the distance. He could feel the shocking power in his disciple’s aura. ”

“””This old man also has to work hard.”” ”

“He took out the good fortune Jade Disk that his disciple had given him. There was surging energy within it, and it had a strong connection with his celestial tree. Perhaps there was a great relationship between the two. ”


“An ancient tree grew out of Tian Xu’s body. The celestial tree was no longer a small tree, but an ancient tree that covered the sky. ”

The green leaves swayed and scattered green light.

“The disciples of the sect felt their bodies relax, but they didn’t know what was going on. ”

A month later.

It was silent.

There was no more movement from invincible peak.

“After Lu Qiming left the last time, he was worried and came back again. He had been standing in front of the stone gate for half a month. ”

His face was full of worry and worry.

Shixiong had been in seclusion for a month.

This had never happened before.

“At this moment, the frog jumped over from afar. ”

“””Frog master, is my senior brother alright?”” Lu Qiming asked. ”

“The frog knew that the Desperado had been in seclusion for more than a month, and it was also horrified. ”


The Desperado had never been in closed-door cultivation for such a long time.

“””It’s fine. My life is connected to his. If he dies, I won’t be able to live either. If you see me become a corpse one day, then it means something’s wrong.”” The frog said. ”

In the following period of time.

“The frog’s eyes widened.””Are you crazy? why are you looking at me every day?”” ”

“””I have to make sure that senior is safe.”” Lu Qiming said. ”

“Instead of waiting at the stone gate, he stared at the frog every day. ”

“””You’re sick, sick. “” The frog cursed in its heart. ”

Qiang Sheng stared at him.

“Now, there was another fatty. ”

Are you going to let me live?

“Every day, the Buddha and devil would copy Sutras and chant Buddhas in Xu hanming’s sea of blood. ”

It was the first time invincible peak was shaking.

He knew that Peak Master Lin had already broken through to the primordial chaos realm.

“””Peak Master Lin is truly a genius blessed by the heavens. Mortals can’t even begin to estimate him. After the primordial chaos realm, there’s still one more realm, but that’s already a legend. It’s even been abandoned by the heavens, and no one can reach it. Even if one has a great opportunity, it’s difficult to even touch the edge.”” ”

The Buddha demon muttered to himself.

The Pure Land’s inheritance let him know everything.

In the current realm.

“The primordial chaos realm was the strongest realm, and there was no path ahead. ”

A year passed.

The stone gate of invincible peak was full of people.

“””No, we can’t break the stone door. Senior brother told me before he went into seclusion that no matter who it is, no matter what happens, unless the heavens descend, no one is to disturb him.”” Lu Qiming said. ”

“””Junior Brother lü, senior brother has been in closed-door cultivation for more than a year. How can we not be anxious?”” Heavenly King Dao said. ”

“As the peak Master of the peak of the Heavenly King, he led a carefree life in the sect. He took care of his children and accompanied his wife. ”

“However, senior brother Lin had been in closed-door cultivation for more than a year and had yet to come out. He had a bad feeling in his heart. ”

Could he have made a mistake during his closed-door cultivation?

They were not the only ones who were worried.

All the disciples in the sect were extremely worried.

“Senior brother Lin was their pillar of support, their God. ”

“It had been such a long time since they had seen their senior brother Lin. Naturally, they were panicking. They had come to invincible peak with endless worry in their hearts, hoping that their senior brother Lin would come out and meet them so that they would not worry. ”

“””Lu Qiming, how can you be sure that your senior brother is fine?”” Huo Rong asked. ”

At this moment.

“The frog jumped out and said,””I’m sure that if something happens to him, I’ll be able to sense it. If he dies, I’ll be facing you with my white belly.”” ”

“””That’s right. We should listen to senior brother’s orders. He told us not to disturb him, so we shouldn’t disturb him. I believe that senior brother will be fine. Elders, fellow brothers, please disperse. “” Lu Qiming raised his hand. ”

Even though he was also worried.

“But if even he was panicking, then who was going to guard this place? ”

Not far away.

Mu Ling looked at the tightly shut stone door and was also very worried.

“However, she believed that senior brother Lin would definitely be fine. ”

“””Lord devil, what do you think Lord Lin is doing? Even if he’s in closed-door cultivation, it shouldn’t take that long, right?”” Bone King asked. ”

They had been in the magnificent flame sect for a long time.

He had long gotten used to the environment here and was much more comfortable.

“Even if they were chased away, they would still shamelessly stay here. ”

Ancestor devil shook his head. This question was like asking a fool.

