Chapter 46 - Volume 3

Port City had been the center of trade and transportation for a long time and held untold riches which were recognised by all. They had the financial capabilities to pay off the 60 million if they had the time, although the city would enter a period of an economic depression while doing so.

Isaac, however, prevented them from escaping through such actions with a single verdict from the Department of Law. Anyone with even a small semblance of wealth had invested and held shares of the casino, including the four rulers of Port City. They began desperately looking for any measures to deal with the situation while Soland and a group of North Bears occupied Port City’s casino in order to appraise its assets.

“Harold committed suicide.”


Isaac responded to the report without a shred of emotion, almost as if those words held the value of a dead rat. Cold sweat dripped from Soland’s back, but the creeping iciness in Isaac’s eyes forced Soland to regain his composure and continue his report.

“After appraising their real estate, securities, current assets and the all-important waterways, we have calculated that they hold a value of around 40 million Giga.”

“We’re 20 million short. Don’t they have any slush funds somewhere?”

“We’re currently inspecting for it too, but it seems that most of those funds were gathered in the casino to be laundered.”

“I guess that explains the 10 million Giga. I was quite surprised when I heard that the safe held so much money.”

The casino was perhaps the best place to launder illegal funds. All you had to do was argue that it was won through gambling.

“We’ve also found something very interesting while investigating the shareholders.”

“What is it?”

“It seems Count Milros bought most of Zeroman’s shares when he left.”


The tail of Isaac’s lips flickered in happiness after hearing the unexpected news. Everyone in the know was well aware of the turbulent relationship between Count Milros and Isaac.

“Kukuku. It seems like things are becoming very entertaining.”

With the 3 largest shareholders still short of paying back the winning, the remaining debt would now fall onto Count Milros and his family. The situation had been flipped on its head. No matter how great Count Milros’ family was, they wouldn’t have the financial strength to pay back all of the remaining debt.

It was now Isaac who held the sword to end this situation. He could choose to destroy Count Milros’s family or negotiate for favourable terms. Isaac could imagine that Count Milros’ manor was probably in a state of confusion thanks to such a sudden disaster.

“There’s no need for me to go easy on them when they’ve been so eager to eat me alive. They’ll most definitely retaliate, so cooperate with Department of Law and take what is rightfully mine. Man, that verdict from Department of Law is becoming more useful by the day. I better send them my utmost regards later.”

Isaac snickered as he gave his order, but Soland seemed to hesitate and carefully spoke again with a troubled look.

“But there’s a problem.”

“A problem?”

“Most of the citizens assembled funds to invest in the casino during its construction. If you were to act against Count Milros, then the citizens’ wealth will also need to be seized.”


Isaac responded as if he couldn’t understand why that was a problem. Soland spoke again, the worry in his voice growing.

“At this rate, almost everyone in Port City will go bankrupt.”

“What’s that got to do with me?”


“Have you ever showed pity to your clients when you told them to pay back their debts? Why are you so spineless for someone who runs a loan shark business? You’ve plundered the blood and soul out of the slums, but now you’re getting cold feet when it’s Port City?”

“T, that’s not exactly it but…”

“Shut up and proceed. You said Milros is involved right? With them gone, there should be nothing left that ties me to this place. So what makes you think I should show mercy to some slobs in Port City?”

Soland hung his head at the harsh orders given to him from Isaac. It was at this moment that Selia entered the roof.

“U, um… there’s a call waiting for you.”

While Isaac was living the life of gambling addiction, Mazelan used his influence to establish a Communicator room in New Port City. Selia, the overly introverted and shy girl, was more than enthusiastic to volunteer for the operator role. Having a Campus graduate take the role of a mere operator seemed like a great waste of talent, but the girl seemed more than happy to do it anyway.

Isaac got off his seat in response and ordered Soland.

“Is it Mazelan sunbae? I’ll talk to you later. Wait here.”

It seemed Selia quickly returned to her station after delivering the message, and Trentor was left to stand by instead.

“So where’s the Communicator?”


Trentor gave Isaac a complicated look. This man lived in the City Hall, yet he didn’t even know the way around his own house. Trentor reluctantly led Isaac to one of the rooms on the 1st floor.

The room had everything that was required for a Communicator room, with soundproof walls and all. But other than that, the room consisted only of a stool and a screen for the communicator.

“… I ought to decorate this place better.”

Isaac muttered to himself. It’s true that almost no one used the Communicator in this place, but even he found this to be too desolate, when suddenly Mazelan’s face appeared on the screen.

