Chapter 28 - Volume 2

Ratt was abusing his subordinates when Isaac arrived back at New Port City. For a long time, he had been feeling pathetic about himself for the situation he was in. Isaac simply left him by the bridge and told him to wait like a dog. He couldn’t hide his surprise when Isaac came back so soon.

“Huh? You came back so soon?”

“Tell Dumbass and Smartass to come to City Hall.”

He left for City Hall, leaving Ratt‘s suspicious look behind him. He got his College emblem and waited for the two to arrive.

“Man you’re a tight-ass. Don’t you think I have the right to feed those brats whatever the fuck I want to with my hard earned money?”

Foxt assumed that he was called over because of the previous incident.

Isaac kept his smile on Foxt, whose confidence seemed to say ‘try me.’

“If you want to keep your place, then you better feed those kids well. I’m sure there are many people who’d be happy to betray you for your place.”

“Who the fuck is going to betray me! I’ll fucking tear you to shreds!”

Foxt shouted with all of his strength.

“That’s just how your world runs. I heard you got to where you are doing the exact same thing. So what’s stopping someone else from doing the same to you? Do you think Dinozo is the representative for all of you because he’s a great man? It’s because of the authority he holds as the Captain. If you keep talking back, I can always replace you with someone else who is more agreeable. Hm, Ratt might be a good candidate.”


The moment Isaac finished his words, Foxt’s brutal glare focused on Ratt. For Ratt, it wasn’t a pleasant place to be in.

“Well, we can talk about it later. I’ve called you guys over to have a meal with me.”

While Foxt’s eyes were spinning in confusion at Isaac’s words, Soland quickly replied in a sarcastic manner.

“What made you, a man who can’t have a meal on the same table with commoners, want to have a meal with us now?”

“Retard. No shit we’re going to sit on different tables. I’m the one who gets in trouble if I sit on the same table with you criminals. Got it? I guess you’re not as smart as I thought.”


Isaac headed back to Port City, this time with Foxt and Soland as his followers. His destination was obvious. It was the same restaurant that threw him out onto the streets. Isaac received the same reactions from the pedestrians at first when he walked the street with his plain clothes. But when the pedestrians noticed the College emblem on his chest, their eyes nearly popped out of their skulls. They couldn’t help but turn their heads as Isaac silently walked past them.

“Wow! Ooh!”

Soland seemed indifferent despite entering this new place. Foxt, on the other hand, was a native of New Port City since birth and had never left the place. He couldn’t stop himself from bellowing out in admiration like a typical country bumpkin and drooling in lust when he saw the women of Port City who wore fine clothes and elegant makeup, unlike the prostitutes back in New Port City he was so familiar with.

They were making enough of a scene to cause trouble multiple times over, but because of their intimidating appearance, all of the women screamed and ran away whenever Isaac’s crew even looked in their direction. Even the men in Port City could only watch in agony, because the two giants seemed to be servants for the College graduate.

“I didn’t know the place you were visiting was Port City.”

“What. You got a problem with that?”

“Aren’t you planning to make one yourself?”

“Kukuk. All you guys have to do is eat to your heart’s content and do what you do best.”

“Do what we do best?”

Isaac replied back to Foxt’s question in annoyed fashion.

“Bullying those who are weaker than you.”

Both Foxt and Soland smiled and nodded to Isaac’s answer.

“It’s true. That is what we do.”

“Huhu. Just give us the word. We’ll fuck’em up good.”

“We’re here.”

Once Isaac reappeared into the restaurant, one of the waiters who were at work noticed him and quickly approached with an irritated face.

“How many times do we have to beat you until you realise? Get out no… w….”

The waiter who was quick to make a fist suddenly turned pale. The homeless bum decided to bring his gang with him, but both of his partners seemed too dangerous to approach. One was a giant of a man with a face that had been marinated in violence while the other released a cold, cunning but equally as brutal of an aura. The waiter’s instincts were telling him that any rash moves will end up in blood.

While the waiter was stunned, Isaac sat on the same table as before, and next to his table sat Foxt and Soland. Those who sat around them quickly complained to the waiter and the manager.

“He’s the same bum from before?”