There was no point in asking.

How could he know what this kid was doing in closed-door cultivation for so long?

However …

He felt that something big must have happened.

“Based on his understanding of Lin fan, unless his brain had gone haywire, he wouldn’t go into seclusion for such a long time for no reason. ”

“Bone King looked at ancestor devil.””Master devil, don’t tell me you don’t know?”” ”

Ancestor devil glared at Bone King. Wasn’t that just nonsense?

Huo Rong shook his head. A sect without Xiaofan would have a lot less firepower.

He had not taken advantage of her for a long time.

“Besides, senior brother Tian Xu was also in seclusion, so he had no place to visit. ”

“””You’re all dismissed. “” Huo Rong said to his disciples. ”

“When senior brother Tian Xu was cultivating in seclusion, he had told him to pay more attention to the sect leader and see if there was anything unusual. ”

“However, in the past year. ”

“He didn’t find anything wrong with the sect leader. Everything was the same every day. He just laid there and in the sect leader’s words, he was feeling peace. ”

During this period of time.

There was no legend of Lin fan in the world.

Old ancestor wanku was still working hard to improve his strength.

“Tianyu returned to the dancing Holy Land and then returned to her original sect. When she saw the sect in such a state, she was a little reluctant. ”

A perfectly fine sect.

She didn’t even know what to say when her junior brothers had done such a thing.

Another year had passed.

Lu Qiming was used to his senior brother’s long seclusion.

The frog was still alive and kicking. He knew that his senior brother was definitely fine.

And in this year.

Some things happened in the realm.

The Church of Science appeared.

It was gradually growing stronger.

“Although he had always been high-profile, it didn’t affect the magnificent flame sect. ”

“In Lu Qiming’s opinion, if his senior brother knew about this, he would definitely leave the sect in a hurry. ”

“To his senior brother, he loved to defend peace the most. ”

How could he tolerate this?

On a certain day.

The sky was different from usual.

“The White clouds in the sky changed color. They were black, thick, and rolling. The originally clear sky had turned gray. ”


There was a muffled Thunder.


“The Thunder shook the sky as a rough Lightning Dragon streaked across the sky, as if it was splitting the entire world. ”


The twelve beast gods raised their heads and looked at the world.

“””He’s here, he’s here. “” The ping Tian demonic Ox King muttered to itself. ”

“The Devil Monkey didn’t even move. He didn’t even bother to lift a finger.””So what if he’s here? we can’t resist him anymore.”” ”

Just as he finished speaking.

The entire world changed.

Countless fine lightning bolts fell from the sky.

They were densely packed.

It was like the end of the world.

The entire realm started to shake.

“The demonic beasts were running away to avoid the lightning, but the lightning bolts fell from the sky and destroyed everything. Countless demonic beasts were covered by the lightning and turned into ashes in an instant. ”

Not even a speck was left.

In the sky.

Thick dark clouds rolled and formed a pitch-black Vortex.

The vortex was spinning and constantly changing.

“When everyone looked up, the vortex in the void seemed to have become an eye. ”

It was an eye that contained all kinds of desires.

Old ancestor wanku came out of a cave and raised his head. His beautiful eyes were filled with fear.

She felt the will of heaven.

He felt as small as an ant and didn’t even have the will to resist.

In the distance.

“When the heavens had seven emotions and six desires, he didn’t go to the magnificent flame sect. Instead, he appeared in front of the twelve beast gods. ”

“In the sky above the twelve beast gods, the eye rolled its eyes and stared at the twelve beast gods below. ”

“””I haven’t seen you for a long time. Do you have any thoughts about meeting you again?”” A deep and inhuman voice spread through the world. ”

“The old bull held his axe tightly.””Empyrean, we were able to destroy you in the past. We can destroy you today as well.”” ”

“””Hehe …”” ”

“The heaven’s voice was extremely gloomy,””to actually dare to say such treasonous words while living in my world, the world is too disappointing. It must be destroyed.”” ”


Heaven and earth shook.

“The twelve beast gods looked at each other.””Everyone, our mission has arrived. Even if we can’t defeat them, we will not turn back.”” ”

“As soon as he finished speaking, ”

“The 12 Beast gods were wrapped in light. The 12 types of power gathered together, and within this power, various beast phantoms danced. ”

A bolt of lightning fell from the sky.

“The beast gods turned into a beam of light and shot up into the sky, clashing with the lightning. ”

“However, when they collided, there was no fluctuation. There was not even a trace. ”

Everything disappeared without a trace.

The twelve beast gods disappeared.