-Crazy bastard.

Mazelan’s first word of greeting was an insult, but Isaac shrugged and responded with a nonchalant tone.

“It’s been a while, sunbaenim. Have you been doing well?”

-Do you honestly think I am fine after what happened recently?

“Sounds to me like you’ve got some job to do because of me.”

-Then why the hell did you even ask the question!

Isaac appeared to be hurt by Mazelan’s harsh voice.

“That’s harsh. I just solved your and the Empire’s troublesome issue, and that’s how you’re going to treat me?”

Mazelan seemed as if he was suffering from a migraine.

-The problem is that you did it too well.

“So what’s the problem? It doesn’t seem like you’re here to tell me that I’ve done a good job.”

-You made the issue too big! 60 million? You’ve crossed the line, no matter how you look at it!

“I just hit it big for once.”

-But you should still keep it within reason! It was you who robbed their safe too, right?

“I know I am the prime suspect due to circumstances, but it still hurts me that even you would accuse me first.”


Mazelan was at a loss for words with Isaac’s obvious feign of innocence. Mazelan made a sigh of defeat and shook his head.

-This isn’t something we can gloss over so easily. Do you really think Port City will just lie down and give up? They’ll likely hire famous detective agents and mercenaries to get to the bottom of this. There isn’t anything they can do about the gambling match, but finding evidence linking you and the robbery would be more than enough to make a comeback.

Isaac mockingly laughed as if their attempt was futile.

“Investigation? Where? In New Port City?”

In order to start an investigation, they must first find a suspect. Finding someone in New Port City was much harder than it first seems. Even if they were to locate the person, they must meet that person face to face before they can interrogate the person and proceed with their investigation.

With New Port City completely split between the outside and inside, there were only two kinds of outsiders who would enter any district other than Ceta District. They would either be just curious visitors or visitors with specific goals in mind.

If it’s the former, they were politely returned back to Ceta District, but if it’s the latter, then they would either be politely robbed of all their possessions and be returned or buried. Therefore, Port City had no chance to find any evidence with their investigation.

-This isn’t a problem for just Port City. A crime of this level would definitely force the Empire’s police force’s hand.

“Didn’t you promise to stop that kind of stuff from happening?”

-How am I supposed to stop the police from investigating a crime!

“That’s no good. I started the whole incident believing in you.”

Isaac made his complaint with a troubled look. New Port City had enough power to stop such investigations if it was led by civilian authority through means such as bribery or violence.

But things were different if the government’s authority were put in the mix. Not only did Isaac not have a good reason to stop the investigation from happening, even making such an attempt would be evidence. Most importantly, if the investigation were to start, Isaac wouldn’t be able to seize the financial assets until the result of the investigation were to come out.

With Isaac already being prime suspect due to circumstances, the police force could easily stop Isaac from seizing Port City’s assets, and Port City also had enough power left that they could use in lobbying to buy more time.

-Then why did you rob their safe!

“I’m innocent.”


Isaac made the most innocent cry and Mazelan could only moan in frustration, his face buried in his hand.

“I’ll hand over the rights of the waterways.”


Mazelan raised his head with lightning reflex.

“You can prevent the police from acting if I give the government the rights to the waterways right?”

-W, well that’s true but…

“But! Handing them over now would make it very dubious, what with so many people looking around. So let’s settle it with me handing it over once I am relegated of my position.”

The rights over the waterways held little value to Isaac, since he already had the power to ruin Count Milros. With Count Milros gone, Isaac would be able to gain the peaceful life that he wanted.

Mazelan hesitated at Isaac’s offer and then spoke with a serious tone.

-Do not touch the law abiding citizens of Port City.

Isaac’s eyebrow flinched at those words.

“People would misunderstand if you say it like that. I’m just performing what is rightfully within my authority.”

-We don’t care about the fight between you and Count Milros. But if the ordinary citizens were to be harmed in the process, the government will have no option other than to intervene. Then, even your offer to hand over the waterways will have no impact.

Isaac wiped the smile off his face after hearing those words from Mazelan.

“You do realise what you’re saying right? You’re telling me to kick away the opportunity that would solve all of my problems in a single blow?”

The citizens of Port City must be targeted in order to target Count Milros. Conversely, if Isaac could not act upon the citizens of Port City, he would have no way of acting upon Count Milros too.

-Those higher up would like to finish this incident as quietly as possible.