“It seems he brought his pack with him this time.”

“Can’t this place do a better job than this?”

“I think I’ve had enough of this place.”

“Disgusting. I’m never coming back here again. I would like a refund.”

Some of the customers left in an outrage, but most of the customers kept to their seats despite being annoyed by it.

They looked like a group of mobsters who had just arrived from a rural village. New Port City is the safe haven for many criminals with a bounty on their head. Since the only way to enter New Port City is through Port City, a number of crimes are caused during this migration of criminals from the outside.

“I’m hungry. Bring me your best meal, the most expensive meal and the most plentiful meal you have.”

One of the waiters hesitantly wrote down Isaac’s orders and headed to the kitchen while another waiter quickly got out of the restaurant to look for the city’s police force.

“Oi! Aren’t you going to get our orders?!”


All of the waiters flinched at Foxt’s violent attitude. There was a silent but fierce battle of stares between the waiters, and it seemed the youngest waiter was forced into receiving Foxt’s orders. He seemed ready to cry as he approached.

“W, what would you like?”

“The same.”

“S, sorry?”

“The same as him!”

“Yes, right away.”

The waiter was ready to sprint away from all of this when Soland grabbed onto his arm.

“Oi, am I invisible to you?”

Stab! Stab!

Nobody knew where he got it out from, but Soland was stabbing the table with a knife in his hand. As the white table cloth was turning into a pin cushion, the waiter ended up bursting into tears.

“Waaah! I’m sorry. Please don’t hurt me!”

“Shut up, I’ll make my order. You better bring it soon. My knife seems eager to taste blood right now. Huhuhu.”

Slice. Soland made a small cut on the back of his hand and licked the blood that dripped as he spoke those words. It seemed this was too much for the young waiter, and he fainted on the spot.

“Puhahaha! What the, is this all the Port City has to offer? Bunch of cowards.”

While Foxt belittled everyone with his words, other waiters were quick to take the fainted waiter and drag him away as far as possible.

Suddenly, the same obese man who kicked Isaac out of the restaurant barged into the restaurant and shouted at Foxt.

“How dare you! Do you know what you’re doing here?! Do you know who I am?!”

“Who’s this pig?”

“What! H, how dare you call me a pig! You look like a typical mobster demanding money with your barbarism. There’s no money for you! You bastards!”

“Ah, that pig’s crying too much. Shut it!”

Foxt threw a cup at the man, unable to bear his squirming voice.

“Ack! I’m dying!”

The man caught the cup with the center of his face and rolled on the floor as he screamed. Foxt laughed at the sorry sight.

“Hey! Don’t you think you’re too loud? You aren’t the only people in here! Watch yourselves and be quiet! And don’t disturb the others who are here to enjoy their meals!”

It seemed Foxt’s loud laughter was getting to someone’s nerves. A woman who was sitting on the outdoor terrace stood up from her chair and complained to Foxt. The companions who were with her seemed to be telling her to stop but the woman stared at Foxt with her hands on her hips.


Isaac had been watching the ruckus Foxt was making with his chin on his hand when he looked at not the woman who complained to Foxt, but the companions who sat with her.

‘I didn’t think I’d see them here.’

It seemed obvious that they didn’t want to act as if they knew Isaac. So Isaac decided there was no point trying to act friendly now. He called out to Foxt.

“Do as the lady says. Sit down and just enjoy your meal.”

Foxt continued to mumble as he got back on his chair. The woman also sat back down, only because of the persistent nagging from her companions which she couldn’t understand. However, the woman didn’t seem satisfied with this and continued to stare at Foxt in anger.

“The police are here.”

Isaac turned his head when Soland said those words. There seemed to be about fifteen officers entering the restaurant.

“I am Rank 3 Knight Robren, leader of Port City’s 7th Police Squad. I have arrived because of your call…”

“It’s them! Take them away!”

The obese man jumped around the restaurant like a fish on land. Robren seemed unhappy but turned to face where he was pointing, only to be surprised when he saw the faces of Foxt and Soland. He approached them.

“Are you Foxt and Soland of New Port City?”

“Che. Why are you asking?”