“Their strength was too insignificant in front of the heavens, not even comparable to a finger. ”

A gloomy cold laughter resounded in the heavens and earth.

Countless living beings trembled when they heard this cold laughter. This was the trembling of their souls as they were being punished.

The magnificent flame sect.

“””The sect master has fainted.”” ”

“The moment the heavenly eye of annihilation appeared, the sect master, who had been in the state of tranquility, had fainted. ”

Mo Jingzhe and you long were dumbfounded.

To hell with it.

How did things turn out like this?

The phenomenon between heaven and earth was especially terrifying. The peace that they usually felt no longer existed. It was as if they had lost it completely.

“In the void, there were tiny lightning bolts swimming. ”

The heavenly court had a light barrier that blocked these tiny lightning bolts.

“However, every time they collided, there would be some movement. ”

“””Amitabha, the catastrophe has arrived. I’m willing to turn into a beam of light and resist all the catastrophes for the living beings of the world.”” The Buddha and demon put their hands together and chanted in a low voice. Instantly, their bodies shone with Buddhist light and they sat on the sea of blood. ”

In that instant.

The world was filled with the sound of Buddha.

“A ray of golden light shot out from the Buddha and Devil’s body, shooting into the sky and spreading out like a piece of cloth. ”

A Golden Buddha’s shadow appeared.

“It was dignified, solemn, and merciful. ”

“””Benefactor Cang Tian, what anger do you have? I am willing to bear it for the living.”” ”

The voice of Buddha and devil came.


The heavens were furious.

Destruction surged over.

“The golden light was destroyed, unable to resist the might of the heavens. ”

A smile appeared on the Golden Buddha’s face before it dissipated.

“””I hope that all living beings in the future, no matter who they are, will have a kind Buddha heart.”” ”

“Buddhas and demons sacrificed themselves, leaving behind karma. In the future, everyone would have a good heart in the depths of their hearts. ”

He had found his own path.

He attained the Buddha realm.

The heaven came to the magnificent flame sect for nothing but Lin fan.

“””Heavens, you’re courting death.”” At this moment, the spirit King had appeared. She had been trapped by the heavens. Today, when the heavens reappeared in the world, she had broken the seal. ”

“””The spirit King has reincarnated for countless eras and you have appeared before me again. Perhaps I should call you the netherworld goddess, but you are too weak. I shall send you on your way.”” The cold voice of the heavens resounded. ”

“In the air, a wave of pressure enveloped them. ”

“””Damn it!”” The spirit King was furious,””how dare you cause trouble in my husband’s house. You deserve to die.”” ”

“Although she said those ruthless words, she was not heaven’s opponent. ”

The only thing that awaited her was death.


“A green leaf appeared in front of her, blocking the power for her. ”

“Tian Xu sat there with his legs crossed, and countless roots spread out beneath him. ”

A vast heavenly tree appeared in the world.

“””Good fortune Jade plate, Hongjun, you old man. Even if you die, you still want to go against me. Damn it.”” The voice of the heavens rang out once more. The wind and clouds surged in the void, and chaotic lightning boiled. ”

As long as the magnificent flame sect was destroyed.

The only thing left was the destruction of the world.



At this moment.

A clear and melodious voice was heard.

His voice was soft.

“However, for some reason, this voice was deafening and resounded in everyone’s hearts. ”

Lu Qiming was very familiar with the voice. He was excited.

He turned around.

“””Senior brother …”” ”

He shouted at the top of his lungs.

In that instant.

Everyone was in an uproar.

The disciples looked into the distance.

“A figure appeared in everyone’s line of sight. Although they hadn’t seen each other for two years, he was so familiar in everyone’s heart that they would never forget him. ”

“””Father, is that the junior Master Lin that you’ve been talking about?”” The child who was being held by Heavenly King Dao asked with stars in his eyes. ”

“Heavenly King Dao smiled,””yes.”” ”

Lin fan walked out of the secret room and raised his hand to cover his eyes. The lightning in the sky was too blinding. He was not used to it after being sealed for such a long time.

“””I slept for a year and was woken up by the noise.”” ”

“He said indifferently, as if he was talking about a very ordinary matter. ”

“After that, he looked into the distance and smiled at the ancient tree that reached into the sky. ”

“””Don’t worry, master. I’ve said before that as long as I’m here, nothing will happen to the magnificent flame sect. I’ve said it before, and I still say it now. I’ll never change my mind.”” ”

“Tian Xu smiled.””My dear disciple, I haven’t seen you in two years. I’ve missed you.”” ”

“Lin fan said,””master, me too. You said that you wanted to go out and take a look. After this, I will walk with you.”” ”


The heaven was even more furious.