“Then I’ll have no choice but to retract my offer of the waterways.”

-That is of no use. It is a shame, but the question of who holds the rights over the waterways is of little concern to us.

“You’re saying that it doesn’t matter who owns the waterways, as long as they pay their taxes.”

-Well, that’s pretty much it.

Isaac clicked his tongue and watched helplessly as Mazelan shrugged his shoulders. Isaac was already prepared to give away the waterways, so losing that wasn’t much of a loss. What really bothered him was the inability to solve the Count Milros issue.

The situation would become more unfavourable as time passes, so Isaac wanted to finish the problem while everyone was still amidst confusion; but now, a shackle had been placed upon him.

“Fine. I’ll give up.”

-Good choice.

“But, there is one condition.”

-A condition?

“Yes. I want the Empire to publicly announce that I have decided to donate the waterways to the Empire when it happens.

Mazelan tilted his head when he heard those words.

-That’s it?


-… Isn’t it a bit too unfavourable for you?

“But I get to choose the date it becomes publicised. Let’s make it happen on the day I am relegated of my position.”

Mazelan finally understood the meaning behind Isaac’s actions. If the document following Isaac’s demand were to be released in public, the citizens of the Empire would immediately begin to suspect that the entire incident was plotted by the government in order to get their hands over the waterways. It may not have been as heavy as the secret behind Port City, but it would still greatly impact the reputation and credibility of the Empire.

-Must you go this far?

“I’m not a fan of being thrown away after serving my uses.”

Mazelan was infuriated by Isaac’s words and shouted out, his eyes bulging.

-What do you mean by that! Do you really not trust me?

“Isn’t it all good in the end? If you can’t even cooperate that much when I’ve decided to give up on solving all of my problems, then I’ll have no choice but to suspect that there is a deeper reason behind your actions. Isn’t it still an amazing deal for you? Since you’re solving not just the problem that had been plaguing the Empire for generations but also gaining the waterways, which will boost your finances, and receiving the casinos, which will be a perfect front to launder your money, in exchange for a single piece of paper?”

Mazelan fell into a deep thought as he moaned, and then he stared directly at Isaac as he made his question.

-If I were to refuse?

Isaac shrugged, and spoke nonchalantly.

“I’ll just go over to Port City and null the entire incident and give up. I’ll return all of their assets too. I’m sure they’ll understand if I tell them that I had no other options.”


After a moment of silence, Mazelan shouted out in frustration.

-Shit! Please, never set foot in the world of politics!

“Ha. Did you forget? It was you lot that placed me here in the first place.”

“Welcome back.”

“Huh? You’re still here?”

Soland greeted Isaac with a hint of surprise. It seemed that Soland had gotten tired from all the waiting and was starting to doze off just as Isaac returned.

“You told me to wait so…”

Isaac passed Soland before he could finish and took a cigarette from Rizzly. Only after taking one breath from the smoke did Isaac reply to Soland.

“Ah, I did say that didn’t I? Good. You can suspend the seizure of assets in Port City.”


“Why? Did you already start?”

“We’ve already finished seizing all of Harold’s financial assets and wealth.”

“Really? Hm, I guess it doesn’t matter since he was directly involved in the whole thing. But it seems like it’s nearing dinner time.”

“Shall I order to prepare a meal?”

“Do that later. I want you to send an invitation first.”

“An invitation? To whom…?”

“The mayor of Port City.”


Rizzly looked at Isaac in confusion. Why would Isaac invite the mayor of Port City, who was notorious for being a puppet of the four rulers? Isaac continued to speak as he threw himself onto his favourite chair.

“Send him a message that I’d like to have a friendly conversation with a fellow official from the Empire to discuss and strengthen the relationship between our two cities and look to develop them together.”


“What’s with those eyes?”

Unsatisfied with the look Rizzly sent at him, Isaac asked the question. Rizzly replied with another question instead.

“Do you really need my answer for that?”

“Shut it.”

No one in Port City knew nor cared about who the mayor of Port City was. All city affairs were decided upon by the four in the first place. He was the perfect puppet.

The seat of mayor was always reserved for those absent of ambition. The candidates were carefully chosen from a list of old officials nearing their retirement age.

It’s an invitation only in name, and it would be more fitting to call it a job since they are given a very generous salary and a large sum of money as a farewell gift, making it a very popular occupation for those wishing for an easy retirement.

Mayor Marco, who originally spent his time fishing and stamping his name on readily-prepared documents as he eagerly waited for his retirement, was now going through a state of turmoil.