Foxt replied, hesitant in his actions. No matter how strong he may be in the streets, he was but a child to a knight of the police force.

“Hm, I didn’t think you’d accept it so quickly. Anyhow, you are under arrest.”

“What? What did I even do?!”

“Don’t you know there’s a bounty on your head in Port City? Blackmail and assault. Also robbery and mugging.”

“What bullshit is this! This is the first time I’ve been to Port City!”

“We’ll find out once we do our investigation. But you’re coming with us first. If you resist, we will use force.”

“I knew it! I knew they were trash from New Port City! This is why I approved the decision to restrict their entry! We can’t have trash like them defiling our streets! Him! Check that rat who’s acting like this is none of his business too!”

Robren frowned and talked back at the obese man, unsatisfied with the way he had been treated.

“Mr. Oboe. The Police are not your subordinates. Don’t try to order us around like one.”

“What! Do you even know who is paying for your salaries? Go earn your pay now!”

Robren shook his head, tired of Oboe’s rampage. He approached Isaac for questioning.

“I would like to ask for your identification.”


“Yes. What is your name?”

Watching Robren’s polite behaviour, Isaac smiled, knowing there was still someone with enough decency in this city.

“Isaac Rondart. Administrator of New Port City.”


The power of a respected brand was apparent. As Isaac fixed his slouched posture, the golden stars which represented the College was open for all to see. There was only silence.

Robren, Oboe and even the onlookers nearby couldn’t help but doubt their eyes in astonishment. Everyone’s eyes were glued on to Isaac’s chest.

“T, that’s a lie! He never had that before! I know! He’s impersonating! That crazy man’s impersonating the College!”

Oboe shouted, refusing to believe this is true.

“You watch your mouth, Mr. Oboe. Everyone knows how serious of a crime it is to impersonate an official from the College.”

Oboe profusely shook his head, the fat on his cheeks flapping with each motion.

“They may be too stupid to realise; it’s typical trash from New Port City! Look, that emblem has stars but there’s no symbol representing his subject! Like the trash he is, he probably overheard that the College uses golden stars for its emblems, but not the full details!”

People finally realised Isaac only had stars on his emblem once Oboe pointed out that fact. Because of their soaring reputation, most people were quick to assume someone was from the College once they saw the golden stars. The only people who cared about the symbol of the emblem were those involved with the College.

Many started to believe Isaac truly was impersonating the College, but Isaac seemed relaxed throughout all this. He took out a cigarette and Soland was quick to light it for him.

“Look, look! He’s smoking a choyu leaf because he’s getting nervous! How could a man from the College smoke choyu leaves intended for treating lung disease! It wouldn’t make sense at all!”

The more Oboe made his point, the shakier Robren felt about this situation. He had heard that the new Administrator of New Port City was a graduate of the College, but Robren didn’t know his appearance.

There was no way to find out about it now, and sending someone to check would take too long. Even when he had just arrived, this place had already gathered a large amount of attention, but the moment the College’s name was shouted into the air, a giant crowd had gathered to watch.

Robren struggled to find a solution. If he truly is the Administrator, then this would turn into an incident where a rank 3 knight arrested a rank 1 knight who is an Administrator of a city without any charges.

“What are you standing around for?! Take him away now! Does it really take that long to figure out when he’s sitting there with the trash from New Port City? This is why I hate incompetent people like you. I bet my entire fortune that he isn’t from the College!’

“Fine! I’ll take that bet!”


Isaac instantly replied to Oboe as if he’d been waiting for this moment. Isaac just wanted to see the man squirm later, but instead, he had given Isaac an unexpected opportunity.

“He just said he’d bet his entire fortune that I’m not from the College. You all heard it right?”

Soland was quick to catch on and started to support Isaac.

“We heard it loud and clear. Impersonating someone from the College is a serious crime, but insulting and denying a man from the College is just as severe. The fact that he confirmed to everyone that you aren’t from the College is a clear indication that he is denying the College as a whole. Losing his entire fortune to save his life would be too light of a punishment.”

“You heard it too right?”

Robren shakily nodded to Isaac’s question. It was impossible to not hear it when Oboe said it so loud.

“W, wait! I didn’t mean it that way! I was…”

“You said you’d bet your entire fortune. Am I wrong?”