How Savage.

He had been tricked by this guy many times and even insulted him without any restraint. He had long been unable to tolerate it.

“””Although you won’t die, you will always be so weak in my eyes. Since I can’t kill you, I’ll just wipe everyone around you from your sight.”” ”

The only person who knew that Lin fan would not die was the heavens.

“The heavens believed that even though they couldn’t erase you, it was better to let you sink into eternal pain than to kill you. ”

Lin fan raised his head and looked at the sky. A smile appeared on his face and it was really bright.


“Heaven had a bad feeling. He realized that behind this guy, there was an illusionary shadow emerging from his body. It continued to spread and grow. A feeling that made one feel helpless came crushing over. ”

“Lin fan just stood there like an ordinary person, not moving at all. ”

“However, the figure that burst out of his body pierced through the clouds, through the Thunder, and through the sky … ”

It did not stop.

It was growing limitlessly.

“Wherever the shadow went, it had already exceeded the limits of the world. ”

“Lin fan looked at his surroundings. It was pitch black, just like chaos. ”

“In his vision, the boundary had become a ball. ”

“””So the world outside the boundary is so beautiful. I can see even further.”” Lin fan sighed. ”

“To other people, everything outside the world was black and chaotic. However, in Lin fan’s eyes, there were many other world-like existences beyond the chaos. ”

He reached out his hand.

“He held the boundary in his palm. In his eyes, the boundary was like a glass bead, covered in a layer of gray fog. ”

“Then, he reached out with his other hand and carefully pinched the gray fog on the surface of the realm between his fingers. ”

He moved it in front of him.

The mist was dancing like a flame.

“””Are you heaven?”” Lin fan asked. ”

“””How is this possible? you … How could you …”” Heaven was stunned. ”

She couldn’t even speak.

Perhaps heaven had never thought that such a thing would happen.

Lin fan knew that the heavens were asking him why he was so strong.

Regarding this question.

He was temporarily unable to answer.

“With the experience points he had, he had increased his level by eight levels. ”

“However, the points were simply too much. ”

“Since he had nothing to do, he started to draw again. ”

He was quite lucky.

He drew a cultivation technique card.

He got the acquired spiritual pill.

He had also drawn a connate spirit pill.

“Thus, he continued to advance, advancing another six realms. ”

These realms had no names.

“In other words, there was another realm after the primordial chaos realm, which was the ultimate primordial chaos realm. ”

“However, after the ultimate chaotic realm, it had no name. ”

A total of 12 nameless cultivation States caused Lin fan to feel a little out of balance.

Sleep for a year.

Take a rest and recuperate.

“””Heaven, I’ve never been worried about you. You’re like a candle that can be blown out at will.”” ”

“””Alright, I’m done playing with you.”” ”

“””Before I die, I only want to tell you this.”” ”

“””I, Lin fan, have dominated my entire life. From a weak little hammer to now, my heart hasn’t moved at all. In fact, I feel a little lonely. For the rest of my life, I should do something meaningful.”” ”

“””In the year I slept, I dreamed of many of myself. Their lives were very exciting. They weren’t like me, who only knew how to cultivate. I should learn from them and enjoy life.”” ”

Lin fan sighed.

“””No…”” The heavens roared in shock. ”

Bang! Bang!

He clenched his fingers.

“The sky was like a candle that had been extinguished, vanishing into thin air. ”

“””Power represents everything. Reincarnation is power, eternity is power, life is power. Everything contains power. The ideal I once had was right.”” ”

His voice fell.

A new Sky appeared on his fingertip. It was the sky he had created.

He flicked his finger.

The heavens covered the realm.

A few days later.

“””Benefactor Lin, you’re too much. I’ve found my own path. Why did you pull me out?”” The Buddha demon looked at Lin fan, his face ashen. ”

How could there be such an outrageous person?

“Lin fan chuckled out,””Buddha demon, I’ve finally understood now. How are you even a Buddha? how are you even an ancestor? you’ve been playing a huge game of chess from the start. But forget it. I’ve saved you. What else do you have to say? If you can ‘t, you can just pass away. “” ”

“The Buddha demon looked at Lin fan, not wanting to say anything. ”

What a hateful person.

Directly pass away?

Wouldn’t he be dead then?

What’s the point of playing?

The frog was giggling at the side.