With the four rulers of Port City having lost their power, the citizens of Port City demanded that Mayor Marco come up with a solution. The citizens were very much aware that he was a puppet, but they still made such demands because Marco held the title of mayor. This was why Marco enthusiastically accepted Isaac’s invitation in an attempt to escape from the mess.

“Greetings. I am Marco, Mayor of Port City.”

Marco was a man who had graduated from a run-of-the-mill administration school and climbed to where he is now through sheer flattery and tact, and he kneeled to Isaac the moment they met.

“Nice to meet you. Why don’t we have our meal first?”

Even Isaac was surprised at Marco’s action of kneeling and was baffled for a moment. He then pulled him off his knees personally and led him to the table.

Isaac had his meal rather emotionlessly, but Marco was so tense that he couldn’t even remember what or how to eat his meal. It seemed the word had spread of the mayor accepting Isaac’s invitation, and the plaza in New Port City was starting to fill with citizens from Port City.

After finishing the meal that was sure to end with indigestion, Marco’s head was busy trying to figure out Isaac’s intentions in inviting him. It was at this moment that Isaac extinguished his cigarette, pulled out a new one, and asked a question.

“How was the meal?”

“Huh? Yes! It was very good.”

“That’s a relief.”

Isaac paused and took a sip from the fruit wine that Rizzly poured for him. Marco could only sit and watch helplessly while looking at Isaac’s face for what was to come.

“The reason why I invited you here is because I have yet to receive full payment for the money I won from the casino.”

Marco got off his seat and immediately dropped to his knees, his head touching the floor as he realised that this was the reason he was invited here.

“Please show mercy! If you take all of your winnings, everyone in Port City will end up bankrupt.”

Since Isaac’s demands were backed by law, if Isaac requested for aid from Port City’s mayor, then Marco would have no choice but to obey. But if that were to happen, not only was his retirement fund going to evaporate, but it could even lead to the first riot in Port City since its founding.

“Ah, I think you are mistaken.”


Marco immediately raised his head when he heard those words.

“I have been deep in thought regarding that problem. Harming innocent citizens isn’t the result I wanted.”

“T, then!”

Marco’s eyes were starting to flicker with a sliver of hope.

“I will guarantee the safety of the citizens. That also includes the 3 who hold the most wealth in Port City. Wait! I already seized all of Harold’s wealth, haven’t I. Hm… That’s a problem. Is it true that he committed suicide?”


“Tsk tsk. That’s a shame.”

Marco could feel goosebumps rising on his back.

“I will return his wealth back to his family. But there is one thing I want, and that is the rights over the waterways. Just that and I will act as if all of the payments have been made.”


Marco couldn’t stop his eyes from bulging out. The rights over the waterways were the foundation of Port City’s wealth. With the rights gone, it would be only a matter of time before Port City was relegated to just another city in the Empire.

“T, the rights over the waterways aren’t owned under Port City’s name!”

“That is why you must speak with those who own the waterways. Nothing will change even if I were to take over the waterways. It’s not like I have the talent or power to do anything with it anyway.”

“B, but…”

“You do know that Count Milros has effectively taken over the seat that Zeroman left behind right?”

“… Yes.”

“Then you should know how much of a concession I’ve just made.”


Marco finally looked as if he understood everything and looked at Isaac with a sense of respect.

“I have decided to make a significant concession at the cost of my personal revenge for the citizens’ well-being. I’m not even asking for the entire sum but rather a small concession from 3 specific individuals. Well, if the citizens were to refuse, I will have no choice but to act in accordance to the law.”

Marco quickly shouted out in response.

“O, of course not! I will make sure to persuade them with whatever means I can!”

Even Marco had invested all of his wealth in the casino. No matter how this ended, his retirement fund was definitely not happening, so he had to at least secure the wealth he currently held.

“I will wait until tomorrow morning.”

“T, that’s! That’s too short!”

Isaac shook his head coldly at Marco’s desperate plea.

“I would like to give you more time, but I’ve used quite a lot of my own money too. If you can’t show me a result I can be satisfied with by tomorrow morning, I will have no choice but to take what is rightfully mine. An incident like this should be settled as soon as possible, since no good will come from letting it drag on unnecessarily. Ah! I will also say this out of needless worry, but I will retract everything I’ve said if there were to be any deaths over the negotiations during the confusion the city is going through. What I want is a peaceful transfer of the rights. Understand?”