“W, well…”

“According to the Empire’s court laws, betting a man’s entire fortune means that man is confident to enough to put his entire life’s achievements on the line. Alternatively, it can be a vow or an oath.”

As Soland started to explain the specifics of the law, Oboe’s face began to pale while onlookers simply nodded in agreement to Soland’s words.

“N-no. I mean… Yes! I meant that I’d bet my fortune if you can prove that you are from the College at this moment! I, I mean, sir. Of course, you are from the College, Sir Isaac. But you know how things go. I’m a simple man who can only believe what he sees, eheheh.”

The change in Oboe’s behaviour was instant. While most people frowned at how quickly Oboe turned from an abusive to a pathetic man, Foxt and Soland were rather impressed at this change.

“Whew. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a spineless man like him. Not many people could act like that in front of so many people.”

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“Yes, it has been a while for me too, to see a man who would sell his family for profit.”

Oboe’s face turned red with embarrassment by their insults, but saving his fortune was more important that this brief feeling of shame.

Isaac seemed to agree with Oboe and nodded along.

“You have a point. Everyone was going to figure it out in time so this bet wouldn’t go through if it isn’t at this moment. Yes, you are right. So how long are you two going to ignore me?”

Isaac turned and everyone’s eyes turned with him.

“M, me?”

The woman who complained so confidently to Foxt shrugged with a hint of fear as everyone’s stares were upon her.

“Tsk, we should have run away sooner…”

“You’re right. We got mixed in to this unnecessarily.”

Philip and Eliza smiled bitterly and sighed. Thanks to Isaac’s advice, Eliza successfully captured Philip’s devotion and they proceeded to become lovers, later becoming husband and wife. They had come to Port City for their honeymoon, but Eliza’s younger sister had been following them around like a sore thumb. They visited this restaurant for its renown in New Port City but couldn’t help but be stunned when they saw Isaac.

They had heard that Isaac was transferred to New Port City as Administrator, but didn’t actually think they would see each other. They were relieved to see Isaac kicked out of this place for unknown reasons, but they knew Isaac too well and wanted to leave this place before he came back to cause a scene. Regrettably, Eliza’s sister was too slow to notice this, and because of her stubbornness, they stayed.

And lo and behold, Isaac came back with mobsters behind him. They did their best to hide as Isaac caused a commotion, but Eliza’s sister ended up making the situation worse, making sure Isaac would see them. They were making a sigh of relief when Isaac didn’t act like he knew them, but the situation had changed so suddenly.

“I’m sorry to ask but may I ask for your identifications?”

Robren politely asked and Eliza reluctantly stood up and introduced herself.

“I am Eliza de Rogenic. This is my husband Philip de Rogenic. I swear upon my family’s name that Isaac Rondart’s status as Administrator is true.”

Unlike the people from College, who were required to show their emblems in public, Campus graduates were free to hide or show it. Eliza and Philip wanted to have a quiet trip so they had been hiding it, but their emblem was always with them in person.

When Eliza and Philip flashed their hands over their left chest, the silver stars representing their status as Campus graduates appeared.


Onlookers moaned in astonishment at this sudden twist, while Oboe collapsed onto the floor with his face turning white like paper.

“It’s been a while. And congratulations on your successful endeavour.”

The two couldn’t help from trying to avoid eye contact with Isaac’s brimming smile. Eliza’s weakness was that she was given advice from him to seduce Philip, while Philip’s weakness was that he bought the engagement ring for Eliza through credit only to not pay him back at all.

“Well, for your wedding gift I will forget your names in my memories. It was so nice of you two to help me like this.”

“T, this is a lie! It’s a conspiracy! You two must have plotted against me!”

Eliza’s face turned fierce at Oboe’s last act of resistance.

“May I take that as a personal insult to my family from you?”


Oboe dropped his head in face of Eliza’s cold stare.

“Sister, is he really from the College? Last I heard, he was still in the Campus.”

Eliza’s sister didn’t like the constricted quality of life Campus presented, so she was schooled in a private establishment close to her mansion. She had heard many times about Isaac whenever her sister came back home during the holidays. She never thought she’d meet him and asked as she looked in surprise.