“””Frog, you’ve been with me for so long, it’s time to give you your freedom. This is your body, I’ve found it for you.”” Lin fan said. He raised his hand and a corpse appeared. ”

This was the true form of a frog.

The frog looked at the familiar yet strange body and was stunned.

“””No, master, don’t chase me away. I’ll go wherever you go. I’ll always be with you, master. I’ll even send you off in the future. No… No…”” The frog didn’t know what it was saying. It just hugged Lin fan’s leg and didn’t want its original body. ”

He was not stupid.

Desperadoes could even blow up the heavens.

“If he left, he would suffer a huge loss in the future. ”

Only a fool would want his original body.

The frog’s body was pretty good.

Tian Xu mountain.

“””Teacher, are you done packing? We’re leaving. “” Lin fan urged. ”

“””It’s coming, it’s coming. “” Tian Xu had changed into the clothes he had worn when he was younger. A bright smile appeared on his face. ”

It had been a long time since he had gone out to take a good look.

“Ever since he had become strong enough to guard the sect, he had never gone out for a good walk. ”

“When Tian Xu walked over and saw the situation behind Lin fan, he was stunned.””Disciple, you’ve opened your aperture? Is there hope for your master?”” ”

“Lin fan pulled his teacher to the side and whispered,””””Teacher, we’ll definitely have to play for a long time. We’ll have to serve tea, do the laundry, cook, massage our legs, and have people take care of us.”” ”

“Tian Xu was very excited. After all, he was about to leave the sect. He nodded.””Yes, I have a point.”” ”

Not far away.

“Mu Ling, Luo Yun, and the spirit King were all standing there with smiles on their faces, as if they were looking forward to it. ”

Of course.

Tianyu and old ancestor wanku stood there unwillingly.

Especially the heavenly mandate realm.

“What did it have to do with me? I was doing well in the sect and was discovered by this dog. Now, I’m being taken hostage. This is too much. ”

“As for old ancestor wanku, he would settle the score later. ”

In Lin fan’s words.

‘You think you can just forget about it after beating up teacher and me? dream on.’

“””Teacher, let’s go.”” ”

“””In front, open a path.”” ”

Lin fan said.

“””Yes, senior brother.”” Mu Ling said with a face full of smiles. ”

In the distance.

“The frog carried the bag and said,””master, take me with you. I want to go too.”” ”

Lin fan turned around and smiled. He brought everyone and disappeared from the spot.

“The frog stood in place, a little confused. Then it roared,””””You’re ruthless, you Desperado. “” ”


In that instant.

“The void split open, and a hand stretched out to grab the frog. ”

A faint voice could be heard.

“””Teacher, tonight’s dinner is boiled frog.”” ”

“””Alright, alright, I’ll listen to my disciple.”” Tian Xu laughed heartily.””I’m most proud of my good taste in men.”” ”



In the sect’s main hall.

Tranquility’s trio.

“””Sect master, I can’t feel the peace anymore.”” Mo Jingzhe said. ”

You long nodded in agreement.

“The Grandmaster laid there,””don’t be anxious. It should be our hearts that aren’t at peace. Take a deep breath and don’t panic. Let’s start over. Peace definitely exists, but our hearts are in a mess.”” ”

“””Yes.”” ”

In a Canyon.

“””Master Yao, we have to continue.”” The scientist said. ”

“””Don’t worry, scientist. With the two of us working together, there won’t be any problems. “” The great demon master said. ”

“””Hey, you two, how’s the transformation going? why do I feel like my mouth is numb?”” Blackie asked with his eyes wide open, willing to be an experiment. ”

“The scientist and the great demon master looked at each other, a little embarrassed. ”

“””It was a mistake. It was just a mistake. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine later.”” ”

Somewhere in a paradise.

“A man stood there, his body trembling in fear. ”

The two children beside him blinked their big eyes.

“””Tell me, what did your father do?”” A woman asked. ”

“Chaos blinked at the two children. Don’t talk nonsense, don’t talk nonsense. ”

“One of the girls giggled and said,””””Father has been staring at little missy.”” ”


“””Ah, help!”” “”Ah!”” Chaos screamed. ”

Even after tens of millions of years.

The magnificent flame sect still existed and was still the most powerful sect in the world.

On this day.

A few secret rooms opened.

The entire sect was excited.

“””Congratulations to all the ancestors for coming out of seclusion.”” All the disciples shouted. ”

“Zhang Long, Huang Fugui, and the others came out of seclusion. ”

“””Senior brother, I’ve finished my cultivation. I can help you in the future.”” Zhang Long mumbled to himself as he exuded a powerful aura. ”


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