“B, but…”

“I heard you’re going to retire soon? If you put in your share of work for things to get underway smoothly, I won’t forget your patronage. I heard that they pay you through retirement funds? How about three times the amount they’re giving you?”

Isaac’s offer was quick to get a response from Marco, whose eyes quickly shone with greed.

“R, really?”

“It’s not like I don’t have money. I don’t lie when it comes to money. You’ve heard how much of a tip the dealer received for handing me the win of a lifetime right?”

One million Giga. Money like that was enough to scorn the course of luck. Marco bowed his head once more to Isaac as he swore his allegiance.

“I will do my best.”

“I expect good news.”

“What a great bonfire.”

Isaac muttered to himself as he stood at the edge of the City Hall’s rooftop, admiring the fire that was engulfing Port City. The fire alarms could be heard even from New Port City, and the banks of the Grand Canal and the nearby plaza were occupied by a crowd watching the fire.

Immediately after the dinner with Isaac, Marco rushed over to Port City and delivered Isaac’s offer to the citizens. Will they give up the waterways and keep their wealth, or fall together?

It was a rhetorical question. They didn’t need to imagine how miserable their lives would be if they lost their wealth, for they had an excellent example next door. That was why poverty was the greatest fear for all citizens of Port City. What was important for the citizens was to keep the wealth they currently had, not the tool that brought them the wealth or the four rulers who provided them with the opportunity to make that wealth.

They were in a dire situation where they could lose everything they have, but an opportunity had arisen to regain it, though at the cost of a concession from a select few. The select few who led them to where they are now.

What would happen afterwards? The majority would begin to pressure the few with the justification that their sacrifice will save the majority. Why? Because they were not the few.

And so, the first riot in Port City’s history occurred. All of the citizens rose up and marched over to the families that owned the waterways. There was a possibility of a clash between the citizens and the guards of the estates, but Isaac’s warning had forced Marco to quickly intervene beforehand and hold back the guards with the city’s police force, making the riot sail smoothly for the rioters.

The citizens searched the estates to find Rodney and Niske, who both went into hiding; but during that search, the citizens found evidence of Rodney and Niske trying to hide and save their wealth from being taken. The citizens were angered greatly by this fact, and what little pity and sympathy the rioters still held disappeared. All of their possessions were burnt down along with their estate. Harold, Rodney, and Niske’s families were escorted by the police to find refuge in Zeroman’s estate on Marco’s orders, but Rodney and Niske themselves had to go through a harsh trial.

The rioters felt betrayed that those two tried to save themselves when even Isaac, the man everyone in Port City looked down upon, showed them mercy and threw away his chance at revenge. This feeling of betrayal was naturally vented out in the form of violence.

“You brat! You’ll never get away with this!”

“Do you think you’ll be safe after all this? There will be consequences, I assure you!”

Those vengeful words were directed at Isaac from behind, and Isaac turned around to greet the owners of those voices. Rodney and Niske, who owned the Eastern and Western waterways, were looking at Isaac vengefully, having gone through such misfortune the likes of which they had never experienced before.

“Man, is that all you have to say after I saved you two from being beaten to death?”

“You were the cause of this!”

“I don’t understand why you two are so persistent when all I’m asking for are the waterways.”

“Bullshit! The waterway is my entire fortune!”

“Geez, will you die after handing over the waterways? Will you? You will at least get to save the rest of your wealth. Ah! Maybe not all of it.”

Isaac snickered as he looked at the fire in Port City. Infuriated by this, Rodney and Niske tried to rush Isaac, but they were quickly stopped by Rizzly and Soland.

“I will officially send a letter of persecution to the Department of Law!”

“I will make sure to kill you, even if it costs me all of my wealth!”

Isaac scratched his head as he heard those words from the two. With a troubled look, he began to speak.

“Well, I guess there’s no choice if you guys won’t yield. Rizzly.”


“Send them back.”


“There’s no choice. Send them back since they don’t want to sign the paper. Ah! Make sure to tell everyone in Port City that I will begin seizing all of their wealth when the sun comes up.”

“But that’d mean these two will die.”

“Is that my problem?”

“… No.”

“Then take them away.”

“Yes sir.”

Soland and Rizzly looked to each other as if doubting their actions, but they made the decision to follow Isaac’s orders and tried to lift Rodney and Niske back on their feet to be led out. The faces of Rodney and Niske began to pale.

“W, wait! We will die if we leave now!”

“So what? You’ll only die if you don’t sign the paper.”