“If you only look at the result, he is a graduate of the College.”

Isaac shrugged as Philip and Eliza’s complicated looks focused on him.

“Then we shall head out.”

“Once again, congratulations on your marriage. If you have time left over, why not visit New Port City too? Once you have a thorough tour around the worst slums the Empire has to offer, you may start to think more about the poor in your own province too.”

Eliza and Philip smiled bitterly to Isaacs words as they left, dragging her sister along who was persistently asking to see how this will end.

“Please! Sir Isaac, I am sorry. Have mercy!”

Oboe grabbed onto Isaac’s pants as he cried. Isaac was happy to nod at Oboe’s action.

“Alright. I’ll do as you ask.”

“Really? Thank you! Thank you!”

Isaac patted Oboe on his shoulder as he continuously thanked Isaac, slamming his head onto the ground. But this was just a ruse to take Oboe’s hands off his pants. Once his legs were free, he spoke.

“Oi, Smartass.”

“Yes, Administrator.”

“You run a loan shark business too right?”

“If you mean debt collection, yes.”

“Same shit, different smell. Show this man how disgusting New Port City trash can be. Since he’s asking for mercy, leave enough for him to survive.”

Soland was quick to understand Isaac and smiled at Oboe.

“I’m sorry to say this will be my first time leaving money behind for this kind of job. I’m more used to taking everything they have. But I’ll try my best.”

“W, what’s the meaning of this? Sir Isaac! Sir Isaac!”

“Who do you think you’re approaching?!”

As Oboe crawled over to Isaac, Foxt kicked him away. It was a constant loop of Oboe who cried out for Isaac and Foxt making him roll on the floor.

Isaac allowed Oboe’s cries to go straight through his ears and sat back down in his table.

“So why hasn’t my meal arrived yet? Do you know just how long ago I’ve made my orders? I’m the owner of this place now! Do you all want to get fired?”

“W, we’ll be with you shortly!”

Finally, the waiters, who were simply watching from afar, came back to reality when Isaac shouted and quickly went back to their work. Many onlookers couldn’t believe Isaac was going to have a meal after all the trouble he had just made.

“Ahem, excuse me.”

“What is it?”

With the situation nearing its end, Robren approached Isaac.

‘Mr Oboe is younger brother of Egrino Merchant Guild’s master. The Egrino Guild is one of major Merchant Guilds within Port City.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’m not stupid enough to actually think I can take everything just my words. His fortune is worth nothing to me.”

“I, if you say so…”

Robren was at first trying to explain to Isaac just as a precaution, but Isaac didn’t seem to care so he didn’t think this will turn into a problem. He spoke his next reason.

“This is a problem regarding our line of work. Foxt is a wanted criminal in Port City and I have the duty to arrest him.”

“Go ahead.”


“You said he’s wanted right? Criminals should be arrested.”

“Wasn’t he your follower?”

“Huh? Do you really think a rank 1 knight and an Administrator of the Empire would have a criminal as his follower? Does that make sense to you?”

“It doesn’t…”

Robren stopped himself from saying ‘but it sounds plausible for you’.

“Since you’re taking someone to jail, why don’t you take the fatty making a commotion in this business away too.”

“Yes sir.”

With a wave of Robren’s hand, the policemen approached Foxt and Oboe to arrest them.

“H, huh? Let go! Why are you arresting me? Oi, Administrator! Oi!”

“Tsk tsk. You can tell he’s a criminal just by the way he speaks.”

“Why are you only arresting me!? What about Soland? He’s wanted too!”

Foxt decided to take Soland with him, unable to bear the fact he was going to be the only one on the losing end. With the fire now spreading to him, Soland urgently looked at Isaac and Robren approached them.

“I will be arresting him too.”

“Hm? Why?”

Isaac tilted his head, as if he couldn’t fathom why he was being asked.

“Soland is also a wanted criminal in Port City.”

“But he’s not Soland.  Do you really think a rank 1 knight and an administrator of the Empire would have a criminal as his follower? He’s just a lookalike.”


“His name’s Smartass. Oi, what’s your name?”

“… My name is Smartass.”

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