“T, that’s…”

“Ah, no. It’s rather annoying to have men who have grudges against me staying alive. I think it’ll be better off to let them go and have them negotiate with their families instead… Oi, Smartass. What happens when these two die?”

“Their wealth will be transferred to their families.”

“Will the rights to the waterways be included?”


“Good. Let’s throw these two away and negotiate with the families. I’m sure they’ll sign it if I offer an extra million Giga. Make sure you find out who exactly gets to own the waterways. I don’t need the rest.”

“But what if that person were to refuse too?”

“I think I’ve been patient enough, considering that I went through this much trouble. If they can’t give it up while they’re alive, then they shouldn’t be alive.”



Rodney asked with a defeated look as if he had given up everything.

“… Are the waterways really all you ask for?”

“That’s right.”

“What are you saying! Rodney, come back to your senses!”

Niske made a ruckus, but Rodney shook his head in silence.

“… I’ll sign it.”

“Ha. Good thinking.”


“Do you really want to be beaten to death?”


Niske despaired and Rodney’s face was grim as they looked at the documents Soland brought before them. Despite their quivering hands, they managed to sign the documents.

“Now! I guess everything is over. It was a nice trade.”

With the transfer of the rights over, Isaac glimpsed at the documents with a satisfied look before handing them over to Soland, while Rodney looked at Isaac as he grit his teeth.

“Don’t think this is over. You will regret that you only took the waterways from us. We will use everything we have to make sure you are destroyed.”

Rodney’s vengeful declaration brought a smile to Isaac’s face. Isaac approached them slowly, and Rizzly quickly brought Isaac’s chair from behind him. Isaac sat on the chair, crossed his legs, and began to gloat in front of the two.

“Do you really think this haphazard plan of mine succeeded only because I got lucky?”


The two’s eyes went wide with astonishment at Isaac’s words, and even Rizzly and Soland, who stood behind Isaac, looked at him in confusion.

“I wanted to destroy the root of my misfortune, but it was refused, you see. What can I do? I have to follow my orders.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, I wonder?”

The two fell deeper into bewilderment as Isaac coldly snickered with a mysterious look on his face. It seemed as if Isaac was tell them something, but they couldn’t find the reason why Isaac said those words.

“Think a little. Who gained the most out of this incident? Kukuku.”

“I guess the glory of Port City is over now.”

Isaac muttered to himself as he watched Rodney and Niske walk through the plaza, surrounded by a crowd. The citizens constantly pestered the two, demanding answers. The two simply walked on like soulless husks, shocked by the violent treatment from the crowd before and the stressful interrogation occurring now.

“But there’s still one left.”

“Zeroman, that old man? Don’t worry about him. He alone won’t amount to anything.”

“The three remaining families still have their wealth. With the wealth they have, they can attempt to retaliate.”

Isaac snickered when Rizzly spoke out his opinion in worry.

“Do you know what the scariest thing in human’s mind is?”

“What is it?”

Rizzly tilted his head when he heard the question. Isaac turned to look at Soland instead.

“Smartass, do you know?”

Soland spoke with a bitter smile on his face.

“… Is it doubt?”

“Oh! So you do know.”

“I’ve used it a few times in the past to destroy some of my rivals.”

“I knew there was a brain in that smartass of yours.”

“You’ve destroyed the trust between the citizens of Port City and the four rulers and made it impossible for the four to become united. Port City will fall without us having to do anything.”

The seed of doubt had already been planted. They may be at a loss and in confusion now, but in time, they would start to look for an excuse.

The prime suspect would be Zeroman, as he left just before everything happened.

It may seem like a lucky move, but was it really luck? Doubt creates discord and discord causes conflict. What if Zeroman was behind all this? What if he controlled all of this while acting like he was retiring? The seed of doubt would begin to sprout, and when it fully bloomed, they would start to believe that what they are imagining is true. Even if it didn’t escalate to such a level, while the seed of doubt was still in their minds, they would never regain the firm unity they once held before.

“How scary can a human’s deception be?”

Rizzly shook his body in terror while Isaac retorted with a playful look.

“Huh? What do you mean? I never lied?”

“What? But…”

“It’s true though. I wanted to get rid of the trouble that is Count Milros, but I was stopped. The greatest benefactor of all this was the government. All I did was save myself from speaking the full details.”

Soland stayed silent as if he was at a loss for words, while Rizzly’s body shook in terror.

“How scary can a human’s deception be?”

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